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I have never understood the "he always gives 100%" thing. People always presume this about guys who are below average in natural ability. Granted SOME guys are floaters who coast on their ability, but MOST guys are out there giving it their all. No reason to harp on this with the 2 star guys when the 4 star guys are putting forth the same effort just because the 4 star guys are able to do more with that effort. Also, if SB4 is "giving 100%" to make routine plays, then that isn't a good thing.
This is just more "I am a QB so I have to blame everyone else but the QB for losses" nonsense. First off, Murray knows fully well that UGA has key injuries at the WR position. Second - and others have pointed this out too - WRs were frequently open. Bennett often didn't see them, was off-target with his throws, or didn't attempt the throws because he knew that he didn't have the arm strength to get the ball to difficult spots on the field. Finally, while UGA didn't get CONSISTENT pressure on Young, they did get pressure. It was just that Young beat the pressure with a combination of quick throws and running ability. Young wasn't able to do that against Auburn and other teams because A. those teams had better secondaries which took away the quick throw option and B. those teams don't have a longtime former Saban assistant running the same defense that Saban does, which made Young capable of anticipating the blitzes because he sees them every day in practice. It should have been obvious all year long that Alabama was going to score points. Georgia played a combination of rebuilding teams (Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, Clemson) and teams that don't get big time talent in the first place (Kentucky, Georgia Tech) or both (Missouri, South Carolina, Vandy) this season. Florida - year 4 with his own recruits and a redshirt senior who got plenty of snaps over the years at QB - was SUPPOSED to be their big test after Clemson fizzled but Mullen picked this season to prove all his doubters right. It should have been clear that UGA's front 7 wasn't going to dominate Alabama upfront the way that they did against all those programs with 3 star recruits on the OL or with first or second year head coaches. That Smart - who has been coaching college football since 2002 - appeared to think otherwise is amazing. The play that Alabama made to stop the wheels from coming off after being down 10-0 in the first quarter was one that no one else on UGA's schedule was capable of making. None of those 12 teams had that combination of 4 and 5 star players at OL, WR and QB necessary to pull it off ... a perfect pickup of an all out blitz accompanied by a laser throw in a very tight window to hit a WR who avoided being bumped or jammed to run a very precise route, catch the ball in stride without stumbling or slowing down to "look the ball in" and then just keep running. Without that combination Young either gets smothered by the blitz, has to throw it away, throws an inaccurate pass that gets batted down or falls harmlessly incomplete, the WR either drops the ball or makes the catch but gets tripped up after a short gain etc. That was just one of SEVERAL plays that required elite athletic ability, decision-making and skill that Alabama made during that game. Alabama was able to pull off plays like that because they had equivalent talent and coaching to UGA's defense. UGA got used to pushing around lesser coached (Florida and Clemson) and/or lesser talented offenses that were incapable of making plays like that consistently all season long. South Carolina, Arkansas and Tennessee had moments like that but didn't have the talent to string several plays like that together or maintain it for most of the game.
I wish people would stop saying things like "Kirby is stuck in 2010." The reason: Alabama's initial national titles WERE NOT won by walk-ons who lack Power 5 height, arm strength and skills like Stetson Bennett IV. Greg McElroy: 3 star recruit and #11 QB nationally from Southlake Carroll football factory. He passed for nearly 3000 yards for an Alabama team that didn't have anywhere near the talent at WR and TE that UGA does. AJ McCarron: nearly 3000 yards with 30 TDs and 3 INTs with 175 QB rating his best year. And again, no superstar WRs really. The 6'4" McCarron was a 4 star recruit, the #5 player from the state of Alabama and the #7 pro-style QB nationally. McCarron had the arm strength to make nearly all the throws and stuck around for 5 years in the NFL. Blake Sims: didn't win a title (because Kiffin) but was a 5 star recruit. Jake Coker: the last QB before Bama went with more of a wide open offense. On one hand he was only a 3 star recruit and the #18 pro-style recruit nationally. On the other, he was 6'5" with a very strong arm. Had Jameis Winston stuck with his original plan to go to Stanford (or play baseball) instead of FSU, Coker is who would have started for Jimbo Fisher instead. He had 3100 passing yards and 21 TDs. There is absolutely no way that a 2 star, 5'10" recruit whose only other offers were Columbia (FBS), Mercer (FBS), Georgia Southern (Sun Belt), Middle Tennessee State (Sun Belt) and Wake Forest (his sole P5 offer ... and for "reasons" they recruit 2 star guys all the time) becomes essentially a 2 year starter for a Saban program, whether it was Michigan State, Alabama or LSU. The closest thing to it was when Saban was forced to play Marcus Randall at LSU in 2004 after a rash of injuries and early exists. Even when it a run first (and second) I-formation offense Alabama ran under Gene Stallings, you need a P5 caliber athlete at QB just like you do at the other 21 positions on the field. I know a lot of people bash Smart for choosing Jake Fromm over Jacob Eason and Justin Fields, but Fromm was actually a big time recruit who actually would have signed with Alabama had he not decided to jump ship and follow Kirby for faster playing time. But a powerhouse program like UGA that can sign virtually anyone they want from anywhere in the country to give Bennett a scholarship and actually make him the starting QB for 2 years ... it is amazing that more people aren't talking about how incredible that is, and I don't mean in a good way.
