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Wendell's game needs to be driving to the hoop, getting fouled and racking up the assists. The ill advised 3 point shots are his achilles heal, especially holding the ball to take the final shot of the half/game (ending with the typical clanker). I'm glad Pearl gave him an earful after he pulled that stunt to end the first half.
The day of the Tiger is complete! Princeton, Mizzou and Auburn all win!
"....Wendell Green Jr. missed a last-second 3-point attempt that would have tied the game" IMHO, there is the line that scares me if Iowa has so much as a 1 point lead and Auburn has last possession. Wendell will the hold ball until about 2 seconds left, make the dribble and shoot with 2 defenders in his face. He's not looking for the open guy, he's looking to be the hero. Way more often then not, he misses that shot.
Once again Wendell wanting to get that last shot off to be the hero and once again a clanker and we lose. NIT here we come!
Gus - "Cam, I need somebody to coach the running backs thoroughly on the intricacies and nuances of my extensive playbook. Think you can help?" Cam - "No problem coach, I remember your playbook very well. 1st down & 10 - Run directly into the pile on the line. Net 1-2 yards. 2nd down & 8 - Quick throw to WR for the screen. Net from -3 to 3 yards. 3rd down & 8 - 30 yard pass downfield into double coverage.
Yeah I'm sure the Bama fans who paid and traveled to New Orleans saw it as a meaningless game and didn't care if they lost. I'm sure the graduating Seniors (not going to NFL) didn;'t care if they lost the last game they would ever play in because it was meaningless. I'm sure Saban told his players before the game it was meaningless and wouldn't get upset if they played half-azzed. Now if the writer said ole Gus treated bowl games as meaningless, then I could probably agree with that statement.
".... but this is no different than anything else in America. A few make all the money while the rest barely get by." You mean also like the majority of the countries south of the border? You mean also like the majority of the countries in the Middle East and the communist countries in Asia? Places where "the rest" have zero chance of succeeding? At least here you have a chance to get out of the gutter.
RIP Mike, you were a great coach and your impact on the game will be felt for a long time to come. My prayers for the Leach family and all of his supporters and players at Miss State, as well as all the other places he coached at.
I disagree. Even if Michigan and OSU were 8-4 teams and out of the running, its still Mich-OSU and interest will not suffer. If this year was part of the 12-team field, the Bama/AU game would not have suffered because Bama would be in the playoffs. Regardless, all of these late season rivalry games come down to bragging rights. Army-Navy will always be a huge draw and they will most likely never be anywhere near the playoff. The Egg Bowl will still be intense regardless if either Ole Miss or State is playing for a playoff spot or not.
I think the key to Cadillac getting a 4 year deal would be who they could bring in to be OC and DC. You need some top-level guys to level out Cady's inexperience as a coach.
If Cadillac wins out with a victory at Bama, maybe finishing 7-6 with a bowl victory, it will be hard not to give him a serious look. Even with his inexperience as a coach, bring in some top talent for the OC and DC positions and it could work. Next season is most likely going to be a wash as I think we will need another year to bring the recruits/transfer portal players to fill the holes and depth. So that would give Cadillac a season to get more experience and maybe 2024 might get us back to the upper part of the West.
“Whoever Auburn’s new Head Coach will be should bring in Kendal Briles from Arkansas as his Offensive Coordinator,” Griffin tweeted. “Arkansas just put up 520 yards and 5 TDs on Auburn last week.” Putting up those numbers on a very subpar Auburn Defense is a not something that be bragged out on the ole resume. Do that week in and out against top-20 defenses for a season or three, then you make a case.
Right, especially because nobody knows how hot or cold a team will be playing by the time March rolls around. Auburn was playing good ball for a long stretch, then went into a cold spell right at the end before the tournament. That's why the got clubbed by Miami in the Round of 32, a team they would have beaten earlier in the year when they were playing good.
Right, plus the wins against Saban were 7-8 years ago. Even if Freeze got hired at AU tomorrow, he is still going to need at least 2 full recruiting cycles to shore up the team's many shortcomings. Will Saban even be around in 3 more years for Freeze to recruit and get the talent needed to be Bama?
Sorry, that might be good for some schools, but years of 8-5 and 7-6 with 10-3 sprinkled in the middle is not what is expected at AU. If Gus won bowl games, stopped treating non-conf games against P5 schools (aka: Clemson) as meaningless, and averaged 9-10 wins a season to be in the thick of things, he would still be coach.
At least you know the team won't quit on him. Cadillac has a good rep and is well-liked by the players so they will play hard for him.
Yeah but Curry knew the writing was on the wall. Three straight losses to Auburn and the last one ruining an undefeated season had the fan base pretty angry and it was just a matter of time for him. Then he goes to Kentucky and gets a sweet gig of 7 seasons of mostly sub .500 ball.
LSU 35 Ole Miss 31 Alabama 49 Miss State 31 Texas A&M 24 S. Carolina 21 Tennessee 62 UT-Martin 3 Mizzou 27 Vandy 19 For the Bama/State game, I think State will put up a lot of points in garbage time once the game is out of reach, but won't be a close game.
And as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, here we have Z-Bone jumping in to post the usual anti-Harsin dribble for the umpteenth time when a Harsin article is posted. Your obsession makes me think you either lost a huge sum of money on a game or there is a family/friend connection to somebody who jumped ship.
Yeah he is the 383rd ranked in the country, but that is overall amongst all players, not just OL. Only 3 OL make the top 100 overall and the 9th rated OL comes in at 199 overall. Now if he was the 383rd rated OL, then you would have a fair critque. Currently, according to 247, for 2023 Auburn now has the 22nd and 24th rated OL committed. For a program suffering from poor OL recruiting in the past, most of us are not going to complain.
