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We already have a high level guard transfer in Grady, and will probably add 1 maybe 2 more as well as a good possibility that Mintz returns. Askew would not have been a big part of the rotation...probably better for him to leave than to stay and ride the bench for a year. It's what's happening all over CBB this year anyways
I don't care either way if the Sweet 16/Elite 8 schedule stays like this, but the first two rounds need to go back to Thursday-Sunday. Having those second round games on Monday this year was not good.
Kentucky put together extremely encouraging and motivating 3 game win streaks twice this season, only to relapse back into disappointment and awfulness quickly after. I'm betting that happens here, the SC blowout leads to a Mississippi St win and a Bama upset. The fanbase is ecstatic and begins believing the turnaround run is coming once again, only to lose by 8 to Tennessee or Florida on Saturday.
Because they're fun for fans, make TV money, make ticket money for the conference, and, unless its a low mid-major, offer nothing but upside. Who cares if a random team pulls an upset and grabs a bid they didn't earn in the year? Just one more bid for the conference to claim. Also as a largely football focused website, I figure it would be more appreciated to have a chance for multiple champions in a season. The elite programs get to claim more titles - for instance in Calipari's 11 seasons, UK has "won the SEC" 9 times, in one way or the other.
No. Basketball gets the position it does because it is the second best sport behind football. If the SEC Network wants to lose money then it will show fewer basketball games and more volleyball, wrestling, and track and field, because no one will watch that stuff. Who cares what you think about the sport, its the facts. And you're also wrong about "3 sometimes 4 game best of." In the SEC, you play 5 teams twice, the other 8 teams once. The only way you'll get 4 games against an SEC team is twice regular season, once in SEC Tournament, and once in the NCAA or NIT tourneys. That like never happens, maybe once a decade.
The supposed sexist comments are meh, but he could face legitimate legal trouble if anything happens to the professor guy. Whether it comes to anything more than a failed lawsuit who knows, but siccing a group of people on someone with details on how to do it is more of an issue than the cancel bit.
I'll go ahead and say that if Stoops stays for 10 years, Kentucky will win the East and make the SECCG once. I think Florida under Mullen isn't built like Alabama/Georgia in recruiting, which will make them an attainable win (i.e. a top 25 team, not a top 5 team) for the middle of the pack East teams in most years. Kentucky will have a team capable of having a winning SEC record every other year or so, and if that times up with Florida being average, then you can get a 2018 situation where UK is playing Georgia for the East. Basically over the next decade I think Stoops will have UK in the mix for the East like 3 or 4 times, and will be able to snag one of them. All that said winning the East =/= winning the SEC. Very unlikely though I don't agree UK is second to last in the league, just because they're currently in as good a spot or better than all the other teams on the list outside of A&M.
This is about all-time program rankings, not current status. Duke has become in all likelihood the biggest name in the game to a casual sports fan, but they don't have quite the standing that UK and UNC do in things like all-time wins, tournament success, conference success, etc. and specifically all of their elite success has been under one coach (UK on the other hand has 5 championship coaches, UNC and Kansas both have 3). Just check out CBS Sports all-time program rankings from this past November, or the Wikipedia NCAA Tourney Statistics page, and you will see that Duke belongs behind UK and UNC. And UCLA is still high in all time wins, and 11 championships (and the bolstering of tournament statistics that comes with that) is kind of impossible to deny, even though 10 of them came in a 12 year stretch 50 years ago. Indiana it could be argued has fallen behind Louisville in a sort of blue blood boundary zone. Even though their 5 championships is tied for 4th most. They just don't compare well in wins and conference success due to the last 20-30 years.
I would think so if for no other reason than to get the guys who won't be declaring for the draft some more run for next year. We took the bid in 2013. The fans have a bigger reason though, with this years abysmal record Kentucky is now only 4 wins ahead of Kansas in the all time CBB win list, since Kansas has 12 more wins than us on the season. Go to the NIT and win a few rounds, Kansas will probably be out in the second round of the tourney.
And some context for football fans, championship counts for bluebloods will seem low. That is not only because the NCAA tournament is more random and harder to win than in football, but also because of raw numbers. Nobody with a straight face claims their pre-tournament (1939) titles (for instance, Kansas and UNC I believe have two Helms titles each, Kentucky a Helms and a Sagarin title). That means that there's one champion a year, and only years 1939-present. Football on the other hand averaged something like 2.5 champions a year before the BCS in 1999, back into the late 1800s. So football numbers get inflated.
There are six bluebloods, and within that there are 3 discernable tiers: -Pure bluebloods, basically any all-time quantifier you look at they're top 5 if not top 3: Kentucky North Carolina -Right up there with the above two in most all-time stats but with a significant flaw: Kansas (only 3 tourney-era championships) Duke (all championships under 1 coach) -Lower tier blueblood some would argue are borderline or on the way out, due to lacking in multiple all-time stats (and spotty recent performance): UCLA Indiana Then there are those just on the outside looking in, programs that are ahead of the UCLA/Indiana in some metrics, or are a lot better recently with some past success: Louisville Michigan St UConn Villanova I hesitate to even put Gonzaga or Syracuse on this list because their success is with one coach and they don't have multiple championships. And Louisville is the closest to passing Indiana.
Edit: 80% is too high for layup make % probably. But it only has to be above 55% to be the more important thing to stop than 36.6% from 3.
