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Recent Comments
Lovindagame, his logic is to blame the teenager (call him shady) and not the staff member who can't recruit...He could of said yes, and tried to persuade him, but he'd rather be butt hurt and respond with something stupid....Try harder piggies, try harder....
SDS, can we get Ian a raise? This is the type of substance that's needed on this site! Great write up!
I think we're confusing a cheesy way to get a kid to decommit confused with something inappropriate. There's nothing wrong with what was said, except for the fact that it was weak, and ineffective. Gotta step it up if you wanna get one of ours, piggies...
All of us Ags are not that bad, just like all of the Hogs are not that bad. One of my coworkers' family is from Arkansas. She's about as pretentious as they come. Her husband, and the rest of the fam, are a nice group and fun to be around. You might want to examine your living situation if everybody around you is a douche. It may rub off onto you a little....
You must be laughing at the fact that Texas A&M has a 12.7 billion dollar endowment. Or you could be laughing at the fact that AL dot com did a little research on the richest Football programs in the SEC; We came in at 62.19 million (192 million in total athletic revenue, no. 1 in the country), State came in at 31.3 million. Not only are we a bigger national brand, we have double the football revenue. So if State wants to make it a pissing contest, then you certainly just "peed a little".LMAO!!!!!
State in a bidding war with Texas A&M? *insert crying with laughter emoji
He has great job security for now. If he finishes this season with a losing record, then he too will be on the hot seat.
Season is still young. They've only beat one SEC team. There's plenty of time to collapse. We know all about that. lol
BamaTime the perception would be the same as I've stated; Bama is beating a bunch of coaches who can't can't coach. Bama would not beat Harbaugh, Franklin, Swinney, Fisher, Petersen, etc.... every year. It's not hard for Bama to "carry" a conference that has bad coaching. Maybe Bama is getting there because the rest of us suck. If Bama loses one game and wins the SEC they are guaranteed a spot. If Bama loses in the playoffs to any of those coaches, what would the perception be then (I'm asking non-biased Bama fans)?
This is a weird game. Arkansas is one of the worst in the SEC too. It'll be a toss up in the 4th.........again! smh
Also realizes this is a brawl and taps out just like the shirt he took off. smh
SevenT all this after a couple of keystone light? hahahahaha
He's right, but he can't sit there and be too smug. Let's be real (and I am not trolling) would Alabama consistently win the ACC?Heck if Fisher was at LSU and Swinney was at A&M would Alabama still be thumping their chests? What about Petersen( Washington) at Auburn?You can definitely smell blood from the rest of us but Bama aint carrying the conference; the rest of us just suck a lot more at football than Bama. lol
Kevin Sumlin: "Hold my beer Barry"
Sounds lucrative. Wrong site tho bud...
Yea, I'm going to go with wolfman on this one. All the ball has to do is break the plane. He came down with the ball. Play is over. Touchdown.
Hey Tiger TD, have you checked the rankings? SEC West rankings?4 teams in the top 25. I know I mentioned strength of schedule but I can't expect you to understand at this point. Just know it's important.
Kibodi is a gem! Fire Sumlin but save McKinney to keep recruiting running backs. lol
I'm not 100% sure but the rule on that catch should have been a touchdown. If the DB and the WR simultaneously catch the ball the possession should go to the receiver. That just may be NFL though.
Feelings get hurt? Where on earth are you getting your information from?I simply stated the obvious; we were getting along more than usual. Well, let the mud slinging begin! lolHow's the Ole Mi$$ recruiting class holding of bro?
BootyBuster, I thought we were playing nice this season? I guess not! Please post the articles that I said any of that. My grandmother could see that Hubenak is more limited than Ryan Fitzpatrick. I did, however feel as if the Ags would play well enough to win; you saw that the first half of the UCLA game. There seems to be a trend; when our QB goes down, the entire team folds. See Johnny versus Auburn in 2014, Knight vs State in 2016, and now Starkel vs UCLA this year.Tiger TD you have a 7 year old and you are spending a ton of time on this site? My, what a life, what a life....He/she ought to be taking your Ipad from you!Making fun of MiZZZZZZ? Bro/Sis the article didn't even mention MiZZZZ in any capacity and here you are, running your dang sausage fingers across the screen.Where is MIzzzzzzz in this article??????The author made a subtle and indirect "SEC East, you need not apply"(see my original post).