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@bamaman234 this I do agree with. Money, Greed is what ruins the game. Why bowl games at all? Money.... greed... If you don't make the CFP it really doesn't matter what you do...
For the record, he's actually said in the past that he doesn't "want them to play if it's better for them not too" -- he wants whats best for his players and lets them decide what is most important to them. Even Tua said this publicly after his surgery. I wouldn't want them to risk their futures but the fact still remains that you can get hurt playing football and by extension would you tell the non starters not to play in the upcoming bowl game so they don't get hurt and risk their futures also? You'd never had any bowl games... It's tackle football... you can get hurt -- hey I know lets play all bowl games with flags and ban tackling! Greed kills...
I think it's a legit point considering that when the clock ran out on Auburn for the field goal it's a live clock it doesn't stop -- yet they stopped it and gave Auburn a chance at the FG. That definitely was poor judgment on the Refs part. That may have ultimately cost them the game -- that a crapy defense. I've never see an Alabama team with this bad of a defense. smh.
haha -- That seems hard to imagine that some one that lost to a team Alabama beat can talk too much smack but .. ok lets see what happens after your loss to LSU. I think Mac Jones did a great job for not having that many snaps and completing TWO TD passes to Auburn, but it seems like every Iron Bowl has those super weird plays. And for a backup QB I think we did better than the Dawgs would have with their backup.
Yeah... it was a bit over the top. I do have to say, not to offend you, but Borrows really isn't that good and I don't understand the hype over him. most of it sounds quite a bit like this article on Tua, just so flowery. You know, as does everyone else, a QB like Tua comes a long once in a great while. We all appreciate one when we see one. Look at Lamar Jackson.. wow, Watson again wow and Tua is in that group, he's one of those types of QB's. Whats sad about Tua is he breaks SO EASY! I don't know if he can make in as a pro due to his propensity to get injured. SMH... Anyway LSU can't beat Clemson or OSU - of course neither can Bama this year. Mac is good but he's just "good" not a super star like Tua and Bama's defense for the last two years hasn't gotten any better --- it's time to let Pete Golding go... Roll Tide and I'll be happy if we just spank AU yet again.
I listed to heather on ESPN and what an idiot she really is. Alabama is the best 1 loss team in college - Only Clemson is undefeated (that has a good enough record to be in the top 4) so Clemson would go to #3 and Alabama would drop to #4. Alabama and LSU would play again. History repeats itself....
Maybe -- LSU has now had several coaches trying their best to beat bama and not really doing that well - Brady as the OC is the only real difference - and I think thats an awesome difference because Bama's defense really isn't that good. It's rather disappointing to me as a bana fan, but I realize that they are all so young and I'm still not sure that Golding is all that as a DC but we'll see. You have to give experience to LSU and that counts for a ton. Yeah I don't like our defense this year it's really not a typical Bama defense. Historically Saban has proven himself when preparing teams for big games (Clemson I believe was a serious coaching issue) Coach Ed is an interesting cat but not proven yet so I have to give coaching to Bama at this point in time. Don't like bama's odds only because their defense is sub bama historically --- :(
That is interesting -- good factoid. So let me ask you, that 41% is starting from when? Is that JUST in the Saban era or is that from the beginning of their rivalry? I would say lets look at that same stat for the Saban era excluding all historic events outside of that era. Whats it look like then? If you don't do that then in those stats somewhere there is a Saban (LSU) vs Saban (Bama) conflict.
If pop's were in Vegas he would eventually win at some point but he would be taking heavy losses until then. Thats how people blow up their accounts in the futures market thats the difference between successful traders and those that are not. Until the coaching changes at Alabama you can pretty much count of the same results or at least the odds are still in their favor. I'm more concerned about Bama's defense -- If Bama had Auburns defense they would win this game but ... thats not the case and I fear that will be the difference in this game.
78 - 4 at home, thats an SEC conference record. You think Vegas doesn't acknowledge that little historic fact to some extent? They've made it clear it does matter. I don' like ESPN's commentators either lol - just saying.
History matters in Vegas. Odds and probabilities. LSU has a new and improved offense and Alabama's D is nothing like it has been in the past (history again) that makes it a candidate for a really good game -- two really good offenses. Really it's going to come down to defensive mistakes. Which ever defense makes fewer mistakes will most likely win. LSU's defense historically have been better. This isn't that crushing D it was years ago but it's good enough to get a win in this game. Honestly I don't know if Alabama's defense is good enough to stop LSU this year... but they do play at home and that "can" be an edge. As a bama fan I really think that bama has to have the Defensive game of their life to win this game. I have no doubt that the offense can hang points on anyone but their Defense is mediocre at best. I hate saying it but Golding is no Kirby smart. That has been the concern all year long - Saban has faith in him so we have no choice but I'm not seeing anything even close to days of old when Bama beat you with D. Thats also history and it matters. And if LSU beats Bama because of them not having that historic defensive trait then history will matter yet again.
Mac is 100% right -- I saw it vs LSU and again with MSS, The defense couldn't stop anything. The injuries are murdering them and it's NOT that they are not talented but it goes to show you just how important experience is and the time it takes to develop a star athlete in the program. They have two practices and a practice game before they hit a peaking AU and that game will determine the National Championship team. And I have to say after watching the last two games the offensive line is the worst I've seen in Alabama in the last 10 years. It seems the only reason I can come up with as to WHY Bama is 10 - 0 is the schedule. Man I hate to say these things but, it's just being honest Alabama is not playing well enough at this time to beat AU. Jalen is winning but I don't think he's pro material however Tua without question is. That's a tough call and a TON of credit goes to Saban and all the Alabama coaches getting a VERY shaky Alabama team this far... Not looking good guys.. not at all. I don't see team identity either...
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Well it looks like Alabama isn't convincing anyone of anything yet eh? There are a lot of injuries and really I'm not convinced that Jalen should be starting when the front line isn't that great... I have my doubts too --- maybe next year it will be a healthy Alabama team with Tua as QB .. I'd have a lot more confidence in the team with him at the helm... Did I just say that?
That remains to be seen. FSU opening day is a pretty good challenge and a good indication of how both of those teams will fair the rest of the year. Although I do think that Alabama could take the loss and rebound, I don't know about FSU.
I'm not sure there will be. Sark left or was removed and there will be another - it's not like he was the only guy on Sabans list ... I'm sure his replacement will be better than Les Miles :)
Come on now -- under the circumstances ... I don't know how anyone could expect in one month before a national title game his groove to be happening. It seems to me that Ed Orgeron had more time, more games and practices and suffered some losses as well?
I've got to say -- they O line hasn't been the most impressive over the last two years and Locksley is brilliant. I'm glad he's staying for that reason alone.
Totally agree as did many others including coaches and analysis.
Kiffin called the worst game I've seen in a long time. I think this was echoed by many credible sources, including other coaches. According to Lane himself he left because he couldn't keep his mind on the games with so much to do in his new job happening at the same time. Those are his words - watch the video on ESPN for a citation to this comment. I think Lane was simply saying to those that said it was horrible play calling .. look what I did ... Lane has always be somewhat of an egotist ...
@frivolity this is why the Vols can't keep a good coach they don't know the difference between a winning coach and a losing coach. Shula was 26 and 23 in his 3 years at Bama.. He was barely over .500 as a coach.
Stop crying... really. You're not the only one that's lost family nor will you be. You should be shamed of yourself for using a family members death to place blame on non related issues. He cut you because you stunk... I remember you! Hows that for classy?
Thats showing you how bad they want to stop bama dynasty. Everyone is pushing Kif to leave UAT -- really want to break that dynamic duo up ... I hope he stays.