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Oh I'm a fan boy? I'm not an Ag if I'm not on the football team? lmao! Close your mouth you JUCO dropout!Fanboy= Alatide who never attended BamaEkinggill88= A damn good Ag who is soon the be a dual degree holder from Texas A&M University.You might have it ack basswords bro. You're the loser, I'm the winner. You and BamaTshirt's arguments are too much trash for BFI. Gumps like you and BamaTshirt love to start an argument, get owned, and try to fall back on the premise that Alabama beat A&M so the previous (and unrelated ) argument is a wash. It isn’t. You still got owned and will continue to get owned by people with triple your intellectual capacity. Move along bro.
"I know not".....? Are you slow?You could have literally written anything else to keep yourself from sounding like the simpleton you are. It's not too late for your 40+ year old dumb a** to take a freshman English class. lol
Nope. A&M expectations=lowBama expectations= blow people out and go undefeated and win the NCThe latter of that will not happen this year. I promise, if we collapse the rest of the season, but Bama doesn't win the NCG, I'll be doing a lot less crying than you will BamaTshirt!LMAO!!!
My argument was that offensive ranks don’t mean anything when you haven’t played a decent defensive team.
It's understandable when your expectations for people aren't high when you're a loser and a grammatical peon. I'm correct about the 83rd ranked passer (Hurts) being a wildcat running back though.
Not a fan boy, an actual Aggie. Don't attribute your logical fallacies to my "hate" of the tide. The two aren't related. I just gotta set mental midgets straight when they come at me with Swiss cheese logic. Gumps like you and BamaTshirt love to start an argument, get owned, and try to fall back on the premise that Alabama beat A&M so the previous (and unrelated ) argument is a wash. It isn't. You still got owned and will continue to get owned by people with triple your intellectual capacity. Move along bro.
The idiot: "I’m showing you that idiots like you don’t realize how close Jalen is to those who’ve won in the past. His rushing numbers will be better than last years, and the passing will be at least similar. Which, as I pointed out, is right there with the greats like Tebow."-Jalen Hurts is having a worse season this year than last. What makes you think he'll triple his production in the few weeks we have left? He's going to double his production in 6 games, when it's taken him 6 pass for 1,000 and rush for 500? Stupid. SmhThe idiot: "My argument about the way to win the Heisman is true. Sometimes guys like Lamar Jackson (a rare stat stuffer) get it, but for the most part it’s always the MVP from a winning team. And most people now agree it should have been Deshaun’s Heisman."-Oh because you say something is true, it is? lol Stupid. Smh Rare stat stuffers? Hiesman won by MVP of winning team? You might have to define "winning" for us sensible folks.2016-Lamar Jackson: 9-4 2015-Derrick Henry: 14-1 2014-Mariota:13-2 (but lets say 13-1 for NC loss) 2013-Winston: 14-0 2012-Johnny F*cking Football!: 11-2 2011-RG3: 10-3 2010-Cam: 14-0 2009-Ingram:14-0 2008-Bradford: 12-2 2007-Tebow: 9-4 2006-Smith: 12-1 2005-Reggie Bush lost it LMAO!You can lose some and still win it, but you better be breaking records left and right. Now, has Hurts touched any of those players' numbers? Both players who won games and lost games? Nope!Idiot: "But hey, you’re the fool saying that someone with Tebow-like numbers shouldn’t be considered for the Heisman so go cast your vote for Shea. I’m sure we’ll see him there first."-When has Hurts put up Tebow's numbers? Is he putting them up this year? He barely has 1,000 yards passing through 6 games and he's supposed to beat JFB, Cam, Tebow, Jackson, and RG3 records? He better try to be a running back because it's already over! lol Give it a rest simpleton! 83rd ranked passer in the country should be considered for the Heisman? ROFL!!!
We have to understand context. If you've played football, you'd understand that worse stuff happen in the locker room daily. I don't see the big issue. This is "locker room" behavior. However, if the coach hits my son, and son is having a bad day and whoops coach's azz, then no hard feelings just like before. lol You better love him the same like the other players!
