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This game feels more evenly matched than most are expecting. Hopefully the Hog defense gets off the bus this week. Hogs by the skin of their teeth.
Crazy to see a Hog Quarterback ranked as the fourth best QB in the conference. Never thought I'd see the day. Go KJ!
Steps 1, 2, and 3: Make sure the defense gets off the bus.
If you watch it again, there was designed inside shovel pitch to the RB lined up to KJ's right. It got blown up by the D-line because, like you said, a missed blocking assignment. Then it just turned into a roll out which is a pretty low percentage play at that part of the field. Not a bad play call, it looked worse than it actually was due to the result. But playcalling is like horse racing, always looks easier in hindsight.
Notice how Arkansas' defense was getting gassed too but you didn't see any of these convenient injuries against Ole Miss' fast-paced offense. That's the difference in leadership between someone like Pittman and someone like Kiffin.
Yeah, I agree on KJ. The videos of him with his family afterwards broke my heart. I was at the game so I didn't get to listen to the broadcast but it sounded like it was a Corral lovefest. I think he's been very underrated this year since his numbers don't light up the statsheet.
Ole Miss was scoring with ease while we were having to struggle to score for every drive. We also hadn't led since the first quarter. That's the right call when you're on the road. Just didn't work out.
This has to be trolling. He knows that he was gifted wins against Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Georgia State over the past two years by the officials. Hopefully Arkansas will humble Bo Pix and the rest of the Birmingham Tigers this Saturday.
If Arkansas loses three in a row, all of that early season momentum will be dead and buried. Will be playing for bowl eligibility after that. Gonna be tough against the Birmingham Tigers though...
Missouri has more players in the postseason than Arkansas. Crazy stat.
It's gonna hurt us Razorback fans when Texas runs the table in the Big 12 and is gifted a spot in the playoffs. Their only loss will be Arkansas but they'll get in. Oh well, that's life in the SEC.
How are Tiger fans currently feeling about Drinkwitz? Feels like it's been mixed reactions so far.
I'm seeing rumors that Arkansas is making changes at the guard positions this game. Limmer and Latham out, insert Crawford and St John. Can't say how credible those rumors are however, but it would be an interesting move considering how well the O-line has done against defenses not named Georgia. Gonna be a good one on Saturday!
Let me know when any team approaches the 2019 LSU level??? That team may go down as the greatest of all time...
Feels like this game couldn't be more of a toss up. Corral isn't going to have a performance like he did last year but neither is Arkansas' offense. Maybe the home crowd will stay in The Grove too long and our offense will at least be able to hear each other for the first drive, unlike last week!
They've already played a tough schedule but these next few few weeks make it look they've played nothing but cupcakes so far! If they lose tomorrow, I just hope the narrative doesn't become "they got exposed" or anything like that. I think you can lose to arguably the best team in the country on the road and still be considered a good football team (which I think they are). Just a tough draw having to play the entire SEC West and then draw Georgia from the East.
A competitive game against Georgia would be a huge statement for this program. So glad all of those seniors came back to help!
Failed to stop Auburn? I remember when Bo Nix spiked the ball backwards and Arkansas jumped on it with less than 30 seconds left in the game. Do you remember that? Seems like everyone else did. Auburn is a truly truly pathetic program that is dependent on Greg Sankey for wins.
"Greg Sankey, help us! We're losing to Georgia State at home as a 27 point favorite! Please bail us out again with more calls. It's the last time, we promise!" Say whatever you want about Arkansas' program, but they earn what they get. They don't have the luxury of getting pity from Birmingham. Must be hard to have to root for a team that is handed so much!
If his name was Shane Williams, I doubt he's a head coach in the SEC.
They hate admitting the fact they need pity from the offices in Birmingham in order to squeak out wins. That's gotta be hard knowing that they can't win without that kind of support. I couldn't imagine cheering for a team like that.
"Greg, help us! Our 5-star QB just spiked the ball backwards and we need your help to get Marc Curles to make the call to negate it! We can't win this without you" What a truly pathetic program.
How's it feel to be a fan of the most pitied team in the SEC? So bad that you have to get bailed out by Greg Sankey against Georgia State? And last year getting pitied enough to get bailed out against Arkansas and Ole Miss? Guess Greg reallyyyyy wanted that ranked Iron Bowl matchup and it's awfully hard to be ranked with losses to South Carolina, Arkansas, and Ole Miss.
You just HATE to see Greg Sankey's favorite team struggling this year. Just hard to watch!
God forbid the program that was getting blown out by Colorado St, N Texas, W Kentucky, and San Jose St only a few seasons ago get some positive light shed on their turnaround.
2009 Florida (crew was suspended the following week) 2020 Auburn (Bo Nix backwards spike) 2020 LSU (Catalon ejection) All of those were close games that came down to calls. So yes, I would say he's got the track record for not loving the Hogs.
Connor, I'm seeing rumors that Marc Curles is the head official this game. If that's the case, it's over right? A&M in a close one?
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