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Very few people are predicting a UK win. Now, many are predicting them to cover, but still, Kentucky's program feels like it should be looked on to go better than 5-5 and a 4th place finish...I think every season past year 1 Stoops has finished better than the official media order of finish prediction. So its that kind of thing.
Joey Gatewood is not starting over Terry Wilson if he becomes eligible. Why do people keep saying that? Especially people who are paid to write about college football.
Do you think that all minorities are poor? Or that most poor people are minorities? There are more white people in poverty in America than any other race or ethnicity. Also, your housing (assuming you have a mortgage) is subsidized too. So is your food if it comes from farms in America.
lulz absolutely wild take to have Carolina as a better defense. Not even close. Kentucky has two years in a row of being a top 25 defense and returns almost everyone. South Carolina has been 66th and 68th the past two years. Kentucky will start a new streak, and make it 6 out of the last 7, when Carolina comes to Lexington as a 2-7 team that has given up on the season.
It’s all about perception nationally. Louisville has been overall a good program over the last 20 years, while UK has been overall mediocre (And much worse than that at times), so random people who don’t know anything about it assume it’s more likely that Louisville is a better team. And then you get the typical single layer of examination - UK lost Lynn Bowden and he did everything for them! But UL has the exciting WR and QB back! Obviously Louisville is trending up while UK is nothing but a question mark. And that’s how it goes. Honestly surprised we were receiving votes in the preseason polls at all
The BYU Navy game gave me more confidence than ever about Kentucky's chances in week 1. Having experience in the trenches is truly invaluable in early games this year - no spring practice, limited fall camp, and some teams (like Auburn) having to take practices off. Kentucky has a top 3 or 4 SEC Oline, and a top half SEC front 7, and very few inexperienced players in those groups. Auburn is the next level up from us in talent overall, but the situational advantages favor Kentucky I think.
Bowden wasn't the "TEAM," but after about the 3rd quarter of the Florida game two weeks before (where UK had built up a double digit lead), our backup QB was injured and it ruined the offense. UK had a great OLine and competent backs and WRs, but the system in place just couldn't work at all with a QB that could neither throw nor run. UK would have beaten Carolina with any of: a healthy Terry Wilson, a healthy Sawyer Smith, or Bowden at QB. And no he didn't make a tackle, but holding a team to 24 points is enough to win if the offense works.
lulz Carolina will be like 2-7 and will have given up by then. Lucky for you guys last year we hadn't moved past our injured second string QB to Bowden, or it very easily wouldv'e been 6 in a row
It would be very Kentucky football for UK to win at Auburn in week 1 and then lose at home to Ole Miss week 2
Looks like in the two competitive games there has been an adjustment towards reducing the usual homefield advantage - both Auburn/Kentucky and Tennessee/South Carolina have moved about 3 points in the visiting team's favor since Monday. I think its an accurate view of how the season will play out...15,000-20,000 fans just won't have the same effect that 80,000 do.
You know that Kentucky played in a de facto SEC East championship game just two seasons ago right?
Basketball is a different sport as far as game to game results, “Hengst.” Kentucky was #1 last year and lost to Evansville, a week later Duke was #1 and lost to SFA, so yes Alabama has a reasonable shot to beat UK in basketball while top 5 football teams usually don’t have random losses. To the conversation at hand though, Kentucky is a top 25 caliber team, just like Tennessee is. Looking for a 30+ point spread is ridiculous.
When was the last time Bama basketball made the sweet 16? That’s the equivalent of what Kentucky football did two years ago, and last year UK did the equivalent of winning a first round tourney game (on a buzzer beater even). Kentucky football is currently in a MUCH better position than Bama basketball which makes the comparison foolish. Kentucky can easily play Bama to a one score game, especially a Bama without a real home field advantage in a game sandwiched between LSU and the Iron Bowl.
How much does being at Auburn matter this year? UK is a top 30 team, Auburn a top 15 team, playing without a home field advantage (or one that is much much more reduced than normal). Totally plausible, especially since UK’s team strengths are very experienced and will have less week 1 sloppiness than a lot of other teams
I like UK's O-line against anyone, especially a rebuilding (but talented) D-Line in week 1. I think that and heavily reduced fan capacity makes UK-Auburn a very close game that Kentucky can certainly win.
