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I've made this exact same face before with one of my buddies across the bar. lol People will make up anything and ignore what's right in front of them. I'm afraid of 2019.
I'm not sure what's more legendary, the video, or the helmet? haha
Are we not sure he was making that face at another player opposite of him?
Say's LSU is 26th in rushing defense. That's statistically better than Bama. LSU allows 120 yds a game. State rushes for 240 yards per game. Something's gotta give this game.
" you don’t know understand how " *face palm
Cody I think you're misunderstanding me. You're in fact doubting the guy("Just 1 division win which didn’t translate to a conference championship"), and I in fact am not suggesting he's going to start a dynasty (Exactly. We need to get through our schedule (yearly) first before we use the term dynasty"). Is he going to bring a natty to BCS? He could. Would the Ags be happy if he does? Yes, we would. No Aggies are saying he's going to build a dynasty or he's Nick Saban. BamaTime and Cody, No winning double digit games doesn't make a dynasty, and Richt won double digit games but did he win a natty? Fisher has. If he can win double digit games then that team has a chance at a natty. That's the difference between a coach that's been there and won, and a coach that never was. Aggierider, Exactly! They pretend as if Winston was the only variable on that team. Meanwhile, Winston and all of his glory as an unbeatable person is benched in the pros! SDS user logic is atrocious. I come here expecting ignorance and never leave disappointed. lol
Maybe. People say every year that "this is an All-Time Great Bama team", but that's hardly true. This year, however, it may be true. These fools have an Air Raid now to go with that defense. lol LSU better be ready. Then again, they do have the DBs to make it interesting.
Maybe but how many coaches (active and retired) have consistently won 10 games a year? You're missing the entire point. Winning 10 games a year puts you on the threshold; maybe you're lacking in one or two categories on your team, but one of those years he's going to strike gold with a player and you're going to be talking about a Natty. There are a lot of coaches that can't even get you there(Sumlin for starters) and we're supposed to have buyer's remorse over Fisher? C'mon man you're in denial. He's going to land a Winston or somebody who's capable, and the Ags are going to be a problem for everybody. Keep in mind that most of our team: QB,DB's, and WRs, are true sophomores. Can you imagine when they are seniors? And that's just one cycle; he's bringing in even more ELITE talent as well. Give him his respect!
LSU fans trashy? Hippies in Austin: "hey bro, hold my beer"
Lol Did this guy really say 4 years ago? 4 years ago ya'll had Dan Mullen. Now ya'll have Moorhype. That LSU team is legit. Not happening bro.
Fisher consistently won double digit games. Are you talking about last year at fsu, (a one time event) when he was already on his way out? Yea, evidently there was more to it when he's already knocking on the door of a better record than what fsu had last year, in a tougher conference (SEC). Troll fail...
Exactly. We need to get through our schedule (yearly) first before we use the term dynasty. I think 2019 will be more telling than this year. If we have a great season next year (10-2 type) and can build off of that into 2020, then look out!
lol MythDD2, I'll bet you that with Jimbo, we'd kick the dawgs next season like we had a bad day at work. Rivals? Claiming success? I'm simply pointing out a fact! C'mon man ya'll got reamed by LSU! Stop yapping! lol
LSU is a different animal this year. Still, this is a very talented State team. LSU by 10.
Yes and USCe is yall's second best team. lol The east is trash man. These are facts. LSU is tough, but no one expected them to beat Georgia except us West homers. Maybe your expectations for Georgia were too high. I bet my Ags could give it to them too! West>east
Yes, relative to age they are adults. Relative to life experience, they're still kids. Here's the kicker, Ags don't boo, and that's including Ags that people with sense classify as "kids". You however, are trash if you boo kids who are at least trying. Let us go to your job at Walmart and boo you for all the crap stains on the bathroom floor. Grow up! If you want to boo someone, boo the coaches to their face. But I doubt you have the balls to do that.
Spears is an idiot. When will this ever happen again? The east synonymous with under-preforming. Plenty of teams in the West could win the east this year, not the other way around. Bama, LSU, State, and maybe the Ags. And before ya'll bring up those rare single-game victories against West opponents, notice I said win the East, not win every game. Now who in the east could win the West?
We've played our two toughest opponents, LSU would be 3rd. I respect LSU and think they have a great team. But to compare Jimbo to Sumlin is idiotic. Here's to a signature win this year!
Number 1 and 3 are closely related. We have to control the clock(#3) because the offense is not explosive so teams will have a chance to get back in the game (#1) if we don't put up points.
The only one on that list that can't be replaced immediately, production-wise is Keke. Elko will have the next guys up ready, especially in year 2.
There are 120+ college football programs. If you think our only rival is tu(yes we hate them) then you're sadly mistaken. Are you too young to be familiar with the SWC? Everyone from that era is still considered our rival. USCe is not, however.