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Bwahaha!! What a brainless twit!.. Cry us a river you stupid jerk. WTF are you to say who is classless while calling someone Bucky and pricks. You're a pathetic loser. You should take up knitting and leave football to the men....puss
Well douche, if anyone is an expert on what a circus looks like, it damn sure is a vols fan...
train puller, you really are a gianormous douchenozzle aren't you?
Oh you got us there Bubba. And of course, you have proof that you're hanging on to just for the NCAA, right? You ARE PATHETIC! Have a great orange day!!
Classy. Take "TIDE" out of your name.
Hang on to it Bubba Billy Bob!! BTW, if there's a second left then there's a second left. What makes you think every other coach in football wouldn't try to get the second back. The distance of the field goal attempt is irrelevant UNLESS you don't cover a short kick. But you hang on tight to that memory BBB.
Get ready for that annual ass whuppin'. We''l hang on to our "whiner". PS, you're pathetic!
Perhaps SABAN will let the team vote on it?? Wait a minute, he actually has the ballz to make his own decisions and not hide behind the "team."
Oh...clever. I bet you aren't smart enough to count their money. Moron.
Another POS stooge. Some of you morons are PATHETIC!!!
au-stooge-911, go crawl back under your grammatically correct rock, tool.
I would like to buy another comma please Alex! You're pathetic.
Just the whiners, crybabies and butthurt masses in orange and poo think it's strange.
I'm just thankful it wasn't a brawl in a night clubs parking lot involving multiple players or one of the players beating a woman.
Of course you have "proof" cowpie. You did what anyone else with all the facts and came straight to SDS!!! LOLOLOL!!! You couldn't be any dumber!!!!!
You must be the dumbest hayseed in the state. With all the rival universities and all their compiled resources, lawyers, money and etc... you don't think if there was something there that they wouldn't find it???? With todays sue 1st and ask questions later, you think the SEC, Espn and all the refs in all the country are in Saban/BAMA'S pocket. WOW YOU'RE DUMB!!!!
I saw the little piglets play that year as well, in Tuscaloosa! It was a fantastic game. I saw Darren flex his bad muscles several times.....41-38 RTR!!
He can continue to be the "best recruiter in the nation." True results are measured at the end of the season, not in recruiting or by a single win or loss. 1 shared west title in 03 and no sec titles since 63??? He needs to make the next step. Texas will outbid for him next year....
Good old "pick and choose U." Spin that that data boy!!