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1. Carl Lawson -- difference maker every game he was in. 2. Kozan/Smith/Golsen and our two tackles, plus H-Back -- offensive line was hurt by JB Grimes health issues, and lack of intensity. Got to get back to road grading mentality. 3. Jovon Robinson -- Dude can be our star. Second year in the system, he has to get 75 percent of meaningful carries. 4. Carlton Davis -- lock down cb, please in the new defense. 5. Tony Stevens -- get him the ball (and have the new receivers ready to play -- I'm still interested in D. Craig moving to coach qbs and Lashlee working with these guys. Gus call the plays)
the undisputed recruiting national champion for half a decade still complains too much and has let the last two titles slip from his hands despite all those five stars
Looks like Mack Breed used to play football for Missouri. If true, it is sad that a former college player who high school kids would look up to, would do something like this.
I love Cassanova and Melvin Ray getting the honor of modeling the new gear. Adding Cowart was a surprise and cool. Old School and New School.
When does Auburn move over to the East? They are geographically east of Vandy, Kentucky and Missouri. Traditional rivalries of Florida and Tennessee will be restored.
The obvious Nick Saban as the Grinch. Hording players with an evil grin, maniacally driving his team with no compassion, laughing at others misfortune. However, he does show glimpses of a heart even if it does make him uncomfortable. And shares title cheer with the rest of the SEC.