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Mine went through that around a week ago, back to normal now (so far).
That sounds very interesting, I will check those out. Thanks. I'm a real Grizzard and Bragg fan - they speak to my southern soul.
Wait, what? Better than the 12-0 national champion Hershel Walker Bulldogs?
Heck with Vegas, I can't figure out Kentucky this year. UGA is far easier to figure out: Consistently lethal across the board. The variable is: Which version of Kentucky shows up? If the worst version of UK shows up, the spread could be correct, or worse. If the best we've seen shows up, it could be close.
I also thought of Bragg and Grizzard was effectively bylined in the article. But I'm inclined to give the author a pass in that he's writing for SDS, not the Atlanta Constitution or the Chicago Sun Times (Grizzard), nor the New York Times (Bragg) and is not a Pulitzer Prize winning author (Bragg), so I think the criticism is a tad misplaced. But this provides me a placeholder to land this: Between Bragg (Bama fan and professor) and Grizzard (UGA Alum and huge Bulldog fan), who is the champion? (something else for Bama and UGA to tussle about).
Year ain't over yet. But, yes, in total the 1977 team was better as of the end of the season except for that horrid 21-6 loss at Baylor early in the season in 100+F heat. But that team also did not play in a bowl game due to being placed on NCAA probation. I hope that this year's team success continues such that we can argue about which version, 1977 or 2021, is better. While we're at it, let's add the 1950 UK team to that argument. Anybody remember the banner that hung from the Commonwealth Stadium student side edge of the upper level late in the season?
But Lewis Grizzard humor is one of the funniest things you will ever read, if you're from the South or can appreciate it. I've no idea how many of his works remain in print, but they're worth a read and more than a few chuckles. Given Grizzard's Southern Fried version of Gonzo Journalism (with respects to Hunter S. Thompson - who, incidentally was born and raised in Kentucky to parents introduced at a UK party) Grizzard is a southern treasure, even if he was a died-in-the-wool Bulldog (j/k, I like UGA except when my Cats are playing them). Stoddard is wise to summon Grizzard's ghost.
Just going to leave this here: Went to all SEC road games that mattered back in the day. In Athens we were treated with the greatest respect and hospitality, and next to no trolling, of all of them. Very classy. Never forgot it, never will. Ever since have had no ill will towards UGA and will always cheer for them when we're not playing them.
You forgot to say pretty please. A warrior's greatness is, in the end, determined by the greatness of his opponents. You gotta play the best to be the best. UGA is clearly the best (even before this past weekend). Do I think the Cats will win? It would take the most outrageous set of conditions; therefore, the odds are low. Not zero but low. Very. Low. Hoping for a clean, injury free game. Go Cats (but I do admire those Dawgs).
I gotta believe he just said it badly. Everybody knows that UK s a top running team; therefore, he could not have not known. You're probably right - he kind of meant to say that he was surprised just how effective UK's running game was. But, his defense has not exactly been stellar against the run before tonight.
Hope your Bulldogs overlook the blue and white uniforms based on history of sleepwalking while playing my Cats.
LSU gets props for never ever quitting. Hope Boutte is not seriously hurt.
First time 6-0 since 1950. I hope opponents remain confused by the blue and white so we can continue to sneak up on them.
Y'all looked powerful on the Plains - good win there as well.
Lots of positives for UT. The Pitt game doesn't look that bad in hindsight, and catching an energized UF team in the swamp was too much. But UT killed Mizzou and USC as in a normal good UT team kind of year.
Odd to think of UT upsetting UK given the history. But you guys look pretty good last couple of games. Scary good (see that I did there?).
Yup, but they call it "anthracite" as in coal, and it's a little more of a dusty grey than a total black. They're wearing them tonight with the chrome helmets against LSU. I actually don't care for all the emphasis on unis currently, but I think that's an old guy thing and the young guys seem to like 'em. More importantly, it appears as if UT is back up on the curve. Being clear here, I'm a rival fan, but the world is just not right when UT is a bottom feeder in SEC football.
Nice, but a bit early, for UT to do the Halloween look in their unis. Scared the poo out of the Gamecocks, too, apparently.
Okay, I can agree with your points. But why has the offense actually regressed since opening the season?
Let's test that theory. In 3 real Power 5 games, of which LSU lost 2 of 3 (is CMU FBS or FCS? - anyway I didn't look them up but also didn't count them), LSU allowed opponents an average of 29 points scored on their defense. So you may be correct by about 6 points, based on the record to date. However, UK is the highest ranked team LSU will have played to date, notwithstanding the absence of a strong offensive performance against their last two opponents (SC @ home and UF at UK).
LOL, like right? If you don't actually expect to beat UGA between the hedges, and your team does not have a expectation for beating Florida, is LSU really a trap game?
Johnson and Boutte are skilled for certain. However, LSU is only 1 win out of 3 games where Johnson and Boutte had their best performances (most total yards) this season. Both were explosive in the UCLA and Auburn losses. Perhaps UK can let Johnson and Boutte pad their stats and just have to settle for the win (see: Florida and Mullen's confusion on what constitutes a win).
And I'm hoping that UK gets fined again after the LSU game. Go Cats!
Unless UK holds LSU to fewer points. Is was a good win over UF, and UK scored 3 TDs, more than one below their average of over 4 per game. Although LSU averages about 2 and a half points more than UK, that includes two losing efforts as compared to no losses. This includes a UK win at home over #10 by a TD, whereas LSU lost at home to #22 by nearly a TD. Also worthy of note is that LSU allows 23 points against whereas UK only allows less than 17, or about a TD difference. If LSU wins it would be its first win against a ranked team since that great win over shoe-throwing Florida (enjoyed that one a ton).
I gotta believe that LSUs ceiling is higher than UKs, based purely on talent recruited and suiting up. So I hope LSU does not come out firing on all cylinders.
Not until UK can find its offense. Close games give me heartburn.
But, since aTm (read: ATM, as in Jimbo's cash machine) is paying Saban-level money for their coach, why are they willing to settle for Coach O level results, or worse. Or maybe they're not willing to pay $90M to finish in the bottom half of the west for that kind of money? As the caller above stated, UT and OU barging in does not help aTm's case.