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The BootyBuster meltdown thread is everything I expected it to be! lmao!!!!!Classic!
Chill bro. Alabama ain't Ole Mi$$.... don't ride their wave.... Ole Mi$$ is still winless to NCAA violations! hahahaha
"Don't make me call Kansas" lmao!In all seriousness, they always snub players that they know are Ag commits all the way. Speaking of safeties, they tried the same mess with Armani Watts... and look, an all-SEC safety since a freshman.Don't be fooled by stars and for damn sure don't buy into any hype surrounding tu.
I understand your point and that's the question circulating around Aggieland. The issue is who do we replace Sumlin with? We don't want another Fran,Sherman (even tho MS was a great recruiter-Miller, Manziel, Evans...etc) hire ever again.It's just as easy to fall to 6-6 every year, but the counter argument is that this is the most talented our program has ever been so 8-5, 9-4 should be doable by any coach.It's really frustrating if you ask me...
I see your Theory of Competition and raise you one. A&M can compete as well... Which makes your argument null and void and takes us back to my original point.....And please don't try to make any posts relative to fallacies BootyBuster; you and your explosive diarrhea, drivel contradictions on numerous of SDS articles.Worry about Ole Mi$$'$ impending doom!
Buuuuuut when UH tried to work a UH vs tu game in for the remainder of Herman's buyout (UH was basically going to play/pay for the buyout) the sips said no......C'mon man, the sips don't wan't any part of A&M. They were scared of UH! lmao!
What's hurting the Big 12 is tu, Kansas, and Iowa State. Even if tu was on top they would still only have 2 programs worth a damn on the national level. The big 12 is closer to the AAC than a traditional power 5 conference. I know some teams from C-USA that would challenge the Big 12.Cut it out Fatterson, cut it out....
Sumlin has a tall task, but the talent is there to at least win 9 games (mathematically);beat the teams you're supposed to beat and your seat won't be hot coach Sumlin.Gig'Em Ags!In other news, did anyone else watch the random video above? It's worth the watch, there is a rare spotting of BamaTime at the 1:14 mark; he's in the middle in the grey shirt and hat! hahahaha
Some people will never understand, but I'm glad you got to witness the douchery that is tu! It's a rare type of t-sippin' douchery lol And to add to your Mizzou sentiments, that team had so much damn talent. lol it was ridiculous how well Pinkel could recruit. I remember being at the 2010 game vs Mizzou, and telling myself, "we are going to beat the breaks off of these tigers". Boy was I wrong! lmao.
It's so stupid when people say "the media". What do you mean by the media? Does the SEC not have a channel on TV (media)? Is SDS not a form of informational and communicational media? I will agree that media is a broad term, but it would behoove you to distinguish between the categories and not lump it all together. News flash, PillsburyThrowboy, you are a part of social media. Now, are you paying to stats or the SEC?
There's some accuracy to it nonetheless.
DawgTownHog if you think that Arky (like I said) and Mizzzzz is a bigger rivalry( even though it's not one at all), than THE Lone Star Show Down, then you must be sick in the head. I will agree the Red River rivalry has taken off recently, but that's only due A&M not playing tu anymore. tu fans will say their rival is OU, and Aggies will say our rival is LSU(maybe in the 90's, but not now lol), but we all know that when we ask either schools who they hate the most, they'll respond with each other's name. That is a rivalry. And are you seriously going to plug and play that tired ole joke, and insert Aggie into it as if it was innovative, original,and cool? GTFO, bro. NO one, (and I mean no one) outside of porkville gives a damn about Arky. You can look at most watched SEC teams and Arky is no where near the top. You want to make jokes? lol look in the mirror piggie, there's your joke! hahahahah
lol I know what he meant, but the phrasing was creepy as all get out...It sounded very predatorial.
Why must you always result to personal insults to make a point, HungerBuster?
"Every game is a rivalry in college football, that is why we keep all-time-record stats on every college match up."lol Stop the madness!-Texas A&M vs tu is a rivalry -Bama vs Auburn is a rivalry -Ohio State vs Michigan is rivalry -Army vs Navy is a rivalry -UCLA vs USC is a rivalry -Clemson vs USC (the real USC haha) is a rivalry -Mississippi State vs Ole Mi$$ is a rivalryDo you see the trend here?Rivalries develop overtime ,and in most cases, there is a deep-seeded hate for the other school. Their not born after a couple of games. Hell, UH vs Rice would be considered a bigger rivalry than Mizzzzzzzzz vs Arky! lolI'm interested to see where the A&M vs. Auburn match up will be in about ten years. It may not be a rivalry but booooy it's starting to bubble!
"Losing to the Mississippi schools and Arky is unforgivable".When did I say we didn't lose to both Mississippi schools? State was not good last year, we we're not good last year. We do, however, have loads of more talent than state and should be better than last year. Other than that, I hope you guys take a huge L at Kyle field. I'd imagine our players have that game circled on the calendar. lol Sucks to be ya'll!
Bro...if our only fans *are alumni then we wouldn't be hurting all that bad. Do you know how many students we graduate yearly? We have 404k plus alumni and 50% of all of our alumni are class of 95 or later. I'm not great at math but I'd imagine that 50% of 400k is greater than the 101k seats that fill the stadium each Saturday. I'm not arguing that we don't have t-shirt fans...trust me, I see them leave early a ton... However, I am arguing that Texas A&M would do fine without them... In 2016 50k former students raised 12 million in support of the university. All of these "facts" are available on the aggienetwork.com.
Agreed. I just came here to see who'd get triggered. lol
Wait a minute... did you say "take away the fans and you won't have a program"?lmao!!!We might need to define fan.... You can be a student, and a fan at the same time bro...
Yes, I will remember when A&M drops *3 to 4 games this year that college tuition(undergrad plus grad school) isn't a contributionto the facilities that were being built. Or my donations, and tickets purchased during my 7 years in BCS are the equivalent to individuals who did not attend the university....Ok...yessir...I sure will.You have more ties to A&M than me? lol Sit the hell down!I'll tie you up! lol I'm a third generation Ag with multiple relatives that attended, attend, or will attend A&M.Unlike Bama, Texas A&M is a legacy university.Now go iron the wrinkles out of that t-shirt bro!
Touche, but it's a start, and better than just making the claim (like most people on this site) with out offering some sort of evidence for support.
Surely won't finish last in the West. lol However, I agree with the "Master of Disguise"; Sumlin better get 8 or 9 in the regular season and a bowl victory.Losing to LSU, Bama, and Auburn, is understandable. Losing to the Mississippi schools and Arky is unforgivable. That will be the big difference in whether he stays or goes. Football programs with resources like Texas A&M should not lose to lesser teams on a consistent basis.Here's to a long, but hopefully semi-successful ball season..Gig'Em Ags!
Sounds like one of the posters on this site. Middle aged, t-shirt fan who isn't getting any action! hahaWhere you at BamaTime?
It wasn't weak, it was an objective argument, followed up with substantial evidence to make a point. That's what half of the posters on this site are lacking in, substance and validity. It was, however, unwarranted. If you have to tear down someone else to make a point then you have no business trying to make a point in the first place... Let's see if he results to that argument if Butch Jones puts 50 on them and runs them out of Knoxville. My money is on Butch!
Lol calling me fake but made the argument that t-shirt fans are the equivalent to alumni. *fartJust remember that when you're watching all of Bama's games this year on your tv-radio, within the confines of your rickety double wide.Toast to you TshirtTime; this Keystone Light is fer you! hahahahaha