Eddie Right

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The wife and I (both Tennessee alums) were not upset when he left. We laughed and toasted (we were at restaurant & saw it on TV). We never thought he should have been hired and were embarrassed by all the stupid stuff he pulled. I can understand taking offense; Tennessee is not the type of job you leave for "better" coaching gigs. He got his just desserts.
When I watched him bleed recruits on National Signing Day 2015, I knew the writing was on the wall. He wouldn't stay in Columbia with Clemson out-recruiting him.
Yes, he is doing quite well in his first year as UNC DC, but he needs time to rebuild his rep before he looks for another HC job.
Universities are not supposed to be safe little havens where everyone is insulated in a protected little bubble of the state. Exactly backward. State universities are agents of the state and, as such, have an obligation not to impose religion on the people.
Ugh. This goes to prove that teams do a better job when they design or solicit designs themselves. Thanks, but no thanks.