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This kid’s game seems to be the reason you’re checking the posts on a fan blog site that you have to make an account to comments? Maybe you should take your own advice and not pay attention to the kid’s game and let actual fans discuss the state of the program
Wow a Cal defender in the wild. Sorry to say you are definitely not the majority there. Every poll that's been run regardless of platform has had a majority wanting Cal gone. Anecdotally every fan I've talked to is done - family, friends, work, though I only know one fan that's relatively young at like 24/25. Seems like only the young (and ignorant) are in for keeping Cal. The program is breaking. Worst 4 year stretch in our history. Second longest final four drought in our history. Cal has given absolutely zero indication that he's going to make the changes necessary (or any changes really) in order to turn this around before we have another embarrassing result. He'll be fired next year, thank god, after getting blown out by Duke, losing 12 games, coming 5th in the SEC, and bowing out of the tourney in the first round again. It's a shame we have to go through that before we find someone willing to run a modern program.
It feels like I'm taking crazy pills when listening to Barnhart and Cal. Do they really not understand that half of the fanbase is done? and another 1/4 of the fanbase wanted Cal gone a week ago, but are in grin and bear it mode? If they don't really realize the heat level, they'll find out soon when there no money in the NIL fund and Big Blue Madness has 5k people show up instead of 20k
Kentucky has not actually fallen out of SEC regular season title contention. With some help from South Carolina (beating UT at home tonight, losing at MSU Saturday), Kentucky will control its own destiny for a share of the SEC regular season championship. Also the defensive numbers are bad, but at least improving. Even with the bad Arkansas regression, Kentucky is 48th in the country in defensive efficiency since its come-to-Jesus loss against Gonzaga 3.5 weeks ago, according to Barttorvik. Anyways, its premature to run the pretourney numbers before its actually pretourney time - two weeks and up to 5 or 6 games against very good competition (aside from Vandy) can have a real effect on the Kenpom numbers. See what it looks like after next Sunday, worse or better, before pronouncing the cats as dead.
A 1,000 word white-knighting for a future (and probably current) millionaire...is pretty lame. And, like this whole 5 days has been, completely overdramatic.
This is stupid, really stupid. The data is out there, there are probably like 100 court stormings a year, and what, 20+ field stormings in football? And how many times are there incidents? Filipowski flopped, Caitlin Clark flopped, they didn't get hurt and the students they ran into weren't trying to hurt them. Bilas even said "security experts" advise to not stop the court storming. So why are we discussing stopping it again? Why do some restrictions "need to be put in place"? Let the kids have fun, who cares. It is factually not hurting anybody.
Don’t think there’s ever been a year during the Playoff era where a G5 champ wasn’t ranked going into bowl season. And the ACC and Big 12 champs will almost certainly be ranked. So, no.
Buyout would be $33.4 million after the season. The "lifetime" part is he can retire starting after this season and get $1 mil a year for life in an ambassador position. Just really an embarrassing contract to make with a coach with 1 championship. Our AD should be fired too for making it.
I'm curious to know why our analytics aren't close to our ranking. Obviously the defense isn't great but I would think the offense would be enough to make our overall ranking high (like it does for Bama and Purdue). But we're currently 18th in kenpom, 21st in Sagarin, 19th in BPI, and 18th in NET. And for reference to the title of the article, since 2015 we've had four top 10 kenpom finishes: '16, '17, '19, and '22 (the Quickley Maxey team was actually bad in analytics too).
It's exciting but I'm tempering any expectations with how disappointing Leary was for most of the year. Also Kentucky has had a transfer as QB1 ever since Drew Barker's injuries sidelined him in game 3 of 2017: 2 years of Stephen Johnson, 3 years of Terry Wilson, 2 of Levis, 1 of Leary
So bizarre that sports journalists have basically all gotten it wrong - this is an opossum. Opossums live in the Americas, possums are different and are endemic to Australia.
One UK message board alluded to the event being a seizure, which can have many different causes. But once that is hopefully evaluated and under control, it seems likely Coen can continue in his role without a problem...which is a better situation than if it were a heart attack or panic attack, which would probably require a lifestyle reevaluation
That’s one of the benefits of adding SMU I saw somewhere. Aside from them basically giving the ACC money to be added, they will also host conference-wide events for Olympic sports, etc. in Dallas. Which…is probably better than what the B1G has to deal with.
