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You nailed it. Patience is the key here. Can't jump ship after the first time we aren't meeting fan expectations. Pitt's been dealt a pretty tough hand. He had 10 days to put together his first recruiting class and the next two recruiting classes, he has to deal with this Covid dead period. It's hard to recruit kids away from an established national brand to a rebuilding program like Arkansas anyways. It's even tougher if you can only build relationships with them over Zoom. The rich only get richer with this which is why I don't think it's a coincidence that Nick Saban's best recruiting class ever came this year with the extended dead period of no in-person recruiting. Accompany that with the tough schedules over the next two years and he's got a tough road ahead. Texas & Georgia this season along with our G5 games the following seasons being BYU, Cincinnati, and Liberty (so much for cupcake games). I hope the school and fans give him the time he needs to turn this around before falling in live with the next shiny new coach on the market.
They'll do fine this year as long as they don't host another regional with Tennessee Tech again.
Rivals has him as a 4-star but I expect that to drop now that he's committed to Arkansas
Our D-Line is looking thinnnnn for next season. Gonna have to lean very heavily on the LBs and secondary. Luckily, we have plenty of experience coming back for those groups.
Relax Ozark. We're gonna have to actually win a football game over Missouri sometime before we talk about what their ceiling is
This is a win-win. Keep the Central Arkansas fans happy with the War Memorial non-conference game, keep the NW Ark fans happy with another SEC home game. I know a lot of fans are groveling about playing A-State, but I think it's been long enough.
A fanbase that has sky-high unrealistic expectations, will hate you upon arrival, and then call for your firing two years in. Also the program that will impose sanctions on itself in order to try to get out of paying a coach's buy out. Can't imagine why so many coaches weren't interested. A true puzzler!
Fountain is one of our better recruiters. Gotta give him more than a year to work with his guys.
Michael Bratton follows and covers the Hogs very well. Other than that, not so much from SDS. We get to read cutting-edge commentary about how Bo Nix is the 6th best QB going into next season.
Ah, we're still doing the Bo Nix thing, huh? You can hype him up on this site a thousand times, but it's not going to magically make him a better QB.
I agree. Special teams was atrocious and that was probably due to a lack of depth & development by previous staff. ST played a massive role in the Auburn + Marc Curles loss as well as the Mizzou and LSU games. I don't think Scott Fountain is going anywhere and that's a good thing. He's one of our better recruiters and just needs to be given a chance beyond one season.
I think replacing Marshall will be the biggest obstacle to overcome. I don't think people (even Hog fans) realized how much disruption he caused, even if the stats weren't eye-popping. The interior line is our biggest question mark for our defense next season, in my opinion. Our linebacker corps and secondary are almost all returning and will be a strength for us. Hopefully the JUCO transfer will be able to assist Nichols & Carter with the workload. I've got Ole Miss, Miss St, Mizzou, and Auburn as our possible/realistic SEC wins next season. Who knows what LSU will look like next season. Hoping for another fun season from Pitt! Once he's able to start getting back into recruits' living rooms, I think we could be pleasantly surprised with our recruiting rankings in the coming years!
Having everyone try to poach your staff is a problem, but it's a good problem to have!
Carpetbagger O'Gara giddy with joy writing about the state flag.
We got blown out at home by Ty Storey & Western Kentucky last season. We're allowed to be optimistic and excited about things like this.
Promote Chad Morris! SEC head coaching experience with an EXPLOSIVE offense! Hog fans can attest
Gotta lock down those in-state recruits for 2022. Lot of big time players coming through.
For those debating between Drink and Pitt, take into consideration how incredibly bad Arkansas was in the previous two seasons. Zero SEC wins and losses to the following G5 teams: Colorado St North Texas (blown out at home) San Jose St (at home) Western Kentucky (blown out at home. Also, their QB was a grad transfer and started for Arkansas in the previous season) Arkansas was truly awful. Mizzou has improved a lot from their 6 win season a year ago, but Drink had a lot more to work with in my opinion. Even though Mizzou won a close one against Arkansas this year, I gotta give the nod to Pittman.
Not a bad class for Pitt. Especially considering he couldn't get kids to campus to see those great facilities. He also wasn't able to visit with families in their living rooms which is probably when he's at his best. Hopefully we will see an even bigger jump with the 2022 class.
Jonathan Marshall has been the best player on the team this year.
Both teams lost their star running backs in the first half... So why does Miss St get their loss excused because Hill was missing, but Arkansas gets no credit for winning despite missing Boyd?