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He shows as 100% Oklahoma because he was committed there until a week back when he decommitted and the predictions are from that time era.
Waiting for a journalist to ask him which SEC mascot would win in a death match. His PAC12 breakdown of this was epic. I think it would come down to Bama and Vandy (if the Commodore got to bring a ship).
why isn’t Justin Fields an option? Kirby had a couple years to work with him.
what happens first....towels put away or name in portal?
Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust Hey, I'm gonna get you, too Another one bites the dust
Good luck to Tua. He's always conducted himself with a lot of class. Will be interesting to see what happens with his brother....FullRide mentioned that he may transfer. I hope he gets a shot playing at Alabama.
Good luck to the kid....he's going to light it up in the league.
Sucks because we have a lot of money tied up in this guy and have to wait on a refund.
I told you guys this 4 days ago in the other Zach Evans story and got called every name in the book. Delusional fan base in Athens.
Kid is trouble like I mentioned in other story on him. Not just trouble with team.
Pac12 also lacks strong DL and secondary play. Franks would put up huge numbers in that offense.
I’m not a koolaid drinker like some of ya’ll. No less of a fan though.
As a Dawg fan, it really hurts to see that Kirby wasted this talent. Getting out early where he can get some high-level coaching and heading to the league prior to a rebuild year is a good move.
He’s a few beers short of a 6-pack. Going to be in same academic boat as Pickens will be in Spring,
Fields, Cox is just the beginning. Eason doing pretty well in WA. How about guys like Ford, Hunter, Gibbs, Bishop, Downing and the like. There's more, but that's a good start. It's a revolving door.
Fromm is a game manager....smart with the ball, but not really athletic like Burrow or Tua and doesn’t have a huge arm. He needs a run game and great OL to be successful, but the OL (while good) was a big letdown this year ( which then cratered the offense). The WR position had huge issues...for a team that recruits like UGA that shouldn’t happen, but the kids step on campus and don’t get developed and a guy gets hurt and then O is inept. Fromm isn’t good enough to overcome those problems (like Tua or Burrow can) and Kirby isn’t smart enough to coach around adversity ( like Mullen, Mark Stoops, Pruitt did). Kirby is exactly what Mel Kiper would look like as a coach...a bunch of highly rated guys that don’t fit together.
Doesn’t matter who UGA signs, fans are starting to realize the coaching just isn’t there and half the kids will be portaled in a couple years. Kirby is just recruiting for stars, then picks a guy like Fromm and lets the better player sit. Kids aren’t doing that anymore. They may show up to make bagman happy, but they won’t deal with Kirby’s idiocy for more than a year and will then leave.
How does a football player without a drivers license get a car from a dealership on an overnight testdrive? There's an illegal benefits situation here that will never come to light... The pot charge and open container is a nothingburger...do that stuff at home and no problem. Make the kid read up on Leonard Little as a punishment.
"Kirby hoists Natty Trophy, ends 4 decades of futility. UGA looking for keys to trophy case." Must have just missed the cutoff.
Word is that Pickens is out again too due to grades.
UGA missing lots of pieces. Will be lucky to keep this close. UGA offense minus Cager, and Pickens meh...
UGA is a dumpster fire playing without several guys and Baylor is putting it all together. Rhule is a solid coach and will have his guys prepared, Smart can never really seem to motivate his guys for a big game and makes boneheaded calls. UGA is probably going to get boatraced like in SECCG.
lol.....He's rated 44th in accuracy this year. He is 4th in the SEC.