I mean it literally does make sense. That’s how math works. By their projections you have 4 games with a better than 1/3 chance of winning. Math says then the likeliest outcome is to win at least one of those.
Speaking of lopsided, the opposite is the amazing MSU-Kentucky rivalry. All-time record sits at 25-25-1 entering the final season that its a guaranteed game on the schedule
It's a 10 year contract (from 2019) that is "lifetime" because if he chooses to retire between now and 2029 he gets like $950k a year for life to be an "ambassador". To fire him its Jimbo levels of a buyout: about $40 million to fire him now, $33m to fire him next offseason, $26m the year after, etc. Its probably not feasible to fire him for 2-3 more years. Most UK fans are ready for him to hopefully choose to retire, while the rest are giving this season as a last chance of success before turning on him. Basically Final Four or he's done, one way or another, I think.
They're temperpedics, which is as nice as you could expect and better than a Holiday Inn or something. But theyre XL twins not Queens, so its still a give and take
The dorms in question are nicer than a regular hotel room, nearly all the dorms on campus are less than 10 years old. Only trade off is the en suite bathroom is split between two rooms instead of one bathroom per room like a hotel
Lol Drinkowitz how many lives do you save? Why are you making more than your brother in law?
There's really no reason we can't do 8 games at 3-5-5-2. Still get to keep 3 rivals, and you still rotate through the conference very quickly, even if its not every other year. You could also just do a one or two year stop gap with that system before transitioning to 9 and the 3-6-6.
UNC, FSU, Clemson, and UVA can be pretty sure of making the SEC or B1G. Miami, GT, VT, Duke, and NC State could potentially get accepted to one of them, if not they will have a place in the Big 12 and make more money. Louisville and Pitt could also be pretty sure of a Big 12 invite. Thats theoretically enough to end the conference. Sorry Syracuse, Wake, and BC
The reports are that their lawyers have been looking over things for months. Basically when the Big 12’s deal was finalized and the administration at FSU found out UCF was making more money than them (let alone the SEC and B1G making 4x more) they decided they had to get out. But they made their GOR as airtight as possible a few years ago. They will likely need a majority of schools to sign on (and at least 8 schools should be confident they can make it to the Big 12 if all else fails) but then they’ll also likely have to pay ESPN and others for terminating their contract. If it were easy to do it would already be done
Theoretically it's all or nothing for this season, but not practically. His buyout is still way too big. Probably can't conceivably be fired for two or three more seasons: Buyout after next season: $33,375,000 after '25: $27,000,000 after '26: $20,250,000 after '27: $13,500,000 after '28: $6,750,000 Mitch Barnhart has basically Jimbo Fishered us. Cal has all the leverage and could lose every game next year and nothing could be done.
"This isn’t your Dad’s Kentucky." How old do you think the people reading this article are? 5?
The matchups are great outside of Marquette. Every other team in the region UK would have at least a decent shot against mainly due to play style.
Yep, that would be a "no" and then a "probably not." With the caveat that we could potentially go to the sweet sixteen despite this.
Literally no. The champion gets an auto-bid. Georgia got one in 2008 with a losing record coming into the SECT - they wouldn't have sniffed a bid unless they got the auto-bid. The committee has paid less attention than they should to the results of SECT games over the last few years, but with an auto-bid up for grabs even LSU is theoretically still playing to make the tourney right now.
That's the committee's fault not the conferences'. And besides, aTm could've just won one more game and ensured they were in with an auto-bid.
"SEC Player of the Year has to be Brandon Miller. Which, of course, means he’s also the Freshman of the Year by definition" My immediate thought was this is wrong because I remember them splitting the awards in 2010 between John Wall and Demarcus Cousins. So I looked it up and since there has been a FOTY award in 1998, there have been 3 freshmen win the POTY: the first was Wall and Cousins and they split it, but Anthony Davis won both in 2012 and Malik Monk won both in 2017. So I guess they didn't know how to approach it the first time but have since given both awards to the POTY is he's a freshman.