This is sort of off topic but consider this track record. Jacob Eason. #1 overall recruit in the country. Commits to UGA under Mark Richt. Mark Richt gets fired. Eason considers following Richt to Miami, but Kirby Smart keeps him in the fold. Eason spends his true freshman year getting pounded but still turns in an 8-5 record. Suffers a minor injury early next season - should have been out for merely a game or two - AND IS NEVER CONSIDERED FOR THE STARTING QB JOB AGAIN. Doesn't even put him in during the national title game when Jake Fromm was playing terribly and UGA could have used a spark and a stronger arm. Transfers. Justin Fields. #1 QB recruit in the country. Kirby Smart gets him away from Penn State with promises of early playing time and competition. Turns out that the competition was in name only and the "early playing time" was as a gadget player, during which time a surefire first round draft pick was going to risk injury on running plays and ruin his draft status by not getting a bit of development as a passer. Fields transfers. Smart lands Jamie Newman in the transfer portal with the understanding that he would be the starter. Shortly after, he gets JT Daniels to transfer in, and during fall practice he makes it clear that he preferred Stetson Bennett IV. Jamie Newman bails. Bennett loses the starting job with poor performances against Alabama and Florida. In the interim Smart recruits D'Wan Mathis, but his only playing time was a no-win situation where he was tasked with attempting to mount a second half comeback against Florida. Instead of giving Mathis an actual shot to start a game against a cupcake - like Bennett and Fromm got - Smart switches straight to JT Daniels. Mathis bails. Daniels beats Cincinnati and Clemson - two teams that are better than anyone SB IV ever beat - gets injured, SB IV gets the job and no one - Daniels, 4 star Beck, 4 star Vandagriff - ever gets real playing time. Despite Smart stating that they would. Daniels went into the Tennessee game expecting significant playing time and it never came in that game, during the cupcake stretch at the end of the season or ever. So here's the deal: unless you are an "underdog" from a small Georgia town, why would you ever consider playing QB for UGA? There is no evidence that Smart will honor promises to let you get playing time or compete for the job. And if you get hurt? Smart will use that as an opportunity to get the guy that he personally likes behind center. That guy will get to fail over and over again and keep his job, will be allowed to play hurt (as Bennett and Fromm did at times) and will get his job back after getting hurt. If you are a 5 star or even 4 star QB recruit, you really should play anywhere but Georgia. Unless you just happen to be a 4-5 star recruit from a small Georgia town. That description fits current UGA recruit Gunnar Stockton and also Brock Vandagriff. One or the other will be UGA's QB next season. Hopefully Smart will be honest and just stop recruiting anyone else because based on his track record they aren't going to get a fair shake. Smart likes to play QBs with backgrounds similar to his own. That is fine so long as he fills his depth chart with QBs from rural Georgia and doesn't give raw deals to the likes of Eason, Fields (who fortunately got out of there real fast), Mathis, Newman, Daniels and Carson Beck (who needs to hit the portal NOW because quite frankly the big time recruit from Florida is never going to play).
Yep, as they should have. OK State would have had 3 quality wins - Baylor twice and Oklahoma - to Cincinnati's 1 (Notre Dame).
Also, Clemson's defense is better than Alabama. Clemson's offense was horrible this year and the defense saved their season, giving them a 9-3 record. Meanwhile Alabama needed a Heisman season from Bryce Young to win a number of very close games. The combination of Bryce Young and Clemson's defense would be unbeatable.
Stetson's OL, WRs, TEs and RBs (supporting cast) played much better against Alabama than JT's did against Clemson.
