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Who would you want then? You are an absolute joke. You are the reason that the fanbase is a joke in the media's eyes right now.
Ok don't buy your season tickets and let someone else with half a brain buy them that will support the school. Derek Dooley was not the answer and Butch Jones was not the answer. Is Jeremy Pruitt the answer? I really don't know but I like his pedigree and passion better than the past two hires. You have no clue what you are talking about.
Is it news that big time college football players on any team can't spell?
This would be a pretty good hire. Not over the top excited about it but could definitely do much worse.
It is more than the current climate. It is the talent that we possess on both sides of the ball. It is a fertile recruiting ground in middle Tennessee and east Tennessee really. It is the facilities that are really second to none. I have never been to South Carolina so I can't say much about their facilities but from what I have heard about ours from recruits who were being recruited by Ohio State and Alabama our facilities are pretty top notch. My argument wasn't that Tennessee will be relevant in the next couple of years. My argument was wth forevertothee that Tennessee will win the conference before South Carolina wins the east again. I think that is a pretty fair assessment in my opinion. Will Muschamp is not that good of a coach.
The two coaches couldn't be more night and day from each other lol. Chad Morris doesn't even know what defense is and Brent Venables is a defensive genius. I would rather have Venables over Morris but like RealisticVol said, I trust Fulmer.
It has nothing to with the game but has all to do with the attitude of the kid is all I'm saying. I like the O-line to have a nasty streak to them but within the confines of the game not taunting, slapping players in the head, and holding.
I will take that bet forevertothee. How much do you want to put down. South Carolina has been to one SEC championship game in their history. Yes you have a good fit coach for your school in Muschamp but he hasn't really done wonders in his head coaching positions either. Tennessee has better facilities and is all around a more attractive school (outside of the past week). Whomever comes in to coach, barring Doeren or Schiano, will be able to recruit with all of that and will win an SEC championship before South Carolina ever wins the east again
I have been screaming for David Blackburn for about 2 or 3 years. Should have hired him over Currie anyway
Need to hire David Blackburn. He is the AD at Chattanooga. He was the one that should have been hired in the first place.
I say good riddance. I was at the state championship game last night and the kid is a thug. Multiple holding calls and a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. His technique wasn't all that great either. As much of an imposing force as he looks, he really wasn't that impressive to be completely honest.
Here are realistic options with (semi)proven track records:1) Brent Venables-DC Clemson 2) Mike Norvell-HC Memphis 3) Neal Brown-HC Troy 4) Tee Martin-OC Southern CalEnough with this BS talk about Kelly, Stoops, Miles, or Cutcliff talkChip Kelly HATES recruiting. I don't see him back in college but if he does it will be back on the west coast where recruiting isn't as importantBob Stoops is done with college coaching. Why would he leave Oklahoma to head to Tennessee?Les Miles is a train wreck and would put us deeper in the hole. Plus, his recruiting base is in Louisiana and southeast Texas. Not a lot of connections in Georgia, Florida, or Tennessee our three biggest statesDavid Cutcliff will not come back to UT. He loves Duke and to be quite frank, Duke is a great fit for him. He will retire from there.What big name coach can you think of to lure away from a middling power 5 conference?
I guess if we just ask all of our defensive linemen to stomp on the faces of the opponent then we could do it Haynesworth's way. There is a reason that players play and coaches coach.
No it isn't nitpicking. No research done obviously. Tennessee won the East in 2007 and lost to LSU in the SEC Championship. Research is your friend!!!
It is sad that you have just as much a right to vote as I do justgold7. I'm not saying that Donald Trump is all sunshine and rainbows but he is a whole lot better than "K"illary. The media drives all of this dissension. Obama may have started it but it's the media that is the overall problem. Whatever gets more clicks or whatever gets more views they will show it and twist it in a way that benefits them whether it's the complete truth or not. This kill cops rampage has got to stop!!! The confederate statues have nothing to do with racism and the KKK was not founded on racism (although I will admit it has turned into that and therefore they should be stopped as well). We are all made in God's image and we should treat each other with kindness and respect. However, before starting an argument that you know nothing about please next time do some research and don't rely on your own opinions that are obviously not based in fact.
ESPN is upset with everyone making this political for their own agenda but I guess they don't care that they do the same thing on a daily basis?
To be completely honest, this is a pretty fair assessment. I think Dormady will win the job outright at least by the Florida game. The O-line will be much improved from previous seasons even without Chance Hall. With Rock at S&C injuries will not play near as much a factor as last year. In my own opinion, I believe 7-5 is a little harsh. I think 8-4 at worst with the potential of 10-2 if we can beat the 2 of the 3 between Florida, Georgia, or LSU two of which are at home. Don't sleep on our receiving unit either especially Jennings and Byrd and throw in Wolf for good measure. I believe we are going to surprise a lot of people this season but like I said before I pretty fair assessment given last year.
