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183? Dude must be really short bc that is a lot of muscle to be only 183...
Because of a quality life outside of football. Have you ever had a high ankle sprain?
Lol I was thinking the same thing. Dude doesn't wanna play with kids, then he might not be playing college football. hahaha
The same sprain that was bothering him after Dan "the Tripper" Skipper launched his fat butt at Myles' ankle. Sumlin should not have let him play...
Did you just say "whoops"? Omg! lol No sir, no we don't!
What are we nitpicking at? The ceiling for yards a catch in the NFL in 2016 was 17.9(DeShawn Jackson) but he ranked 23 overall in total rec yards. The Leader was T.Y. Hilton with 1,448 receiving yards. Just because you have a high Yards a catch stat line doesn't mean you have the most yards. Now let's look at leading receivers in the SEC in 2016, the leader was J'Mon Moore with 1,012 and a 16.32 avg. Fred Ross came in at #4 with 873 total receiving yards and a 12.84 avg., yet Kirk was #6 with 842 total and a 10.94 avg. I don't know much about J'Mon Moore but is Fred Ross better than Kirk? Nope. Yards a catch is the most trivial stat to bring up due to so much context surrounding it. It's pointless to bring it up unless you deviate from the norm (i.e 7 yards a catch or below).
Yup. Starkel was an Elite 11 QB.
It depends on the starter. If Mond starts, the offense won't miss a beat. It's not hard to pass over 54% of your passes, and Mond is faster than Trevor. Starkel most likely will start and he will not be a threat to run, but you can bet he'll get close to 64% completion percentage and will move the ball.
This chick got more than what she deserved in the lawsuit(millions, really?). Her suit was that the stalker ruined her career. He didn't. She got her check. He did his time. It's time to move on Erin, no more attention, and no more handouts. Earn your money like the rest of us, even if it's at a dead end network like Fox.
Ridley was also a 22 year old freshman...
This is the second time I've seen someone say something stupid like "yet but only 11.2 yards a reception" as if moving the chains per reception is lackluster. Everyone wants YAC, but to avg. a first down per reception is not easy. Some are doing less, some are doing more; most are doing less, with less receptions, and touchdowns, etc...Please show me a receiver in the SEC more versatile than Christian Kirk avg. more than 11.2 a reception, with more receptions (or less), and more touchdowns.....I'll wait...
He will certainly be a 4-star. Good job by the staff by finding this gem. Me personally, I think Kibodi from last year's cycle will be another gem.
Dude is not taking an OC job. He's an elite head coach at this level, nothing less.
Anyone who has suffered from a high ankle sprain knows well enough that if you don't take time and take pressure off of it, it won't heal properly. This kid played football on it, took a couple weeks off, got drafted, and is now in OTAS running on it. It has everything to do with the high ankle sprain that never healed. Sumlin shouldn't have let him play after the arky game. It's a 6-8 week healing process. Without football...
Mark May is horrible and you know it.
Bama tried to use that "hurry up and entertain BS" last year, and got beat by a team (Clemson) that was better at the "hurry up and entertain BS". Ohio State also used that hurry up and entertain, as a matter of fact check Saban's record against the "hurry up and entertain" systems.System has little to due with execution, and that's the number one indication of bad, good, or great coaching.
" It improved with the Chavis hire but did not change."I stopped reading after that. lol
1. Nick Starkel will be a better passer than Trevor Knight (who wouldn't be?). 2. No, we can't replace Garrett and Hall's productivity as pass rushers. 3. O-line will be back 4. DT's will be solid 5. secondary all returns except Justin Evans (which Larry Pryor will fill the void nicely). 6. We lose Reynolds, But get Kirk back,and are still very talented at the receiver spot. 7.True freshman 1,000 yard rusher returns. 8.Linebackers are all back....Where is this narrative coming from that we lost too much talent? 9 wins isn't probable, due to Sumlin's coaching, but it is possible due to the amount of returning players on Defense.Worry about the looming Ole Mi$$ death penalty and let people who are well researched in Aggie personnel do the talking.
You Aggie Chad lovers have got to stop. What has Chad Morris done besides be an Ag?He hasn't won anything, and his offense is schematically one rung below Mazzone. What FA coach wouldn't want to come to here? We have the resources, facilities, and the state of Texas by the neck when it comes to recruiting.Stop the nonsense.
Mediocre it far too kind. This kid had bad feet, was lazy, and kept himself off of the field for 95% of his time in College Station. Mediocre will get you a UDFA deal; Noil is severely undeveloped and it's showing. This goes to show that raw athletic ability isn't everything.