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Your 1st statement is correct. Your 2nd not so. AU was more than just decent. They finished 10th in the nation, 3rd best in SEC behind Bama & UGA. That’s significantly better than decent. They ran your team off the field in November and then lost the rematch. In a game that was 13-7 at the start of the 4th qtr. AU has consistently developed RBs. Until proven otherwise, it’s foolish to suggest they won’t have a ground game to compliment Stidham. Doesn’t have to be one workhorse; a tandem will suffice. Old cliche “Defenses win championships”. AU will be difficult to score on. The gaps you cited are concerns but not insurmountable.
Kirby, it’s not necessary to post a small novel to point out what EVERYONE knows. Vandy doesn’t place football high on the priority list. We are however a nationally recognized baseball program. But I digress ... “Best team” remains an eye test - or some Saber Metrics formula at best. I don’t like it and my opinion is not diminished by your lazy insults or bc my school’s football team Is a bottom dweller. I’ve forgotten more about college football than you will ever know.
Pls elaborate. Why won’t Bama play a big time OOC opponent home & home? Why the neutral site? If it’s miney & recruiting, why does Clemson do it. I don’t understand
I’d like to know the “real deal” how schools negotiate their OOC schedule. Not the cupcakes - I’m talking P5s. Clemson played Auburn several times recently. Now they’re playing TAMU and have LSU scheduled. Why those schools and not Bama or UGA or Oklahoma? By the way, why does Bama never play an OOC at their home stadium? They’ve only done it like twice Since Saban took over. One was Penn State in 2011 and the other was Duke. Saban always plays OOC road games at a neutral site. Wonder why?
Ughh, so let the stone throwing begin. Could do without the endless stats, history lessons, and crystal ball predictions about who’s gonna win this year. But this is SDS, it’s why we congregate here. We all know Bama will be favored st home. The players will settle this argument in Nov. oh wait, I forgot. The outcome won’t matter as long as Saban has the CFP committee in his pocket. SMH Why do we even bother to play these games anymore?
OldFashion (Sir), I don't know what barrel of kool-aid you're drinking from. Clemson & FSU both beat very good SEC teams (Bama & Auburn) to win their NCs. OSU beat a very good Bama team enroute to beating Oregon for their NC. Perhaps you missed the Auburn 2010 stat above - their 4 classes were 6, 23, 21, 9. Let's put this debate to bed. Having multiple top 5 classes is a HUGE advantage - however having a #1 class is not a prerequisite.
Here are the last 10 FBS College Football National Champions and their four recruiting classes that made up those teams. 2017: Alabama Crimson Tide (1, 1, 1, 1) 2016: Clemson Tigers (11, 9, 16, 15) 2015: Alabama Crimson Tide (1, 1, 1, 1) 2014: Ohio State Buckeyes (3, 2, 5, 6) 2013: Florida State Seminoles (11, 4, 2, 8) 2012: Alabama Crimson Tide (1, 1, 4, 3) 2011: Alabama Crimson Tide (1, 4, 3, 3) 2010: Auburn Tigers (6, 23, 21, 9) 2009: Alabama Crimson Tide (3, 3, 12, 13) 2008: Florida Gators (5, 1, 2, 12) Bama sets the trend for #1 classes, but there are outliers - Clemson, Auburn, Ohio State - that can win without a #1 class. Having talent helps, but as your coveted CKS stated in the interview, it's about who performs. What they were in HS means absolutely nothing - his words; not mine.
Picture a fat ugly bulldog eating a vanilla frosted cupcake ... cause that's your entire OOC schedule.
Nope. I made no trip to the woodshed. Try again. Your stats tell only a portion of the story. What you left out (conveniently) are all the other top recruiting classes in those years that DIDN’T win a CCG or NC. Winning teams are full of talent. But talented teams don’t always win. Your appeal to probability is an obvious fallacy. Similarly, the odds of you taking this girl behind the woodshed isn’t even on the betting lines. Even the sharks in Vegas are smart enough to know that’ll never happen. Kirby Smart. SMH.
Where’s all the recruiting classes during Richt’s tenure? He had multiple top 10 classes? You quote stats that support your opinion but carefully avoid the inverse. No argument consistent recruiting builds depth and IMPROVES your chance to win consistently... but as UGA fans know oh so well, you can have great players and consistently UNDER-achieve.
Joe. Don’t be a twit. Your $0.02 is no more right/wrong than mine. You speak in absolute terms - phffff. Where’d you get that crystal ball - Target? So my crystal ball (actually a Ouija board) says UGA will def expose SCAR - anyone that thinks Georgia struggles in Columbia is trapped in a fog. Boom has no answer for the talent Kirby has this year. As to my dark horse reference, that’s MY $0.02 - I don’t need your agreement.
Yep. Auburn breaks the losing streak at Mercedes Benz. Close at halftime but Browning throws 2 INTs in 2nd half and Tigers capitalize.
