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I agree. Danielson understands the game and in my opinion provides excellent insight. Most of the complaints I've heard previously have been that he's too critical. As far as being a homer for anyone, I think he appreciates good, sound fundamental football and is partial to those teams that play it. People may dislike his personality or delivery, but it's hard to fault his understanding of the game.
About a month ago, I commented that I would be shocked if Bazelak wasn't the starter by mid-season. He can throw on the run, throw an accurate deep ball and showed pretty good poise for his first meaningful action in a tough situation, playing from behind. The INT was unfortunate, because the Tigers could've pulled within 10 (or 8 with a two-pointer.) Drink shouldn't have gone for two after the first TD, because it would've been 28-13. It was too early.
4 wins will be acceptable for me. Other than 4 probable losses, I think the Tigers have a decent chance in the rest of the games. They should beat Ark and Vandy, and if they win two of Tennessee, Kentucky, SC and Miss State, that's four wins. I think the quarterback situation will be stable by mid-October.
We've got 12 players out for the opener against Alabama. Give the guy a break. Anybody in that position would be sweating bullets about his own situation let alone teams who still aren't playing for another month.
The overall rankings won't look anything like they should until the end of October, after all the teams in question have a least played a couple of games. Who knows how many games each team will play by the end of the season? If the totals are within 1-2 games of each other, the rankings will be legitimate.
Imagine ol' Jimmy Harbaugh if the Big 10 plays and the Michigan schools don't?
I think seeing Notre Dame, which sits within four hours of 8 B1G schools, play on Saturday with 11,000 fans in attendance really embarrassed them. Even if they get eight or nine schools to play 7-8 games it's a huge plus for College Football as a whole. Wisconsin needs to play, though, because there's no one else to challenge the Buckeyes as far as I can tell.
He can play, and he will do a fine job in Starkville. He is a tough, smart experienced quarterback.
This must explain why Disney made Herbstreit their number one analyst and "leading college football expert". It certainly isn't his brilliant analysis or articulation.
Looks like Pollack had to straighten out Herbstreit, again. I have no idea how "Herbie" is considered a leading authority on college football, nor how he became the #1 analyst. His commentary is barely literate. There should be no centralized decision-making as the NCAA has done a splendid job of bungling everything they get involved in. The only thing they got correct was extending an extra year of eligibility to the players based on the uncertainty of this fall.
I'll be watching- I can't even count the number of "SEC Rewind" games I've watched over the past couple of months- better than nothing even with the inane sportswriter comments they intersperse with the games. I just saw Georgia-Florida from 1980- I watched that telecast live!
No way. Something is missing with Guarantano; he played in one of the toughest high school football conferences in the country (I know I live up here) and should have been able to make the transition with much less difficulty and drama. Now is the time to develop our team for beyond this year with a new coach and new optimism.
Up here in NJ we're actually having a HS fall sports season, which considering everything they still won't let us do, is pretty amazing. Football season starts October 2; six regular season games plus the playoffs, which can last a month. Interesting comments on the board here because not one college in our state is playing in the fall.
That is excellent analysis, Wolfman. I've always felt you have to play the best to become the best and I'm glad the football team has a leader who believes just that. I also agree with you about Odom- great guy but when things started falling apart in the middle of last season he had NO ANSWERS whatsoever and we just looked defeated-including two atrocious losses. Things have being looking up since the day Drink took over and I can't wait for the season to get started.
I agree with you GreasedPig, or Wade might go after the school with a "strong-ass" lawsuit!
So far the universities are very consistent in their seating capacity proposals, which is an excellent sign. The message on all fronts with regard to precautions being taken on campus and at games has to be consistent in order for the conference to have a successful season in these trying times.
That's the right attitude. Improvement requires playing the best competition. It'll take time, but he's the right man for the job.
Bazelak may not be the starter at the beginning of the year but I'd be surprised if he isn't the starter before October is over. He's got the skills and the head to do really well.
What a fantastic way to start a career! Congratulations to Casey and I'd say he's in pretty good company with Strasburg.
You captured it Bamalicious. The NCAA generally provides no substantiation for its transfer rulings either way, and because the rulings appear to be completely inconsistent everyone has had enough. Not much different than the manner in which they apply penalties to schools based on infractions- and then bail out on punishing some of the worst offenders.
That's it in a nutshell, SMC, and why is Adam Spencer defending the indefensible? Effectively Warren is saying my son is smart enough to make is own decision, but the 1,500 student-athletes who play in my conference are not.
No argument with those two schools, they have great fan bases as well but not sure I'd go beyond that. There are a number of half-empty stadiums in the Big Ten I was mainly referring to the schools from which there was the biggest outcry upon the "postponement" of the season.
Bielema just said a whole lot of nothing in this piece. I think he wanted the Michigan State job but wasn't given serious consideration, apparently.
Parents, coaches and players from the 5 B1G schools where football is most important (PSU, OSU, Michigan, Iowa and Nebraska) are beside themselves and expressing publicly how betrayed they feel. The approval of this test is precisely why they should have waited as did the three other conferences who still are "IN THE GAME". If this testing method proves effective, they'll be kicking themselves but the League Office will never show the humility to admit it.
FYI it's "renounce" the season, not "denounce." And I'd be shocked if one conference, any of the remaining 3, played alone.
Isn't it the other way around? A B1G fan base adopting an SEC team which is actually playing. Another time-wasting exercise.
Complaining about the schedule prior to the season doesn't accomplish anything. Play every game to win; besides there may be injuries to key players that totally change the complexion of the opponent: a star quarterback or pass-rusher or cover corner. As a Mizzou fan I'm happy we're playing a difficult schedule; you improve the most by playing the best and I believe we have a coach who won't be discouraged by tough losses.
Isn't it interesting that the two schools voting against the shutdown were Nebraska and Iowa. No professional teams so the college game means everything. Full houses for every game during losing seasons in lousy weather. Sound familiar? Spring football for a major conference is not feasible. The first thing I thought of was the Big 12 letting those two schools play with them this fall. Our conference on the other hand is taking the practical approach to the season as opposed to hitting the panic button, which is why we reign supreme.
Why would they come out with a "revamped schedule" on Monday and possibly cancel the season a week later? I can't imagine Jim Delany asking for permission or support from any other conference on any decision he made.
You are right, SMC. The response and even the reporting from "experts" has been so inconsistent it's hard to determine where we really stand. In addition, the pandemic has divided the country along political lines, which has far as I can tell is the first time this has occurred. As you mentioned, lost revenue from college football is a huge problem as it funds entire athletic departments at many schools and at some even contributes to funding academic and research programs.