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I bet he wishes he would have never left Miss st..averaged 7-8 wins a season & seemed to have good job security there doing so..
If I had a vote mine would go to Stetson..the guy is very likely about to lead his team to back to back titles & his play on the field has been excellent when I’ve watched Georgia play..
I figure Georgia gonna b*tch slap Ohio st & whoever they play anyways..
I’m as full of Bama as Harvey Updyke but I’m not blind..Bama could very well be one of the top 4 teams in the country talent wise but their play on the field hasn’t reflected that..Miss st is the only decent team that beat convincingly ..Bama simply doesn’t deserve it this year..1.Georgia 2.Michigan 3.TCU 4.Ohio st…these teams all play in power 5 conferences & finished with best records..only seems fair they get in over any multiple loss team
Yeah..so many things come to mind I could say but I’m gonna save those for later..serious question..how many wins is expected out of Hugh Freeze in year 1 to keep Auburn boosters from trying to dig up dirt on him to get rid of him at the end of the year?..I mean harsin got a year & a half to turn a program around..does freeze get longer ?
Just say 10 Hail Marys & everything is forgiven..
Alabama doesn’t deserve a playoff spot nor does a 2 loss LSU team even if they win the sec championship over any one loss teams from Another power 5 conference..I mean the sec is filled with mediocre teams mostly with the exception of Georgia..you have maybe 2 teams sandwiched between Georgia & the rest of the mediocrity of the league & that’s Bama & LSU..if we are honest the SEC just really wasn’t that strong this year..half the league struggled with QB play & overall offense..Bama hasn’t been a championship caliber team since 2020..
But you understand having chairs at a game..I’ve never understood having mustard bottles & golf balls with you at the game..hmm
Georgia swallows..& it look like the vols had some anxiety in that azz whooping the gamecocks gave them.
This is my second favorite rivalry game behind the iron bowl..the egg bowl is on my must watch list every year..I love the passion& intensity of this game..
I think win or lose the iron bowl Cadillacs chances of getting the job depends on whether kiffin takes the job or not..
Bama is 2 plays from 9-0 & 2 plays away from 5-4…that’s simply reality..like it or not.
I agree with something is off & it’s not talent..even in the games Bama won things haven’t looked right..the culture or something is different.
I think Auburn should hire Patrick Nix as head coach..heck he’s probably only making around $60,000 a year so you could probably get him cheap & save some cash when it’s time to buy out is contract In 1-3 years…paying multiple former coaches millions of dollars has got to be getting expensive
I doubt seriously a 2 loss Sec team would or should get in over an unbeaten TCU or Clemson team..they both play in power 5 conferences & going undefeated should trump a 2 loss Sec team even..les be honest..other than Tennessee & Georgia the SEC doesn’t look that strong either..half the teams in the league have incapable quarterbacks ..
Yep Hugh Freeze got the right recruiting strategy alright..I now when I was 18-22 years old & a coach told me the scholarship came with escorts I’d would definitely sign.
I agree that kiffin really hasn’t done anything anywhere he’s been.. but the problem may be he hasn’t stayed at one place long enough to really gage his full coaching abilities.
Hmm I heard once you could hire someone to hand out McDonald’s bags of cash to players to keep from having to buy a coach out..
Man I couldn’t imagine having to do those post games press conference after each loss knowing how much I was getting paid if I was Jimbo Fisher..& all he can say is “we got to get better” Jimbo needs to man up & just resign..then again he has accomplished what is apparently the second biggest feat to winning a national championship & that’s beating Alabama..but next year could be better when those young 5 stars are more experienced..who knows..seems we are always saying wait till next year when it comes to Jimbo..
The Person that burton done this to may not identify as a female..so y’all may be offending this person by saying they are a girl
Well I seen a lot of Bama”s safeties covering WR’s..that usually means you were out schemed..
You can actually feel it as fan..after so much winning & success no game really feels like it’s a big game anymore no matter who the opponent is..
Well at least the sugar bowl is good bowl :(
Well,well,well those vols done went & done it..my wife is a Tennessee fan & I have a lot of family in that state..it’s gonna s#ck not being able to give them the sh*t for the first time in a long time..
We hope the bama offense that started the Arkansas game with Young shows up Saturday..
Well all I’m gonna say is that I respect this Tennessee team..whoever executes the best will win this game..
No way Double D..winning Bama fan=yawn chalk up another win..losing Bama fan=O’Brien & Golden needs to be fired..but never the goat
The facts are that both teams are going to play the best teams they have each played this year coming Saturday ..Tennessee certainly has an excellent chance is this one..I’d dare say a bit of an advantage when you consider they are the team fighting for the most respect..a team looking for respect is always more dangerous..but it is nice to have some excitement surrounding this great traditional rivalry again..finally