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Can confirm that Bama pays guys millions to get recruits the same as every P5 program in America. Get off your high horse and put the bourbon down.
We are on the same page Tide Fan. 2 National Championships in the last 5 years and all of a sudden Dabo is mediocre after one "bad" year.
Foster would have eventually started over whatever Matthews kid got hurt. He is a monster. Watched him at Katy Taylor in high school and have never seen someone finish blocks consistently like him. Was looking to drive the kid through the ground. Him starting and struggling a little this year as an 18 year old in the grown man league of CFB will help us tremendously.
Glad this isn't the sentiment in College Station. Kirby has been in Athens since 2016. Made the CFP & Natty in 2017 and got it done this year. Jimbo was hired in 2018. Had a good year in 2020 and finished just outside CFP with a final ranking of #4. I am all for playing the long game. Let the man build a program. 2023-2024 are the target years. I'm just glad we are competing in the SEC and not going 5-7 in the Big 12 and losing to Kansas.
I think Johnson has got to be the front runner as of now. Played meaningful SEC games over the past two seasons and led a mediocre and depleted LSU team to more wins than they should have had. Over his two seasons in Baton Rouge, he had 35 TDs to 7 ints with a QBR somewhere around 139. If he can learn the offense this offseason, I want him under center. I think he should have no problem with the offense considering who his father is. Weigman is the future, but I think a year on the sideline will help him. It is nice to finally have options outside a walk-on and green three star recruit.
3 corners returning that have started in the SEC (Jones x2 and Chappell). Andre White and Edgerrin Cooper returning at backer. Biggest changes will be up front. Still have 2 returning interior defensive lineman that played meaningful snaps. We will see how good these recruintg classes have been based on their performance this year.
A&M alumni*. Still haven't figured out how the NIL system works, have you? I don't understand how that number is an insult to A&M. I am proud to be a graduate of a university with so many wealthy individuals keen on promoting a winning football team. The Aggie network is a train you cannot stop.
I don't agree Gig 'em. Dabo is a top notch recruiter who went into Austin, Texas and plucked the top QB in the recruit in the country from an elite high school program in Westlake. He has 1 year where we see a little bit of adversity and suddenly Clemson is no longer a top 4 program in the country? They have won 2 national championships in the last 5 years. They will adapt and adjust to the recruiting changes, and will likely benefit from the transfer portal. All they have to do is win the ACC consistently and they can sell the chance to play in the CFP yearly to any kid in America who wants to win. They will be just fine.
I agree with you here. How is A&M overhyped and losing a lot of talent, yet Ole Miss is under hyped yet losing a lot talent, including their QB. I don't see them having the same year as last year. We shall see.
How is this embarrassing for A&M? Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY in College Station believed we were a top 4 team last year. Then our starting QB broke his leg and we struggled a little bit (we were in every game we played in I might add). We just need to figure out the QB position. The defense is slowly turning into one of those just reload with 4 and 5 stars type of situation (pending the transition to Durkin). You have a lot of hate inside of you don't you little guy?
It wasn't a magical game. We beat y'all.
We were better than Florida in 2020. Florida lost 4 games. A&M lost 1 game. I feel like I have to remind you of this basic statistic constantly.
How many bourbons deep were you typing this incoherent gibberish?
Well I don't know what to tell you. I am sure the compliance team ensures the Ags are within NCAA protocol.
Hopefully he works on his hands in the off-season. Had the drops this year.
I believe it has something to do with transfers. You have the 85 scholarships and we had the room to sign 28.
To all you morons on this thread, after several bowl games were cancelled (i.e. Holiday Bowl), do we now understand the concept of NCAA protocol?
Arkansas beats us for the first time in a decade and doesn't know how to act.
The speculative $10K with no basis in truth and/or actual facts to prove it.
Well I'm glad he went to A&M too so we can agree on that. Terry Price and Elijah Robinson are great coaches and recruiters. Just because he snubbed Tennessee doesn't mean he isn't looking to develop.
I have a feeling this is a texas troll. 5-7 with no end in sight. Enjoy the last couple of mediocre years in the Big 12 until the wheels off.
LSUMC you know that is a very weak argument. Teams are going to vary in talent and production from year to year. But "falling off" is hardly an accurate depiction of Bama from 2020 to 2021. Also, comparing teams based on games they have played against the same team just does not work in CFB. Auburn barely lost to Bama, got boat raced by UGA, who in turn got exposed by Bama. Why does it matter that Bama lost a game on the road to a team that lost to LSU on the road.
Florida did fumble the football, the Ags won, Jimbo went 9-1, and he is leading this program on an upward trajectory that it has never seen.
Thank you for pointing out the numbers. A&M hasn't had this type of consistency in the locker room since RC Slocum. Let the man build a program.
The kid was hurt the majority of this year. 27 TDs passes in Texas 6a ball is impressive, let alone doing it while banged up. 4 star or 5 star, both Stockton and Weigman can play. We will see who has the better college career.
QB position open, losing our starting safety to the draft, and losing at a minimum 3 contributing dlineman to the draft. I don't think he's as much in love with A&M as he is pointing out the opportunity for these kids to play lots of snaps very early.
4 quarters of college tape and you already know how good Haynes King is? Why hasn't Bama hired you yet RS1? Apparently you are omnipotent and all knowing.