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Nothing like tuning to NBC during a Notre Shame game (to see if they are losing) and you turn in just in time to see them revel in a victory from yesteryear. Something for the homers to get wood over. "Today we go back to October 6, 1900, to highlight one of Notre Dame's most impressive victories ever, a 68-0 whitewashing of Englewood High School. The Irish were really on their game that day!"
Congrats Ole Miss! Amazing turnaround to win it all, my hats off to you. Plus thank you for keeping the championship in the SEC!
Congrats to your Hogs, they were unstoppable this evening. Good luck against Ole Miss!
Auburn continues to be the thorn in the side of the Pac12, now having beaten and eliminated UCLA, Oregon St and now Stanford from the tournament. Still getting past Ole Miss or Arkansas in the next elimination game and then having to beat the other 2 times in a row will be extremely difficult. Still proud of the team and will pull for an SEC team to win it all.
It was a nail-biter for sure, even when we were up 4-1 I was thinking OSU still has some more coming! Though I hate we have to take on Ole Miss for the first game. They are too hot right now. Hopefully, the few days of rest before we play will take some of the hot out of them, LOL.
Yes the free throw percentage is up, which always seemed to be our achillies heel the past few seasons. Another issue I forgot about with the UF game was how many times a UF player was left wide open for a 3, especially Appleby who murdered us with his play. Plus on some of those, there was no challenge to the shot and I recall Green doing that at least twice, just standing there and not making an effort.
Hate to say it, but Wendell Green shouldn't be the guy bringing up the ball for the final shot. He holds on to the ball too long, like he wants to be the guy making the game winner. He did that at the end of regulation against Arkansas and he let himself get boxed in at the end of the Florida game before his desperation pass with no time left. He also flubbed the end of the 1st Half too on the final possession. Smith has to be the guy there with the ball in his hands. Like said in the movie "The Replacements"....."Winners always want the ball with the game on the line". He's not the reason we lost, way too many turnovers, quite a few of the those passes cross court looked like Bo was in there passing. Especially when playing on a court we haven't won on since the 90's
Credit to the Dawgs for nearly pulling off the upset. For AU, I was glad in the 2nd half that Pearl had pulled Wendal Green off the floor after another bad trip up the floor and gave him that verbal scolding. When he is hot, he is hot. When he is cold, he spends more time holding the ball trying to figure out how he can make the play himself, leading to awful shots or turnovers.
Nicely said. The way he constantly jumps in to write post after post after post condemning Harsin, you'd think he had some personal vendetta against the guy. I've seen every team in the league at one point or another have their fans criticize their coach for something, but never to the extent you'd see meltdown like this.
Well said. I was at Auburn at the beginning of the Dye years and I remember some minor "chatter" about players leaving, though can you imagine if the internet was around back then? We'd have the same headlines and nonsense going on. I'm also curious how many disgruntled so-called fans lost money betting on Auburn games this year and are hitting the chat rooms trying to stir up trouble.
I concur. When I read the comments of the players leaving because they don't like the way their were treated, I see that as they didn't care for his style. Ergo, be at team meetings on time, be at practice on time, play hard and don't just go through the motions. Sure sounds like Gus let players get away with a lot and now they don't like it. Just like at any job when people get away with everything under a soft boss. New boss comes in and now when you take a 30 minute lunch, that means 30 mins not an hour. Quitting time is at 5pm, not 4:30pm. Now the word is the new boss is out of control disciplinarian.
And how many people total have you met that have had a personal interaction with Harsin? One? Two? I seriously doubt many folks who live in Auburn have met and had personal interactions with the coach. If he's insufferable to somebody, its probably some disgruntled fan walking past him in a store telling him he sucks as a coach or some type of negative instigation.
That's the one thing that struck me in the Kentucky game, how efficent we were at the free throw line. That's typically been an achillies heal for us the past few years.
What about his post was wrong? He was absolutely correct, there is still a long time to go before the tournament and I agree Bruce is reminding them every day about that. We have a big trap game against Mizzou tomorrow night, followed by back to back Oklahoma and Bama. Then we have a nice 4 game stretch coming up with Florida, Ole Miss, Tenn and Miss St. All of them will be gunning for us since we are #1. Remember when Purdue was #1 and was playing Rutgers? How many Boilermaker Homers had that chalked up as an easy W before that game was played. I'm happy as hell we finally got the #1 ranking, but that doesn't mean because we have a deep team that we can't lose.
When Gus got fired, the ranking for Auburn's recruiting for 2021 was in the 40's. Harsin had to come in last minute and do what he could to salvage the recruiting class.
I would worry more about just winning and not giving a hoot about whether we are #1 or not at the midway point of the season. Winning at Ole Miss will be tough, but the upcoming 4 game stretch of Kentucky, @Mizzou, Oklahoma and then Bama again is what I am more concerned about. Run that gambit and I'd say we have a legit claim to #1 without a doubt. And I do include the away game at Mizzou as potential trouble because the game before against Kentucky is going to be an all out battle. Then on the road 3 days later against a team that beat Bama? If there is a clunker game to be had, that would be the place.
