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Google Kentucky at Eastern Michigan, we paid a $1.15 million buyout to get out of a trip there. Whether or not the department can afford it doesn't change the fact that there is no good reason to continue to set these up with MAC schools
Except that we will end up paying over $1 million to buy out the game in Toledo, like we have for the last two G5 road games
pairs is actually right about something here. Screw Toledo, give me Kansas, Indiana, or some other Vandy-ish P5 school, rather than a stiff buyout, a game I’ll barely keep an eye on, and a crappy crowd
Do you often just go around saying stuff that is wrong? USC had a football team 4 years before USCjr did, and is a vastly superior program in every relevant metric
USCjr does seem to have Tennessee's number lately, maybe they can grab a win there and sneak into a bowl game
Hahahahaha Yes we should start a chat after 9/28 because USCjr hasn't beaten UK since the first year of Obama's second term. The denial of your new spot in the pecking order is hilarious - Spurrier is not walking through that door
LOL. UK passed USCjr as a program like 3 years ago
USCjr has always out recruited us, but nobody on their team on on their staff (while at USCjr) has beaten UK. We beat the breaks off them for two years in a row in fact
Did you see your rushing total from last years compared to ours? Is your O line going to be able to improve on that? 4 of the last 5 matchups have been down to the wire...last season wasn’t an aberration, it was just finally breaking the mental block
Last year matters because Kentucky won by dominating in the trenches and more than doubling Florida’s run total. Kentucky returns a solid O line and a solid front 7 while Florida’s O line will be a mess. And I would take that bet neutral site 100% of the time, because you know what two back half of the season opponents Florida and Kentucky had in common? Mizzoo..UK won at Mizzoo and Florida lost at home by 21
With the Michigan and LSU wins last year people forget that Florida lost at home by double digits to Kentucky and Mizzoo, and were down 31-14 at home to South Carolina late in the 3rd before storming back. Florida will be good but they’re not head and shoulders above the rest of the East like Georgia is
Also where is this? On CBS's site they only have the top 10 released and it has Georgia at 4, LSU at 6, and Florida at 8
The CBS 130 is a weird ranking to be honest..I remember preseason last year this ranking had Kentucky 80th in the country, even coming off back to back 7 win seasons
^ This guy thinks that UK has been going 2-10 for all eternity until 5 years ago. No, USCjr was Stoops' biggest win only in the first year of our current 5 year streak. The following season UK beat #25 Mizzoo (and began a 4 year streak against them), the year after beat MSU on a last second field goal and followed up with a win on the road at #11 Louisville (with a Heisman winner QB), and then the year before last finally took care of Tennessee - a much more important game than USCjr. Congrats on your years with Spurrier, they are by far USCjr's best in their history and won't be repeated again any time soon..Kentucky and USCjr are actually very historically comparable programs - UK has more conference championships, all-time wins, and a better bowl record as well as a claimed national title...But hey hang on to those "21st century" accomplishments because you guys went 0-11 in 1999
LOL remember when drew lock couldn’t get a first down the WHOLE SECOND HALF in a home game with the lead? Credit to you guys for beating Florida and Tennessee all the time, but no, you are not a better program than Kentucky
Yeah I see no reason to think Kentucky is losing to an inferior program...Kentucky passed USCjr up years ago. The people in Vegas are only concerned about setting a line that will get equal bets on both sides, not actually picking winners...to nationwide bettors who don't realize that USCjr hasn't beaten Kentucky since the beginning of Obama's second term, this would seem like a fair line
The reply to the other guy was a joke..I brought up people not asking if UK would go 6-0 because I think it is similarly ridiculous, and would be disrespectful to other teams on the schedule to just gloss over them and imagine the circumstance of being undefeated 2/3 of the way through the season. The only programs in the SEC that have earned the right to speculate about them starting with 3+ conference wins and no losses are Alabama and Georgia - everybody else is susceptible to being middle-of-the-pack or worse
You thinking we’re upset by Arkansas then? Because without a doubt Kentucky wins the four non conference games, Vandy, and USCjr
No. But it’s about time people started asking questions like this
The implicit connotation is that Kentucky is just one of 8 random games Mizzoo plays before Georgia and that it’s a distinct possibility that they could achieve that. Even though nobody on their roster has actually beaten Kentucky. You don’t see the question being asked if Kentucky can go into their Georgia game 6-0 even though the schedule up to that is two crappy non-conference games, Arkansas, and three teams they beat by double digits last year
Seems a bit brazen to mention a road game against a team Mizzoo has lost to 4 times in a row just in passing as ‘winnable’
Assume 4 nonconference games and Arkansas and @Vandy are wins (which should be the case outside of a worst-case scenario), and assume @Georgia is a loss - so thats 6-1. Then it's up to the results of these 5 games: Florida @MSU @South Carolina Mizzoo Tennessee I think 2 wins out of those is not crazy, and I'd hope for 3. Depends on how good Wilson is and how much the gutting of the secondary hurts most likely.
This is a team that got handled in the trenches in Lexington last year, and Kentucky returns a strong OL and front 7. Don’t assume that game is a victory, more like a toss up
Kentucky fans are marking a home game vs. Arkansas as an easy win, and deservedly so. Would be shocked to see the hogs pull it out
dull and monotonous? Are you ready for Clemson Alabama Five or whatever number we're at now? With Oklahoma, Georgia, and Ohio State up for the other 2 spots? I don't see how things will change much at all. The schools that will have the ability to set kids up the best are the schools that are already the best and are consistently in the top 10 in recruiting. Except any extra payments are now above board and the best players are getting their actual value
What are you afraid of happening if payments were allowed? How would the top 25 recruiting rankings actually change? Not really at all, probably. Programs with big fan bases and successful histories will still get the best recruits, and there would be an opportunity for boosters to buy themselves a better program - just like now! See Oregon and Oklahoma State
If they are being compensated fairly then open up their ability to be paid by outside sources in the open market. If none of them get a penny more then you are right. If some of the best players do get paid extra for their value on the field, then you are obviously wrong and they’re worth more than a scholarship
Why is it crazy to want the NCAA to adopt a model where boosters can pay players? If someone thinks their contribution is of value let them be paid
ah paris, but our version of Stoops has won at least 4 in conference in each of the last 3 years
You'd think that Kentucky might've earned a respectable preseason prediction, but no...6th in the East, behind a team that has 9 wins in two years and teams we have 5- and 4-game win streaks over