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I gotta give the hogs some love..they playing ball.. pretty good defense & franks playing well at qauterback .. they definitely don’t look like a guaranteed win anymore
Is Charlie Strong still at Bama ?
Yep.. all this hurry up offense & pretty much all passing & no defense to be seen.. big 12 southeast..all these scores look like a basketball game instead of football..
I’ve been watching Alabama football for 40 years & this was the worst defensive porfamance I’ve ever seen from an Alabama defense!!!
I don’t think bama has any worries offensively .. Mac looked great along with everybody around him..I think the more balanced offense we seen will be much better than any of the pass happy offenses with Tua(bama ran the ball from inside the 5 yard line & scored like they used to do instead of passing at the 2yrd line) & the defense looked better.. Saban said the team lost intensity in the second half the defense has something to prove they should be intense for 4 qtrs.. overall very happy with what I seen.. ROLL TIDE !!
Probably a better Georgia offense with the guy they expected to be there starting QB playing. Everybody better bring some D with them when playing Miss St..
I think maybe a lot of knee jerk reactions to the first games of the year. Some teams that didn’t play well will likely get better & I said when Mike Leach was hired at Mississippi St everybody better fasten there seatbelts cause they gonna be fun..LSU just to much to replace for this early in the season. Alabama & Florida do look like the 2 best teams opening week
I don’t know how Mac Jones could have played any better 24 for 24 passing maybe ?..no controversy in my opinion.. Mac is the QB
Hey gohogs.. I’m not trying to generalize about Arkansas fans or their program.. I’m just saying the Arkansas football team somewhat sucks !!
I think Jimbo was a great hire.. I say at least give him time to turn the roster over to were the whole team is his recruits.. I think every coach should get that opportunity before they are judged completely & there really are is no excuse for Texas a&m or the Longhorns not being national powers year end & year out.. both teams sitting right in the middle of unbelievable recruiting ground.. so I think year 4 will truly tell how good of a coach Jimbo is
Really disappointing news.. I heard Bama was cancelling the football season due to Scott Cochran departure.. & Bama fans stop listening to a total dumba$$ like crotch Irvin Myers.. he doesn’t even know how to spell for god sakes
Hmm.. yeah I think the guy that just hired Scott Cochran might have been a little bit bigger deal leaving Bama .. hmm not sure
Who knows the whole story.. maybe Cochran chose not to.. anyways.. good luck at Georgia & thank you for 13yrs of dedication
Hmm hazen .. Mercer is in the state of Georgia I do believe.. who’s your team ?
Hmm & who is your team hazen ? Georgia may very well lose Auburn..& pretty sure they will lose to LSU in Atlanta..not sure where Bama belongs in all this.. Bama has become like pretty much the rest of the sec which is like the big 12 which is pretty much all pass on offense which for some reason makes a team soft.. line the dang ball up & play grown man football & run it.. Bama has lost its edge since the office changed
Give Auburn some credit.. I think all those teams are a step up from Alabama A&M.
Terrible tragedy... my thoughts & prayers with the brambles family & auburn
Guess it’s a good a 4 string per wee quarterback could have beaten auburn this past year then.. whew!!!
Whoa nelly !!!...yeah.. I think football is a little more important around here than basketball.. would I like to see the tide do well in basketball ?.. sure.. but it’s nowhere near as important as football
My bad BamaTime.. I’ve thought all this time Bowden was being full of himself thinking that he thought he shouldn’t have to interview for the job that bama should have just made him headcoach
I seen an interview with Bobby Bowden were he said himself he turned down the bama job because they wanted him to interview for the job instead of just giving it to him.. as for Dabo ever going to bama, like most bama fans I would love to see it.. just gotta hope it being home is enough to get him there.. only reason I’d see for him coming
I feel the urge to T bag u.. hahaha
If I was a Tennessee fan I concentrate on worrying bout my team at least getting good enough to become bowl eligible & stop worrying bout bama or Georgia or any other team for that fact.. just saying
hmm..yeah I think he would still be the fastest player on the Tennessee team.. they all looked pretty slow when I went to Knoxville & watched them play bama
I agree.. had LSU been at full strength this game probably would have been a blowout..
I make 2k a month getting my a** up at 5am every morning & going & working for it.. but thanks anyways!!