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Mizzoo hasn't beaten Kentucky since 2014. Will be another Cats win this year.
Outside of when you had Mullen basically even. And you don’t have Mullen anymore.
When was the last time Mizzoo beat us? Like 6 years ago? And now you’ve got a new coach to rebuild under. The reason Vegas sets its line where it does is to get an even amount of bets on each side, and sports fans in general still don’t respect UK football so the line is set low. Mizzoo will once again be one of UK’s 7-9 wins next season.
Taking us for granted is really a joke fan thing to say and likely not what happened. Maybe the fans and the media were still writing the game off because of the streak, but 5 of the last 6 UK-UF games have been down to the end of the 4th quarter 1 possession games (well technically the last two weren’t 1 possession because of late junk TDs). The game this year will be tight as well, and I’d be shocked if Florida covers the 14 or whatever point spread it is. And like I said with 20-30k fans, even the home field advantage goes way down, and the games even closer.
"Consistently" is false. Last year Stoops was in all of the coach power rankings in the 30s or 40s, behind Muschamp, Odom, and Moorhead, because the 10 win season was seen as a lucky aberration for a 6 win at best program. Don't forget that Kentucky was predictably picked to finish 6th in the East last year by the media. The coaching rankings have caught up with reality, Vegas hasn't (indicated by this and the early UK-UL line being UL -4.5, despite the last two games being a 46 and 32 point UK blowouts). We will see if the media will pick UK where they reasonably belong this year at 4th.
I’m pretty set on an 8-4 expectation, but a big factor in that changing might be limited capacity crowds, even if it is early on. If Florida and Auburn are only able to put 20-30k fans in the stands I feel more confident about both of those being 1 score games (Florida probably will be anyways with how the series has been recently). Either way, 6.5 is a joke line because the general sporting world hasn’t realized that Kentucky is decent at football yet
Sounds good to me. The current system is dirty, it’ll be nice for everything to be above board. A better college athletics system
Doing away with divisions is an option too, like they did with basketball. 3 permanent rivals, and with a 9 game conference schedule you have 6 games for the other 12 teams which means you play every team once in a two year period, and you visit every stadium at least once in 4 years. Just furthering the point that the current set up (7 permanent games, 1 rotating game for 6 teams), is awful and would be better with a 16 team conference
Right, which is why you can keep the status quo by playing the two teams with the best record in a CCG. But at the same time, although there is a limit, the number of games these kids play has gone up continuously. In the 40's it went from 9 regular season games to 10, then to 11 in the 70's, and to 12 in the 00's. Conference championship games added another possible game beyond the bowls in the 90s, and the playoff added another when it started. So the max number of games has gone up from 10 to 15 over 75 years. Plus the scenario I said would be 16 games: semi finals and finals for conference, straight into 4 team playoff with the winners of the other 3 mega conferences...hypothetically.
However you want. Have semifinals or just go with best two records with tie-breakers. If the Big 12 dies (which would happen if Oklahoma and Ok St. came to the SEC) then we're on our way to four 16-team leagues anyways, so you could essentially have a 16 team playoff with all division winners. If you wanted.
Planning conferences on TV markets is a dying model. Sports networks are losing value on subscription deals like this every year as people drop cable (and expanded sports packages) and stream. Kentucky no doubt brings double the viewership that Mizzoo does in football + basketball, which is what is really beginning to matter. Mizzoo doesn't fit, you guys don't want to be here anyways. And 16 > 14.
A 16 team conference split into 4 divisions/pods instead of 2, with a 9 game conference schedule. You have: 3 division games 3 permanent cross division rivals 3 games with the remaining 9 teams rotating So you play everyone every 3 years. Actually even with an 8 game schedule you go through the conference every 4.5 years. 16 teams with 4 divisions is overall a much more efficient organization than 14 teams with 2
Add Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas. Respectfully allow Mizzoo to go to the Big 10 (especially since the Big 12 would be destroyed and similar culture/academic school and rival Kansas would likely go there too).
Ah yes, a 6 team playoff with only conference champions. Except that you put Clemson and Alabama in the same conference and still put them as the #1 and #2 seeds. This is just a not very well though out attempt to get Clemson and Florida State in the SEC while also going back to 12 teams. Neither of which will ever happen.
It's not a reasonable explanation. Louisville benefited from a massively weak ACC as much as Saterfield being a good coach firstly. But returning bad linebackers doesn't fix a bad run D, and Louisville's Oline wasn't any good either. They did not belong on the same field as Kentucky in the trenches the past two seasons. So basically there is no real chance at all that Louisville will be a better team than Kentucky next year - because UK will be better on both lines, better on defense, and finally have a real QB back. This is really disappointing because O'Gara has been one of the few outside of the local media to give Kentucky football and Stoops respect. Louisville could very well end up with more wins than UK because of the ACC/SEC difference, but they just won't be a better team. And that's the criteria he says hes using. Just an unreasonable and insulting stance to take.
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Dead giveaway a writer or analyst hasn't watched UK is to say Asim Rose instead of AJ Rose
Torn patellar tendon, he will be lucky to be the same explosive player when he’s able to come back next season. Horse collar tackling is a penalty for a reason
No votes for Kentucky again from the media. UK is equal to 29th in the Coaches'.
Yeah there’s not a lot of trash talk from us to Florida. Just USCjr, Mizzoo, and Vandy - teams we are 13-2 against in the last 5 years
Obviously not a Mizzoo fan but hasn’t Florida lost by like 30 twice in a row to them? I’d pipe down if I were you
The vitriol at the “bold prediction” post on here where USCjr would struggle against Carolina and have to play Helinski to win was hilarious...because that bold prediction should’ve been right
Does this mean you have the worst team in college football? Or is that Tennessee?
Yeah 3x I don't understand why we've been hearing anything from USCjr fans for the last 5 years. I also don't know how you could be at all confident in beating a superior program in UK at this point
USCjr is the type of program that could struggle against almost any P5 team in a given game. You guys were blown out and shut out by Virginia last year after all
Google Kentucky at Eastern Michigan, we paid a $1.15 million buyout to get out of a trip there. Whether or not the department can afford it doesn't change the fact that there is no good reason to continue to set these up with MAC schools
Except that we will end up paying over $1 million to buy out the game in Toledo, like we have for the last two G5 road games
pairs is actually right about something here. Screw Toledo, give me Kansas, Indiana, or some other Vandy-ish P5 school, rather than a stiff buyout, a game I’ll barely keep an eye on, and a crappy crowd
Do you often just go around saying stuff that is wrong? USC had a football team 4 years before USCjr did, and is a vastly superior program in every relevant metric