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Oxford is great. Only thing I didn't like was the fact the bars closed at 12 and the $200 cover fee to get in anywhere. My broke college butt couldn't afford to have a good time there.
Colorado fans were the worst. Full beer cans being thrown at friends. My buddy's toddler almost took one to the dome. A bunch of punks.
I am in Midland, and deal with a handful of lawyers from Ft. Worth trying to come out to West Texas and poach oil & gas clients. The lawyers are not great. I guess I was looking at the passage rates from when I graduated roughly 5 years ago. They have got consistently better. I do get a kick out of the law students that represent A&M so fervently despite having an undergrad degree from Tarleton. To each their own, but if you haven't lived in College Station, hard for you to be an Aggie.
Brian Kelly was 113-40 at Notre Dame with 2 chances at a title and 4 BCS bowl game trips. I think it will be hard to expect that from Freeman.
I find it kind of hilarious you complain about how you were treated at a game when your university's fans are notoriously the worst. Baton Rouge is a lot of fun until the fans start throwing full beer cans at you as you walk through the parade grounds looking for your buddy, who is an LSU grad. Fake nice.
Agreed. The Arky/A&M game in Jerry World is the worst. Its always at 11 am too.
I'll give you Joe Burrow and Kyler Murray. I don't think Tua was, as evidenced by the 44-16 thrashing in the Natty.
Phenomenal? I don't know about that one chief
@VFL_88 Notre Dame has to much pull for that to be financially advantageous for their list of recurring rivals.
6'2" 265 lbs. Not an SEC sized DL. Wonder where he ends up.
It is one of the best law schools in the state solely bc A&M slapped its name on the building. And I wouldn't even go that far (Texas, Baylor, SMU, U of H, and Tech all have better bar passage rates consistently). I hate dealing with lawyers from A&M school of law.
Has there been a worse rating on these little better or worse pieces? Ole Miss lost its DC, leading sack getter, and overall a lot of production but they will be better? I am interested to see
@natedawg usually when you get some form of momentum in recruiting and host big game weekends with all of these kids in attendance, they become friends. Bobby Taylor, 4 Star CB son of Bobby Taylor (who played 10 years in the league and was an All American at Notre Dame) can be attributed with putting this class together just as much as our recruiting team. You won't believe me, but he was putting together all sorts of stuff for these recruits (AirBnBs in College Station on game weekends, dinners, hang outs at his family's mansion in Katy). Maybe these KIDS turned into friends. "Why didn’t all the other programs see the same bump in recruiting? Why did ALL the recruits choose the same school?" There are X amount of recruits. So this question is already flawed. Not every program would see a bump in any given year, NIL or not.... But the top dogs stayed pretty consistent minus Clemson. And to comment on your unfounded point that "ALL" recruits chose A&M, UGA just signed five 5 stars. Seems like a great class to me.
Instead of acknowledging our own program's faults lets point the finger at Jimbo. Classic.
What is Sark's "history with QBs" as a head coach? Being an OC and Offensive Analyst are completely different than being the HC. He is a .500 career head coach. Sumlin had more success than Sark by a long shot in this point of their careers.
Hell no. We all know the high brow Mannings wouldn't send their first grandchild to Hicktown, USA.
@MattGeorge they are #5 according to 247. Bama is sitting at 20, A&M at 49, LSU at 44, and Texas Tech is in the Top 10. None of those rankings hold any weight at the moment.
@Dawglb if that is true, I expect disaster in Austin. That situation is eerily similar to the Kyle Allen/Kyler Murray fiasco in College Station. Sumlin promised Murray's father (Kevin Murray, former Aggie QB) that he would start day 1. When this was revealed to be a lie, all hell broke loose.
"Hawking oil" god the State of Alabama needs to get off the Texas oil money diatribe.
@AFan Just a simple Google search before spewing nonsense. "He is the son of Cooper Manning & yes Cooper is a Manning, but Peyton and Eli are the kids of Archie Manning of the University of Mississippi & the New Orleans Saints. So Peyton & Eli lived football daily and were taught by a great college Quarterback who also played in the NFL. The educations that Peyton & Eli received were great in teaching tham the game/passing techniques/reading defenses, etc. Cooper was atalented athlet whose career was cut short by an injury, so Arch has not received that “Football Education” that the other two(2) received." News flash: Cooper is also a son of Archie Manning numb nuts. He is the oldest of the 3 brothers, so he also received that education from Archie. I shouldn't be surprised though. Another Bammer spewing nonsense.
A Marine explaining money. That is rich. I am sure you are financing that Dodge Charger in your driveway for 120 months.
I wonder how this effects Ewers. Might be constantly looking over his shoulder. All I know is the last time my team had two 5 stars under center, it ended in disaster and resulted in a Heisman winner playing for OU. Worth noting: Is this a larger scheme to make some $$$ and then flip a la Ewers? I know the Mannings don'ts need money, but rich people are rich for a reason.
He collects the NIL deal from Texas, then goes to greener pastures. Similar to Ewers.
Don't cater to his bs. Ronald is an all-knowing, omnipotent being. His opinion is law.
No. The money was there, but was allocated to other projects. Nice try though.