Seems like most people think they are, and if we get an SEC media days that would probably end up being the "official" prediction
Preseason East #4 at West #4, definitely the best of the bunch
Kentucky could use an interior linebacker and a couple of WRs. Not that I’m being selfish, or anything
“virtually unchanged”? Kentucky is a better, and at least much more physical, team than USC. Mizzou on the road is definitely tougher than 3 joke teams. So now Bama gets two tougher games and no breathers aside from the bye (and Arkansas). Article is trash, as others have pointed out.
Well, the colleges have no interest in losing their players. This is obvious with this year's events. The players (at least in football and basketball) know that they are worth more than their scholarships and are rightfully demanding the ability to make that money by leveraging that they COULD forego the option. Schools will comply because they need the players. Besides, the easy thing to do to see if a scholarship is fair compensation, just allow the kids the ability to make more like with NIL. If none of the kids make a dime extra, then the scholarship was fair compensation. If they do make extra money then you are wrong and a scholarship alone isnt fair compensation.
Kentucky has allowed more than 30 points 1 time in the past two seasons, I think its pretty overconfident to predict 31 points from an offense that has a bad run game and has been gutted at receiver, in what will likely be the first game of the season with a nearly nonexistent home-field advantage. Trask is very good and you guys were lucky you had to go to him last year, but the UF-UK game will once again be super competitive and down to the last few minutes, like it has 5 of the last 6 years. Georgia I am less confident about..we haven't been as closely competitive with them.
Kentucky has been closer than the Vawls lately. Don’t forget that the de facto SEC East championship game was UK vs Georgia two years ago
Mississippi State was a sunny afternoon game (it was a rainstorm in 2018 though). Louisville was the third and coldest monsoon Kentucky played in last year, which led to an absolute mauling on both LOS’s
QB pressure is more of an unknown than a concern, but the DLine has more overall depth and talent than it has in probably decades here. The concern is that with Chris Oats likely out for the year for an unreleased but seemingly very serious health issue, linebackers are thinner than expected. But with how solid the other two levels are UK should still have a top half of the SEC defense. Being just pretty good or being a legit dark horse contender comes down to Terry (or whoever plays QB) and the receivers creating a decent pass game.
Mizzoo hasn't beaten Kentucky since 2014. Will be another Cats win this year.
Outside of when you had Mullen basically even. And you don’t have Mullen anymore.
When was the last time Mizzoo beat us? Like 6 years ago? And now you’ve got a new coach to rebuild under. The reason Vegas sets its line where it does is to get an even amount of bets on each side, and sports fans in general still don’t respect UK football so the line is set low. Mizzoo will once again be one of UK’s 7-9 wins next season.
Taking us for granted is really a joke fan thing to say and likely not what happened. Maybe the fans and the media were still writing the game off because of the streak, but 5 of the last 6 UK-UF games have been down to the end of the 4th quarter 1 possession games (well technically the last two weren’t 1 possession because of late junk TDs). The game this year will be tight as well, and I’d be shocked if Florida covers the 14 or whatever point spread it is. And like I said with 20-30k fans, even the home field advantage goes way down, and the games even closer.
"Consistently" is false. Last year Stoops was in all of the coach power rankings in the 30s or 40s, behind Muschamp, Odom, and Moorhead, because the 10 win season was seen as a lucky aberration for a 6 win at best program. Don't forget that Kentucky was predictably picked to finish 6th in the East last year by the media. The coaching rankings have caught up with reality, Vegas hasn't (indicated by this and the early UK-UL line being UL -4.5, despite the last two games being a 46 and 32 point UK blowouts). We will see if the media will pick UK where they reasonably belong this year at 4th.
I’m pretty set on an 8-4 expectation, but a big factor in that changing might be limited capacity crowds, even if it is early on. If Florida and Auburn are only able to put 20-30k fans in the stands I feel more confident about both of those being 1 score games (Florida probably will be anyways with how the series has been recently). Either way, 6.5 is a joke line because the general sporting world hasn’t realized that Kentucky is decent at football yet