- Captain: "#1 Colorado St scoring touchdowns against bama’s defense has what to do with bama’s offense?"I stated: If statistical rankings=elite then let’s look at the shrimp schools that are ranked ahead of Alabama (15th) in total offense.With the aforementioned in mind, my argument was that offensive ranks don't mean anything when you haven't played a decent defensive team. I asked what CSU's offense (6th ranked in the country) did against Alabama's elite defense? The answer should be obviously nothing. My argument in that instance is just like CSU, when Bama's anemic offense faces a decent defense they suck a**.-Captain: "#3 The Alabama red zone offense looks, dare I say, elite."You're missing the point, just like BamaTshirt! What defenses have Alabama played? More specifically, what was their redzone percentage against the Ags, what will be their redzone percentage against LSU, and Auburn?
Oops, sorry. I forgot that recently changed after last game....He's still a wildcat running back. lmao!
I'll tell you what, BamaTshirt, when the Alabama Crimson Detergent lose to either Auburn or LSU I'll waive a new flag for you. That flag will say "I told you so; I told you that the down syndrome version of Georgia Tech's offense will not work on a defense with a pulse". LolRoll Tears Roll!!!
You keep bringing up Hurts' stats for last year as if they are any indication of this year's projection (I'll humor you just for fun)...Ok, Hurts as a freshman, was he a finalist last year? LMAO!!!! NO! He's having a less productive year this year, isn't he???? lol What was your argument again, Gump?"Yeah, but it’s all about the Heisman moment. If your team is in big games at end of season and you have a player making big plays to secure the win then that will go a long ways. The Heisman voters aren’t all one dimensional. They know it’s not just about racking up stats."Deshaun Watson, had plenty of Heisman moments and lost to a player that racked up stats (Lamar Jackson).
You're the same person advocating the 83rd ranked passer (Hurts) in the country for the Heisman. lol Gumps and their obvious biases. Smh
Leave it to a simpleton to chop a quote and miss the context. Close your yapper, Gump!
McCarron in 2013? Is Hurts on pace to tie/beat his passing numbers? Nope.Hurts is averaging 147 a game and McCarron in 2013 averaged 235.6 a game. That's nearly an entire football field less each game. AJ ended the season with 28 passing touchdowns too. That's roughly 2 passing touchdowns a game. Hurts has 8 touchdowns is 7 games. The only teams he passed for more than one on are Ole Miss and Colorado State. lolTebow's Juinor year? Tebow won as a sophomore. Tebow's numbers in 07 are better than McCarron's in 2013 (the year he made it to NY). Not only did Tebow put up better numbers than Hurt's did last year and his pace for this year, McCarron did the year he made it to NY. How can Hurt's be considered a hiesman candidate when he's the 10th best passer (statistically) in the SEC?Dude this argument is about as one-sided as Alabama's offense. Alabama has a better chance of spreading it out than you do of winning this argument, and I don't see Lane Kiffin coming back this year....Hurts will finish with less yards rushing than any of the Heisman winners (JFB,Cam,Tebow, Mariota). Hurts will also finish with less yards passing than the runner-ups those years.Hold this L, sir.
Let me break it down in Barney terms for you, Gump.Shea Patterson is not worthy of a Heisman trophy at this point. However, if we are to take a candidate from this conference it should be him.How hard is that to understand? You Gumps aren't very keen at analyzing rhetoric are ya'll? Go sit in the corner dunce!
"He’s the only player worthy of consideration in this conference imo."Did I advocate to give Patterson the Heisman? No, you mental midget, I didn't. I simply stated that he should be the only one in this conference to be considered(thus going with the overall narrative of the article).lol You mentioned functioning mental faculties? Get you some!!!!!
Hey dummy, what quarterbacks have won a Heisman, rushing for more yards passing? What quarterbacks have won the Heisman while throwing for a 3rd of the national average? Hurts has no shot.
