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Rebel fan here, You’d be a fool not to hire Freeze. Also, if you look at the violations his program committed, most level 1 was done by the previous staff (Nutt) and Freeze was proven to have zero knowledge of the alleged payment to Miss St LB Leo Lewis. As a matter of fact, what UT did recently was worse and the violations done by OM under Freeze would be completely legal in this day and age. Plus you guys have Bruce Pearl as your basketball coach. Don’t tell me your that much of a walking contradiction. Freeze would turn AU around immediately and beat Saban too
Ole Miss got hammered for the exact same thing and was ratted out by their rival, Miss St. Though the Intel was extremely biased, the NCAA believed Mullen and Leo Lewis and that was only 10k and 15 level 1 violations. TN got 18 and through 6x more money than Ole Miss in 2015. If UT doesn’t get the same consequences as Ole Miss then the NCAA will show for the billionth time that the bigger schools get favorable treatment compared to smaller schools like Ole Miss.
*edited* "Dude, we don't care about your trajectory, the school colors, and buildings. It's who can get this kid the biggest NIL deal ever!" This was the implicit message. If Ole Miss forked over a ridiculous NIL deal greater than what USC gave Caleb, then location really wouldn't matter to the father in that sense. Dad is obviously getting a great cut from Caleb. You think Oklahoma is much better than Mississippi? Really?
What a joke! TN at #24, Arkansas and Kentucky in the top 20, but Ole Miss, beating all THREE of these teams in the past two years, get snubbed yet again? The #1 transfer class of 2022 is at Ole Miss. True, Carrol is gone, but look at who is coming in! Ole Miss’ roster, top to bottom, is more talented than Arky, Kentucky, and TN. Just ridiculous! The ppl creating this either are UT fans who just hate Kiffin (obviously) or they might have some mental defect thinking UT is the #24 team in the country. Ole Miss is a much better unit and they’re better coached! Just Ridiculous! Ole Miss should at least be a top 20 team.
I agree! When it comes to town allegiance to their high school team, no state does it better than Texas. I'm from TN, but I have extended family from Houston Northshore, and that team looks like a college program and would beat the pants off of any high school program in TN. I think FL, GA, TX, CA have the top high school circuits. The main point is if State school coaches are able to develop these players and from the looks of it the MS schools have done better in player development than both A&M and Texas have done (at least this year) since both MS schools beat A&M pretty soundly this year.
That’s rich coming from a Bama fan. You guys literally murder fellow or rival fans when y’all lose a game and crow all the time about your #1 recruiting classes, but if a rival school like Ole Miss were to have in-roads with a 5* player like Arch, you’re all like “he still has a year of high school…y’all talk about him all the time” attitude. Wonder if you’d say the same thing if Arch said “Roll Tide” in that video.
I like Carrol putting his team in check. He's right! We play like we did against Vandy and State will win by at least 2 scores. If we play like we did against A&M, then we should win in Starkville. Let's hope we are ready to lead early, maintain that lead, and finish strong. Our defense needs to be stingy and nasty on Thursday. We stop Rogers and the Egg stays with us! Hotty Toddy!!!
It's a state of MS rule. Now, MS can re-extend a contract though, so there are some grey areas with the 4 year contract max being extended for longer. Right now, LSU would have to buy-out a 15 of a 20 million dollar contract since Kiffin gets paid 5 million plus incentives at Ole Miss and then they'll have to add another 8-9 million a year just to nab Kiffin, since, ya know, Ole Miss athletic director Keith Carter is already securing Kiffin a 30-35 million dollar contract extension, with the FBI looming over the LSU program. I just don't think LSU OR Kiffin is interested in either the LSU or FL jobs. I may eat crow, but he loves Ole Miss and loves his boss, Keith Carter. They're both about the same age, and, if you've ever been to Oxford, you'd know it's one of the best college towns in all of college football. Obviously you can win big at Ole Miss. Look at what they've done since the Playoff era. Soon to be 3 New Years Six in just 7 years.
Like I said in another thread, If Kiffin bolts for Miami, then Ole Miss should make Miami their non-conference Power 5 opponent, hire Jeff Lebby as head coach and pay Lebby more than what we paid Kiffin, as we beat the brakes off some Canes no matter if it's in Oxford or Coral Gaybles. Go Rebs Go!
If Kiffin leaves, I would schedule a home for home with Miami, hire Jeffy Lebby, pay Lebby more than what we paid Kiffin, then beat the pants off the U That would be sweet justice Hotty Toddy!