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I am sure the cheaters will be practicing Facemasking and flopping over the next few weea
SEC Dingbat I said I was a KY student during the Mumme years. You are a bit weird and creepy
Facemask MVP goes to Baron for helping his team cheat to win over Kentucky.
If you wrote this post 5 years ago I would agree. But the AD and UK President have made huge investments into the program and Stoops is winning.
I wonder him much $ they put in his McDonalds bag?
Fuzz Fulmer is the best Coach you ever had (except for Neyland) and Fulmer averaged 9 wins per season. Since Fulmer was fired y'all averaged barely over 6 wins per season. Perhaps you should do your homework before you call people Morons.
The ceiling at Tennessee is 7-8 wins You can't blame him for looking elsewhere
UT fans are constantly told they are an elite football program due to their glorious past wins. It must be frustrating to go 7-5 and be jumping up and down for beating Vanderbilt and going to a third tier bowl. Year after year they keep being told Tennessee is on the way up!!! I almost feel sorry for the fans
The Mustard Vols caught KY when the injury bug hit the Defense hard and the refs blew a bunch of calls That was lucky
The Tennessee loss really hurt KY's defense was awful
It really doesn't matter UT will play in a mediocre bowl because they are a mediocre team
Kentucky absolutely can win a SEC championship You are ignorant
Stoops has done an amazing job The fans need to show him how much he is appreciated rather than complaining after a tough loss
Kentucky fans hat Louisville, that is why it matters more than any game on the schedule!
The Tennessee loss hurt. Kentucky was robbed. Time to beat Louisville and move on
Before Soops arrived I may have agreed. Kentucky has been to bowl games every year and will finish second in the SEC East in spite of many injuries to key players. Kentucky is serious about winning football
Tennessee might have won if they threw garbage on the field and pulled a few face masks
Grab face masks, hold on every play and hope the refs do not call it