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Wild cat running backs also take snaps from center,so do punters and kickers. More of your unrelated drivel (why bring up the triple option when it's not the system he runs?), backed up by personal attacks I see.Your problem is using the article's premise as a reference point for your argument. News flash, the author is just as incorrect as you. There is no 3rd category of QB's. Either you're a pro-style or a dual threat. What the hell is a running QB???? Fitz is a dual threat. He's not a very good dual threat because he's a poor passer but he's far from a pro-style. Calling someone a running QB with failure to acknowledge why he is not a dual-threat is like a participation trophy for piss poor QB's that aren't a effective. Get out of here with this "running QB" mess. Let's see how many running QBs are NFL starters. There are none; there's some dual threats and plenty pro-style lol Smh so stupid! Prescott, Newton, and JFB were dual threats; Tebow, and Fitz are crappy passers that can run. Stop the nonsense and hold your L, you old coot!
You self righteous Gumps are all the same. Dude was a kid when he experienced all of this fame. You expected him to handle it like a role model "professional" athlete? I'd imagine someone as famous as you could tell him a thing or two. Right.
lSUMCABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP What the F*** is a running QB? If the QB can throw as well as run well, he's a dual threat. If he can't throw and he just runs, that makes him a running back which is what he is.
Two things. Cowboys suck. Go Texans! Dez isn't a Thug; how's he gonna catch a charge, when he can't catch a pass! ahahaha
"It's an odd lawsuit to say the least"..... zero details and you can make that claim? smh
This is what I was trying to explain to folks. We should be content with 9-10 win regular seasons to start off. It's unrealistic to think that Jimbo is going to figure the SEC WEST out overnight. Not gonna happen. He will however, give us a few more wins a year than Sumlin, and that'll work for now. That means beating LSU once in a while,splitting with Auburn as we normally do, and beating the Mississippi schools (as we should). Alabama is another story. lol
*Contradicting. Not hypocritical. After all, if he was coaching in the little 12, he'd be saying the same thing about their crappy conference. Let the man live Mike.
Irenaus-Why would you open your mouth and speak on something you can't/don't understand?
BrahMane-Hey From the outside looking in you can't understand it. From the inside looking out you can't explain it. 4th generation Ag it's just another thing we've always held true to. Traditions at Texas A&M are what makes our university unique.Ruff-How many sleepless nights did it take for you to come up with that that grade school joke?
BrahMane where in Houston are you talking about? I'm from Katy and I can assure you we have a large alumni base in the west and northwest parts of the city. Most will tell you the same as me. Once an Aggie always an Aggie. We do have former "students", however. I hope that helps.
Your reference point must be off base. There is no such thing as a "former" or an "ex" Aggie. Once an Ag always an Ag.
lol OMG this former Aggie stuff is getting out of hand! How many times must we remind you SDS writers? There....is.....no....such....thing.....as....a..former....A-G-G-I-E..To add insult to injury your sentence didn't even make sense grammatically."Interestingly, Williams is drawing comparisons to DeAndre Jordan, another former Aggie." When did Williams become an Alumnus?
Why'd you stop at 6? I need to know your reasoning for that. I'm not suggesting bias or anything like that...
My thoughts exactly. I can never get into CB until march for that reason alone.
"That’s cute data. But, reality is that the talent has to be mature (jr & sr), and it needs to be deep.""My Dogs are still young with our ‘16 & ‘17 classes bunping us up your list."Contradiction much? Didn't that young Georgia team make the playoffs last year?
Need to see the distance the ball travels after reaching said "tight spaces". 5 yard mesh routes to Cole Beasley is hardly a pass; they're more along the lines of pitches. lol
I'd like to think the majority of us still love John Football.
