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Hollywood, it is funny because Mizzoo is now a sure win for Kentucky. And remind me again how many first downs big bad Mizzo and Drew Lock had in the whole second half of the 2018 game? It was 0. It was bogus you guys were even ahead, your offense was getting manhandled.
I mean you only scored 20. If we had a competent offense Kentucky wins that game easily. So now instead of 7 in a row UK is only looking for 6/7 against Mizzoo
2016: 7-5 2017: 7-5 2018: 9-3 2019: 7-5 with catastrophic offensive losses 2020: assuming we would've continued to blow out Louisville, we would be 8-4 (4-4) against out original schedule. 7-5 is the floor. Birmingham is laughable.
Our floor is 7 wins as long as Stoops is here. To make the Birmingham Bowl we would be 6-6 (2-6) and finish relatively behind everyone in the league except Vandy and Carolina. It just is not happening.
The Birmingham Bowl???? LOL. 0% chance Kentucky falls off that far. 0.
Agreed. Kentucky has won 6 of 7 against Carolina, including a 41-18 beatdown last year. And Kentucky will be improved this year, while Carolina is rebuilding yet again. It would be a pretty shocking upset.
I would guess this decision involved getting TV execs on the phone to gauge whether or not Texas Tech, Oklahoma St, etc would actually increase their value enough to not reduce the piece of the pie every school gets. Expanding footprints is only worth so much if you're looking at a secondary Oklahoma school and tertiary Texas schools
I question numbers 5 and 6. The Louisville game was annoying, but so long ago and kind irrelevant to the current programs that there are other ones. And any loss in 2012 was good because it hastened Jokers firing. I would add two games from 2007: The rainy, unexpected, and deflating blowout to Miss. St., and the 4 OT loss to Tennessee to end the season (and keep up their streak on us). Those two ruined the record of probably the best UK team in between '77 and '18. Some ones where it felt like Stoops was still getting a handle on how to coach: blowing two late leads to backup QBs in a row to Louisville in '14 and '15 and not getting bowl eligibility. The '14 game @Florida, the '15 game vs. Auburn, the '16 game vs. Georgia. Then add '19 Florida having a 21-10 lead going into the 4th with Franks hurt.
Saban's the GOAT but he's not immune to coming 2nd in the division. It happens about half the time. And just two years ago they went 10-2 and were stuck in the Citrus Bowl. It can totally happen and you've seen it.
“strange 5-game losing streak,” LOL. Mizzoo and South Carolina are in denial that Kentucky has passed them as a program.
Kinnard is well established at RT setting the run edge, and his success in doing so has gotten him the AA honors. I think when he came back there was an interest in showing the NFL he could be a pass protection anchor at LT, as well as making Rosenthal as a transfer with past 'recreational' issues show he was willing to work his way up the depth chart. Anyways, as far as I know, Rosenthal is the best pass pro LT on the team and Kinnard is one of the best RTs in the country, so this the best lineup for the team's success and where it was going to end up eventually.
LOL. We beat you guys like every year. Sharpie it in as a Kentucky W at this point.
Umm….in the NFL, after transferring so he could play after losing his starting spot at Alabama, and becoming a Heisman finalist at Oklahoma. Are you making my point for me? I appreciate it.
What’s he supposed to do? He lost. If he has a good week of practice in the season he isn’t going to win the job back or anything, it’s over. Better for him to transfer somewhere with no good QB options or to G5/FCS. Hard to get any better if you’re not playing in games.
So would Kentucky and Missouri
How is Kentucky's ceiling 8 wins when they'll be Vegas favorites (or at least a pick em) in 9 games?
The game has totally affected who in the SEC makes the playoffs and how many SEC teams get in. In 2017 without it Auburn and Bama would have made the playoffs and not Georgia, and in 2018 and 2019 without it Georgia would've been in over Oklahoma.
Also, it is literally how the basketball schedule is already structured.