@rusticchampion: Mark Richt had 3 top 5 finishes in 15 years. Kirby only needs to beat Cincinnati in 5 weeks to have 3 top 5 finishes in 6 years. People who believe that Kirby hasn't provided UGA with better recruiting and more consistency than Richt have short memories. Things like Richt losing to Georgia Tech and South Carolina in the same season in 2014. Yes, Richt got blown out by Alabama in 2015. The difference is that in 2015, Richt got blown out by 4 loss Florida and lost to Butch Jones' 4 loss Tennessee too. Yes, Stetson Bennett IV isn't any good. Neither were Joe Cox, Joe Tereshinski III, Hutson Mason, Greyson Lambert, Logan Gray or Faton Bauta. The difference is that as Richt was hired based on being a longtime QB coach and offensive coordinator who helped recruit and mold Heisman winners, national champions and a string of future NFL QBs at FSU, under him QB was SUPPOSED to be a strong suit. It generally wasn't even when he had 5 star QBs like Zach Mettenberger, Matt Stafford and D.J. Shockley.
Nah. Bennett doesn't have P5 talent. He only looks like a viable major college player because UGA is 2-deep with 4 and 5 stars. Usually the OL gives him a ton of time to throw, the WRs get wide open and make plays after the catch, the running game is effective and the defense generates 3 and outs and turnovers giving him chance after chance. If he was on a lesser talented roster and had to regularly make plays with his athletic ability to put points on the board, mount comebacks or be in back-and-forth shootouts, then he would look the way that he did in that brutal second half all the time. Bennett should be playing at one of the 2 GSUs - the Sun Belt programs Georgia Southern and Georgia State - instead of at UGA. Even with all the injuries at WR and that mediocre secondary, UGA would have had a real shot this year if they had merely an average SEC caliber QB. It is amazing that Kirby Smart has been head coach for 6 years and still doesn't know how to recruit or develop QBs, or even get them from the JUCO ranks or transfer portal.
Actually no you weren't. Towards the end, Richt wasn't even getting to the SEC title game anymore. Kirby will have UGA back in the playoff for the second time in 4 years. Richt only had 1 team worthy of consideration - his 2002 team playing with his predecessors recruits - because none of the rest of this teams could get through the season with fewer than 2 losses. Richt only had 4 seasons with fewer than THREE losses.
Kirby Smart may never figure out the QB thing. Which isn't as horrible as it seems. Nick Saban won a national title at LSU and at least a couple at Alabama before getting a true difference maker at QB. Jake Coker made a lot of big plays and put up big numbers but was a system guy; Blake Sims, Jalen Hurts and even Tua had flaws. There is a reason why Mac Jones will be the only Saban QB to have a long NFL career as a starter. When you consider how long Saban has been coaching - between Michigan State, LSU and Alabama SINCE 1995 - that is incredible especially since he hasn't exactly been running the wishbone or coaching at low profile programs like Wake Forest in that time. My biggest problem is how UGA's running game is falling apart. They had an almost historical running attack in 2017 with Chubb, Michel and Swift. This year, no TB even reached 700 yards rushing in 12 games. UGA fans have claimed "it is tailback by committee", and sure UGA wound up with a lot of yards on paper. But the difference: Swift and Michel had over 7 yards per carry (Michel had nearly 8!) where Chubb had 6 ypc. Other than Cook, UGA's RBs are plugging along at 5 ypc. That seems good, but remember that UGA's OL is much better now than it was in 2017. Also, remember that UGA only played 2 good front 7s all year long: Clemson and Alabama. UGA has a complimentary rushing attack at best, not one that can dominate and control a game and produces big plays like they had in 2017 or even 2018 with Swift and Elijah Holyfield (who despite his struggles in the NFL was an excellent college runner). I don't know what has happened to RB recruiting under Smart. Chubb, Michel and Holyfield were Richt guys (even if Holyfield signed under Smart). Smart hasn't recruited an impact RB since Swift, and Swift was in Smart's first full recruiting class.
Nah. Everyone stated all season long that UGA's biggest weakness - even bigger than QB - was their secondary. It was obvious that Alabama was going to score. UGA needed a QB who could win a shootout and it was obvious that Bennett wasn't that guy. You are talking about what-ifs. Well, what if Metchie hadn't missed the second half? Or if Alabama wasn't down to 1 healthy scholarship tailback? Even as it was, Alabama could have scored more if they had to. The AJC.com's Dawgnation site had Kirby Smart make this absolute insane statement where he compared Bennett to Bryce Young, who will be starting for an NFL team in 2023. It is as if Smart - who also chose Jake Fromm over TWO more talented QBs in Jacob Eason and Justin Fields - really doesn't understand what a playmaker on offense looks like.
