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Kiffin did the same thing to Corrall a few years ago....
By calling option plays late in the game when it was game over
Heupel caused Hooker to have a career ending knee injury. He belongs at the bottom of the pile
I always worry about the early verbals….they flip all the time especially when dirt all teams show up with bags of $$
Great more degenerate gamblers on the way to KY
Levis didn't do himself any favors when he 'opted out' of Kentucky's Bowl game last year.
Levis is raw talent....a great NFL OC will be able to get something out of him
Another brand new roster with Freshman and losing all the experienced players to the transfer portal? Shocker...... Wonder if we could tell Coach doing the same thing over and over and expect different results is crazy
I will reserve judgement on Kentucky after the Georgia and LSU upcoming series
I would love to see Tennessee in the Final 4. But truthfully the dumb Volfans don't understand or appreciate skill games like basketball
Fans expect Cal's teams to perform at a high level and not lose in the first or second round. The fans want Billy Donovan.
Pitino is a scumbag but without a doubt St. John's got a great coach
Great win Arkansas! Never got rattled when they were down big in the first half.
It is more the culture of Vanderbilt that is so disturbing. The University openly brags about their transgender surgery department along with their diversity and inclusion track record.
Cal has lost it! I hope he does the right thing and steps down
KY has fallen Pathetic to lose on Senior Day