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Cal has been ahead of the curve on so much in college basketball over his career, its absolutely baffling that his offense is so archaic. Fans have been complaining since DeAaron Fox used to shoot at least two 19 footers a game 5 years ago.
Right, I said that after the MSU game when there was no reason to bench him. It became obvious during the Mizzoo that trying someone else wouldn’t be a bad thing, but guess what Wilson was still our best option by the time everyone played....and that’s on Hinshaw and Gran on not developing QBs. Stoops likes a solid run game and an offense that doesn’t make a ton of mistakes that puts the defense in bad spots. I’m sure he’d absolutely love to have a passing game that isn’t ranked in the 100’s, and that’s the direction he’s going now. It’s on Gran that the passing game has been abysmal for so long.
Gran is in charge of the whole offense, as well as the offensive recruiting, and Hinshaw is in charge of QBs. One of our former WR coaches also complained about what the unit practiced day to day (blocking not route running and catching) which goes back to the OC. I like Gran and he did amazing jobs in 2016 and 2019. But having a passing attack only better than the service academies as a 5th year OC is completely and totally on him. He made the roster and was in charge of coaching it.
Love it. Love a good sports fight,* and this one was hilarious. *as long as things cool off before any real injuries happen
Kentucky's bowl games the last three years have been very exciting and worth watching for a general CFB fan. Plus an SEC team with a losing record is favored vs. a ranked 8-3 ACC team, which puts controversy (and likely rooting interest) into it before kickoff.
This seems trollish but I agree in that people just assuming Bama looks 30 points better than everyone forget what happened last time Clemson played them. This game should be a reality check but it won’t be.
No. Ohio State and Alabama are the only teams ranked outside of 1 and 2 to win. Clemson would have benefited from a BCS system.
High UK recruiting class talent equals SEC championships and Natty contenders. The 2010 Wall-Cousins-Patterson-Bledsoe team had no shooting and it showed up in the elite 8...had Jodie Meeks stayed - adding a second team AA senior shooter - it would've been a likely natty lock and an undefeated season contender.
Iowa does have the easiest road to a conference championship game outside of the Pac 12 and the ACC Coastal. That could be very enticing compared to Kentucky's uphill battle against Florida and Georgia (and really Tennessee and South Carolina too, who recruit marginally better than UK). But Kentucky and Barnhart have gone to bat for Stoops consistently, gave him a really incomparable deal for a P5 team, and pay his assistants well. We'll see, but I think a top 10ish program would really have to want him, unlike lukewarm Florida State, for him to leave.
Actually looked at the wrong rankings. Tennessee is 15th and Kentucky 26th, so the point still stands
It's pretty simple...as far as roster talent (by recruiting rankings), Georgia, Alabama, and Clemson are 1-2-3 in the country; Tennessee is 9th; Kentucky is 21st. So the only answer is coaching. Stoops develops his players better than many other coaches, so even though Tennessee should have noticeably more talent than UK, they are a noticeably worse team.
I think every single one of these brings up basketball for Kentucky. It's not that good of a joke to begin with, and to do it every time is awful.
UK's offense had 205 yards, the punt long snapper accounted for a -48 yard loss that gets credited as a negative run play for the offense. 205 still isn't great, but sounds better than 157.
I'm surprised no recaps have clarified - maybe because they haven't looked it up - that our overall offense and rush offense numbers in reality weren't that bad. Not that good either, but not as abysmal as the "Kentucky Offense" section would lead you to believe. Basically, a play that had nothing to do with the offense and was only a mistake by the longsnapper skewed the box score badly. The safety Duffy had to take on a wild snap from midfield counted as a -48 yard "team" run play in the box score. So removing that, the offense actually ran for 132 yards on 31 attempts (4.3 YPC), and overall had 205 offensive yards not 157. I just feel like that somehow a punt SNAFU like that should count against all-purpose yards and not have a negative affect on the offense's numbers.
Yet Wilson was 14/18 last week? He is fine. And more than obviously, and emotional leader on the team. Jared Lorenzen and Tim Couch are walking through that door. Kentucky fans need to get that. Gatewood or Allen may be that one day but they aren’t now.