People who are thinking that this is Bama versus Cincinnati are nuts. If Bama loses to UGA they would drop behind: A. Notre Dame B. The winner of the Big 12 title game C. Ohio State Look, a 2 loss Alabama has no case and no shot. Period. It takes more to make the playoffs than being Alabama, beating Ole Miss and playing in the SEC.
Being fair to the field and sport means more than being fair to UGA. Going with a clearly inferior team just to keep UGA from having to beat the same great team twice isn't in the interests of the sport or the fans. FSU and LSU had rematches - against Florida and Alabama - for their title games and both lost badly. Both stunk for FSU and LSU - who would really have been better off playing Ohio State and Oklahoma State respectively - but going with the 2nd best team instead of grabbing what was clearly the 3rd best team just to avoid a rematch was clearly the right thing to do. That said, I don't see a scenario where Alabama makes it anyway. Oklahoma State (1 loss with Big 12 title), Notre Dame (only loss to another playoff team) and Baylor (2 losses with Big 12 title) would all get in before Alabama. Incidentally, while I know that it isn't quite the same, Auburn had to beat Spurrier's South Carolina twice to get the 2010 title. While they only finished 9-5 that was actually one of Spurrier's better Gamecock teams (beat UGA, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and Clemson) but had one of the toughest schedules ever, including having to play the national champs twice. The pollsters agreed, which is why that team finished ranked higher than several teams with fewer losses.
I don't get the Notre Dame scapegoating. Each year they have gone there has been no real argument for anyone else. If Alabama loses the SECCG that will be the case again this year. Also, it isn't just Notre Dame. Baylor would get in before Alabama too by virtue of having won their conference title game. That would give them 2 quality wins - over 10-2 Oklahoma and 11-2 Oklahoma State - where 10-2 Ole Miss and 8-4 Arkansas are Alabama's 2 best wins.
1. No, the award is not going to a defensive player. 2. If it was, it would not go to a 3-4 NT with 24 tackles and 2 sacks. 3. PLENTY of Heisman winners have bad games. Especially if you still put up 317 yards against 2 TDs and 1 INT in that "bad game" while getting little help from your RBs and mostly playing without your 1st round draft pick WR. 4. Going back to #1, even if Alabama loses next week, Jordan Davis still won't get the Heisman. 5. The Heisman doesn't ALWAYS go to a kid who gets his team into the playoff. Lamar Jackson won it remember? With that in mind, Kenneth Walker III of Michigan State is the most deserving.
Arkansas is the best team that UGA will have played prior to the SECCG. For Alabama: Arkansas, Texas A&M and Ole Miss are about the same. While Alabama has "only" gone 2-1 against them, at least the Tide has had the experience of playing 3 such games as opposed to 1.
Sorry Cincinnati bashers. It is almost unavoidable at this point. Thanks to the Pac-12 and non-Clemson ACC being the Pac-12 and non-Clemson ACC, the only way to have 4 teams with 1 loss or fewer will be for the following teams to run the table: 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State or Michigan 3. Oklahoma or Oklahoma State While 2. is very likely to happen and 1. has a better chance of happening than most acknowledge, 3. requires whoever wins a slugfest rivalry game Saturday to win either a rematch or a matchup against an equally talented but almost fully rested Baylor a week later. Also, UGA fans should be rooting for Cincinnati. Because leaving Cincinnati out makes Alabama the only other alternative. (No way 1 loss Notre Dame gets in over the undefeated Cincinnati team that hammered them in South Bend.) You would really rather prefer your next 3 games be this: Alabama, Cincinnati, Ohio State. Because if your next 3 games are Alabama, Alabama, Ohio State then the chances of your losing game 2 or game 3 is extremely high, even if you are the best team in the country on paper.