Heavy read option with Tank and Hunter in the backfield would be the way to go, but we won't. Tank will get his measly 10-12 carries into the line for a couple of yards and maybe 2-3 passes thrown his way. Ashford will be asked to throw 30+ times in hopes he can repeat his 300+ yard game against LSU, but he won't. He'll have to throw 1/2 of his passes out of bounds again because instead of looking for those quick 5-10 yard passes, he'll see his downfield receivers covered as the rush falls on him. We'll take another 8-10 stupid penalties and be forced into many 3 and outs but the defense will play well enough to keep it close for a bit. I see another game that gives us false hope going into the half, maybe down 14-7. Then the defense will be gassed again midway through the 3rd and the Rebel backs run through us like swiss cheese. So I see 35-14 Ole Miss at the end. Of course I hope I'm wrong, but unless the offense completely revamps this week, I don't see us winning.
You have posted exactly everything here, albeit it indirectly. Most of it is based solely on your sniping of Harsin. The rest has been when another poster made a critique of Harsin and you found that a golden opportunity to jump in and respond, "Exactly" as if that was your thinking all along. I never said you said anything about Rhule, but applying your rants on Harsin as a measuring stick for the next coach, Rhule fails miserably in your book. I laugh when you say "Anyone but Freeze". Really? I asked you before if you would hold the next hire to the same standards you were holding Harsin to and you ignored me. So if say, Troy Calhoun from Air Force, wanted to come here and coach you would be cool with that? What about Lance Leipold from Kansas? Based on your past rants about Harsin, no you wouldn't. (Note: Neither would come here, just pointing out zbones hypocrisy). Also, since you claim to have all these inside sources and are in the know, then you should already know who the power brokers want as head coach. I seriously doubt there is no behind-the-scenes plan in motion to get their guy and are just going to wing the hiring process.
According to the "Rules of ZBone", the following must be adhered to for any future hiring. 1. Cannot be a coach above the Mason-Dixon line or west of the Rio Grande. Rhule squeaks by from his time at Western Carolina. 2. Must have SEC coaching experience. Rhule has zero. 3. Must have SEC recruiting experience. Rhule has zero. 4. If given a coaching position, has just 1 1/2 recruiting cycles to have top #15 or better class. Rhule's best at Baylor was #29 in 2018 and then slipped to #40 in 2019. Rhule fails here. 5. Must be competitive against Top 25 teams. Rhule was 0-11 vs Top 25 teams during his tenor at Baylor. Rhule fails here. 6. Will have 1 1/2 years to completely turn program around or needs to be fired to get rid of clown show. Rhule first year at Baylor, 1-11 and then 4-3 through first 7 games. Rhule fails here, regardless of his 3rd year. Zbone cannot tolerate anything longer than 20 games. Win now or be fired. Sorry, but according to the expectations of zbone, Rhule just doesn't have the mustard to be an SEC coach at Auburn. NEXT!
No, you wrote Happy Friday with the Boise State dig because you are so obsessed with Harsin you can't help yourself. Yes all talk is of Harsin getting fired, its what sports writers do, they talk about sports. Every single article that appears you can't help but post about the "clown show" and the same drivel for the 3281th time. The recruiting issue, has been explained to you ad-nausea by many posters, but you don't listen and your story changes with each article that gets written. Also, will you be holding all future Auburn coaches to the same standard? If the don't have a stellar recruiting class in their first full class they need to be fired?
Geez, you are so obsessed with Harsin that you can't go a day without coming here to post him. It's so bad, you make the obsessed women who chase after men in Lifetime movies seem tame by comparison. I can see it now, the day Harsin gets canned, Z-Bone will pour himself a glass of bourbon, go stand in front of a mirror and toast himself while thinking, somehow, he had a hand in finally getting him fired. He'll post on any and every blog he can about good riddance and gloat the clown show is over, (for the umpteenth time). I'll tape the Finebaum show the following day of the firing, no doubt he will be calling in to express his glee. Meanwhile, his booster buddies will find someway to flub the next hiring.
I'm having a vision where the score is 24-21, 12 seconds left on the clock and we have the ball on our opponents 7 yard line. Rather than taking a knee and running out the clock, the coach will call for a running play up the middle to score some extra points. Except I see a fumble on the one yard line, the opposing team scooping it and running it back for a game winning touchdown as time expires. We have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Oh wait, my vision is showing me something else. I see the date of Sept 11, 1999 and Baylor losing to UNLV under the scenario above. What was the name of Baylor's coach who called that play back then? It's Kevin something, but I can't quite make out the last name.
There is an amazing short video on youtube named "UNLV Baylor 1999 Winning Play". The scene is this. Baylor, coached by the legend Kev Steele, has the lead 24-21 with 12 seconds left in the game against UNLV and the ball on the Rebels 7 yard line. UNLV out of time outs. Not content with taking a knee and winning by 3, Kev dials up a running play up the gut looking for 6 more. In Mizzou-style fashion, the runner coughs the ball up just before entering the endzone. A UNLV player scoops up the fumble and returns it 100 yards for the game-ending touchdown. Final UNLV 27 Baylor 24. Ole Kev found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! "We should have milked the clock at the end, instead we went for the extra points. We played with fire and got burned. It was an expensive mistake."
I was at the game and some nice Mizzou fans nearby, we felt bad for them. I said to my wife before the missed chip shot that Harain will be fired before tomorrow. Only divine intervention saved him today.