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One inch at the receiver position? GTFO!!!!-Cooks had 24 TD's in 3 years, 0 kicks returned for TDs-Harvin had 13 TD's in 3 yeas, 1,000 less yards receiving than Kirk, 0 kicks returned for TDs. It also took 6 years for Harvin to sniff close to 900 yards receiving in the NFL; six whole years.-Moss had 19 TDs, in 4 years (an additional year), but had 6 kicks returned for TDs.I'm not going to entertain the others because one played in a High School conference, and the other played QB in a similar conference.With all that said, Kirk has each beat in two or more statistical categories, all while having a revolving door at QB.The level of disrespect on Kirk is astounding! He shredded the SEC! lol
More teams doesn't mean more draft picks.... C-USA had more teams than the little 12 but they don't have more players drafted...
It's comical how insecure some of those Gumps are. lol They escaped Kyle by the skin of their teeth, and feel as though they can troll the Ags. Yes, we know Bama can recruit. Yes, we know Bama can win a national championship. But can Bama beat a Jimbo Fisher coached Texas A&M?
LMAO! If these analysts think any of those JAGS should make it into the first round before Kirk, they must be smoking crack. Kirk should be a first rounder, feel free to get defensive below.
People are going to be really surprised with him after Fall camp with Elko. Dude is going to blow the F up!
I agree, some separation would be nice, but with Brewster and Fisher, we'll keep those elite ones comin' in.
This kid is going to be a day one starter! Gig'Em boys we got a good one!
There were literally 50 million other things to do in BCS at the time. After all it's just a Spring game, does it count?
Oh look BootyBuster is back to his usual fight-picking, but he wanted everyone to stop calling him names last week. lolI'm convinced he's bipolar and off of his meds, I'm truly concerned.
Fly under the radar on to 10.5 sacks? lol Right, the OCs ignored those guys the entire season...Elko is more multiple than John "We're not gonna change a thing" Chavis; Durham will find the QB 10 times again.
It is nonsense if it's the same narrative they push every year and it doesn't come to fruition because of lackluster coaching. Definition of insanity much?Save your emojis.
My response was to:"now UT appears to be rebuilding the roster under Herman – they cleaned up in this last recruiting cycle and he inherited some good young talent from Charlie Strong.... Texas program on another. We’ve read for several years that Texas is ready to rise again, only to see them roll to a .500-ish record. This year may be different."Now read my actual response, and ask yourself was it really that hard to understand?
lol Calm down closet sip, they haven't rebuilt anything. They've always had talent. Don't pretend that it's due to lack of talent. When was the last time tu was outside of the top 10 in recruiting? The narrative has been the same for tu since they lost Brown, they're "rebuilding their roster". Nope every coach they've gotten has been vastly overrated; it shows when you lose to Kansas and Maryland. Stop the nonsense.
We've had a few elite coaches. Maybe not recent(hopefully now), but LSU should know all about R.C. lol
Exactly. lol Trolls are getting out of hand man!
Spence, Landis does not also play linebacker. He played zero snaps at linebacker last season, and is listed as a DE on the roster. SDS fact checking in 2018.
*Walter Football?Not a reliable source brother. Try again.
I don't know much about Sweat but Simmons is a beast do doubt.
Yea, I was going to say. 3 first rounders? That's gotta be false.
Where did you find this information? Don't say "do your research" or "I'm not gonna tell you". If it's a credible source post it. Just the article title so we can Google your "research".
Stop trolling. If you're gonna root for State, do it. Fix your logo.
I see Kirk going to Carolina or NY Giants in the 1st. I think the Giants are trying to move Odell in order to get another first round pick for Kirk.
She's a fraud that's how. We need a list of these projected first and second rounders as well. lol Seems like a bunch of lies to me. MSU having 3 first rounders? LMAO!!!!