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CFP controversy free? Tell that to 2020 A&M.... Also, the Elko stoops comparisons seem ridiculous. One has been at his respective school for a decade. One was two years into his tenure. "Not sniffing a conference championship" in a grand total of 2 years at Duke compared to 10 years at Kentucky seems to be a stretch comparison and lacks context. Kentucky kept their man. I love the Elko hire. We shall see.
@GeauxTigers8 with his typical nonsense. Kentucky fans got to keep their guy. Aggie fans got who a majority of the fan base wanted. Win win for both programs. Let's get to work.
@SatOnThePlains where in my statement does it say "fire"? "Phase" and "fire" are two completely different words, genius. All I was saying that any loss to a G5 school at home (especially a New Mexico school) should not be brushed off as a minor hiccup. It should be taken seriously, which Finebaum, who the entire article we are commenting is about, said he did not. P.S. arguing that Auburn's loss to New Mexico State in 2023 looks better than Bama's Loss to ULM in 2007 is pathetic. You're better than that.
So cynical. Johnny Manziel built our stadium. Johnny Manziel gave Aggie fans hope and brought a Heisman trophy to College Station. Johnny Manziel will always be heard and taken care of in College Station. Maybe you @$$ho!es in Oxford treat your former players differently, but in College Station we respect and acknowledge what they did for the program. Just because Bjork gives Manziel his ear for a couple minutes does not mean that he is literally taking his advice. This was in the presser to introduce the new coach.... its called a headline, you moron.
"Hired a 7-5 coach" at Duke*, you numbnuts. Lose lose with all you idiots. Make the splash hire, it doesn't pan out, criticize. Make the safe, incentive based hire, he's been coach all of 24 hours, criticize. Goodness.
That goes for the App State loss last year. Should've fired Jimbo that Saturday
NM State didn't phase you? Any loss to a G5 team at home should phase an SEC powerhouse in the current NIL landscape.... Its like the Yankees losing to a AA team
It's not a joke. He's Jimbo 2.0. This hire would have made absolutely zero sense. Don't people in Barrie and Finebaum's field look like the losers they are trying to save face. There was never a deal... Stoops didn't like th terms offered by A&M. Active negotiations don't mean a hire.....
@LSUMC he's the next DC at A&M. No way he leaves.
^ you really have some weird q u e e r boy obsession with Jimbo. You're projecting, Michael.
Stoops would have needed to be paid way too much in light of the Jimbo buyout. Also, Stoops was too lateral a hire. I think they wanted an up and comer or a top dog. Stoops is a great coach, but happier with Elko.
@texastig75 @GeauxTigers8 use some common sense and take off those purple colored glasses. Daniels is surely deserving of the Heisman. So are Nix and Pennix. The award is not "tarnished" because y'alls guy might not win it. Washington is undefeated. Oregon with one loss. LSU has 3. Shut up.
@texastig75 with his typical dumb@$$, asinine nonsense. With a straight face, you argued that its a cultural problem that A&M can't pry Dan Campbell, who hasn't been on campus in almost 30 years, from his head coaching position in the NFL. Oh, and by the way, he is likely going to win the NFC North, something the Lions haven't done since joining the division in 2002. I hope that @Texastig75 is a bit to get under people's skins. It worked with me. But if this is a legitimate take, you are an idiot. Along with all your anti-A&M takes on here. You're perfect program could finish 8-4 this year, just like the Aggies with this "deep rooted cultural problem". Get a grip. Look in the mirror.
@GeauxTigers8 love that you already chalk up our game in Baton Rouge as an L. If we go 8-4 with a third-string QB and an interim, and LSU goes 8-4 with a Heisman level QB and your $95M dollar man. Yikes. I don't think many from the defensive side of the ball will transfer. Especially D Line. Elijah Robinson is the glue holding this team together. But who knows.
The 7th best job? Klatt has hated A&M since he played at Colorado. Texas has its first good season in over 10 years, and all of a sudden they have a "foothold on CFB". LSU could quite possibly finish 8-4 with a Heisman quality QB, but they're having a much better year. Asinine.
@RonMexico why do you have such a deep rooted hatred for A&M? You have negatively commented on every single post re coaching search.
