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Do you really want to play in the SEC Championship Game?
difference between a winner and a whiner... don't worry about Alabama... It's legal whether you agree or not... Hey what does Missouri and Brian Kelly have in common? They both get their butts kicked when they face the Machine that is ALABAMA !!!
does TN really want to go to the championship game and lose to Bama twice?
Good luck to both of you the next two weeks.... Roll Tide
6-2 and two is pretty good for the Vols... i mean you haven't won 6 SEC games in the last 2 years combined...LOL
Tennessee has beat 2 crappy teams and Va Tech out of conference plus Fla (who almost lost to Vandy) and a Ga team that barely survived Mizzou and got blowed out by Ole Miss... and that means the vols are ready for Bama? Ok... we will see
they could put a few at knoxville since It is pretty much vacant... nice last decade against Bama and the Gators
how in the world can the coaches poll have Tenn & Georgia ahead of Tex A&M?
yeah... better hope you win one game out of those (and it won't be BAMA)