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Kelly will be gone from LSU after three seasons, and it won’t be from success.
Aggy is not really much better winning percentage under Jimmy than under Stumblin.
Jimbo is going to leave AM without ever filling in the year on that trophy AM AD gave him when he signed on at aggy.
Brian Kelly will flame out at LSU in three years unless he has a stroke first.
“......USC has rocketed past all three in a matter of months.” Really, Matt? Really? At best USC has kept pace with Texas. Sloppy analysis indicating opinion bias. Be better.
Nothing against the Big 10, Dix, but Texas fans are ecstatic over out upcoming can’t get here fast enough move to the SEC where we can once again play Arkansas and AM along with Oklahoma as well as the other SEC schools.
He came up big time and time again last season. Looking forward to seeing him lead the Hogs to another great season. WPS.
Tigurrr, Texas and OU did nothing to blow up the Big 12. Your Tigurrrs couldn’t take the heat and couldn’t get a Big 10 invite, either.
Hayes is on point. Bob Bowlsby is about as coherent as sleepy Joe. He acted like a petulant child when Texas and OU announced their decision, and it will come back to bite the Big 12 teams like Oklahoma State and Texas Tech who base their entire existence on their rivalry with UT and OU.
Fayetteville, Oxford, Knoxville, Starkville, Austin, Gainesville, Nashville, Stillwater, Athens, Tuscaloosa, in no particular order.