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Well pretty sure I’ve heard fans of almost every Sec team complain about coordinators this year.. when it comes down to it most of us really don’t know enough to know whether it’s coordinators need fired or what..you got fans complaining about head coaches that are in their first or second season & about coaches 2 yrs removed from a national championship..
I think the only reason we seen Bama play at the level they played against Georgia is for the first time all season they were the underdog.. they felt like they were actually playing for respect.. now they back at #1.. not sure that’s good for bama..
I think bama will do a lot of quick screens & maybe even some designed QB runs.. wouldn’t have been a bad idea I don’t think to give Jalen Milroe some plays
Well I’ve been a Bama fan all my life & I never like admitting it & some bama fans never do.. but Georgia all in all looks like the better team.. Georgia hasn’t really played any close games & bama has played some close games that shouldn’t have been close.. Georgia’s defense looks dominant Alabama’s offense has struggled against defense’s not as good..Georgia offense better than average & Bama’s defense depends on which one shows up.. I think Alabama’s best chance comes from maybe the whole team being able to turn it up a notch from being the under dog & everybody doubting the tide.. something that doesn’t happen a lot.. a lot of these games comes down to who wants it more.. we know Georgia is hungry.. maybe Bama will play this game like they are hungry to..
Judging by each teams season Georgia definitely seems to have the edge this one.. I think it’s pretty simple..the offensive lines will decide most of this game.. can bama run any ?..can bama protect Bryce ?.. can Georgia run the football & then play action pass off it ?..& there is almost a costly turnover by one of the teams in these type games..I keep hoping that maybe we haven’t seen this Bama teams best game yet.. they probably gonna have to have it Saturday..
Georgia should win this game.. they are deservingly #1 & if Georgia looses they should still get in.. if Bama looses they shouldn’t get in with 2 losses & playing close games with bad teams (LSU & Auburn) ..we can’t realistically expect Bama to win a championship ever year.. history shows the tide will be back though.. ROLL TIDE!!!
Oh no doubt Georgia is gonna have a chip on their shoulders.. I simply think part of Bama’s problem is they don’t
That’s like these rock bands that were big in the 80’s playing the county fair now days..
He’s pretty well guaranteed playing time if he get to Tuscaloosa before Saturday evening
Yep..it’s gonna be interesting to see how a Bama team plays against team they have no chance against.. be nice to see a chip on Bama’s shoulders Saturday..
I’m a true loyal Bama fan.. but for us Bama fans that can actually accept reality I just hope next week doesn’t get to ugly.. & I don’t really think it matters if Bama makes the playoffs.. time to go ahead & look to next year..ROLL TIDE!!
Apparently this guy has never spent much time in the state of Alabama..
Well gee whiz fellows.. coach is right as always.. this thanksgiving I’m thankful for the sec west title & if that’s all Bama wins I will be thankful for that accomplishment & thankful that I wasn’t born a weirdo Auburn person..
I hate to say it but after watching this Bama defense for 2yrs I don’t think it’s a talent issue…it doesn’t look like a lot of times they simply don’t know what they are supposed to do.. to many times you got 2 players covering 1 guy & leaving an opposing player wide open that 1 of the 2 guys are supposed to be covering.. I don’t know if it coaches not knowing how to teach the players or players not being able to learn what to do..
& Georgia is deservingly ranked #1 & deservingly favored over bama..
Yep.. the ole’ wining about the officiating .. razorgrunt just be glad that your team lost a close game to Bama like these other teams fans are when it happens.. Pittman is a good coach & has a good chance of getting Arkansas a seat at the big boys table with Georgia & bama.. till then.. be happy losing close
Well that’s interesting coming from a player on a team that’s won at least 3 or 4 games if not more over the last few years strictly from officiating calls obviously called incorrectly in his team favor.. guess he’s salty that a first year starter at QB plays the position way better than himself after he’s been attempting to play the position for 3 seasons..
Yeah bama doesn’t look dominant .. but like I’ve said “you can’t expect any team to win a championship every year”.. I think undoubtedly Georgia looks like the best team in the country.. but bama is a talented enough team to beat anybody on a given day..
Ah yeah.. my favorite press conference’s to watch are definitely Mike Leach’s.. he’s not afraid to tell the whole truth & is hilarious while doing it
Well I would love a blowout win by bama Saturday but not expecting it.. I think Pittman is a very good coach that has Arkansas definitely headed in a good direction & I think KJ Jefferson is a very dangerous play maker.. bama needs to have their heads on straight Saturday or it could Texas a&m all over again..
Well I heard O’Brien is glad to be back in the college game..& LSU choices may be limited..coaches that are already having success where they are currently coaching may not be to eager to jump into situation with higher expectations.. got a feeling bama’s gonna face the same issues when Sagan’s time ends.
Well give me good ole’ Oxford Mississippi any day over the cesspool that is Miami.. just my opinion though
Well I figure in this snowflake filled world we live in that their comments likely hurt the officials feelings & offended them.. so… yeah
Sark just needs to come back to bama & be offensive coordinator.. We all know Texas isn’t going to give him enough time to improve the team
Utterly shocking that a Deion Sanders coached team would be so undisciplined..hahaha…hahaha
The only reason I clicked on this article is because it’s always entertaining to see what an idiot has to say.
Play great defense.. run the ball effectively & have a smart quaterback that doesn’t get you beat & capable of making a few plays himself..I’ve seen this same movie multiple times at bama.. Georgia can definitely win a NC with Bennett
From the old eye test I don’t think this bama team is quiet championship caliber just yet.. may not get to that point this season.. but Georgia better take advantage while they possibly have an upper hand cause rarely do you say a Saban coached team isn’t championship caliber 2yrs in a row.. so the ball is in your court dawgs..this year
If you can’t win at Florida & LSU you simply suck as a coach.. got the brand,got the facilities, everything a coach needs to be successful at a coaches fingertips… no excuses!!!