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Track is our best sport outside of football. Check the record books Keith!
Any situation is better than Cleveland. You think he was the only person that drinks in that pathetic excuse for a town? Plus if he's not just blowing smoke, what better test than New Orleans? If he can be functional there, he can be functional anywhere.
Let him live= making mistakes and learning from them. I hope he ends up with the Saints. lol
What NFL guys? Sources? " I’m not the one, not offering. That’s every single GM in the NFL." Title of the article: "Report: Two NFL teams with established QBs could give Johnny Manziel camp opportunity" Right....you're saying he's not a great option to sit behind an "established qb".... Why did yo u deviate from the premise of the article to create an argument that can't be substantiated? LET HIM LIVE BRO!!!!!! LOLOLOL
"I haven’t said anything negative about your hero" ".... [not] even a good one [option] for most teams to bring in" C'mon, don't double talk....We must have different deffinitons of the word negative. We in the "know" also understand the implicit attitudes towards JFB. Haters gonna hate. Let him live bro! Let him live! lol
Facts. His non-football related issues kept him from developing as a football player. If they're now nonexistent( we'll see), why not? I hope he balls out and beats every person's team that hated on him!
People who aren't consumed with hate and don't believe that they are vicariously liable for a team or person who make mistakes. A lot of you fools act as if these knuckleheads (JFB, Aldon Smith etc...) are taking food off of your table and slapping your mothers. It isn't that serious. Let him live his life, and you do what you do best-witness from the confines of your armchair.
Please offer support (sources) of Luke Joeckel's dissapointing career? Stop the lies and propaganda Spencer. He was injured a ton (like an entire season, and a half). He only played 4 games this season and did not give up a sack, so he's most likely healthy now. If you need help elaborating and fact checking, I can help you. However, my services aren't cheap....
I loved him with the Texans. Dude reminds me of Howard Wilson; he's not very good in coverage and has to make up for it by big hits. I like his energy though. I'm sure he's the type of person every team needs in the locker room.
Bro, tight end or fullback at 220 pounds? He would get destroyed. TK's best option is reciever bc of his background of being a qb ( he can recognize coverages and find holes in the zone). However, there are a bunch of recievers heading for the draft that are faster, more polished route runners, and have way more reps (like....an entire career) at the position. I'm rooting for TK because he is an great Ag, but he has a lot of work to do. Gig'Em
Please explain to me how he was a non-factor? TFL's don't count? Forcing double teams, and right guards to pull to his side on sweep plays doesn't mean much? You have the football IQ of a 12 year old, and the argumentive skills of a rock. You can't summarize; your logic is littered with the transitive property, as well. You want to know why those guys (Mingo, and Montgomery:relating to our other arguement) sucked in the NFL? It's because the scouts were subjected to the same fundamental attribution error; your false sense of superiority. But, hey Arkansas is a great team to lose to when your roster is full of 5-star talent right? I mean, LSU, is superior at one thing; that's doing the most with the least.......
"Go back to the big 12" why so ya'll could lose more games a year??? FOH t-shirt troll!