Because their spacing is such that they'll get layups all night. And layups on aggregate (~80% made) score much more than threes (~35% made). Priority 1 against an offense like that is to stop layups, priority 2 is to disrupt 3-pointers. You HAVE to stop the layups. If they don't get layups and shoot just normally (36.6%), not even cold, then you can keep up with them with a good offensive showing on your part.
Bama's NBA offense is penetrate for layups then kick and rotate to threes. If you don't have the defenders to stop the penetration you have literally no chance, so go zone to stop penetration and hope they're cold. I guess Adam doesn't realize its pretty easily explicable to run zone.
This is a decent team that could beat anyone in the conference on a given night. But I have no belief - yet - that they can string together a 4 game winning streak to win the SEC tourney. One thing that would help is to avoid Bama who's offense is a matchup problem for how UK likes to play, and since they'll be the 1 seed and UK will be anywhere from 6-11, we should really hope were not the 8 or 9. The 6, 7, 10 and 11 are on the bottom half of the SEC bracket, which could easily be LSU/Florida/Arkansas...that would really be quite manageable.
This isn't even the worst team of the last 10 years (even giving the '13 team a break due to injuries, Billy's '08 team was still substantially worse analytically). This team in a normal year with 6 more cupcake games and home Rupp crowds to pull them through would be above .500 and on the bubble. But without that and the fact that they have terrible execution and basketball IQ in pivotal stretches like the last 5 minutes of games, you get an appalling record. This UK team can beat every other team in the conference on a given night...but what matters is the SEC tourney, and I don't think they can win 4 games in a row regardless.
Anyone outside of Georgia and Florida will be lucky to win the East as long as Kirby and Mullen are in place. Not that it can't happen if Kentucky or Mizzou (or UT and SC if they properly rebuild) put together a great season and the other big two happen to be down. But its not the same down division it was pre-2017.
Pretty impressive IMO that everyone outside of Vandy has a 10 win season and a top 15 finish
Here's hoping this means Kentucky can go on a 3-4 game win streak against the Vols. It could easily be 4 now to be honest, 2017 win, 2018 we had a better team but absolutely didn't show up, 2019 had 2 chances from the 2 yd line to take the very late lead (that still stings), 2020 win. Having less success against UT than Vandy has over the last decade has been mind boggling and extremely frustrating.
With Robinson, Ali, and TE Rigg, we actually have a pool of pretty good pass catchers for the first time in 4-5 years. With a better offense and better QB coaching UK could maybe even pull off an above average passing attack! - totally crazy I know. With Kentucky's now customary top half of the SEC defense and run game, that could be the different between 7 wins and 9 wins (assuming a normal schedule).
Favored vs South Alabama, Bowling Green, and Vandy, toss up at home vs. rebuilding South Carolina? Every other game seems unlikely at this point.
Cal has been ahead of the curve on so much in college basketball over his career, its absolutely baffling that his offense is so archaic. Fans have been complaining since DeAaron Fox used to shoot at least two 19 footers a game 5 years ago.
Right, I said that after the MSU game when there was no reason to bench him. It became obvious during the Mizzoo that trying someone else wouldn’t be a bad thing, but guess what Wilson was still our best option by the time everyone played....and that’s on Hinshaw and Gran on not developing QBs. Stoops likes a solid run game and an offense that doesn’t make a ton of mistakes that puts the defense in bad spots. I’m sure he’d absolutely love to have a passing game that isn’t ranked in the 100’s, and that’s the direction he’s going now. It’s on Gran that the passing game has been abysmal for so long.
Gran is in charge of the whole offense, as well as the offensive recruiting, and Hinshaw is in charge of QBs. One of our former WR coaches also complained about what the unit practiced day to day (blocking not route running and catching) which goes back to the OC. I like Gran and he did amazing jobs in 2016 and 2019. But having a passing attack only better than the service academies as a 5th year OC is completely and totally on him. He made the roster and was in charge of coaching it.
Love it. Love a good sports fight,* and this one was hilarious. *as long as things cool off before any real injuries happen
Kentucky's bowl games the last three years have been very exciting and worth watching for a general CFB fan. Plus an SEC team with a losing record is favored vs. a ranked 8-3 ACC team, which puts controversy (and likely rooting interest) into it before kickoff.
This seems trollish but I agree in that people just assuming Bama looks 30 points better than everyone forget what happened last time Clemson played them. This game should be a reality check but it won’t be.
No. Ohio State and Alabama are the only teams ranked outside of 1 and 2 to win. Clemson would have benefited from a BCS system.
High UK recruiting class talent equals SEC championships and Natty contenders. The 2010 Wall-Cousins-Patterson-Bledsoe team had no shooting and it showed up in the elite 8...had Jodie Meeks stayed - adding a second team AA senior shooter - it would've been a likely natty lock and an undefeated season contender.
Iowa does have the easiest road to a conference championship game outside of the Pac 12 and the ACC Coastal. That could be very enticing compared to Kentucky's uphill battle against Florida and Georgia (and really Tennessee and South Carolina too, who recruit marginally better than UK). But Kentucky and Barnhart have gone to bat for Stoops consistently, gave him a really incomparable deal for a P5 team, and pay his assistants well. We'll see, but I think a top 10ish program would really have to want him, unlike lukewarm Florida State, for him to leave.