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It's quite possible, but Garrett isn't a quarterback.... getting sacked. M.G. will be the one sacking the QB's. It was a bad comparison altogether bro. Every rookie "get's got" ? 1. Ndamukong Suh, defensive tackle, Detroit Lions – 2010 65 total tackles 10 sacks 1 forced fumble 1 fumble recovery 1 interception 1 defensive touchdown (didn't get got) 2. Jevon Kearse, defensive end, Tennessee Titans – 1999 57 total tackles 5 sacks 8 forced fumbles 1 fumble recovery 1 defensive touchdown (didn't get got) 3. Aldon Smith, defensive end, San Francisco 49ers – 2011 37 total tackles 14 sacks 2 forced fumbles 1 fumble recovery (didn't get got) 4. Julius Peppers, defensive end, Carolina Panthers – 2002 35 total tackles 12 sacks 5 forced fumbles 1 interception 6 pass deflections (didn't get got) 5. Dwight Freeney Indianapolis Colts-2002 13 sacks (didn't get got) Don't forget that pressures (which should) that cause incompletions, Int's, or voided passes (throwing the ball away) don't make the stat sheet. Stop while you're behind, Hunger Buster, you're getting got!
Reynolds was the only one of our receivers that could consistently beat press....and you know all of his other skills, explosive, great catch radius, good route runner, and can stretch the field. He'll transition well. Gig'em JR!
After the Bama game? I'm assuming I can cling to the "our team got better later in the season" argument; LSU and Auburn fans do it all the time...
Nope, two different arguments, and I responded, go look^^^^
How is it not credible? What is the avg. passing yards and touchdowns per NFL game? Well according to pro-football reference: -In 2008 Eli was avg. 202 yards passing a game. Giants Defense was ranked # 5 in NFL. -In 2011 Eli avg. 303 passing a game, Giants Defense was ranked #17, however, they were ranked 7th in touchdowns allowed that season. -Eli has thrown 14 or more int 11 out the 13 years of his career. He has also thrown 20 or more interceptions 3 times (20,25, and career high 27 in 2013). -Eli has was above .500 in wins, 7 out his 13 years in the NFL. All of that just to say...Eli Manning hahahahaha
Bro we are beyond the arguments of "hey I watched the tape and this is what I found". It should be well known by now everyone is not going to be honest with themselves on what they "saw", all for the sake of being "right". It's pointless, no one that hasn't agreed with you, will agree with you. Take that L. As for TM, it can be argued (though, like most of these arguments on this site that are ambiguous in nature) that TM recognized the credibility that Sapp holds (though it was also challenged by "I think Warren Sapp is probably trying to take advantage of an opportunity") and deemed it worthy of refutation. However, Booger is not a national presence. He's insignificant in the national football world. Again, people on this site need to realize that the SEC network is a sub-channel of ESPN. It is not ESPN.... Booger does not have the reach for a national audience like say....Warren Sapp (HOF player). Booger=pretty good former player who wants to be critical Warren Sapp=HOF player who wants to be critical I'd refute Warren all day, Booger can stay...well...a Booger...
Ooh but like Bo Wallace there are two sides to Eli Manning, you know...a terrible side where he throws picks and takes sacks. But just to humor you, Eli threw for 255 2 TD 1 INT in 2008 (pedestrian statline), and 282, 1 TD in 2011 (pedestrian statline). Lead the team? Those Giant's defenses were stingy!!!! They had Osi,Strahan,Tuck. The 2011 team had Paul, Tuck, Ross and Rolle. PFF doesn't even have Eli as a top 20 QB in the NFL. I wonder why "Eli" can't get to the SB now since he is the only one responsible for those SB wins..... It looks like your definition of leading is just snapping the ball and being a mediocre quarterback. lol
Charles Harris is a reach. Tanoh Kpassagnon and Dawuane Smoot are better.
Old Army you are the textbook example of BAS, don't even go there.
You're on crack. Bama is the new Dallas Cowboys of SEC; will get to the playoffs off hype, and lose when it matters. Dabo sends his regards!
By what metric of measurement cowturd? Yes, Ags have been terrible, but I know some programs in Texas that can't get to 8 wins (*cough cough*...tu *cough). Look cowturd, we know you are a t-shirt-sip homer, but keep the Texas A&M name away from your fart emitting airwaves. Also, never is a strong word.... We were never a top 10 program? You better look at 2012 (yes, I know it's in the past, but just for argument purposes) nobody wanted it with the Fighting Texas Aggies...Nobody wanted a piece of that team! sip on cowturd and Gig'Em Ags!
No one has reason question his durability; he's had one injury! One injury that (idk if people know how ankle injuries work...) never healed because he was always trying to play football on it!
Don't you ever, in your life, compare Eli manning, or anybody from Ole Mi$$ to M.G. That's disrespectful to M.G.!