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That video was perfectly hilarious!!! Any reference to that classic Tennessee hate video is always worth a laugh. Inside of a pumpkin orange - and I don't like pumpkins... LOL I might add: It's another "rebuilding year." But for real Vols, put on yer big boys pants! Auburn plays Georgia and Bama every year too ;)
Take it back to the trailer park, boys.
Hanging tight at #18. Got 18 votes in this poll. Gotta Beat Ole Miss this weekend and they'll move closer to the top 10. Just gotta keep winning!
Bruce Pearl is fired up! He just took off his shirt and started yelling!
We need to get them a whamburger and some french cries...
I didn't know there were this many Tennessee fans on SDS...
Bo Nix is Auburn Football. Flashes of brilliance amongst all the wild inconsistency... To be fair though, you can put the ball in a receiver's hands, but you can't make them catch it.
6 or 7 wins for Auburn is about what we expect for our first year coach to get his feet wet. I think they can win 3 more and finish out 7-5. Not bad for a brand new (to the SEC) coach. Georgia wins out and finally gets them another natty
Auburn for the win!!! Let's add 2021 to the list and knock Bama out of the playoff :)
Jimbo's off the hot seat for minute!! Feels like when Malzahn got that occasional victory over Bama and got to stick around....
Agreed x 2. You can hit them in the hands with a good throw and can't control whether they hold on to it or not... The Georgia game is going to be rough. Since its a home game, I'm hoping they can make some good plays and stops and keep the penalties to minimum.