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I remember wanting the Vols to get him so bad to go along with Warrior (2016) a couple years back. We also lost JaCoby Stevens out of state that year too.
Wait, no Greg Schiano as replacement?
Oh, you mean that one offensive lineman (Josh Sitton) that has made a pro bowl. That is not several.
Lyle certainly ruled it out during the end of Florida games.
I'm curious to see how Dooley performs being back in Neyland Stadium.
You can park in State Street or Market Street garage for free. A long walk, but a beautiful one.
But he's bad and Chryst should be starting, shows what a majority of UT fans know about football. Give him time!
Get outta here with this bogus. We've lost to two undefeated top 10 teams and Florida is 4-1. Give Pruitt his time with JG.
What a piece of garbage, I wish that kid never stepped on a field again. Ridiculous behavior.
Georgia, Mississippi State, and Kentucky all have byes before we play them. It's inevitable someone has to have more than others.
They are all Haslam puppets to begin with. At least she said hell no to the new Currie replacement that the Haslams wanted.
Did someone say next year?! Next year has to be our year :P
"but they’ve played some very good football at times" I don't know what you're seeing there Stoops
Exactly, only one team can win a specific championship a year.
Sadly, there are fans at every institution that take things way too far. Expectations for college football programs are at an all-time high. It doesn't help when you have the same 4-5 teams ruling the college football world as of late.
Disclaimer: The rock being painted this is ridiculous, but I'm still off the Butch wagon. I'm so sick of hearing the "10-15 yard gain to kick a FG" argument. A 15 yard gain would still be a 65 yard FG. So be it, make them beat us with a 65 yard FG. How can a NCAA Division 1 coach not know some basic prevent defense? Rush 3/4, zone the field with 3/4 players 15 yards back, and the rest put WAY DEEP (30-40 yards). Every player was within 16 yards of the LOS at the snap. Charles Woodson and Randy Moss were drilling the defensive play call on live TV. "Returned us to the conversation of being in the SEC East title hunt" - That is the issue. We couldn't beat one of the worst Florida teams in 25 years. He hasn't even won an east title in one of the worst power 5 football divisions in the country over the past 5 years. "Snapped an 11-year losing streak to Florida" - He's 1-3 when he should be at least 3-1. Snapping an 11-year losing streak is like saying you're the tallest midget in the group. HE HAS DONE AN ADMIRABLE JOB OF GETTING THIS PROGRAM OUT OF THE ASHES. However, he is not the "A level" coach needed to contend for SEC championships. He lacks the in-game management and competence to not make critical mistakes year in and year out. I love the guy, but after 2015 Oklahoma, 2015 Florida, 2017 Florida, etc., I've seen all I need to see. He needs to be held accountable for the mistakes including critical missed FGs, terrible red zone possessions, and turnovers because at the end of the day, he coaches these players and teaches them the fundamentals.
It is genius, he sells that you will sit for two years and develop while not destroying your body and saving it for the NFL. Play two years and shows the recruits the board of 1st round draft picks. A good example is Tim Williams... the guy never played all the time and he is still first round talent.
It doesn't feel so great when you don't get the targeting call you expected, right A&M?
Hahahaha exactly what I have been thinking. They were both targeting imo
Imagine fans that bought tickets on the secondary market for the LSU game... furious
If that's the case, how much have I aged this season? Lol
They can't really lose by 1/2 game because UT owns the tiebreaker. Both teams having one loss wouldn't matter cause UT would have 1 extra win and the tiebreak anyways. HOWEVER, what UT fans and I are worried about is if by an act of Satan himself UT lost to A&M and Bama, while Florida wins out and has 1 SEC loss (no likely, but anything is possible after this past weekend lol). 6-1 > 6-2