If you’re one of the people trumpeting a QB change, then honestly go kick rocks. There’s no good reason at all to scrub Wilson. Now with Rose, I am driving the bus to start Rodriguez. Rose has a good mix of talents but has proven time and again to fumble too much. Let Rod eat.
Leach would have been at the top of UK's list had the years lined up right. He had just been at WSU a year when Joker Philips got fired.
It’s definitely still Wilson’s job, with a few plays here and there in a special package for Gatewood. Terry’s too much of a leader on the team. But the more games Terry has that are like Auburn - decent stats but with some huge game changing mistakes - the shorter the leash gets.
Thinking Kentucky will focus on the run more this week and lean on controlling both LOS's and the clock. Kentucky 31 Ole Miss 17. Hoping that that along with Auburn pulling a close one out against Georgia resets the expectations for UK going into welcoming back Leach.
It was a disappointing game from Wilson I agree. But I think Stoops will lean on Gran to go 60-40 run or more, and a run game that focuses on our talented backs than Wilson. Also as a note, the pick at the end of the half should not have been a run play as you mention. Stoops burned his last timeout to challenge the should-have-been touchdown two plays before, so an unsuccessful run play would have made it very unlikely that UK would have time to run the field goal team on the field and get a kick up.
Very few people are predicting a UK win. Now, many are predicting them to cover, but still, Kentucky's program feels like it should be looked on to go better than 5-5 and a 4th place finish...I think every season past year 1 Stoops has finished better than the official media order of finish prediction. So its that kind of thing.
Joey Gatewood is not starting over Terry Wilson if he becomes eligible. Why do people keep saying that? Especially people who are paid to write about college football.
Do you think that all minorities are poor? Or that most poor people are minorities? There are more white people in poverty in America than any other race or ethnicity. Also, your housing (assuming you have a mortgage) is subsidized too. So is your food if it comes from farms in America.
lulz absolutely wild take to have Carolina as a better defense. Not even close. Kentucky has two years in a row of being a top 25 defense and returns almost everyone. South Carolina has been 66th and 68th the past two years. Kentucky will start a new streak, and make it 6 out of the last 7, when Carolina comes to Lexington as a 2-7 team that has given up on the season.
It’s all about perception nationally. Louisville has been overall a good program over the last 20 years, while UK has been overall mediocre (And much worse than that at times), so random people who don’t know anything about it assume it’s more likely that Louisville is a better team. And then you get the typical single layer of examination - UK lost Lynn Bowden and he did everything for them! But UL has the exciting WR and QB back! Obviously Louisville is trending up while UK is nothing but a question mark. And that’s how it goes. Honestly surprised we were receiving votes in the preseason polls at all
The BYU Navy game gave me more confidence than ever about Kentucky's chances in week 1. Having experience in the trenches is truly invaluable in early games this year - no spring practice, limited fall camp, and some teams (like Auburn) having to take practices off. Kentucky has a top 3 or 4 SEC Oline, and a top half SEC front 7, and very few inexperienced players in those groups. Auburn is the next level up from us in talent overall, but the situational advantages favor Kentucky I think.
Bowden wasn't the "TEAM," but after about the 3rd quarter of the Florida game two weeks before (where UK had built up a double digit lead), our backup QB was injured and it ruined the offense. UK had a great OLine and competent backs and WRs, but the system in place just couldn't work at all with a QB that could neither throw nor run. UK would have beaten Carolina with any of: a healthy Terry Wilson, a healthy Sawyer Smith, or Bowden at QB. And no he didn't make a tackle, but holding a team to 24 points is enough to win if the offense works.
lulz Carolina will be like 2-7 and will have given up by then. Lucky for you guys last year we hadn't moved past our injured second string QB to Bowden, or it very easily wouldv'e been 6 in a row
It would be very Kentucky football for UK to win at Auburn in week 1 and then lose at home to Ole Miss week 2
Looks like in the two competitive games there has been an adjustment towards reducing the usual homefield advantage - both Auburn/Kentucky and Tennessee/South Carolina have moved about 3 points in the visiting team's favor since Monday. I think its an accurate view of how the season will play out...15,000-20,000 fans just won't have the same effect that 80,000 do.