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Yep.. ESPN got several that’s way overpaid.. & Rece & the other guys hate to Kenny Mayne go.. wonder why they ain’t willing rework their contracts?..hmm
All things football aside.. a young person passing away is always terrible.. a young person committing suicide is beyond tragic
I could never beat my older brother in cards.. but that never stop me from talking sh*t & telling him I was going to before every time we played..
My question is why is the fact that Danny Kannell being his usual dumba$$ self even news worthy.. his a dumba$$ & pretty much every time he opens his mouth he proves it
So hilarious.. when it comes to Deion it’s all & only about prime time baby !!
Pay no mind to crotch(sniffer)Irvin Meyers.. he’s sniffed so many it’s affected his thinking
Oh no no no.. built by I don’t want to say the rest is a liberal p**sy
Kentucky is Kentucky & at anytime they could start playing like Kentucky.
Well talking to fellow Bama fans I don’t know of any that think Smart would leave Georgia for Bama or none that really believes Dabo would leave Clemson for the tide.. but kiffin leaving ole miss is a whole other story.. I say Tennessee,Auburn both have new coaches before Saban retires & possibly LSU coach O’ is just 1 or 2 9 wins or less seasons away from getting the axe..
Thank you for explanation crotch(sniffer) Irvin Meyers
George Pickens looks the part of being the type receiver that could dominate
People are getting to sensitive ?.. hahaha.. this world has went way beyond ridiculous with all this crap.. a world full of total complete p***y’s !!!
The egg bowl is a great rivalry.. still my all time favorite touchdown celebration..the dog urinating hahaha..
I bet one stipulation for a school getting to sign him is that Lebron gets to hire & fire the coaches for the school he signs for..
I think fantasyfootballgod was the LSU fan that was teabagged by the bama fan in the bar that time.
Yeah I bet it scares bama to death to play a team they beat 55-17
It’s always entertaining when an obvious dumba$$ like volbeef starts calling other people idiots
Well I’ve heard a lot of good things about Paul Tyson but I think we all know Young will likely transfer if he not the starter.. I believe Brian Robinson should win the starting job at tailback he’s showed a lot of flashes in limited action behind Najee.. it’s great to have all these guys back on defense but I don’t think a defense can any longer dominate in the game today.. all said bama may not win the natty next year but I at least guarantee a respectable season of no less than 9-10 wins..
Tennessee doing an internal investigation & getting themselves likely put on some type of probation was a crazy move to just avoid paying Pruitt & Fulmers buyouts... reminds me of that saying “cutting your nose off to spit your face”.. they might have been better off just riding out Pruitt & Fulmers contract instead.. Probation is only gonna set the program back further.. they better throw some really big $$ at Fickel, Campbell or Napier.. & no way in hell I’d welcome kiffin back if I was Tennessee
Ah bs.. Tennessee could be elite again someday ..I’d put them in the top 10 of college football programs of all time..what ever happened to giving a coach 5 years to build his program?.. this was Pruitts first head coaching job.. not sure he ever got the chance to learn from the mistakes he made & improve as coach from them.. Tennessee fired Butch Jones who had a overall winning record .. had they been patient & kept jones no telling how much stability would have helped build the program back up.. & yes right now it’s Saban,Dabo & Meyer as the elite coaches but one day it will be another group of coaches that’s elite & I got news for all y’all people living in a southern state like myself.. theirs f**king hillbilly’s in every state..
If I was Pruitt I’d be relieved.. I say so long & good riddance & they would be no worry about the door hitting me in the ass on they way out
Now days head coaches in the NFL are pretty much figure heads anyways... the players run the teams & in a lot of cases tell the coach what to do instead of the other way around.. I mean the players actually yell at the coaches & jump there ass’s.. hahaha
2019 LSU was the best team in 2019.. they went undefeated playing a good schedule.. but nobody knows between LSU 2019 & bama 2020 who would have won..both teams were good enough to possibly beat the other... if you don’t realize that you’re a dumbass.. all I’m saying
This is absolutely a racial slur & I am offended.. it’s fine for another redneck to call me a redneck but it’s not a term that if you’re not a redneck you should be using..
Well judging by this season.. bill is the best nfl coach as long as Tom is his quarterback.. saban is the greatest college coach of time..
I really didn’t notice anything drastic.. like everybody said..it was cold.. & Pam is definitely a hottie
Sure the 2019 LSU team had a tougher road.. they had to play 11 sec games!...ah no wait that was bama 2020 (dumbass’s)... & why is an Arkansas fan commenting on championship teams ?.. hmm