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If Franks had been able to continue his play from the end of 2018, he would have been a 2nd/3rd round pick. Unfortunately, he was hurt and played behind a rebuild OL (the two statements are related). Put him in the Big12 or Pac10 or B10 west (like Iowa) where he isn't facing a SEC DL and he'll light it up next year.
It doesn't matter who the OC is, Muschamp is a DC who doesn't understand the offensive side of the game. He is an elite recruiter (at least he was at Florida), high energy, kids love/like him and all, but he doesn't understand how to build an offense. He can build an elite defense (and did at UF and had moments at USC). His D is the reason that Mcelwain won 2 SEC-E titles....as soon as that was gone, Mcelwain was trash. His ceiling is as a Venables-like DC. He is not cut out to be a head coach.
Believe what u want to, but Saban may have cost Tua his career to get “style points”
Not a Bama fan and I do have issues with how Saban (ab)used him today, but Tua seems an excellent person and athlete and I feel for him and hope he can recover from this.
Everyone after #3 has flaws....Bama is probably most deserving of that group provided LSU wins SEC. There doesn’t really look to be a decent Big12 or Pac12 team. The big10 looks to have played themselves out of getting 2 teams in....there are multiple scenarios where 2 of LSU/Bama/UGA get into playoff. Getting 2 SEC teams is probably a lock if OSU or Clemson happen to take a loss.
I was going to say 3-4 losses, but it isn't a given that you make it to the SECCG, so I went with 3.
You had 3 losses last year and will likely have 3 this year, why is 4 hard to believe for next year?
Was going to tell you to act like you’ve been there before, but then I remembered it’s been about 40 years and realized most of you all don’t have a clue.
UGA posters everywhere. Since UGAIII died, there have been 7 other UGAS, 1 Otto, and 1 Magilicuddy without a championship. Gators live 30-50 years and many have been around for 3 championships, but there isn't a dog that was alive when UGA last won one. Sad. You all got to be frustrated....I mean this is your year as you are going to lose Fromm, Swift, your OL and half your defense this year and staring at 4 losses next season. Yet, you need to rely on multiple teams ahead of you to lose to even make the playoffs this year. Depressed, frustrated, resigned to your fate....I don't envy you guys at all. 1980....Mt. St. Helens, Miracle on Ice, Jimmy Carter (he's from Georgia and saw last UGA championship....he falls a lot now and wears depends, but he saw it and remembers). Keep the hope alive....538 still gives you about a 4% chance at that second title.
Regardless of what UF/UGA do in terms of recruiting this year, the talent gap will be essentially nil to shifted in UF's favor next year. UGA loses their star QB and has zero proven talent in the pipeline as they drove off everyone. They also will lose Thomas, Kindley, Wilson, and Cleveland off the OL....OL will go from a strength to a weakness. Swift is gone at RB, but they should be ok there because they are UGA. They still have a huge hole at WR and Cager and Robertson will be gone next year. That's just on O. Stokes/Reed/Lecount from the secondary. Clark/Barnett/Marshall starters from the DL. Even Rodrigo is gone. The fact of the matter is that UGA is built for this year. If they don't win it all (not just the SEC), they blew their window. UGA next year is much worse than UGA this year. On other hand, UF will return depth and quality at QB for first time in a long time (regardless of how it sorts out with Franks). They'll lose a lot at WR/TE, but return Grimes/Pitts/Toney/Copeland as a core. DL will have couple big losses in Zuniga/Greenard, but gain Cox. Henderson is probably gone in secondary, maybe Wilson. There is a lot less for UF to replace than for UGA.
They talked about this a bit on Sirius ESPN full ride this AM....supposedly the #1 candidate would be Orgeron....LSU couldn't afford to match any real offer to him and Orgeron has a history at USC.
Didn't Carol L Folt come out and say the Urban Meyer would not even be on the list of coaches that they'd consider at USC given his handling of the Zack Smith scandal.
1997 UF-FSU. Some of these other games were complete trash in retrospect (ie 2006 OSU v UM).
I think UF is a much better team than last year (especially if Greenard and Zuniga can play at a high level....Toney, I'm not so concerned about as he is bonus). I don't think UGA is nearly as good as last year. Last year for UF to win, they had to catch a lot of breaks and they didn't. This year, the game feels like a toss-up or slight UF advantage given how UGA has been playing. Without turnovers this should be a close game.....UGA will probably break a run or two and UF will get a couple good plays out of passing game and probably some kind of wrinkle play that Mullen has drawn up. If UGA plays like they did against SC/UK/ND or UF plays like they did against Miami, they'll get blown out.
Having grown up in MI, that stings a bit. There should be an asterisk after the 2015 playoff loss to Dallas, though. That was a worse hit-job by the refs than the Monday night game against GB this year. If Stafford were in any other city except Detroit, he'd have several playoff wins. NFL hates Detroit for whatever reason, though.
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Reading this is like listening to a bunch of 3 years olds calling each other "poopy pants". You obviously spent a lot of time on it and wrote a lot, but quantity isn't quality. This is a pretty bad effort....hopefully you can do better next time.
UGA best game was ND (where ND had chance to win at end and was able to move the ball)....yet, ND looked utterly inept against a mediocre meatchicken team. UGA also padded stats playing a UK team with a WR playing as 4th string QB in a tropical storm. UGA also got throttled at home by team UF just waxed on the road. UF stats also include a game at LSU (which is entire diff in ranking) minus their top DL.
UGA has more pure talent at RB/QB/OL.UF is much better on D particularly in secondary and DL (if Greenard and Zuniga are goes) and at WR and dare say ST and K as Rodrigo blew the S.C. game. UGA has high school level coaching in Kirby. Mullen has been masterful thus far at UF...particularly with the offense. That is probably biggest decider in game. If Smart keeps making bone-headed calls like in past cpl years and Mullen can get what he got from Trask cs LSU and Auburn, UGA will get a L...if not, game is a toss-up.
Refs cost USC another one. Something needs to be done.
Rewatching the game in slo-mo to get a list of bad calls like they did last week.
"Controlled the game" is an interesting phrase considering that Hilinski had a QBR of under 5 and until last 4 minutes of garbage time USC had put up only 11 first downs. Also considering that nearly 40% of USC yardage came in last 4 min of game against a clock control defense and bench players. Whatever makes you feel better about the L, though.
The first SC TD was a gift too. The flea flicker should have been called back (lineman downfield by good 5 yards).
Cleveland's hold was a result of the facemask grab/hold by #24 that also occurred for about 35 yards on the play. You could first make an argument for holding around the SC 35 yard line (which is where the facemask also starts)...that would be a spot foul with also SC personal foul. UF still gets 1st down around SC 30, likely scores at least a FG on that drive....the false start was also there (although a bit marginal it could have been called), but that kind of call is missed all the time. On the pick play, that should have been called. UF still scores at least a FG on that drive in all liklihood as it was 1st down...the way SC defense was playing at that point, it is likely a UF TD if the penalty had been called, but whatever. If you want to play this game, also, take away the first SC TD as the lineman was 5 yards past the LOS on the flea flicker (and about a quarter of the SC passing yards), have UF punt two fewer times due to PI and holding calls on Pitts that were missed (and probably give UF at least another TD from those drives), and take off the last SC TD as we wouldn't have been in a clock-management defense at the time. UF would still have won that game by 2+ scores.