I think it was more like this: 2018: Chip Lindsey (but really Gus) 2019: Kenny Dillingham (but really Gus) 2020: Chad Morris (but really Gus) 2021: Mike Bobo 2022: ??? When Lindsey came in, he had a great track record as OC at his previous stops. Yet here the playbook was Gus's. Lindsey may have called the plays, but they were Gus's. Morris was the same deal, the same old 5-6 plays over and over again. Amazing how all these different OC come in and they all completely abandon the TE play. Under Bobo, it was refreshing at first to see us doing something different on first down instead of the same old Gus playbook of run into the line or WR screen for no gain. But I agree, he outsmarted himself too often. Can't pull Tank constantly for the bench on the short-yardage situations, wasting him as at least a decoy if you're going to pass. The running game was better with TJ under center than the shotgun, so what does he do on 3rd and 2 and a first down ices the game? Go shotgun on a play that was snuffed all day long. Bye!
I agree 100%, in a rational world it wouldn't be a factor. But somewhere there will be some irrational person behind the scenes leaning into somebody's ear and saying we need him.
Bobo is that guy who outsmarts himself constantly. When Tank is running wild, you give it to him. Even if it is obvious to the 70,000 in the stands and the 11 defenders in the box on 4th and 1 or 4th and Goal on the 1. Even if you are going to go for the pass, you don't take Tank off the field where the focus of the defense is going to be. The sad thing is since his son committed, I don't see Bobo being let go at the end of the season.
The two problems I saw in the 2nd half were 1) that the offense went conservative early, a couple of 3 and outs were (run, run, inc) followed up by the same. That compounded problems as the defense went prevent and died a death of 1000 cuts as Rogers constantly hit those short-medium pass plays. They were giving too much of a cushion to your WRs, constantly rushed 4 and got no pressure on Rogers. By the time Mason adjusted, it was already 29-28 and the monmentum was long gone and defense gassed. Still hats off to State, they didn't panic and played their game in the 2nd half.
Well, we aren't quite out of those woods yet. Alabama, Texas A&M are going to require us to play a full 60 minutes of solid ball to have a chance, Miss St is playing a lot better and doesn't look like the push over they were a few weeks ago. The only game left that should be a win is SC. If we go 1-3 in the next 4, that leaves us at 4-4 in conference and most likely a 4th or 5th place finish.
Good win though it really seemed in the 2nd half each offense was saying to other side "No you go ahead and win." The defense was up to the challenge, but really Kiffin tossed away easy points, Corral with two bad throws (the 4th down behind the receiver and the endzone pic). Every time Ole Miss was stopped in the 2nd half, I kept thinking just one more TD and we can put this game away. I don't understand how the offense could play lights out in the 1st half and look flat in the 2nd. The holding calls on kick returns were killers for excellent field position. Still a good win but if the offense only plays solid for 30 minutes next week at TAM, we are not going to win.
No, they SHOULD be 12-0 regardless....because they are better than anyone left on their regular season. That's why we play the games because some weeks even the best of the best can have things go against them and they lose. A key injury or two for example and then things are suddenly not what they should be. Will Georgia win tomorrow? Most likely based on what we have seen so far, but its not set in stone.
You may say stale, but after years of watching Gus run the same 5 play handbook and using the same packages/personnel over and over again, I'll take stale. Gus's plays were so predictable my young son was calling them out most of the time before the snap. Gus bread-n-butter call on 1st down: RB into the line or quick WR screen throw. Typical result: -2 to 2 yard gain. Gus call on 2nd down: Nix 35 yard pass downfield or RB off tackle. Typical result: 1-2 yard gain or incomplete 90% of time. You could toss in the Mildcat somewhere in there, where the runner that took the snap always kept the ball, so once the defense saw the play, all they had to do was key on that guy. TE's running down field? Ignore them because that was a rare option to throw to them. Then there was that seldom used gadget play. Once the opposing DC saw say #37 enter the game, they knew the exact play going down. #37 would be that guy who only played 1-2 plays a game and he always went for those gadget plays. BOOM! Blown up as usual. So does that mean I think Bobo is the greatest OC since sliced bread? Nope, I see enough to make me scratch my head, but at least I know when Auburn lines up on 1st and 2nd down, I'm not expecting the same script every single time.
Agreed. People forget Harsin was basically hauling in 3 star recruits with some 4 stars here and there while in PAC 12 country and competed decently against them. So I believe he can definitely develop the players. Certainly can't be worse than Gus who found ways to devolve player development, in particular QB. The recruiting we'll see play out over the next two years. Hopefully he focuses on needs and not "athletes", another of Gus's bread and butter moves.
Even Auburn hater Paul Finebaum thinks he is going to be a fine coach, but not to take anything from this year because of the issues Gus left behind for him.
I think Nix will start, but if he gets yanked again that will be it for his time as a starter. Hopefully he now realizes that since Gus is not coach anymore,that his role as starter is not guaranteed for the full 4 years.
What if's mean nothing because even if he did not fumble the ball, that does not mean the game would have played out the same way it did. We lost because Penn St exploited us with their TE's and #5 and our players missed assignments, leaving guys wide open for easy chunks of real estate. That and the fade pass when there you gotta run either play action or just give the ball to Tank and hope he gets a hole to squeeze through.
Correct, even the announcers said he had some daylight to run with, the problem was he tried to run while palming the ball with one hand rather than tucking it and running. Except when he mishandled it and that ultimately killed us. The call itself was not bad. The bad call, the fade, should have been giving it to Tank and letting him go for it.