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Idk if its him being scared of hard work. It might be knowledge that Scott Frost does not have the players at Nebraska to run his Chip Kelly-Oregon style Air Raid. Nebraska has been built for Big 10 football since they joined (they left the Big 12 as a pro-style). Moore probably knew Nebraska would struggle with the transition and made an educated decision.
Blood was the latter portion, after he went back. I'm pretty sure he bit his tongue. It's not the Doc's fault if Savage wanted to act Savage and not wear a mouth guard (which he doesn't). He's a grown man, with ego like the rest of us! Again, they went through the protocol that was set in place by the NFL. It is a sh*t protocol, we know, but it's their standard and therefore adequate given the context. I'm pretty sure there are some dumb things you have to follow at work that could use some revisions.
Agreed. The mother might have influenced the kid in order to make money. Weird deal.
Usually happens when someone named Quaker Oatmeal wins the award. haha
I'm just here to hate before LSUMC does. lol
Now ask yourself, with all of the liability issues and potential lawsuits, you think Houston trainers dropped the ball? He went through the same protocol as everyone else. It's not the doctors', or coach's fault. It's a flaw within the protocol.
Should have caught the beer and drank it. lolSeriously though, you're at work; sometimes you have to deal with POS clients. Now if someone throws beer on you in a bar, I'm all for whipping their backsides.
Lol Safe place? You internet gangsters are brave. Again, this isn't about me. Don't blame shift. This is about you spewing obsessive nonsense on our blog. Man up and admit it.
Hmmmm an Aggie Ring or prison?You know what? I'll take prison! Thanks!Smh
Look, don't make this about me. Fact of the matter is, you should stay over on the LSU blog if you don't have anything positive to say about Texas A&M. People tend to get defensive when outsiders talk mess, and they don't even belong here. Move around man.
I wonder who Bama will hire as the DC.....
Is that a violation? Why would it get pulled over. Asking for a friend, not going to attempt.
"Haha! No we are not salty. We thought it was a little odd to roll out a carpet at the airport with a military style band fanfare like he was a President or Diplomat. We thought it was funny."No you didn't think it was funny; you created an account just to post here. Your feelings were hurt, and how you cope with defeat is by talking down on some other school. The welcome wasn't intended to rival a Beyonce concert performance, or KISS, it was intended to be a warm welcome (maybe a 10th of the band was there). You Noes keep assuming that it was all we had and want to poke fun. Assuming we don't have sh*t is what got your coach taken in the first place. Being dumped is tough, but ya'll need to hold your L and move on.
All of them. They all probably went to private schools for high school. smh lames
Marching Chiefs? More like marching to another 5-6 season. They were better off looking at Morris or Norvel. Taggart? He couldn't win in the Pac 10+2.
Ya'll take care of our Aggie Chad now, ya hear?
People cope with losses differently. Media guys tend to be the sore-loser types because their egos and credibility hang by the thin thread of making correct predictions. smh
FSU=non-SEC school. smhDominating for a decade? Where were they before then? You do know nothing lasts forever right? That "dominating for a decade" expiration date is coming to an end rather quickly. Tell us, what "elite" DC will Saban hire after Pruitt leaves? You can't continue your BCS era domination in 2018 and beyond without an elite DC.tick tock, my friend; tick tock....
I have no idea your reason why either. I just know you're always here on articles that are ONLY on the Aggie side of SDS. We'll just have to assume you're lost.
No he isn't. His offense stinks, and he's supposed to be a "Mensa". Dude has been carried by his DC since his first game as a head coach. That being said, I hope Mizzou BTHO tu.
He'll get one shortly. If we can get him on an official visit it's over!
Awww SEC powers are shifting and the toothless t-shirt tide fans have to result to pointing out non-SEC schools in order to cope with the pain. AWWWWW how cute.In 2018:Georgia>Bama Auburn>Bama A&M might be as well. lol Ya'll barely escaped Sumlin at Kyle this year.
Finebum and JC said Fisher would never end up here. lolI'll warm up the stove to prepare that crow for ya'll!
"Gotta give A&M some credit. You can’t say they’re not trying to compete."This^^^Time and time again we hear Ags cry and moan over BMA's and the BOR not making moves to ensure success. Well, we can't complain now, can we?