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lol. It's been all over r/CollegeBasketball this week and apparently people who analyze the rankings each week - which is a lot of users on that subreddit - know that's how he votes.
Seems pretty lazy to have takes about Newell without acknowledging why he votes the way he does. He doesn't vote like a typical pollster, he checks the statistical ratings services to make his rankings and is often very aligned with Kenpom. Kenpom has Auburn at 9. I guess you can debate whether an AP voter should use metrics to decide rankings or do it the traditional way, but its not good journalism to just call it asinine or attention-seeking when there is logic behind his ballots.
That guy just takes Kenpom's rankings and moves teams a spot or two if he feels like it. Auburn is 9 in Kenpom.
"Vols became prohibitive favorites to be SEC East runners-up in 2022" I think you'll find SEC Media Days will pick Kentucky to repeat as 2nd this summer. But it definitely seems like another off-season national championship is in sight for Tennessee.
The South Carolina hype is funny. Tennessee and Miss. St. will both be better - and have better QBs.
A rift in the P5 conferences is what's causing this standstill. Generally the SEC, the Big 12, and the G5 conferences support the original proposal, while the B1G/ACC/Pac 12 alliance does not. The only way anything gets done soon is if one person was in charge, rather than a committee of 11 where a unanimous vote is needed. As it is the current se up will go til it expires in 4 years, and a new expanded playoff that isn't owned by ESPN will be made after.
This line of thinking is hilariously wrong. How many trophies are there now? Win a minor bowl game and finish unranked, get a trophy. Finish 5th but win your NY6 bowl, get a trophy. Until this year, go undefeated as a G5 and win your bowl game, claim a national championship. Let alone how the sport used to decide championships. Before the BCS there were USUALLY 2 or 3 teams claiming a national championship per year. Trophies all around, trophies for everyone! The more comprehensive the playoff, the more teams playing for just one trophy.
*top 40, not total 40 But anyways Neil, you’re not being mean you’re being wrong.
This guy is telling on himself (as some national writers are too) for knowing nothing about Kentucky football this year. Kentucky is total 40 in scoring offense and total offense, and has 5 punts in its last 4 games. Very far away from 3 yard runs and field position football. Iowa’s offense is abysmal, but if you want to see a ranked SEC team beat a higher ranked B1G by a score of something like 31-9, tune into the Citrus Bowl.
From what I’ve read this past week the Citrus Bowl gets the team with the best record outside of the NY6 but can dip one win down if they choose. Seems like Arkansas can be their team if they’d rather follow rankings.
Stoops has a (performance based) lifetime contract already. Every 7 win season adds a year to his contract, two years if he wins 11. And his base pay goes up $250k every year. He is leveraging the coaching carousel to get the last facility upgrade we need (indoor practice field that isn’t shared with the track team) and a bigger recruiting/assistant salary budget. We give him that and he’ll probably stay. Because we haven’t quite hit the ceiling yet. Our talent is looking to marginally improve - from top ~30 to top ~20 in the country over the next few years - and the ceiling would be making the coming 12 team playoff.
So who gets the Citrus Bowl between 23-25?
Ha. Tennessee on the rise. On the rise to the music city bowl? UK let that game get away against an inferior program 3 times in the last 5 years.
Would love to get Michigan in the Peach or Fiesta Bowl. Gotta keep winning to get there.
Kentucky is also 6-1 vs. the spread. This guy is pretty bold taking these two underdogs.
You’re the reason why Tennessee will never be relevant again. You’re an embarrassment.
This is Stoops’ contract bonuses he’s entitled to: Automatic 1 year contract extension at 7 wins, and another year on top of that if he gets to 10. Also his salary increases each and every season by $250k. And for immediate bonuses, he gets paid $250k per win starting at win 9 (including postseason wins), $100k for winning the East, $100 more if won the SECCG. For bowls: $300k if he makes the playoff, and an additional $100k for each win in the playoff; $200k if he makes a NY6 bowl; $100k for making a regular bowl. He would also get $50k for SEC Coach of the Year, $100k for national coach of the year. And for academic incentives, a team GPA better than 2.75 triggers $50k, an APR rate better than .975 triggers $100k. So if we go 11-1 and win the Sugar Bowl to make it 12-1 - which is probably pretty ideal - he would get a $950k bonus. Plus any coach of the year award. If we were to somehow win this weekend Stoops is looking at more than $1 mil in bonuses due to being in control of the East.
Here's the hope: Solid chance we have the best D they've faced outside of Clemson. Solid chance we have the best Oline they've faced yet. If both of those things turn out to be true, then I think you're looking at Georgia being 10-14 points better than UK, and 10-14 points can be flipped with turnover luck or big play luck. So there, win the turnover margin and hit some big plays, and UK's got a shot. (This is basically what Cox wrote - point 3 goes back to our Oline, the other ones are about big plays/turnovers/intangibles.)
If Bennett plays I see a similar score as last year, which was 14-3. I think our D can do well against the dogs if there’s not a dynamic passing game to worry about, but I don’t see us scoring much.
Stoops is stubborn and proud. He didn't talk long to Florida State a couple of years ago because he was FSU's like 3rd or 4th choice...he wants to be an elite program's first choice to really listen. And with his style of play/coaching I doubt he will be any elite program's first choice.
NY6 games are determined by the final CFP rankings only. The Sugar takes the highest ranked SEC and Big 12 teams after the playoff 4. Same for the Rose with the B1G and Pac 12. The Fiesta and Peach take the highest ranked teams left as at-larges after the other tie-ins are satisfied (there has to be an ACC team in the four bowls outside of the playoff, and there has to be a G5 team somewhere in the NY6).
Mullen finished ranked 3 times out of 9 years at MSU and never finished top 10. At Florida though he's finished 7th, 6th, and 13th so far, and will probably finish 9-3 or 8-4 this season and in the final top 25 again. Can he ever win a championship? Maybe not, but he is a solid coach and Mullen Florida is better than Mullen MSU.
It's more about that when Kentucky did move the ball successfully it was on the ground and on the eye test it seemed successful - the announcers were commenting on it in the 3rd and 4th quarter - and that Kentucky held Florida to 150 yards below their rushing average and 70 yards less than Alabama did.
Tennessee isn’t finishing in 3rd in the East. It will take surprising upsets to get past 6-6.
Don’t ask this guy. He had us in the Liberty bowl until last week. So he obviously doesn’t have a clue.
The last two Florida games in Lexington have come down to UK missing a last minute field goal for the win/lead. So in the context of recent history it’s not crazy bold.
Kentucky IS middle-of-the-pack and towards the top. Finished either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in the East every year since 2014. That’s kind of the definition of it.
He obviously didn’t watch the game either, it wasn’t a punt fest it was a turnover fest. This guy is a joke…watch the games and bring some knowledge before you publish something.
Racial slurs said by a drunk girl and a couple of frat guys were cited in the university’s report as the cause of the fight. So whoever this guy is it is not nonsense this time.
Mizzoo would've been blown out by UK had it not been for Kentucky fumbling into the endzone or letting an untouched defender through to block a kick. UK outgained Mizzoo by 120 yards and had 5 more minutes TOP and had more first downs. Kentucky handled that game and their own mistakes were the only reason it was close, and not a 17 point win. Mizzoo is 2-2 and deserves their ranking until they beat some decent teams.