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UK Alum from back before electricity, along with dozens of other family Wildcats.

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With any luck, UK will get Michigan State in next year's bowl game, and then this becomes bulletin board material. UK has owned the BIG10 in their last two bowl games against them (Iowa, Penn St.) both of who suffered from overlooking a second-tier SEC team and subsequently lost to an opponent that they concluded was less than their arrogant selves. I love the disrespect. Keep it coming.
He and C. M. Newton used to coach some well-fought games between Bama and UK. Both of them gracious gentlemen.
Done. Plus Calipari is holding a rolled up game program in honor of Coach Hall.
Just Wow, JackOne; Not sure if you're drunk, stupid, or mentally ill.
It will be interesting to see if Calipari will put Sharpe in mid-season.
Tshiebwe has not fouled out in the 16 games played so far this season, or over half the regularly scheduled season, contrary to some other teams efforts to get him into foul trouble, so I would say he's been in control pretty well overall. The UT game against Fulkerson will be a good test for him. I do agree that he is very likable! And I've been liking my favorite Wildcats since the 1960s!
Beautifully played JTF. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
The collective howl would be enjoyable for sure. You have a playoff with 8 or more teams and you will have 2-loss teams in. Like Battered said, you may likely have even more SEC teams in and more SEC Nattys.
Some truth in this line of thought. Besides, in the NIL world UGA has access to deeper pockets (read: Atlanta) than Alabama as well as a bigger television audience. If Kirby stays at UGA, he only has to compete with Vince Dooley (1 title) and Richt (0 titles), not Saban's 6 (at Bama) titles.
I'm not sure of everything you tried to say, but WRT UGA in 2022 - their schedule lines pretty nicely IMO. I see them winning the SEC East again, as the usual suspects in the East remain shaky.
No UT fan here (actually quite the opposite) but from the outside it looks as if Heupel has restored some real hope into that downfallen program, and did so rather quickly. It will take some time to unwind some of the damage that's been done to that once proud program. But recruiting and developing players and core strengths takes years, and UTs recruiting this year looks pretty strong so far.
Wondering the same thing. Is this noise just lazy sportswriters trying to generate clicks through creating false narratives? I'm thinking that most teams would keep Satan as coach as long as they're winning. But if Kelly fails, the pundits will return with "he didn't fit in" comments.
I'm pleased. that at least one poll left Kentucky out. UK is still new enough at winning to be both overlooked by opponents, and to get the benefit of playing the role of the disrespected underdog. The Wildcats need these advantages while trying to climb the SEC respect ladder.
By that reckoning LSU should have been #1 going into the 2020-21 season. See how silly that logic sounds now?
I'm with you on that point. Let the players decide the winners on the field, not pundits and know-it-alls decide decide it based on a beauty or popularity contest.
A lot of folks seem to have forgotten, or didn't notice, a lot of pre-season chatter was that Bama, having lost a ton of talent, was going to have a non-CFP year this time around. That same discussion included the narrative that folks should watch out for Bama in 2022-23 when they were anticipated to be back on top. So, in the wonderful world of Saban, winning the SECCG, the CFP semi-final, and playing in the Natty game is an off year. Consider that for a moment. And Saban did allude to that stream of thought in his post-Natty game comments, albeit obliquely.
I wish. USC has more weakness hurdles to overcome, including the weakest Power-5 conference setup, to clear before they compete at a level sufficient to content for a Natty. I'm no USC fan, nor a PAC12 fan, but the state of the sport would be immeasurably improved by the Left Coast getting their football act together, and USC has the brand on which to try to rebuild some legitimate competitiveness. I hope that they do.
You forgot 1942. It further solidifies the math sequence. But Kirby Smart is young (and smart) and Saban isn't going to be coaching for the next 20 years. There are plenty of reasons to foresee the potential more Nattys in UGA's nearer term future. Being in the SEC East helps that calculous as well, although expansion and the potential for 4 SEC pods may disrupt that.
LOL, this made me chuckle. Seems like with Mullen you guys had more of your taste of blame that you're used to. Trolls are equal opportunity idiots for all teams.
I'm no BIG 10 fan and certainly not an tOSU fan, but I do think it would be better for the sport as a whole if the other Power 5 conferences would step up their game. And tOSU probably has a better path to get there through the Big 10 which itself still has bones. The ACC and BIG 12 seem to be vaguely lost and the PAC12 is most definitely lost in the wilderness with no clear path back to competitiveness. The problem is not the SEC, it's the other conferences not having their top tier teams adequately competitive to break through, and as said already, tOSU is better positioned to get 'er done. I hope that they do, and I don't care for the Buckeyes. But I respect their brand and more importantly I care about the future of NCAAF. The long term implication of the SEC winning 75% (or more) of Natties is not healthy for NCAAF and invites the potential for the results of the law of unintended consequences by forcing through poor fixes (including some the incredibly foolish ideas being posited by poster's comments).
Actually they did, and no other pretenders showed up - they couldn't and didn't make the cut. Including your team/conference/pride. You're cementing your look as a ridiculous butt hurt fanboy of some 2nd tier team that cannot and did not make any cut to play at the big boy level. Keep it coming; you're proving your delusions for everyone's entertainment.
Really poor example to attempt to deflect the SECs dominance. Scratch one iota deeper below the surface and understand what the data show.
I'm an admitted SEC homer, but as has been pointed out, conference domination is cyclical. Note that from the mid-50s to 1970, 4 different BIG 10 teams won at least a share of numerous Natties and the conference was considered fearsome. There is irrefutable evidence that the SEC is currently king of the CFB hill. Will it stay that way? Will other SEC teams grab some Natties? Who knows?
I'm going to guess that the tipping from this table wasn't that great?
I'm going to have to disagree with your police work there SCTiger. As a multi-decade long-suffering Wildcat fan that has been to nearly every SEC football and basketball venue, my results are that UGA and Bama fans were the most gracious and welcoming hosts of all conference members. Of course, that may have been the result of being 'what's for supper' in those event's human sacrifice.
Don't feed the troll. One can clearly see the confusion and delusion in his posts. He's probably a PAC-8/10/12 fan - perhaps Oregon.
Wow, seriously out of touch there. Don't let hatred cloud objectivity. So by your math, If the SEC is only 1 1/2 team conference, where does that leave the other also-ran conferences with regards to number of real teams? This should be interesting. But I'll help you get started with 5 different SEC teams winning 12 of the last 16 Nattys, so there's that. But it's nice that a few other middling also ran conferences have the other 4 during that time.
Too late. CFP doesn't turn on a dime and if Bama and UGA are #1 and #2 again, you can't prevent the rematch for 2022-23. Just like folks were fatigued with repeat Bama vs Clemson. Only the SEC continues to consolidate its strength. Not sure it won't be Bama, UGA, Texas A&M, and Ohio State for next year's final four.