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Please ... you mock Gus, but he's the same coach that worries most Bama fans. He's been Jekyll & Hyde as the HC, but when his offense is clicking, he can compete with anyone. There'll be plenty of interest from the Houndstooth crowd this Saturday.
Any improvement is welcome at this point. We've won ONE game in March since 2008 - that was Round of 64 against Harvard of all schools.
You two can debate labels - we need depth at QB and Seals is a strong early commit for us. 5-star QBs aren't waiting on a call from CDM - we get it.
Transition year with Drew out and next coach TBD ...
Yep, cheap shot all the way. Article mentioned over a dozen diff players and the very first post is a disgruntled Georgia fan taking aim at Lock followed by more UGA posters piling on. Why do UGA fans care what kind of numbers he puts up against an inferior team?
You're officially voted off the island - you NEVER predict a loss. You can say it'll be an uphill battle, that we have to play perfect and the other team has to make mistakes, that we're counting on young guys to step up, ... hell, we may even require divine intervention - but NEVER EVER call the L before kick-off.
I wish I'd taken screen shots during the summer of all the UGA posts regarding the best QB debate. UGA fans were slobbering over themselves when talking about Fromm. Now they want him on the bench ... and they're still taking cheap shots at Lock. How pathetic.
No point wasting a trick play on Vandy. We'll struggle against Florida. Heck, they could tell us the play prior to the snap and I think they still move the chains. Regardless, I look forward to watching my 'Dores battle.
Enrollment notwithstanding, Vandy alum & students support our athletics teams. Our baseball program is a national contender and Hawkins Field is one of the best venues anywhere. Memorial Gym is a classic basketball arena with tremendous history and charm. We pack it out regularly. winning cures many ills - sadly our football program doesn't enjoy the same success as other SEC schools. Regardless, I support upgrades to our stadium. Our student athletes, alumni and fans deserve a modern facility.
TruDawg, you crack me up with your trolling. Kirby isn't a complainer; that's the one quality I respect in him. He's matter-of-fact and doesn't sugar coat anything. UGA has a target on their back and both LSU and Florida will be good tests. Eager to see how the season unfolds.
Dabo ... oh my. Great guy, Bama Alum, successful coach, well liked by players ... what's not to like? Very little, but be careful what you wish for. No one can predict if he'd jump - and if he does, would he enjoy the same success in T-town as he's had in Clemson. Enjoy the Saban Show as long as possible.
Ugly situation on the Plains. Understand Gus was entertaining Arkansas, but why 7 years? Somebody needs to learn how to negotiate. I realize there weren't any tier 1 coaches available in Nov/Dec and AU was faced with the possibility of hiring an interim if Gus left ... AND a portion of the fan base would've complained that Auburn just let a coach walk after beating two No. 1s ... blah, blah, blah. Reality is this - the ink is dry on the contract. Gus is the coach for 2 or 3 more seasons minimum. Support the players and encourage them to win. Winning will help recruiting.
Nice win for UGA. I didn't expect an upset but thought we could put a few more points on the board. We moved the ball well 1st half but couldn't convert. UGA fans should be more optimistic. Your team is talented, healthy for the most part, and you have a bright future. Yes, you have some tough games ahead, but if you're team is CFP worthy, you'll win the games needed to get to Atlanta and challenge Bama.
So we went from the Ickey Shuffle to TO's Sharpie pen / popcorn / pom-pom pantomimes to now this ...? Call me a prude, but seriously? I'm all for endzone celebrations and applaud the creativity. I give this one a thumbs down. Glad Browns' fans got the last laugh.
Easy to smack your gums when you play mostly cupcakes. Eager to hear from Dawg Nation when you drop a road game
Dang. You guys spiking the kook-aid? 10 wins is very low probability. 9 wins not much better. Say the same for Auburn. SECW full of talented teams. Abandon the game plan is code for sandlot football. Rarely succeeds at this level. Burrow isn’t D. Watson or L. Jackson. If the script goes south, so does LSU’s chances.
Yes Sir! I'll reaffirm my position that Mizzou is the 2nd best team in SECE. Not a lock by any means, but if M-Tigers avoid bonehead mistakes, they cover the spread. Wouldn't touch the Colorado State - UF game. UF should win this one, but 19.5 is a lot to give.
We welcome the support. Tough task but not impossible.
If we couldn't laugh, we'd all claw our eyes out. Take the beating, dust yourself off and get ready for next Saturday. It's how we survive in Nashville - trust me!
Thought the same thing. They’re ranked top 15. If they beat AU, they’d be 5 or 6. Even if they lose at Jordan Hare, if LSU looks respectable, I give them a punchers chance to upset UGA
Thx DD. I’ve said the same for 10 days ... and some of the Snowflakes on this blog try to insult me for it. I’m not the smartest football fan you’ll ever meet, but I’m damn close
Someone please call Wolf a taxi. He’s not safe to drive
And I stand by my pre-game post - UGA players (perhaps not fans) took umbrage that the media suggested the SCar game would be close. And yes, I have a connection to someone on the inside. I wouldn’t just make that up
A few points - my pre-game comments were without emotion. I know loyal fans either exaggerate their team or cautiously remain humble. I looked at the game realistically. I won’t say I have a crystal ball, but UGA did what many expected. They dominated SCar As to Mizzou, yes I’ve gone on record about this team. I think they’re the 2nd best SECE team and their schedule will provide them time to work through some adjustments and improve. We’ll see if I’m right as the season continues.