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Of course, nothing much about that 1965, or whatever game you're counting back to, has much to do with football lately. It's 3-2 over the last five years that might undermine your confidence at least a little. Quite a difference in winning percentage over the last five years.
Yeah, like a guy that died a century ago - and is still quite dead.
That 4.24 second 40 yard sprint is pretty helpful at creating separation in any league. I'm not sure that ACC defensive secondaries are that much slower than SEC secondaries? My guess is that Bryce may well find a use for this kid, who is incidentally left with only a year of eligibility left to try to score a decent NFL draft position. Could be interesting.
I think you're largely correct, and ULs O-line offered little QB protection resulting in Malik electing to to try to run it out more often than would have benefitted the long pass play.
For whatever reason this guy's ability did not get a lot of use at UL, maybe because Malik didn't have the arm and/or vision to use him well. I doubting that Bama will underutilize him somehow. To the contrary, Bama uses the deep threat pretty decently.
UT is certainly unable to stop UGA in the trenches, but can the UT offense get a jump on the Dawgs? Seems to me even if UT uptempo offense can score heavily on UGA, that the UT defense would get totally gassed, giving UGA a free field?
I'm guilty of this thought, too. As much as I have no love for the Gators, their performance over the last few years have been cringeworthy even for me to watch. I can't imagine what it has been like for rabid UF fans.
Minus God, clearly some SEC East historically stronger teams (looking at UF and UT) have been down which coincided with Kentucky's ascendancy. The challenge for UK is to keep up if (as?) UF and UT regain strength. That will be a tough chore.
Perhaps the author should have titled the article "Best case realistic scenario . . " I think only 2-3 SEC teams really have a realistic chance at 12-0.
* you're As in "you're not very bright." Not sure if being intentionally ironical?
Pretty stupid move for a kid older than about 5 years old. At least the kid had the grace to acknowledge his inappropriate behavior and to apologize both privately to the player he hit and publicly to media. So props to him for owning up to it. Sadly, Coach Baywhine continues to reaffirm his low character by explaining this away as being an acceptable basketball play. Poor reflection on his overall quality as a person.
What a loser Pitino has become by selling his soul to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, those chickens (Cardinals?) have come home to roost and now he's trying to claim relevancy from whatever position he can slink into. Would be sad if his life choices weren't so tragic. The only thing sadder is sports journalists quoting his opinions for a non-story. Just ignore the Pitino troll in the back of the room. Ricky would be better served to just fade into the dust bin of hoops history.
Should be a good game. Not looking forward to that orange crowd (and hearing Rocky Top a bazillion times).
Adam; you mean "cachet" not "cache" wrt "the ACC isn’t carrying the same cache it normally does."
I remember when no one, and I mean no one, regardless of their ranking, wanted to face 40 minutes of hell in Barnhill Arena. That place was where visiting teams went to die.
That's why rebound percentage is a better stat line that total rebounds. Kentucky's low defensive rebounds total is due to most balls going into the basket; therefore, no rebound. Kentucky is the top rebounding team in the SEC. The article above misses the point on defensive rebounds.
Self-reply: Called that one right - good job Arkansas beating Auburn tonight, you earned a quality win. Doubt you'll be unranked next week.
This has the potential to vie for best SEC game of the year. Looking forward to a real barn burner game.
Use that perceived disrespect as motivation. Given UTs uneven play and loss of Nkamhoua for the season, Auburn's arguably gifted win at UGA exposing their beatability, and Arkansas' performance over the last 8 games and you've got all the potential makings of a huge upset tonight at Barnhill. Arkansas is very arguably the toughest game Auburn has remaining in the regular season.
This is more correct than the Cox article. Calipari's disagreement is less that the SEC Tournament exists but that it's scheduled too late to affect the NCAA Tournament bracket. Given that UK wins both the majority of SEC regular season and tournaments, it's odd to me that the other SEC teams don't also demand rescheduling the tournament earlier so as to benefit teams that may have had weak regular season results but that are hoping for a SEC tournament run to improve any potential NCAA seedings. It may also help the SEC in subsequent NCAA Tournament results as well, by improving SEC teams' seedings downstream.
Yeah, no offense, but UGA comments about basketball seem a tad tone deaf with that poor hoops history. Interesting though that Hugh Durham did get UGA to the Final Four in 1982 - more "40 years" comments invited here. But hiring Tom Crean was an embarrassment. Of course UTs NCAA record is nothing to brag about either. But yeah, Rick Barnes seems to recruit okay but not sure about being a game coach.
Absolutely add Arizona to the list with four bigs that can inhabit the paint. While Arizona may be the most inconsistent team of the six or so top teams, that can play dangerously. I wouldn't mind UK and Auburn making it into the Final Four myself.
Auburn can play with anybody - they've shown that, and anybody that knows NCAA hoops knows that. Just be very aware that the NCAAs are very different from conference play. Is anybody from the 2019 Auburn FF team still on the roster? Winning out means having your 110% game every night, with no (mostly) home venues, and with short turnarounds. Quality bench depth matters unless you have a Danny Manning or equivalent that can but the team on their back and have career games every night. Auburn has as good a chance to cut down the nets as anybody with the possible exception of Gonzaga, and if Kentucky can't win it all I hope it's Auburn (and I hope you beat Gonzaga). But you have to string together 6 zero gap games. Ask Gonzaga last year, or 2015 Kentucky in how being #1 and undefeated all year works in the tourney. Good luck, Auburn.
Not touchy; no need. Clearly Auburn is this year's SEC powerhouse, and good on your guys and being #1 for the first time. We all win when the SEC is hitting on all cylinders, and it would be great if the SEC got as strong in basketball as it is in football. I'm hoping for an all-SEC NCAA Championship game - Auburn vs Kentucky, just like UGA and Bama in the football championship. It's likely the only chance a full strength UK gets to play Auburn, if not in the SEC Tournament championship game. Besides, the rest of the conferences would lose their minds if it happened, which would be fun. Now go out there and win out, Auburn.
Not concerned. Over a hundred years various SEC teams have had their moments of glory. Enjoy it well while it lasts; enjoy your short-term puffy chest and extra saltiness - it's humorous to the one team in the SEC that matters nationally for decade after decade. Auburn has been and will always be cannon fodder for UK basketball regardless of the rare occasions where they win. UK 96-23 vs Auburn all time. In another century get back to us all with how it's going. Just so you don't let facts kick you in the butt on the way out, Auburn's total 23 wins vs UK in over a century are third worse in SEC charter members, only exceeding Ole Miss's and Mississippi State's poor records against UK. Heck, Auburn makes Alabama look good in basketball. #1 for one week ever, LOL. Yeah, that's extra good.
Much respect to Terry Wilson, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Big Blue Nation owes him a debt of gratitude for his leadership at QB for the program.