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I thought we were done in the 9th down 3-4. Unbelievable comeback!!
Huge for Kentucky to get the monkey off their backs and make it to the CWS
It really doesn't matter Volfuzz until Ky beats Tennessee the fans will be meh
I was at the game Sunday. It was a packed crowd. Tennessee is a very good team and the UT fans really showed up.
You will not find a more exciting and colorful person than Coach Calipari. He had a great run at Kentucky. He is also a very devout Catholic who has a big heart for the community and does a lot of great work off the court.
Coach will do great at Arkansas and I wish him well. Cal needed to get out of a bad situation at Kentucky and get a fresh start.
When Calipari took part in taking a knee during the National Anthem many KY fans were done with Coach Cal. He should have been fired on the spot
I thought the issue was that Coach Mulkey issues warnings to players not to openly participate in gayness
Barnes knew an Asian would not be acceptable at Tennessee with the fan base
Good season for Tennessee......too bad the UT fans don't care and will carry Alabama's jocks again
“We”……says the spokesperson for the Tennessee Fans? You are the biggest troll on SDS fuzzy
Calipari no longer holds all the cards. Fans are exausted with coach. Cal will be on a very short leash and will be lucky to remain coach at KY much longer
He does coach them but the players are a bunch of one and done Freshman going up against experienced players