Finally. Now that CKS has said it, will DawgNation please stop pounding your chest about how great your recruiting class is? I know you have great talent, but you’re salivating over 17-18 kids who haven’t played a single snap of college ball. It’s a huge adjustment. These kids were the best athlete in their school, county or even top in their state. But now they’re surrounded by other young rnen eho are as good or better. And Bama, Auburn, LSU, Florida ... they got some of the same talented kids. It’s about who will work hard and stay humble enough to realize all that God given talent requires blood, sweat & tears.
I actually have Mizzou as my dark horse in the East. UGA exposes SCAR as a fraud in Week 2. Losses to Boilermakers, UGA, and Bama. I think Gators struggle this year. Counting that road trip to the Swamp as a “ W”. And of course they beat my ‘Dores. We’ll be bad as usual.
SEC will “likely” get one team? Please tell me you meant likely get ONLY one team. As opposed to last year when 2 went to CFP. The SEC champion will go - period. There are plenty of scenarios where 2 teams from SEC could go. If Wash drops a game if better be to a team that finishes top 10 We’ve seen Conf champions excluded. Not saying it’s right or fair. The CFP has stated they want the 4 best. Not necessarily the 4 most deserving. Ergo Bama last year.
Only real path for Huskies to make CFP is if they beat Auburn, boat-race every other team on their schedule AND Auburn finishes regular season as a top 5 team -- and even that scenario isn't a lock.
Semantics - but I get your point. My point was breaking those records in and of themselves is less important than generating wins. As Weagle99 notes below, defensive scheme/rotation keeps sack record intact. Horton/Lindsey may platoon the RB position ... making 100 yd game streak very difficult to break. Won't matter if none of those records are broken - as long as AU can play effectively as a team. I pull for AU in the West - wishing your Tigers a great season.
Depth will def be a huge factor. Given our recent success, Pruitt needs this win as much or more than any other. Another loss to my 'Dores will make the off season unbearable for Vol Nation -- and hurt recruiting. Waaaay too early to call this one.
Those are great goals and achieving some (all) "should" produce a lot of wins. Biggest goal AU should have this year is improving their road record. They haven't won in Tuscaloosa since 2010 (the Cam-back) and they haven't won in Athens since 2005. I have extended family that went to Auburn so I follow this team pretty close -- and they're tired of losing these road games. Everyone says last year's wins over UGA/Bama was a home field advantage thing. Home field might be worth 6 pts IMO. Auburn won those games with a good game plan and great execution. UGA looked like a deer in the headlights; Bama just didn't make plays when they needed to. Either way, Auburn needs to figure out how take that winning recipe on the road if they have any hope of going to Atlanta.
If Jalen ends up QB2 - as most think - he's backing up a QB1 who could (1) get injured; (2) struggle with the offense; or (3) have an off-field problem. Jalen could be called on to lead this team at any moment. For the reasons cited below, it would be a BAD look for him to bail. Plus, he'll stay in good football shape if he finishes the season and be ready to join his new team in 2019. Jalen will dress for every game and be ready to play if his team needs him.
Not a Jimbo fan but he’ll lock up the state of TX in 2 years. Herman will be mediocre at UT.
@UGA93, you actually called out my 'Dores' win/loss record? I'm so offended - NOT. I'm well aware we are bottom feeders. Our Administration doesn't embrace football - but we've got one helluva baseball program (as does UGA) - so I'm relegated to following the rest of the SEC during football season. Full disclosure - I root against your Dawgs. Nothing personal, I just have friends & connections to other schools (Auburn, Florida, and LSU) so I pull for them. Good luck this season. Your team looks like world-beaters, but now you have a target on your back and everyone wants to beat UGA.
Paris, you're right. I shouldn't have stooped to his level with that post. I actually had a very nice time in Athens that year - it's a lovely campus and the stadium is one of the nicest I've visited. That my team won was extra special. And I know not ALL Georgia fans wear Carhart and flash the "plumbers's crack", but let's just say the gentleman AND his wife seated in front of me that day desperately needed a belt. Or some Spanks. Or something. Just say no.
And he had the Tallahassee PD on speed dial; that didn't hurt either. If there's any doubt, I am not a fan of Jameis Winston. Very gifted athlete; not a nice person.
I'm not that high on Jimbo. He won a lot of games at FSU because he had legit talent - EJ Manuel & Jameis Winston (QB); Dalvin Cook & Devonta Freeman (RB); Rashad Greene & Kelvin Benjamin (WR). I think it says more about his ability to recruit than his pure coaching ability. Maybe that translates in a few years if he can build 2-3 strong classes ... but he won't turn that program around this year or next IMO. For the money they paid him, TAMU fans have to consider this a 3-5 year plan. Now if he doesn't win the SEC by year 4, I think those deep pocket boosters will consider this hire a bust.
@... You lost that argument before you even started typing. Auburn BEAT the National Champion team that you LOST to. What exactly was your point again? UGA split with Auburn and lost to Bama. That equals a combined record of 1-2. Auburn was a combined 2-1 against UGA and Bama. I rest my case. Do they still teach math over at Clarke County Community College? How about Debate? You might want to enroll in both Sir.
Same. Lions drafted Kerryon Johnson from Auburn and he looks like he'll get plenty of carries. Texans def could use another back.