LOL those Mississippi St and Louisville percentages are an absolute joke. Missouri is the toughest outside of LSU/UF/UGA, and FPI also misranks them it seems. Probably because it is the worst of the major statistical rankings out there.
I think its extremely unlikely that Kentucky doesn't at least push on that 7. Three cupcakes and Vandy, then all you have to win is three of Mizzou, @SC, @MSU, Tennessee, @Louisville. For perspective CBS just ranked Kentucky 35th, while Missouri is 47, Mississippi St is 55, Louisville is 65, Tennessee is 68, and South Carolina is 93. Those rankings are wild but the point remains, UK will likely be favored in 9 games, so going with the over on 7 is pretty safe.
I’m interested in someone who’s been a fan for a while…what was the deal back in the day (pre-80s) with SEC members playing however many conference games they wanted (6-8) and so many games almost not ever happening? Bama and UK didn’t play for 25 years, Tennessee and Georgia not for 31? Seems like a wild time compared to even when I grew up (90s)
This all depends on how slippery this slope is. I agree with this article's general premise that conference realignment is the rule not the exception, and that none of the monumental changes that have happened this summer ACTUALLY change any hierarchy. The elite will still be the elite, the G5s will largely still be the G5s, and, with a large and determined investment, any program can climb the ladder a rung or two...that investment just now includes NIL money to the players. But the thing that would end the college sports that we know, rather than just being a new iteration of it, would be a break-off of the top 20-40 schools. That would inevitably be set up in a way that they could never be competed with by those who don't make the cut. That is the line in the sand, that's where the slippery slop has to stop.
Robinson is not getting 12 carries a game. He came to UK specifically to play slot receiver in a Rams-like system and stop playing RB.
I agree that AAU membership is not really a good indicator of academic prestige. But to your other point on why academics matter....the Big Ten has the Big Ten Academic Alliance, which is worth some $10 billion in shared resources and combined research efforts. It's probably the most important educational consortium in the US. No other conference has such a concrete thing (not even the Ivies who compete with each other more than they cooperate), and it is why the Big Ten is more selective.
Big Ten isn't adding anyone any time soon. They will make a scheduling deal with the Pac 12 to make a bit more money, and wait out to see if the ACC media deal that goes to 2036 can be worked around. Then they'll talk to ND, North Carolina, Virginia, etc. They're not scrambling or going to make quick decisions to "counter."
I don’t think the other conferences will be expanding in the near term. The B1G has already hinted as much, and if they and the Pac 12 don’t, I don’t think the ACC will. I think you’ll see BYU and a few AAC teams like UCF/Houston/Memphis/Cincinnati join the Big 12. That will make them honestly probably the 3rd best football conference and one of the best basketball conferences…just with a lack of big brand schools to make good TV deals. The other conferences in lieu of adding teams will sign up for TV money to play each other in non conference. A B1G-Pac challenge is likely coming, and a rebuilt Big 12 would do well to have something similar with the ACC
Cincinnati to the Big 10 is a nonstarter. They're not AAU, and Ohio State wouldn't let them in. They won't even be brought up. Cinci is hoping the ND turns down full football membership in the ACC, and they could be invited with West Virginia. Pitt, Louisville, Cincinnati, and West Virginia would be an ACC 'pod' that makes sense.
It’s probably more likely you guys get A&M and Arkansas is in the mini Big 12 IMO. And I wonder if they’ll choose to let teams have a permanent rival in each pod to preserve rivalries, so you end up with 6 permanent games a year and 3 rotating instead of 6 rotating. But if the SEC doesn’t do that, is it good enough to be a rivalry if you play every other year instead of every year? Because that will happen to a lot of them.
Kentucky will be down for it if all you big football schools would prefer geography over balance. We can win a pod with Tennessee, Vandy, and South Carolina.
Not really. Saying BYU is secondary to Utah is like saying Duke is secondary to UNC. BYU has a huge following and a historically successful program. Worth a lot more in a TV contract than OK State or Iowa State, and that’s what this round is all about.