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Like when Georgia run-ruled Tennessee 16-2 in Knoxville this year?
What a silly comment. Forget the fact that Kirby said they were going to try to get more receivers involved this week – and that Bowers dropped one pass, was well-defended on a touchdown pass, and got plenty of action last week – and that Beck wasn't calling the plays. Somehow you can read Beck's mind and conclude that he's jealous? If you're going to make things up, at least make them sound more reasonable.
You have it backwards. The SEC did not bow to Kirby. They told UGA to cancel the game because the second half of the contract could not be fulfilled. Kirby and UGA have made it a point to schedule strong, non-conference Power 5 opponents early in the season as often as they can – Clemson, Notre Dame, Oregon, NC in the past few years, UCLA, Clemson again, Florida State, Ohio State coming up. Most other SEC teams don't do that. This year is a rare exception, and it's because the Oklahoma game fell through. Why would they want to get out of a game they scheduled in the first place? And the kind of game they have scheduled every year for the foreseeable future?
"We could have been enjoying games of that magnitude all along." TrueGrit, where have you been? We HAVE been seeing those games all along. UGA at Notre Dame in 2017; UGA vs. Clemson at Charlotte a couple years ago. This is not new. I think you just want to think Georgia avoids difficult opening games, but history and future scheduling prove that isn't true.
TrueGrit, UGA has opening games in upcoming seasons on the road at Clemson, Florida State, and Ohio State. Pretty sure they'd be glad to play at Eugene too.
With the Bama-Texas home-and-home, both games will have taken place before Oklahoma and Texas join the conference. With UGA and Oklahoma, one game was scheduled before, one after, making the terms of the contract unenforceable. The conference made them cancel it. Kirby (and UGA before him) have made it a point to schedule Power 5 non-conference opponents, more than most SEC schools. In recent years, they've scheduled Notre Dame, Clemson, North Carolina, etc.; in coming years, they've scheduled Clemson, UCLA, Florida State. Doesn't sound like someone who wants to avoid a tough game, does it? Kirby definitely did not want to drop that Oklahoma game. The conference required it.
Yes, Georgia did play horribly in that game. Dropped passes by open receivers, unforced fumbles, missed blocks, sloppy play all the way around. Missouri played well, but UGA made tons of uncharacteristic mistakes.
Making snap judgments about personal responsibility upon hearing of someone's death is pretty disgraceful. Maybe they were up to no good. Or maybe they were all at a party after the big parade and decided to ride back to campus together. Maybe someone needed a designated driver and called a trusted staff member. Lots of possible scenarios. I don't know, and you don't either. But choosing the judgmental route after hearing of someone's death is incredibly tacky and tasteless. You need to check your humanity.
"If TN had their schedule, they’d be undefeated too." How would TN go undefeated with Georgia's schedule when they actually lost to a team on Georgia's schedule? C'mon. At least try to make some sense.
If you're thinking of the comeback from 25-0 against Purdue in the 2000 Outback Bowl, that was actually pre-Richt, during the Donnan era. Maybe I'm forgetting a big comeback in the Richt era, but I can't think of one right now.
So Tennessee "could have" gone undefeated playing Georgia's schedule -- even though they actually lost (badly) to a team on Georgia's schedule? Real games count. Hypotheticals don't.
UGA beat five ranked teams, not two – Oregon, Tennessee, LSU, SC, and Mississippi State. Never heard anyone bragging about a win over Vandy. 'Bama only beat two ranked teams (#20 the highest) and was two plays away from being 8-4.