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I said I was working on my Masters you senile old coot. That was a year ago! I now have it.... Are we done here?
Zero. I'm a dual degree holder. How many points where you shy on your SATs to get into your local JUCO? You have no room to talk, t-shirt fan.
Living vicariously through people? Coming from you? Are you kidding me? You're the guy who never went to college, purchased a bunch of t-shirts but now a part of the LSU program???? LMAO!!!! Just stop. Trolling you has become way too easy.
You call looking up "numbers" on the internet research? LMAO!!! Oh the "he makes more money than you so your criticism about how he plays the sport doesn't apply" argument. How unrelated can you get?
lol You at you having a complete meltdown and try to spin this "Our guy is better than your guy" to feel good about yourself. You didn't even go to LSU (Etling hardly did as well, as a grad transfer), conversation over. You're trying to bait me to expose my age. I don't know what it is with you old folks and the term millennial.... Half of you are millennials or don't even know the generation that are considered millennials. I'll give you a clue since you want to know how old I am, old fart. I've used the term millennial to describe a person who was one; I used it appropriately however. You make trolling you both easy and fun. hahaha But kudos for your rant!
lol Etling! LMAO! You just had to throw his name in there! hahahaha
"perseverance"? lol Fail! I think you mean persistence in this context. "You get called out for your obvious shortcomings, and you then resort to horrible name calling and just making up stuff you are clueless about." That whole sequence makes me cringe. I hope you don't process information as poorly as you write. Could you have written something more choppy than that? Who keeps giving the uneducated and unemployed government stipends for computers? Go back to the cave you crawled out of; internet posting is for intellectuals.
Automatically assume a person's age when you're getting your tail handed to you on the internet. lol Yup typical hillbillies that like to band together on SDS; pro-tip for you two hillbillies, pluralistic ignorance does not translate to truth.
Yea you're financially secure on unemployment checks. I would not dream of the pitiful dead end life you've succumb to. Nope. It actually saddens me and I want to help, but you got to get up off your tail and get a job brother! lol You probably smell like a double-wide trailer, 2001 F-150, Paul Mall cigarettes, Busch Beer, VHS tapes, struggle internet, chicken coop 2 feet from my back door in the city, and microwave dinners! lol Don't try to talk mess to be dude. I'm far from a trust fund baby, but even further from your sad excuse of a situation. Are we done yet or you need more of this roasting?
Thanks for the compliment BumTime! As for LSUMC go get a job! You're pathetic! lol
sips getting whipped. Just for those games Roll Tide dammit!!!
Lol These are reports of him being involved(associated). Not facts yet; we haven't seen a mug shot or an actual police report. He could have literally have been with a group of idiots that got caught up and not done anything himself. It's easy to be implicated when that happens. Notice the phrase, "them" and and it was a security guard that spotted "them"; no way in hell he's stretching the truth. lol As far as you getting butt hurt from other posts and following me around, keep trying, but you are a terrible troll.
Starkel literally had better numbers. Fitz is trash as a passer; it should be common knowledge outside of State homers and idiots like LSMUC. Has he Fitz been named the starter with his new head coach? just like with the Bama fools who were in love with Hurts and his hype, he turned out to be a QB who can't pass worth a dam, now Fitz. You really think he won't get exposed with a new coach in the SEC West? LMAO! Hype>Truth I guess....
Makes joke* hurts old man's feelings that is used to getting his way, and now labeled a trust fund baby....? If I'm a trust fund baby (since we're going with that assumed narrative), who typically makes fun of bums and pathetic individuals he/she deems lower status, what does that make you two? Bums. lol Chill out it; it was a joke, I'd laugh if you beat me to the punch, but you didn't. Don't go let it ruin your day. So fragile. Smh
lol One or two good teams? Isn't that what every conference produces each year? Ad nausea you keep saying "auto bid" when it's not automatic. They have to play in their conference championship, and they have to win it like every other conference. You are lost my man. "Never happen....don't have enough following for anybody to care..." I bet if Troy got in and beat LSU again, you'd care! LMAO! Don't be pretentious dude. College football is big to everyone, even the smaller schools.You overestimating how much LSU matters doesn't mean you should underestimate how much smaller schools matter. We're not talking ivy league or Sun Belt though. We're talking the Boise States, UCFs, Memphis', ect... You know, teams that have been beating P5 teams in the past, recently? Wake up, you can't be that dense!
You keep referencing the Sun Belt, and I've already stated that I'm not advocating for the Sun Belt, specifically...Does any of your repeated referencing have to do with Troy??? Also, while, yes, the G5 do get scraps(I'll agree), but to say they don't have enough talent to compete is ignorant; I know you're smarter than this. There are P5 kids on those rosters,and transfers from P5 schools each year. Stop being biased, and a poor representation of an elitist. Let's be objective here. Look at the MWC and AAC, how many times has their top halves beat P5 schools? It happens every year. The Sun Belt and Conference USA are not the MWC or AAC. Wake up man. Rankings don't tell the whole story.
Lol leftovers? Oh wow, aren't we being a bit of an elitist? Please don't remind me of the pretentious a** sips. I'm not advocating for the Sun Belt either ( I know they suck). The only G5 programs I felt (as stated above) were worth a spot were the MWC, AAC, and MAC. Their best programs are good enough to beat a handful of programs from any P5 conference. It all depends how good our (SEC) conference and other P5's are the year they (MWC, AAC, MAC) face off (there's your parity). I do understand that a team without the best record can still win the conference (see NFL) and the team with the overall best record could not win the conference. Tough t*tt. Win your conference and you're in; plain and simple. No debating, no controversy, no politics, just good damn football!
LSUMC, That's the problem, you're seeing them as automatic bids. They're not bids, or automatic; they are earned positioning like the NFL, and NBA. BraggingTime, That's all you took from my post? *face palm