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Mississippi State: First Four(Loss to Pitt) Auburn: Sweet 16(Loss to Indiana) Missouri: Second Round(Loss to Arizona) Texas A&M: Final Four(Loss to UCLA) Tennessee: Second Round(Loss to Duke) Arkansas: Second Round(Loss to Kansas) Kentucky: Sweet 16(Loss to Marquette) Alabama: Elite 8(Loss to Arizona)
Also completely agree. They have got to do something about the targeting rule!
Not that it matters but we finished the regular season with 1 loss in 2001. Just fact checking where needed.
I believe the Pac-12 did away with divisions this year if I'm not mistaken.
I've always thought that Nashville made the most sense and now that the SEC has 4 Big 12 schools joined(joining) I think it makes more sense.
The artist formerly known as the Outback Bowl is not a NY6 bowl. The NY6 bowls are as follows: Rose Orange Fiesta Sugar Cotton Peach
Notice he doesn't have the orange T out next to his name. He is a troll and should be treated as such. Most UT fans didn't throw things on the field Saturday night and most UT fans don't spout nonsense on here. Every fanbase has a moron that trolls on here. Don't feed the trolls and they'll go away.
Just like the measuring stick should also not be the Pitt and Florida losses either?
Had to kill Dave writing something positive about UT football.
We, fortunately, have not had to pay a donation up to this point but for us it is about $360 per ticket for 8 games in the lower bowl. A donation for our section runs about $1500 per ticket, I think.
I am a season ticket holder who attends every game. The announced attendance was around 85,000 for what it's worth.
Don't give this moron the time of day. Dave only writes slanderous articles while claiming to be a beat writer of UT. He is somehow butt-hurt over the way he was treated while at Knox News with former regimes.
I'm not quite sure what is going on with Harrison Bailey? Is he really that stupid to not know the playbook? Are they trying to redshirt him for next year? Is Heupel that stubborn to play only the guys that he "recruited"? He showed in the spring game, I thought, that he could hit the deep ball so what gives?
As an umpire and Tennessee fan, the play in the UT/BAMA game was interference as much as I hate to admit it. The play in the MISS/VANDY game was not because there was no contact made. If the runner had made contact with the shortstop then it would have been per the "letter of the law".
Regardless of whether you think they belong, Missouri should be in the western division based on geography. Half of the western division is further east.
If the numbers are accurate that is only a 3% death rate. I agree that when anyone dies it's a tragedy but it's not a reason to shut down the country. The Spanish flu didn't even shut down the country and there were roughly 675,000 deaths in the US alone! 50 million people died worldwide with a death rate of 10% worldwide.
I would also like to pose the scenario of someone that my wife works with. She planned on going in to get tested and at the last minute decided against it. She just ended up quarantining for 2 weeks just to be safe. She received a letter in the mail about 3 days into her quarantine telling her that she tested positive for COVID-19! She didn't even have the test done. So stuff like that just continues to fuel my skepticism on whatever numbers are presented.
The game you are referring to was in 1990 I believe and the Notre Dame player you are thinking of is Ricky Waters. That was all from memory as well.
Dude you are way off! Erik Ainge started the game and got injured right before halftime which meant that Rick Clausen would end up finishing the rest of the season. That kept us from playing in a BCS bowl even though we lost to Auburn in the SEC championship.
My top three for what it's worth: 1) Obviously a little bias on this one but John Ward's final call of his career counting down to the end of the 1999 Fiesta Bowl that crowned UT national champions 2) Auburn and Bruce's run to the final four last year 3) Tie between UT baseball 2005 run to the CWS or 2013 UT softball run the CWS final series
My favorite before this past season was Eric Berry but it would now have to be Jauan Jennings without a doubt.
And again this DA doesn't know the alphabet
They actually have two. Tennessee has a winning record against FBS competition.
And he still doesn't know the alphabet. Let me help you out and I will use small words so you can understand you warthog faced baboon. TeNnessee should come before TeXas A&M in the alphabet. "N" comes before "X". You do this every week. Really drives home the point that there are only maybe one or two good writers on this site...
I don't know who keeps letting this clown write under the guise of being a UT beat writer. He only slanders the university with his opinionated "facts". I haven't seen another writer on this site write for "their" team with the same sarcasm and negativity as he does. I don't know what his personal vendetta is against the university but my gosh write an article without your DA opinions mixed in and leave the 7th grade journalism at home.
I have a hard time taking someone seriously when they can't even get their alphabet correct. Tennessee still comes before Texas A&M alphabetically, stupid.
Are we just going to look over how shoddy this article is? He can't even get the names of the o-linemen right? Kendell Wright?! How about Darnell Wright. C'mon Dave, quit making us cringe when another one of your articles comes up.
I don't see how Missouri's noncon is ranked that high? Wyoming is a borderline bowl team this year. West Virginia is going to suck! SE Missouri is a pretty good team for the FCS... Troy is the best team on the schedule?
I assume, Houston, that you trying to go for alphabetical order with these teams but failed miserably with Tennessee and Texas A&M. Try again...