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Who's talking to you Bulldawgcrack? Your dual account holding is becoming obvious. We all know you and BootyBuster are the same 16 year old simpleton from some remote Mississippi po dunk shanty town. lol Get lost lame!
I think we are getting "coming out" and "break out" confused. The latter of the two suggests that as long as you improve statistically, then that season can be defined as "break out".
Nope. Ole Mi$$ is the most trash in the West. The rebels play at BFI high school stadium. hahahahaha
Ags will be swooping him up in 2018. Early welcome to Aggieland Chip! lol
A team (A&M) that can win more games than that trash Ole Mi$$.
BootyBuster, what is your issue? You are seriously deprived of this thing we normal folk call "life". I know autism(which all are savants in comparison to you) has a wide spectrum and some individuals who suffer from it self stimulate by headbanging, but you must be on the "troll message boards for stimulation" continuum. Get a life bro.
Yes, PETA does feed on drama. What are they actually doing? What are they doing for the thousands of stray animals across the country that end up in kill shelters? You think Texas A&M is the first tier 1 research institution to test on animals? You think we're the only ones that do it now? PETA is full of crap and will increase they presence in the spotlight by any means....
haha Yea. They're gonna need to work on those Tom Cruise camera angles.
At what point are you going to stay on topic and not go on complete tangents with unrelated drivel? My point was people aren't going to look at Ole Mi$$'s record every year and say "well, at least they beat A&M". They are going to say what everyone including A&M with a better-"wow Ole Mi$$ sucks". Your job wasn't to refute that,argue, or sling personal insults. Your job was to accept it and move on. Ole Mi$$ is trash. Facts.
You might have me confused with yourself. You think my self worth is tied to message board opinions of me? HahahahahahahaMan, you really are dim....
Gary Kubiak should be #3 if he's included old Ags who just won't quit. lol
A comment from a 2nd tier poster calling someone dim? Are you serious? How many times have you been embarrassed on this site? Bulldawgrock you know darn well you're the poster boy for losers. I don't need to be witty with insults; I can refute you lot with substance and purpose. It took me a while but now I understand the connection between t-shirt fans who were too stupid to make it to a 4-year university and irrelevant personal insults.
I agree, Kelly is a 1st-2nd round talent. He's better than Mitch,Kizer,and Mahomes. Chad Kelly is a gem!
At what point are you going to make a sound argument that is without personal insults?
Bro you need milk. lol Lay off of the drugs.
Idk, those triceps are pretty massive. lol
"At A&M, Mond only has to beat out a mediocre senior (Jake Hubenak) and a 3-star freshman coming off a redshirt (Nick Starkel)."JC I understand your fascination with Mond, just as much as everyone else. Even though Nick Starkel was a 3 star, he was also an Elite 11 qb. He has a very strong arm and has been in the system a year. But then again, the Monds would not let Kellen come here if Stidham transferred in. Either they were over-confident with their son's ability, or Sumlin made the promise he'd start.I hope this QB situation isn't Murray and Allen all over again...
Yup because he can come back and play. Just gotta get those grades sorted out.
Only an idiot would compare the plight of an entire race to college football. I wonder what sport he'd refer to the Holocaust as.Smh moron...
@HungerBuster, I pretty sure I hold only one alias on this site. You might wanna rethink your preconceived notions about DID's.
"A&M STILL can’t Ole Miss"Yes, you're 100% correct. A&M still can't ole mi$$. The only school that can ole mi$$ is ole mi$$.Refutation complete.