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But yet here you are, following me, and grasping at an attempt to reconcile your L from that other post. You added nothing significant to the conversation. But hey, finishing 3rd in the west is 2nd best in the conference.-T shirt fan logic
Relevant? No one bought the #6 ranking except the swamp kitties and t-shirt fans on this site. Ya'll came to Kyle and got slapped back to the cesspool that is Baton Rouge. lol Ya'll lost to Troy. Don't ever talk again!
T-shirt fans without reading comprehension skills...imagine that!
Lol @theunreasonalbetigger It doesn't count when I'm responding to someone being stupid. Returning the favor isn't talking down. Our stadium is lame? Is it because it's not decorated with cute little purple ornaments? Everything is state of the art and new. When's the last time LSU renovated anything? Hell they can't even find a decent head coach. Get real! Our mascot is lame? Our mascot is relative to what we do as a university. We are an agricultural and mechanical engineering school. How would an Aggie be lame? Meanwhile your mascot is the ever so common tiger; how original right? How many mascots of colleges are tigers? How many Aggies are there? hahaha I'm not sure you know what pretentious is guy if you claim our mascot is lame, but brag about how "original" a tiger is for a mascot. Look at the definition of pretentious again. @GeuxLongToLoseIn7OverTimes I highly doubt it. But do whatever helps you sleep at night buddy.
Lol By computer rankings or conference record? Man you're backwards in regards to "next best in the conference". The key word "conference" is lost on you.
lol Number 2 in the SEC? We finished 2nd in the west, they finished 3rd. Are you high?
lol Vitus speak for yourself kid. I don't know if you were sober or even alive in the 90's but it certainly is a rivalry, regardless of the recent record. Try not to sound so pretentious as the sips in Austin. Every king has his reign; and LSU and their cajun cookie monster are trending downward. Just feel lucky that if roles were reversed, us Ags wouldn't talk down on ya'll as if we're so much better. I guess that's what separates the class between the swamp and a family oriented university. Stay classy brother! As for the article, I'm torn as well. I hope ya'll win but I hope it's in 7 over times! hahahaha
You must have been born in the last 18 years. lol You are extremely misinformed.
Where specifically did I defend FSU? I'm not projecting about Fisher and his history at FSU. So you can throw that assumption out of the window guy.
Not saying it doesn't happen. I said, not all of these allegations are true. Now scroll up and see the initial comments immediately claiming that she's telling the truth. People would rather jump to conclusions rather than wait for the facts. It's absurd.
One person was prosecuted. Did you miss my line where I said "tangible evidence will stick"? No you read to respond, not to understand. lol Typical!
Rape is classified as sexual abuse(which is a weighted category in itself). It is quite possible for spouses, and partners to be raped by their significant others. What are you even saying!? lol
You guys are naming a few cases that were extreme occurrences. Yet no one here has supplied any support of the notion that these allegation type situations are in fact prevalent or true. Do not always believe the media and the sensationalizing, they have to capitalize on these in fact non-prevalent topics. Congratulations, you won the click-bait, and eat up the garbage prize. Yall's reaction is two-fold. First you realize the horrible crime that rape is and you immediately assume it happened because since it's a rape allegation then it must be true. Then, if there was a prior instance where someone was found guilty, all future instances are true. I forget that objectivity and SDS does not mix well. Stick to your usual arguments of "my team is better because I said so". Pathetic. lol
You guys are as dumb as they come. If there were any true issues here, the authorities would be involved. You don't get to just rape someone, they go public, attempt to file charges and just cover it up. This here is what you call defamation. I'm not saying rape cases and cover ups don't exist, I'm saying some of these "victims" are full of ****. Stop assuming that any non-mere person(meaning D1 athlete, head coach) is above the law and can just cover up horrible **** like this. It isn't that prevalent. Tangible evidence will stick. The rest is just TMZ and fake news.
They list him at 245. I'm not so sure about that. lol He looks like a match up problem nonetheless. Great get Jimbo! Gig'Em!
I hope Bama knocks the silly little shrimp out of the game!
Maybe Mond was a bad passer coming into the game and LSU DBs are still overrated. Did you watch either team this year? We know you didn't attend LSU, LakeCharlesMC, but now I'm questioning if you have enough money to pay for cable television.
Not until Saban retires. Bama should live it up. It won't last forever.
We've seen this movie before. They'll hire him back in 10 years after the next guy fails.
They have lost their collective minds! Spav? Really?
I was going to say, our guys and gals won't ever play anything remotely like that.
He admitted he was wrong? Well that's sure is shocking to me. Dude would argue with wet paint as it's drying, while trying to convince the wall it isn't wet! He's all over the place! lol
Not that you mention that, yea they might be way too tough for us. haha
And wont get em. lol "It ain't gonna be like it used to be"-Jimbo Fisher
SDS should require people to wait 24 hours before posting when they recently startup an account. These burner accounts are getting out hand. lol Pathetic swamp kitties clearly have some time on their hands!
Brings up Ags for no reason. So much sodium in Baton Rouge! Oh wait... you probably live in Lake Charles in a mud hut! hahaha
Case is closed? lol This won't be a criminal issue. There won't be any detectives on the case, a jury, or prosecutors. lol It'll be handled internally, and most likely no one will even sniff a jail cell; heck they might not even get fined. It was classless by both sides, but far from a "case". The only people who actually care are butt hurt LSU fans, and the media who need a little click-bait since their brain is dried up from staying up 3 nights straight to think of a knock-knock joke. I'm talking about you two, LSUMC and Spence. hahaha