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Good! Screw the sips! This benefits them and their sinking choke hold on the little 12 more than it benefits us. No LSU isn't a state of Texas rival, but they are good enough for most Ags. Their fans/alums are waayyyy more classy as well!
The guy should have known who he was playing against? What does that even mean? 1. You don't set a screen on your side of the court while on defense. 2. Lawrence needs thicker skin. It's rec basketball, there are going to be some turds that play stupid instead of ball. Just run through the screen.
Watt is going to kill him if he get's drafted to the Jags. lol
lol What film? HE DID NOT PLAY MORE THAN 15 MINS ALL YEAR! Delusional!
lol Sips still consider themselves a "blue blood". That term is the most convoluted narrative pushing bull crap I've ever heard. It's just buzzwords that imply that prestige is absolute and can't change. Yea right! If you suck butt for a decade and the kids you're recruiting to your program never owned the VHS device that your glory days are played on, then you're not a "blue blood"; you're sorry, simple as that. However, I fully understand the next year phrase that most programs use. This isn't the NFL, you can't hold an entire roster together for 4+ years. Something can go wrong every season, but everything can go right one season. That's what makes college football special, everything has to line up.
lol My word. You saw all of that from him playing a total of 2 minutes the entire season? Stop it.
He's a class act but if Saban can't get him to make more than one read, then Riley won't either. This guy had a lot of time to develop as a passer and he just never did.
Don't be dense. They beat Bama with a true freshman for the NC. It's their time. Let them have the hype!
"I think Aggies sent a message the minute they hired him. Some just don’t want to hear it." Preach!
Volbuc8, Calm down moonshine master, I see you also don't know understand proper usage of commas. Houston, Texas(City, State) Auburn, Alabama( City, State) Auburn, Tennessee(??????)
You don't have to eat sleep and drool SEC. It's ok to talk about other things in current events. Balance is good.
People check on your friends and family and ask them how things are going. I'm sure he gave SOMEBODY a hint that he needed help. Tragic. Prayers for his family.
And they wonder why Jimbo had zero problems leaving them with their private parts in their hands! lol What a joke of a university!
lol .50% or .05%? One is way more significant than the other. Please specify brother.
Did you go to grad at Tulane? I have twin cousins; one went to UH and the other went to Tulane. The Greenwave might be poor in the athletic department but they are also AAU, which is pretty cool!
How on earth do ya'll have the same screen name? Sounds like you have a burner account, got hacked, or used that sketchy story as a reason to ask the question you never had the guts to. Well sir you got your answer(s). lol
Exactly! People still don't understand that Texas A&M is a sleeping giant! I love the responses that start with "Oh I didn't know A&M had all that money..." and "How are they able to pay Fisher that much...?" They refuse to believe we belong until we show them. That's fine by me.
To have access to more Texas recruits. Too bad ya'll didn't think Jimbo would be here to make that plan difficult for ya. haha Oh yea, we're here, haven't arrived yet, but we're getting very close to making another splash. Watch out 2019!
The sips in Austin love to pull s**t like this and call Ags racists... I'm glad they locked the nutcase up!