HistoryofMatt, its BamaTurd, why expect anything less than stupid?He likes to bring up unrelated information to make a point. What does the random time frame of 35 years and championships have to do with Hurts leading the team in rushing? lol The dude is a Wildcat running back that can throw from time to time.It was a good joke. Don't be butt hurt Bammer!
With the amount of returning talent, and a 9-4 finish, we better have a plan if we let ole Sumlin go. I'm concerned that there aren't any sure fire hires. I like Kelly; the people that suggest that his offense won't work in the SEC don't know who Chip Kelly is. His teams run the ball better than anyone (CFB and NFL) , and therefore a recipe for success.
lol the irony of that argument when you have a kid from Texas as your QB.Fail!!!!!Colts coach, I'm the d-bag but you like to call people Gayturds? Even so, can turds have a sexual orientation now? #GrammarFail
What took place was BamaTshirt spent an entire week suggesting that Bama was going to blow A&M out of the water. She was wrong, and now she/he has to fall back on a point that A&M lost. Take English 103 so you can learn how to make a proper argument ,and hold your L BamaTshirt. Shut your yapper mental midget.
lol Scoring offense? They score a bunch of points against who? How many of those were redzone touchdowns or field goals? They're not elite!If statistical rankings=elite then let's look at the shrimp schools that are ranked ahead of Alabama (15th) in total offense.5. UCF 6. Colorado State (how many touchdowns did they score against Bama when they played?) 10. Arizona 11. SMU 12. North Texas 13. USF 14. MemphisNow the scoring offense shrimps:1. UCF 6. SMU 7. Arizona 9. USF (tied with Bama)So you're telling me that all of those scoring/total offenses are better than Bama's? All of those offenses would score at the same rate against stiffer defensive competition?Nope, they wouldn't, and you know it! It matters who you've played. Bama has yet to face an elite defense. When they do..... UH OH!!!!! LMAO!!!!
What production? Where does he rank statistically against other quarterbacks in the SEC?He ranks 10th according to ESPN:1. Shea Patterson 2. Drew Lock 3. Jake Bentley 4.Jarrett Stidham 5.Kyle Shurmur 6.Danny Etling 7.Stephen Johnson 8. Kellen Mond 9. Jake Fromm 10. Jalen HurtsHurts' numbers wont be good enough for a Heisman bid. His production is below pedestrian. It's being overshadowed by a run first offense, Lane Kiffin's absence as the OC, a dominant defense, and the fact that he's has a game managing role. Unless Kiffin shows up for the final half of the season, Bama won't be airing it out.
The Heisman is an individual award, but QB play is a function of the entire offense. You can't be a good QB with out a decent running game, receivers who can get open/catch, linemen who can block, and an OC that calls the right play(s). That's why I think Patterson should be considered. He's defying logic; he has no running game (go ahead and fight me on this one Ole Miss fans), his line is shaky, and he's getting the ball to WR's against defenses who are expecting the pass on most plays. He's the only player worthy of consideration in this conference imo.
I see we've deviated from the actual point and want to pick at something as meticulous as the quantification of the word "most".Bama didn't dominate. Bama was 26.5 favorites (BamaTshirt said we'd keep it less close than CSU) and nearly blew a 14 point lead heading into the 4th. Bama was held to less than 400 yards of total offense. You wanna talk math? Bama's offense is so trash they had 355 yards of total offense and we had 308. We also turned the ball over 3 times! So the difference in yards divided by their 3 extra possession is= 47/3=15.333So with the extra 3 possessions Bama managed to avg. 15.6, *repeating a each extra possession. For the clowns that want to suggest that it can't be true, understand Bama was 4-14 on 3rd down conversions compared to our 3-14. Prolific offense my azz! lolStop the nonsense you biased bunch of clowns. My argument is the only one being validated by statistical substance. Bamas' D is still elite. Their offense is not very good!