Funny that a UGA fan is throwing out weight jokes. Have you seen some of the softball players that y'all put on the field year in and year out?
A few things to shore up. 1) The final score of the 2003 SEC Championship game was 34-13 LSU not 34-10, and 2)the grammar of your sentences in the 2012 excerpt is atrocious! I guess over all a good article
Good luck with a new QB for the 20th year in a row
^^^This guy gets it. Perfect interpretation of God's Word. Every person has a weakness that Satan tries to exploit every day. It is up to us to resist the devil and the Bible states that he will flee from you. This is much easier said than done, obviously. In no way do I condone his actions, if anything he must be held to a higher standard than the rest of the world because he knows better but only God knows his heart and if he is truly sorry for what he has done. There is no person that can forgive him for this and thus he shouldn't be looking for affirmation from other people outside of his family. This is between him, God, and his wife and kids. John, I pray for you and your family.
Yeah and if Alabama is lucky they might raise a statue of Harvey Updike on campus.
I don't remember ever saying that beating up on the Big Ten second tier was the "gold standard". Typical that the media tries to force feed their own agenda and what they perceive as reality. Your bias, albeit might not be against Tennessee solely, is still there whether you want to admit to it or not. Any team you are down on you trash relentlessly and any team you're up on you plant your lips directly on that coach's backside. Also, I have never seen someone in a professional setting get so worked up over criticism. It is really unbecoming of you.
What is your personal beef with UT? Every article you write about Tennessee is littered with sarcasm and condescension. Are you really that upset you picked the East wrong...again or do you have some kind of bias against Tennessee? Just curious
I think Kentucky will be a very dangerous team this year to a lot of east teams. I have them beating Missouri, Vanderbilt, and (gasp) Florida this year. Close games but losses against South Carolina and Tennessee. They get railroaded by Georgia and then against the west they lose to Mississippi State solely because it is on the road and Ole Miss because it is late in the season and Shea Patterson will be completely comfortable in that offense by then if he isn't already. Final record 6-6 (3-5) with a win in the Birmingham bowl over Memphis by more than 20
We beat 2 of those 3 that we played last year and will play another one of them this year in LSU. So no I completely understand why they shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as them considering we won more than we lost against those teams. D***A**
Devwah Whaley is a very nice back to step in for Rawleigh Williams. I will admit that I was a bit hesitant on the Hogs after his injury but the veteran QB coming back with an efficient O-line should be enough. Sumlin will be fired after this season. You can't play the QB carousel like that and expect to survive plus their defense will be suspect this season losing Hall and Garrett. Oklahoma State will out score everyone because the defense will never come to play. They could lose to Oklahoma and still be there in January. All of this to say that college football needs to hurry up and get here!!!
Returning QB with strong run game every year. Offensive, even though losing Dan Skipper, should still be pretty good. The front seven will be more imposing then most people give it credit for. Plus they catch Auburn at home which is huge in my opinion and after Auburn returns from Baton Rouge on top of that. Their three losses will be TCU, BAMA, & MSU
Since everyone else is giving their opinions...I have broken it down on a game by game basis complete with bowl predictions. Here is what I've gotEast: 1) Georgia: 10-2 (6-2) loss in SEC championship and Peach bowl loss to Oklahoma 2) Tennessee: 10-2 (6-2) Cotton bowl win over Washington 3) Florida: 7-5 (5-3) TaxSlayer bowl win over Northwestern 4) South Carolina: 7-5 (3-5) Liberty bowl loss to Texas Tech 5) Kentucky: 6-6 (3-5) Texas bowl win over Baylor 6) Missouri: 5-7 (1-7) Birmingham bowl win over Central Florida 7) Vanderbilt: 3-9 (0-8) no postseasonWest: 1) Alabama: 10-2 (7-1) SEC champs and loss in Rose (CFP) to USC 2) Arkansas: 9-3 (6-2) Outback bowl win over Wisconsin 3) Auburn: 9-3 (6-2) Citrus bowl win over Michigan T4) LSU: 8-4 (4-4) Belk bowl win over Clemson T4) Mississippi State: 8-4 (4-4) Music City bowl win over Virginia Tech T4) Ole Miss: 8-4 (4-4) no postseason 7) Texas A&M: 4-8 (1-7) no postseasonRose bowl: USC over AlabamaSugar bowl: Oklahoma State over Florida StateNational Championship: Oklahoma State over USCNow critic all you want...