Boxter355, what are teams did Mullen play in the SEC that had equal talent?Bama, LSU, A&M, Auburn, Ole Miss? Nope.Arkansas? Maybe.The only teams that have equal talent to State or less are Kentucky, Vandy, and South Carolina. Those teams are in the East (Georgia get's to play them, oh how convenient). Mullen had an uphill battle since day one.Check the 2017 composite team talent rankings, he's getting a lot more to work with at Florida. Also, what you did you mean "And it’s not just that they went undefeated in the East, but the manner in which they did it"? What type of fallacy is that? You're assuming that he'll get the same results in 2018 because every variable that contributed to his success in 2017 will be the same? log off and go read a book!"How about you focus on your program winning more than 8 games."Terrible deflection. lol How about you focus on not winning a ton of games in one season. Especially if it means you have to lose to a true freshman on a 2nd and 26, after he throws a streak for the win in the NCG. lol
lol He was a true freshmen that thew a go route. He literally snapped the ball, let the receiver run straight down the field and threw it to him. It was also 2nd and 26 (might be a good idea to watch for a deep pass). If you need film to not make that mistake then you shouldn't be coaching.Stop making excuses...
Little brother complex? LMAO!Check the history books, buddy, Texas A&M is older than tu. Boy these Georgia girls sure get defensive! hahahahaha
Terrible.What do you get when you breed a true freshman Alabama QB and Mel Tucker's scheme?Torched! Congrats to the runnner-ups!
Bro, you guys don't have any idea what context is. Do you really think, that piss poor play-calling that Georgia did in the NCG vs Bama is going to cut it in an SEC East that should be better next year? What makes you think it'll be a cakewalk? I love how you call me stupid, rationalize Kirby's ability to make adjustments from a game that wasn't his most recent. How'd he adjust to a true freshman QB throwing a go route to beat him (it was like watching back yard football)? Kirby to the DC: "Hey let's not cover the deepest route on the field. There's no way they attempt it. They're not trying to score". LMAO! Look, Kirby is a good coach, but assuming Mullen isn't an upgrade over McElwain is an insult. Any coach that loses to Sumlin is terrible. Also Mullen's AP record means nothing, given context(something that contentiously evades you); Mullen HAD 2 and 3 star players at MSU! He will have elite talent now at Florida. Oh the pretentiousness of these puppies after one good season. lolDouble duce, two SEC west teams does not equate to surviving the WEST; neither does beating the two best SEC West teams (that's the transitive property territory). As far as playing us in 2019, I'm sure you fellas don't want them problems. lol This team was full of sophomores and freshmen. In 2019 they'll be Juniors and Sophomores, and have a year of experience in Jimbo's offense (more context,buddy), and Elkos system.Ya'll are better off beating us this year when we're vulnerable. You know? Vulnerable? Like your SEC East opponents this past season? This funny thing about context, it has a funny way of humbling people. But by all means, crown yourselves kings of 2018 already.
We'll see. Ausbon might leave too. We never know with these things. Some of these kids are still teenagers.
Dude was a kid that finally hit rock bottom. It sucks, but sometimes that's what it takes to get back on track. Aggieland will always have your back John Football.Gig'Em
Stidham couldn't sign because Mond's parents would not allow it. Another promise by Sumlin that can't stick. Starkel will most likely win the job in the Spring and Mond might transfer to Auburn.
I know one thing, the EAST has been trash, and made it easy for Georgia to make the NCG. Keep fly fishing boy, you don't know anything about football!
He had them competitive and let's not forget that Georgia was loaded with 4&5 stars. Let's see what he does with a leveled playing field. It's easy to think Georgia was worth a dime when they coasted to the SEC championship due to a weak division (the SEC east has been terrible since A&M joined the SEC). Try it this year and talk.
Bro chill. lol It won't come back to bite anyone. Fisher is an elite recruiter,and if he get's us #1 or #2 is TBD. Life goes on if he does or doesn't. I see why you're so compelled to get hung up on "words". Ya'll Georgia fans love to claim that ya'll are here to stay or an elite program after one year, what's the difference? Fisher has a longer track record than you coach at winning and recruiting at a high level. Be careful, there have been a bunch of coaches that caught lightning in a bottle the first year, got complacent, and spiraled back down into obscurity. Georgia could very well be one of those teams. Prestige isn't an absolute like it's commonly presented, it requires maintenance (for you "blue bloods"); you gotta do it again, and again.Yes, you do appear butt hurt. You are extremely defensive about a statement regarding his ambitions. It's just a statement that wasn't directed towards any university. I can smell your insecurity through the computer screen.