Well, hold off a bit. With the ACC eliminated already and none of Oregon, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Michigan State or Ohio State looking formidable, there is a real possibility that only 3 or possibly even 2 teams finish the season with less than 2 losses. Not saying it will happen. But consider this. Oregon: #24 Utah, 6-4 Oregon State and the Pac-12 title game. Ohio State: #7 Michigan State, #8 Michigan and the Big 10 title game. Michigan State: #4 Ohio State, Penn State and the Big 10 title game. Michigan: 5-5 Maryland, #4 Ohio State and the Big 10 title game. Oklahoma: 6-4 Iowa State, #9 Oklahoma State and the Big 12 title game. Oklahoma State: 6-4 Texas Tech, #12 Oklahoma and the Big 12 title game. The issue is that none of these teams have shown the ability to win 3 games in a row against good competition. The team that comes closest - Ohio State - is saddled with one of the toughest 3 game stretches in college football history. And remember: we don't just need ONE of these suspect teams to get through the rest of the season undefeated. We need TWO of them. I feel pretty much fine about saying that the Big 12 has no shot because Oklahoma and Oklahoma State play each other in the last game of the regular season and - due to that conference not having a divisional format - will likely have to play each other AGAIN the next week. Even if they don't, it will still mean a rematch against Baylor. If this chaos - well not really chaos but the logical result of a down year in college football of the sort that LSU benefited from in 2007 - occurs, then it would be either Cincinnati or the Notre Dame team that Cincinnati decidedly hammered and would clearly beat them 8 times out of 10 for that last spot. No, Notre Dame wouldn't do any better in the first round against UGA than Cincinnati would.
The only way that Cincinnati gets in is if there are only 3 teams with fewer than 2 losses. (Or 2 teams or 1 but you get the picture.) And I am fine with that. Cincinnati would have a much better case for the playoffs had they beaten a shorthanded UGA team last year. The same was true of UCF during their run. All they had to do was beat an LSU team riddled by injuries and guys sitting out. Both those games were winnable, but poor coaching combined with a failure of UCF and Cincinnati players to step up against second and third stringers in the lineup for LSU and UGA in the 4th quarter sealed their fates. These weren't the Utah, Boise and TCU teams that won major bowl games against Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Alabama etc. during the BCS era.
Sure chief. Look, UGA has played 1 ranked team this season, Arkansas, who most certainly won't be ranked after this weekend. In that game Stetson Bennett was 7-11 with 72 yards. Not an aberration. Saturday was the first time all year Bennett surpassed 15 completions and he had only 58% passing against an average defense. He has yet to reach 250 passing yards in a game and has only surpassed 2 passing TDs in a game twice (once against UAB). Every QB on this list would have the same record as Bennett does if they played for UGA. But there isn't a single team on this list that would would have the same record as they do now with Bennett at QB. UGA fans spent 3 years claiming that Jake Fromm - who was mostly carried along by a great defense and 3 future NFL starters at tailback (plus Elijah Holyfield) was the next Tom Brady and would be a top 5 draft pick. The kid is now on the Bills' practice squad and if he doesn't show real improvement in the next few months he will be out of the NFL. UGA doesn't have a great or even good tradition at QB. Eric Zeier, Quincy Carter and Matt Stafford are the only ones in 50 years to start more than a half dozen NFL games (and Zeier just barely ... and it isn't as if the prior 50 years was much better). But rest assured that those guys plus David Greene, DJ Shockley, Aaron Murray and even Hutson Mason would have been better fits for a title-contending team.
How about "if UGA had played a single good offensive team all season." Because they will play such a team in the SECCG and in the playoffs, so that actually is a good scenario to consider.
2 reasons. 1. Ole Miss has one of the smallest athletic budgets in the SEC. 2. Of the 11 states represented in the SEC, I believe that only Kentucky and Tennessee produce fewer 4 and 5 star prospects. Kentucky doesn't have an in-state SEC rival (just pretend-ACC school but truthfully midmajor Louisville) and Tennessee only has Vandy and their very high admittance requirements for athletes. The combination is a killer. Even were Ole Miss to significantly increase their athletic budget, they would have to rely primarily on recruiting out of state. With Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama at the border and nothing to draw kids from - say - Ohio, Florida, California, New Jersey and Texas to Oxford (no AAU academic reputation, no beach, no urban campus with tons of Fortune 500 employers run by alumni of the school) that is really tough. 2. The local talent thing might not be resolvable. Mississippi is a low population state. Also, in the past when teams ran more I-formation/option football it was a lot easier to build programs based on talent from the sticks because the schemes were simpler. Today you have these complex pro-style and spread offenses. That means the talent is going to come from football factories: huge private and large suburban high schools who have facilities that rival a lot of colleges as well as coaching staffs with guys that have experience coaching and playing at major colleges and in some cases the NFL. The Magnolia State doesn't have those. There are ways to get around this, like hitting the JUCO circuit really hard, and Mississippi has a thriving JUCO scene. But relying on JUCOs to build a college program isn't as looked upon favorably know as it was in the 1980s and 1990s when Bill Snyder used it to build Kansas State from basically nothing. His former assistant Bob Stoops used what he learned from Snyder to win a national title at Oklahoma right off the bat, was criticized for it, stopped as a result and never won another title. So maybe Ole Miss can hire a guy who is willing to rely on JUCOs and ignore the criticism until he is able to build out of state recruiting pipelines? That pretty much is the only path to success there.
