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That game was awful The refs miss a face mask call and tap on a 15 yard penalty on the last drive of the game
I don't understand Tennessee hype. They run a gimmick offense that SEC teams will contain. The defense was awful hasty year so they have nowhere to go but up
I worry about Tennessee, they will be working on their QB face masks and chop blocking all summer so they can cheat another win vs the Cats
Mumme inherited a decent roster from Bill Curry and cheated and the program almost got the death penalty Frankly he has a lot of nerve showing his drunk stupid tail in Lexington
Heard his grades were so awful he couldn't transfer
Since you know so much about it tell us the name of the lawyer that dropped the ball
I wish we would circle Tennessee We handed that game to them last year
Kentucky Basketball fans are excited about the new competition!
He is going to a much better team, good for Lonnie
Love it but Kentucky is still miles behind the elite SEC football programs.
If we are that thin at OT I would not be surprised if Goodwin plays significant minutes as a freshman next year.
Looks like a player development project, but is 6-4 and has 3 years of eligibility left.
ND can't does not "pass" football players by enrolling them in sports education programs so they are at a clear disadvantage
Arch certainly has big shoes to fill. I hope he follows the family tree to Ole Miss
MJ has been phenomenally successful. He brings a lot to KY sports media. I don’t care for his constant leftist political talk or his agenda. But there is no doubt about his loyalty to Kentucky Sports
Kentucky Football has never been in better shape I believe we will take a step back on Defense and a step up offensively Can't wait for next season
Calipari's contract extension, hiring Joker Phillips, hiring Billy Gillespie are all on the AD Barnhart. Matt Jones is a 40 something unmarried childless Libberal. Travis blows him away
Cal needs to sell his showboat style to prize recruits and then turn the bench coaching over to Orlando during games
Kentucky does not get respect because of our downright awful history in the SEC. Levis got better throughout the season last year and he could help Kentucky find a way to beat Georgia in Lexington next year. GBB