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Im a Vol fan, but I think you would have 2 go Tennessee here. We haven't been there in so long and it seems everytime we say were back we fall face first into our own BS.
i like him. He did gr8 in his 1st year, with a QB whos accuracy and WRs whos play was lackluster to say the least. Preston and Malone I think will be much improved though, as will Wolfe and Croom at TE, and the o-line looks better also.
Yeah man, we get it's not predicting UT to be in the big game, merely saying they have a chance and that it wouldn't call for an article in most cases. However, considering the last decade of Tennessee football with the Kiffen year, which left a stripped roster, the Dooley years, which actually caused regression among players, and other obstacles, the fact that Butch Jones has brought Tennessee, who was relegated to the levels of UK, Vandy, and SC, to a national title contender, it does indeed merit an article.
Lord I hope not. They gotta earn that.
There were plenty of good to great passes dropped last year.
I like it. Best player is a 5* lineman, make it a lineman camp n bring all the best of the past from UT. Whens the WR camp?
Dang SevenT, something nice 2 say about UT? Something wrong w/you?
Oh hells yes it does. Idk how all the other Vol fans say we haven't been hyped before just 2 fail, I'm a Vol fan, and i recall being hyped Dooleys 3rd year, and last year. Until 11 and 9 stop growing, I can't say UT will take the east.
I'm all Vol, but must say, Zou handled coming into the SEC way better than ne1 thought they would. They've been a helluva team, hopefully losing Pinkel doesn't hurt Mizzou like losing Fulmer hurt UT.
Yes, Brycegator, a 4.0 aerospace engineering student. Stupid though, lol. Nice to hear a UF fan give UT and Hurd a little love.
@Yojimbo94, it's good to see the majority of Vol fans showing good sportsmanship. I agree, his statement on the knee brace, classless. While I hate Georgia, I wish injury to no one.
Damn, cant believe an Oak Ridge boy leaning towards Clemson. Butch best not miss on this kid, he is elite.
Every 3 years would be awesome. Has potential to be a great rivalry also.
Cool helmets. Really like em. Wish UT would go all black with orange T. Smokey is cool 2 though.
Man was he a beast. Probably the best back I myself ever watched.
Hope he's healthy for the season. We can't afford to lose no WRs.
Classy comment. TN is very proud.
Your a backwoods, life hating, moron who's jealous due to the fact that you reside in the bluegrass butthole of America. Sucks to be you sir.
lmbo there he is. You like the game SevenT? UT showed just how SOFT UK really is. Hahaha
This was HUGE. After beating UK in basketball also. Wonder where SevenT is?
Nah, Barnett is clearly #2. Once he got some d-line help and wasn't being double teamed every down he was unblockable.
bryanchip, where do you get that Dooley recruited well at UT? Yeah he got some decent skill position guys, but anyone who knows football, knows it begins and ends in the trenches, which Dooley completely neglected. The guy went an entire class with no o-linemen.
If anyone remembers correctly, all these same things were being said about one Dabo Swiney. Fans didn't know if he could get it done, wanted him replaced, and to their suprise, low and behold they are now in the playoff. Now I am not saying Butch is the next Dabo, nor even on the same level, but I am saying we don't know yet, so maybe we should give the man a little more time before saying he can't be on the Saban level. He has showed steady improvement every year since being hired, and has brought great financial gains to the athletic department. Let's just see where it goes.
Whats Kentucky then? A tier 52 job? KY football troll, now I've seen everything.