The amount of moronic takes on this thread. 1. Jimbo left FSU because they refused to revamp the program's facilities and his personal issues with his wife. That is not revisionist history. "He was gonna get let go because he wasn't winning" is asinine. He had one bad year with a backup QB and left. He won 10+ games in 6 out of 8 years at FSU with a CFP berth and a title. Outside guys named Swinney and Saban, what other active coach in America had similar accolades at the time of the hiring? Short list. 2. Everyone complaining about the "stupidity of A&M to sign him to a fully guaranteed deal" forget the context of the extension. LSU was actively making a run at him. We had just finished 9-1 and #4 in the polls, the best finish since 1939. I repeat, 1939. 3. This is not the University's money. This is the money of rich boosters. I am not intimately aware of tax law, but I would guess the fund to pay him off is a 501(c)(3) and the money donated is tax deductible. Rich people don't become rich without using the Tax Code to their benefit. 4. I REPEAT, THIS WILL NOT BE PAID BY THE UNIVERSITY. BUT INSTEAD BY A BUNCH OF RICH MORONS WHO HAVE MORE MONEY THAN THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH. 5. To call Jimbo a "middling coach" is silly. Last couple years have been rough, but He has a career wining percentage of 73%. He has won a title. "Generational QB leading him to the title" are ridiculous takes. He had to recruit that kid. He had to coach that kid. I understand he is unlikable, and that it didn't work out in College Station. I'm a Jimbo hater too. Disappointed in what has transpired since January 2021. But come on.
@1974Gator "Saban sounded off that Jimbo’s recruiting was not legit and there’s probably an NCAA investigation into the A&M practices happening we haven’t heard about." What a dumb comment. Saban whined to his boosters that A&M "bought every player" in the 2022 class. In 2022, NIL was in play. You truly are a dumb@$$ or willfully ignorant.
@balkwyll "The oil barons who donate to Texas A&M will just raise the price of crude oil a bit and stick it to all us consumers to cover this $76 million buyout. They’re the ones really laughing." Yes, because that is exactly how commodities markets function.
@DHenry2013 "We don’t need a culture fit. We need W’s." Being a cultural fit is integral to the success of a program. You don't get Ws without that. Patience, young Padawan. "@RonMexico: Who would be your top choice? I remember going through this a year ago when AU fired Harsin." I think I might be in the minority, but I would like to hire Elko. I think that he brings some much needed grit to the program. Obviously the big names would be nice. But I don't see why DeBoer, Lanning, or Kiffin would leave.
@bootheelhog "Stupidity on the part of those who gave him such a contract in the first place. He has it made now." Not the programs money. The money of very few, uber-rich boosters. If they want to spend it, who cares.
@USCGrad73 you are 2-5 in the conference. Pipe down.
"Did not win 10 games one time" is so misleading. 9 wins in an all SEC schedule in 2020, Orange Bowl win, and final ranking of #4. You play the two cupcakes and another non-con, we're at 11 or 12 wins on the year. 2020 was the highest finish for A&M since 1939. (Sumlin, Bear Bryant, Jackie Sherrill, Emory Bellard, and RC Slocum never finished that high). I understand how its easy pickings to slander Jimbo's tenure, and the downward trajectory of the program, but this is the type of bs journalism that twists the truth into some narrative. That being said, I guess I understand the move. Hopefully we have a coach in mind.
We are not hiring Lane Kiffin. Culturally, not a fit. And why would he leave. A&M fans need to get off their high horse. Maybe lets try and build instead of buy this time..... Biggest issue for Jimbo was his failure to hire quality position coaches. Also, his stupidity for not hiring a Special Teams coordinator. Lost to Bama, Ole Miss, and Tennessee by one score. Biggest plays in those games? Special teams failure by the Aggies. Don't know how I feel about this. If we have someone, I guess make the move. However, our toxic boosters will probably want to just throw money at a big name again.
Maybe I'm just so used to Lane's sarcasm that his sincerity is foreign. Glad its behind us.
@texastig75 "aTm will once again be the baggage carrier for the Longhorns." Texas is playing "well" in the weakest P5 conference in the country. I wouldn't be so sure of this. Also, for a fun fact for all you haters, since A&M allowed non-military students (1965), the head to head against the donghorns is 27-20 in favor of the donghorns. Even the playing field and Texas has a slight edge.
Everyone on here bashing A&M. I'm fine with that. We have an enormous amount of wasted talent on that roster. However, how is it Jimbo's fault directly when we were missing like 10 starters against Ole Miss? Maybe we need to hire a new strength and conditioning coach. Maybe we need to hire a special teams coordinator. I'm all for a fresh start, but this year has been a little flukey. 3 losses to top 15 teams by 7 or less. 2 of those on the road. I understand that we are paying him to win those games. But we were 5-7 last year and AWFUL. Next year will be the last straw. I have thought about this painstakingly since last weekend, and my opinion will not change until I overreact on Saturday. I <3 College Football.
@texastig75 " it seems the Aggies have been trying to learn to win for a awfully long time." A&M was one of the best programs in the nation in the 90s Had a rough span of coaches since RC Slocum. Not uncommon.