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Howdy, Since NiL is ruining our beloved game, why not compel the No Fun League to develop their own talent for a change with a minor league system-just like MLB? Specifically, end NiL and force the No Fun League to draft players as young as age 18, again, just like MLB. This allows talented young men to start earning $ as professionals at age 18, as it should be, while restoring amateurism and dignity to the college game we love.
At the risk of being a wet blanket, Sanders lacks Head coaching experience at a major D-1 program. Would Auburn risk hiring Sanders?
Why not let 18 yr. old Football stars turn pro, as with Baseball? This would go a long way toward saving College Football. As for NiL and this unrestricted transfer portal mayhem, put and end to it and let 18 yr. olds turn pro.
Coach Bay-bay has LSU moving in the wrong direction. His buy-out will be expensive, but probably worth it. What good are top 5 recruiting classes when you aren't winning?