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I think it’s right. Dabo has been very successful over a ten year period. Smart inherited a good team and has underachieved except for last year. Most teams would die for Clemson horrible season they had last year.
People forget that we played to win late i games last year which ended up costing us to make close games look like blowouts. We weren’t punting on 4th down even if close to other teams goal line
I have a feeling Dallas will get a few SEC championship games in the future.
If we played Kentuckys easy ass schedule we would be playing in a much better bowl.
Unlimited resources. Alabama literally has no amount they won’t spend l. No other school can offer that.
If Alabama lost a game with that kind of officiating you all would murder the refs. You all wouldn’t know cause the refs always help you all
He is at a very difficult point in a coaching career, stay at Penn St and they likely fire him in the next few years, unless he wins a championship. Penn st, like so many other programs, believes they should be winning championships. Jimbo left FSU at a similar time Franklin is in now. Conzo Martin left Tennessee for same reason.
So every high school in the country try he could go to, he chooses one a few miles from UT and your dumb enough to think they don’t have a chance. I would he is Tennessee’s to lose
The equity part is what I dislike. Why do people get special privileges. That defeats everything people have fought for for 100 years
Most teams use multiple backs and RBs from smaller schools do just as good as powerhouse school backs in recent years.
Seriously. Kentucky just had there best season in recent history and you complain about your OC.