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Ok they actually have 7 east titles. You can't just claim you won a title when you didn't get to the conference championship game...
My gosh! Get over yourself! It was banter about the team not the individual. I don't see anywhere where the individual is specifically named. The GIF at the end is in response to someone call officers thugs. The problem with society now-a-days is people think that all cops are crooks. There are some I'm sure but the vast majority are out there putting their lives on the line for people who have the same mentality that you do. And about the Epstein thing...cops can't convict they can only arrest. "All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law." Maybe you need to do a little more research in your safe space.
Being an umpire myself. I don't deal well with someone questioning balls and strikes especially the pitcher. I will say though that I would probably have issued a warning first before the ejection. Umpires put up with more crap from fans who think they know the rules. I wouldn't call them soft just irritated by the end of a 9 inning game.
I would put him about 6th. Here is the breakdown in no particular order Above Jarrett: 1) Tua 2) Franks 3) Fromm 4) Burrow 5) Mond Below Jarrett: 1) Whoever is starting for Arkansas 2) Whoever is starting for Auburn 3) Wilson (UK) 4) Thompson (MSST) 5) Whoever is starting at Ole Miss 6) Bryant (MIZZOU)- I'm interested to see how he does with less at Mizzou. I might put them even with each other 7) Bentley (S CAR)-I think he just threw another pick... 8) Whoever starts at Vandy
I'll take the hands of Marquez Calloway. That man can straight up go up and get a ball over anyone
Next time read the whole article DA. It obviously says since 1985 in the opening paragraph...
I still don't see how you can foul someone when you don't touch them. Very minimal contact and didn't really effect the shot
I will probably get blasted for saying this but I think 8 wins is conservative (depending on recruiting). 8 wins: 1)Georgia State 2)Chattanooga 3)UAB 4)BYU-who loses their starting QB Tanner Mangum and also finished 6-6 this year playing the bottom of the barrel that is the Pac-12 5)Mississippi State-at home with no Nick Fitzgerald 6)Kentucky-losing Benny Snell which was the base of their offense 7)Missouri-losing Drew Lock which was the base of their offense 8)Vanderbilt-losing Kyle Shurmur which was a major part of their offense and we play them at home Not to mention we play South Carolina at home and should have beaten them this year...
You need to park at the Children's hospital parking garage. It's only $15, it goes to the hospital and you can get out and on I-40 extremely easily. About a 10 minute walk to the stadium.
I'm sick and tired of so-called "experts" making suggestions and changes to years and years of tradition in college athletics. We've had to rename the UT-UK football rivalry because "The Battle for the Beer Barrel" was apparently too edgy and on that same note we had to rename the FLA-UGA rivalry from "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party". Like renaming a rivalry is going to keep people from drinking before or during a football game and driving home. My gosh you bunch of sissified, PC writers please keep your hands out of sports!!
By the way Dave, Auburn is 4-2 (1-2). Another chunk of credibility lost due to proof reading
You my friend are a special kind of stupid. He is teaching them the game of football not just plays. Only thing I will say about that.
They keep saying my comment is in moderation I guess because it has a link. So I will just say it again. If you go to UT's website this article and this series looks like a complete rip off of Chris Low's article. Just saying
Agreed. I glad we won the title in '98 but I get sick and tired of trying to conjure up nostalgia from it all the time. It happened great! If a game came on from that season would I watch it? Absolutely but when I go to a game (season ticket holder) and every hype video that they show before kickoff has people from 20 years ago on it, to be honest, it is slightly depressing
I think we make 6-6. West Virginia(L) ETSU(W) UTEP(W) Florida(W) Georgia(L) Auburn(L) Alabama(L) South Carolina(L) Charlotte(W) Kentucky(W) Missouri(L) Vanderbilt(W)
I really don't have a dog in the hunt but where in the world is Nick Fitzgerald?! He isn't even in the top 35? You have to be kidding!
This is absolutely ridiculous! If he had said those things yesterday then yes this would be story. But my gosh! You have to bring up something that he said when he was 14! Get over yourself! He who hasn't done something stupid in middle or high school cast the first stone
No it would put more pressure on the conference schedule considering you get an automatic bid if you win the conference championship game. It's not like basketball where everyone makes the conference tournaments. It's only the best team from each division. I would think that that would put a lot of weight on the conference schedule don't you?
Wow! I knew it had to be serious but man. Hopefully he can get back on the football field and compete at a high level but just glad that he is healthy. Scary stuff
I've been saying this since the playoff was formed. Do an 8 team playoff with each power 5 champion receiving an automatic bid. The other 3 spots are wildcard spots that go to the next best teams unless...a group of 5 is ranked in the top 15 and has won their conference championship game at the end of the year then they would receive a bid automatically thus leaving 2 wild card spots. I believe this puts more pressure on the regular season (specifically the conference schedule) and puts a ton of weight on the conference championship games
Are we just going to let it go by the wayside that Dave doesn't know who is the either picture in this article? He says Kyle Phillips (pictured above) in his blurb about him but Kyle's face isn't anywhere in this article. Surely he doesn't mean Pruitt but the headline to the article has Callaway pictured. Again, research is your friend
Please tell me that you didn't just relate Tennessee football to the Israelites plight...
If this does end up being true then it couldn't have happened to a better guy.