I forgot about the Bud Foster thing. Unlike Mickey Andrews, he did strongly consider job offers but never pulled the trigger. Although I don't think that Foster was ever offered a DESIRABLE place to jump ship. Had he been given a chance to take over a generally winning program whose coach had simply retired or moved on to a better job maybe, but I believe that Foster was only offered massive rebuilding projects at schools with little in the way of tradition and resources, which made staying in Blacksburg a lot easier. Andrews though coached in an era when top defensive assistants could still take their pick of jobs (these days the NCAA is offense-driven so top defensive assistants have to start out at 2nd or 3rd tier jobs and work their way up). So he could have had any ACC job - not just Clemson but UNC, Georgia Tech and UVa back when they were considered good football jobs in the 1990s - as well as good SEC jobs like UGA, Arkansas and Auburn if he wanted them.
I just saw that in 1994 the SEC East was worse. But yes you are correct: 2015 and 2016 was worse too. But only in 1994 did the SEC East purport to have a title contender with a historically dominant side of the ball.
Assuming that UGA has played teams with offenses that are anywhere near as talented and well coached as Bama, OSU and Oregon IS the wrong assumption. Watching Clemson rely on trick plays, special teams and defense to put points on the board against the likes of Georgia Tech (14-8), Syracuse (17-13) and Boston College (19-13) and lose to NC State (27-21) and Pitt (27-17) makes your 10-3 slugfest against them not look quite as good in retrospect. And Clemson is by far the most talented offense UGA has played this year. Everyone else is either rebuilding, doesn't get very many blue chip players in the first place or both. Or they are simply a basket case like Florida.
Please provide the list of top 10 ranked teams that Stetson Bennett has beaten. Will hang up and listen.
I don't know if you are trolling, but JT has experienced some serious injuries. Maybe he doesn't have the bone and muscle structure required to be an elite football player but that describes 98% of the population. As for Stetson Bennett, we will see how he handles a ranked team with the talent to test UGA on offense and defense. UGA won't experience that until the SEC title game and the playoff.
Yeah, we actually are. Kentucky and Clemson are UGA's only opponents likely to finish with less than 5 losses (and Clemson still might). Do you actually have an answer for that or are you going to pretend to be aggrieved, knowing full well that if it were anyone else but UGA who was ranked #1 despite having only a single victory over a ranked team - #21 Arkansas at that - you would be screaming bloody murder?
FINALLY someone has come out and stated the truth: UGA has had an easy schedule this year. UGA's defense is very good, but they look great only because of not having played a single well-coached talented offense this year. Also, they haven't played anyone with fewer than 3 losses. Kentucky is the only team that they have played that is likely to finish with less than 5. See below. Clemson: equivalent talent but horribly coached. Need to go back to their 2015 scheme with much better playcalling. 3 losses. South Carolina: 1st year coach. Rebuilding. 5 losses. Vanderbilt: 1st year coach. 3 star talent. Rebuilding. 8 losses. Arkansas: 2nd year coach. Rebuilding. 3 losses with Alabama next. Auburn: 1st year coach. Rebuilding. 4 losses with Alabama yet to play and needed the zebras to gift them against Georgia State. Kentucky: 3 star talent with new QB, OC and scheme. 3 losses. Florida: Now that Mullen no longer has McElwain's players things are falling apart. Similar thing happened at Mississippi State when he no longer had Sly Croom's players. 5 losses. Missouri: 2nd year coach. 3 star talent. 5 losses. Tennessee: 1st year coach rebuilding. 5 losses. Georgia Tech: will fire Geoff Collins this year or next. 6 losses. UAB and Charleston Southern are Sun Belt and FCS. Seriously, is this the worst year for the SEC East in its history? Even when Spurrier was shredding the SEC East in its heyday, Tennessee was A LOT better than Kentucky is now.