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Convenient timing lol. But good for them! Every team should be at full capacity by now.
My life, does in fact, revolve around watching Ole Miss lose weekend series. Life has been very good, as of late.
They say that every time Ole Miss loses an SEC weekend series, an angel gets its wings.
Ole Miss losing 4 consecutive weekend series this season was glorious.
My unconfirmed confirmed source tells me Feleipe Franks in the first round.
Congratulations on your one trip to O.M.A.H.A. during that timespan. Ole Miss Aint Here Again
Good for Tennessee! It's nice to see some new teams in the hunt for the East.
I think the last coach of a major sport that left Arkansas for another job was Eddie Sutton in 1985. He left for Kentucky and I believe later said that he regretted the decision. Point being is that people who aren't familiar with the athletic program, like Adam Spencer, presume that coaches will view Arkansas as a stepping stone job. In reality, a coach hasn't the hill for another job in 30+ years.
Really got under Adam's skin that he felt the need to hop on and comment lol. Can't wait for his smart-alecky article after Muss signs his new contract.
"bigger programs with deeper pockets..." How people are people who cover the SEC not aware of the money in NW Arkansas? You're not gonna outbid those folks. Also, can we please stop with the narrative of Arkansas coaches ever potentially leaving for "bigger programs." Who was the last Hog football, basketball, or baseball coach to leave for a "better job?"
I'm about to go overthrow the country of Canada with my Louisville Slugger. Anybody need anything while I'm up there?
One of the most powerful nations in the world was almost overthrown by middle aged people carrying baseball bats? What an underdog story.
An INSURRECTION!!!! ...with no weapons. Oh the horror
Mizzou fans sure do hate on Barry a lot haha. We'll take him!
"Its ludicrous to think the SEC has a predetermined plan to favor certain teams." Buddy must not remember when the SEC decided to add two cross-divisional games to the scheduled last season. Remember which teams got hosed? Remember the teams that got handed easy wins? Do you really think the SEC wasn't going to do whatever it could to protect the teams that it viewed as playoff contenders? Of course they have a rooting interest. The more teams that get in the playoff, the more money the conference gets. Don't be naive.
I think you should take any success Will Wade ever has with a grain of salt.
You nailed it. Patience is the key here. Can't jump ship after the first time we aren't meeting fan expectations. Pitt's been dealt a pretty tough hand. He had 10 days to put together his first recruiting class and the next two recruiting classes, he has to deal with this Covid dead period. It's hard to recruit kids away from an established national brand to a rebuilding program like Arkansas anyways. It's even tougher if you can only build relationships with them over Zoom. The rich only get richer with this which is why I don't think it's a coincidence that Nick Saban's best recruiting class ever came this year with the extended dead period of no in-person recruiting. Accompany that with the tough schedules over the next two years and he's got a tough road ahead. Texas & Georgia this season along with our G5 games the following seasons being BYU, Cincinnati, and Liberty (so much for cupcake games). I hope the school and fans give him the time he needs to turn this around before falling in live with the next shiny new coach on the market.
They'll do fine this year as long as they don't host another regional with Tennessee Tech again.
Rivals has him as a 4-star but I expect that to drop now that he's committed to Arkansas
Our D-Line is looking thinnnnn for next season. Gonna have to lean very heavily on the LBs and secondary. Luckily, we have plenty of experience coming back for those groups.
Relax Ozark. We're gonna have to actually win a football game over Missouri sometime before we talk about what their ceiling is
This is a win-win. Keep the Central Arkansas fans happy with the War Memorial non-conference game, keep the NW Ark fans happy with another SEC home game. I know a lot of fans are groveling about playing A-State, but I think it's been long enough.