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Perfectly stated! Hopefully the NBA will change their draft rules and the "one and done" talent level player will go straight to the NBA.
That was a bad look for Gran. Perhaps it was a power play for a better payment package
Florida and Alabama have cancelled or delayed games due to COVID Kentucky showed up every week to play
I hope they fire Pruitt......if they fire him it will set the program back 6 years so KY can humiliate that awful fan base again next season
For years Kentucky football has been average or below average. Today we are a solid team. Fans are solidly behind what Coach has done.
COVID is nothing folks 85% of the positive "cases" are asymptomatic. Do not live your life in fear.
Ever since Coach Hood left special teams have been in the toilet
I was at the game today. I hate to be negative but the 10 % stadium capacity and mask wearing was depressing. COVID social distancing is ridiculous. Georgia is a very athletic team especially on Defense.
The old and sick should stay home. If they want to live their life in fear.
Hmmmm.....in 2007 Tennessee won the SEC East, lost the SEC Title game to LSU who won the National Title. One year later (2008) Fulmer was fired.
Tennessee Fans are the most entitled fans in the SEC. The program has been a mess since Fulmer was fired. And now they bring Fulmer back as AD. You can't make this stuff up.
Bigger than any other game on the schedule!
Has anything been announced about Pascal’s injury.