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Spiller is a good back but will be an afterthought as soon as Achane steps on campus. He's faster than Trayveon as well.
I'm not supporting what Myles did, but Rudolph should think twice next time before he kicks another grown man in the scrotum. Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes.
Ag pitcher for the Stros putting the hurt on a ranger is a win, win, win!
The obsession is mainly horns. Ags would rather watch these turds shrivel into oblivion than give them a reason to feel important. I don't understand why the media outlets keep assuming we care. We don't. We've embraced LSU as our primary rival. Time to let it go!
They could have picked a better highlight for Bo Nix. He threw the ball across his body and late over the middle of the field. You can't do that in this league! lol
You also have to be worth a d*mn, talent-wise. More population does not always equate to more talented. Every school has the same amount of scholarships each year; if you’re good, you’ll get offered; if you’re good enough to get drafted, you’ll get drafted.
I couldn't be more happy for Cullen. Gig'Em and go Texans!
What did the husband have to do with it? He's innocent! Football is his right!
Oh wow. Still waiting on the FBI to investigate Baylor and their rape culture.
I don't see the issue. Wasn't there a QB that was projected number 1 overall, and then fell out of the 1st round before? If he doesn't go 1st round, why wouldn't other teams skip over him? QB isn't a position of need for a lot of teams, and you can't ignore legitimate first round talent if it is still there as well as a need. The media as a whole (including SDS columnists) has a weird obsession with QBs.
Unless you like hippies and carbon monoxide, you shouldn't move there ever!
"There’s been some buzz about freshman James Foster" Please name your sources. I'm pretty connected with Ag football and haven't heard anything buzz-worthy about Foster. Stop making junk up!
I love the fact they make a shot at him going by his government name, all while they have to hide behind the "SDS STAFF" alias to avoid public scrutiny for a sh*tty article. #whack
Inmates=prison Patients=asylum Clearly every fan doesn't share the same education level of the alumni. You t-shirts must be stopped!
I'd take the vest that goes with the dress shirt, as opposed to the D-bag visor abuse that Malzhahn is guilty of.
"Read into that what you will but it definitely seems like Sampson is prepared to depart Houston for another job based on that exchange." lol Stop it Mikey! The old play for more money. If he diffuses the speculation, then his agent has zero ammunition when it comes time to negotiate.
lol you live everyday with it? No wonder you're not getting it! You must be in your manic state where you think everything you're saying is groundbreaking! Go take your meds man!
From a Katy native, Sampson would have to be high on crack to move his family from Houston to Fayetteville. Not taking a shot at Arky, but Houston is a great city to live in, and starting over in a harder conference at age 64 isn't a formula for success. The least path of resistance is to stay where he's at, especially since the tournament is open to G5 schools.
No one is standing up for him lamecock, I was simply offering context should be taken into consideration before spewing off stupid sh*t, and you guys' undying obsession with saying someone sucks(over and over). And any lamecock fan shouldn't be calling anyone washed up. We came to the SEC and smacked your washed up coach, your washed up program, and now Jimbo is going to be pushing your sh*t in for the next decade. lol Washed up? Please! The nerve of you bunch!
No one is saying he's great at the moment. You lost me at the "I won’t deny I’m not a fan of him as a person or QB. Never been a fan of a person who doesn’t take responsibility for their own action". How many Bipolar people honestly own up to their behavior? Just leave the site already guy. Your comment history is riddled with nonsensical arguments just to be contrary. I'm sure your coworkers at Walmart just love you!
The guy is struggling with Bipolar disorder. Do you know you alcohol counteracts medicine right? So lets kick the guy while he's down and hurl insults. lol How pathetic can you really be? As far as the comments, it's just trash talk and happens a ton over the course of one game. Since JFFB was micd up, you found your window to say something stupid. lol
Dunks should not be considered FGs. It's just plain stupid! This is another reason why Shaq had a ridiculous high FG percentage when he played. We ALL knew he couldn't actually attempt a shot. They should adjust this stat by removing dunks from the definition.