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Not great for the Hogs in regards to recruiting. It seems like over half our roster every year is from Texas kids who wanted to play in the SEC. However, I'm not gonna doubt DVH. He always finds a way to get the players he wants.
"We’re still talking about a team who hasn’t been to a bowl in its last 4 seasons..." Arkansas did make their bowl last season. It just got cancelled two days before since the opponent got Covid. Hard to hold that against them
And the two highest ranked recruits in Arkansas are still uncommitted (Smith and Ware). If Muss could get another one, or possibly both, watch out!
"But they're football team hasn't been good! Therefore, it has to be an awful part of the country to live in."
I thought that Wright's BBQ signing the entire Arkansas offensive line was hilarious and fitting for the Sam Pittman era.
All that matters is track championships. Everyone knows this.
He's out of Arkansas but he's not from Arkansas. Moved to Fayetteville last year from Texas because his dad got a coaching job. I don't expect him to have any ties to the state. Wouldn't be surprised if LSU snagged him.
Not to mention that Ole Miss had to go to seven games in their regional with another Mississippi team (Southern Miss) to advance to the Supers.
Their new AD has been put in a heck of situation. If you lose out on Vitello, the fan base will be livid with you but do you also invest record amounts of money into salaries and facilities after just a couple seasons of success in a sport? They look set up for the long haul as long as Vitello is there but that's got to be a tough decision to make. I hope they retain him and invest a lot in baseball. I'm tired of seeing just Florida and Vandy come out of the East every year.
He threw in the towel. There’s no much fight in Ole Miss. That’s why they’re not allowed to have their mascot or have their band play certain songs.
Ole Miss doesn't live anywhere. They reside in the land formerly known as "Mississippi." However, that piece of ground has been claimed by the state of Arkansas this past year after beating your carpetbagger programs in football, basketball, and baseball.
"IF I SAY THE WORDS 'RENT FREE' DO I WIN THE ARGUMENT???" - Ole Miss fans with an IQ south of 65
Congratulations to Ole Miss for not having their on-field performance affected en route to going 5-5 on SEC series this year. They are truly a dominant team and most certainly not a garbage heap of a program.
Ole Miss will not resist the urge to post cringe tik tok videos and do choreographed home run dances.
Hogs don't have a bad path. La Tech played us really tough earlier in the year so that potential super regional matchup could be interesting. Other than that, it's what you would expect for the 1 seed.
I couldn't be happier about the Hogs season. I'm trying to buy Omaha tickets as soon as they go on sale. But it seems like Vanderbilt got a much easier path than schools like Tennessee and Texas, both of whom were ranked higher. "Star power" and big names shouldn't factor into a team's path to Omaha.
Why does Vandy get the golden path to Omaha? I mean, we all know why, but just want someone in leadership to come out and say it.
His biggest hurdle will be keeping the fan base & media patient during these tough schedules. This year is tough enough with Texas as a non-conference and then having to go to Georgia for your SEC East game. But then look forward the non-conference next year: Cincinnati Missouri State (Bobby!) BYU Liberty I mean, could you catch some of these G5 programs at a worse time? Even the "cupcakes" on the schedule are currently having some of the best success in their programs' history. If Pitt can keep us afloat these next two years while continuing to bring in top 15-20 recruiting classes, there's gonna be success. But only if they give the man time.
Hogs will treat this tournament like an extended midweek series. Get the frontline pitchers some tune-up innings and get some work for some lesser-used pitchers to see who could potentially be used in the national tournament if need be. Hogs could go 0-2 BBQ and will still hold the #1 overall seed in the NCAA tournament. They're not going to roll over, but there's no push for Arkansas to win it all.
I could take a dump on a vacant lot in Missouri and property value would go up.
Oh goodness. Here we go again with another overhyped Ole Miss team that will never get close to sniffing Atlanta. Can't wait for all of the Lane Train recruiting violations to come out in the next 3-4 years.
I think the Western Kentucky loss has to be number 1. It's hard for me to imagine anything more embarrassing than having your former QB that you benched come back the next year and drop 45 points on you with an C-USA team. Chad Morris was truly one of a kind.
Hunter Yurachek has done an outstanding job as AD so far. Very lucky to have him at Arkansas.