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The Dawgs put 17 points in the 1st half. If they did the same in the 2nd half that’s 34 points. The Dawgs should win a game with that many points. That 2nd half was classic SB meltdown. Pressing. Turnovers. Lack of composure. Maybe Kirby felt SB deserved the chance to turn the Tide based on the season. You got your answer Kirby.
If SB had led the offense for another 17 points in the 2nd half I don’t think the fans have a gripe. Instead he threw two picks one being a pick 6. The offense put up 7 points in the 2nd half with net zero points because of SB’s pick 6. If there were no alternative QB no one would be complaining. Yet there sits JT a 5 star recruit with multiple games as a starter who most people have acknowledged has a stronger arm, faster release, and is more accurate than SB. UGA supposedly has a great OL so I’m scratching my head why mobility is such a big deal. SB ran for negligible yards. No one is going to confuse him with Anthony Richardson.
JT has played multiple games as the starting QB. Tua played mostly in mop up duty in garbage time. In the end SB can’t cut the mustard when it’s crunch time.
Desperation? The GOAT replaced Hurts with Tua after halftime in the CFP. JT has plenty of time to get ready. Few teams get a mulligan for the CFP. Hope Kirby doesn’t waste it.
Maybe JT can’t do any better. But SB has had his chances on the field to prove the doubters wrong and that entire 2nd half was an indictment why he should not be the QB.
SB lost his composure in the 2nd half. SB had an opportunity to run for a 1st down but decided to overthrow into the end zone. The two picks. The 3rd and outs. If SB put up 17 points in the 2nd half it would be a tougher decision. He didn’t and it is obvious who starts at QB for the CFP.
The GOAT started Tua after halftime. There is always a choice.
The Dawgs have 4 weeks to gnaw on all this yummy rat poison.
Same could have been said about Hurts when Saban yanked him at halftime for Tua. Seen enough of SB. He was clearly pressing and force feeding the ball to Bowers in the 2nd half. Few teams get a do over like UGA gets for the CFP. See if Kirby goes with the same old or decides to learn from the GOAT.
Lincoln Riley didn't have any HC experience before taking over the helm at OU. The guy has been a big plus as a DC and recruiter. Seems like a smart hire to me.
I don’t think that many ND fans are upset. They have been unhappy how ND has gotten blown out of every CFP game they have played. If they get Fickell they won’t care BK left.
This the same coach that has choked every single CFP game he has ever coached? I am not impressed.
It’s not going to be close. Bama’s mediocre OL + UGA dominant front 7 = BY running for his life.
In 2 weeks we will find out if Bama is overrated. Going to be a great game!
He may not have the personality for it. You have to be an enthusiastic seller of your football program and be able to connect with teenage athletes.
Unlike Fields this is not JT’s first time at the rodeo. SB and JT have similar amounts of game time experience. So if one is a future NFL pick and the other is not…
Fire most of the staff including DM. DM is not Coach O. He is not going to preside over the rest of the season as a lame duck HC gracefully. If you keep DM then you are stuck with an onion-skinned HC who can't recruit. What kind of quality assistants are going to sign up to work under a HC who is on a red-hot seat?
Talent wise. Not attitude wise. They gave up during the SC game. The entire Gator team is being scrutinized and Mullen can’t handle it.
Every time I watch Bama play it gets worse. UT hung with them for 3 quarters and a depleted LSU had a real chance of beating them on the last play of the game. Both of those were home games for Bama. A&M beating Bama doesn’t look like a fluke any more.
This Bama team is a sharp drop off from last year. LSU shredded that OL and BY was running for his life most of the game. If LSU had a decent QB they might have beaten Bama at home. It still came down to the last play of the game.
My guess is we will hear UGA respond by early next week according to their own policy: “ If an interim suspension is issued, the terms of the interim suspension take effect immediately. The Respondent shall receive notice of the interim suspension and the opportunity to respond to the interim suspension. Within three business days of receiving a challenge the institution will determine whether the interim suspension should continue.”
How is Mullen supposed to get a “few pieces” if he has not demonstrated the ability to recruit at an elite level by now? He is what he is.
Everyone keeps calling SB a “game manager” but you know what are the first three rules of being a game manager? Do not turnover the ball. Do not turnover the ball. Do not turnover the ball.
"part of playing quarterback is accuracy, decision-making and mobility" In that order? I wonder who QB1 one will be come SECCG time...
ND is so overrated. They play a bunch of chumps and then get blown out of every CFP game they have ever played in.
Maybe DM just doesn't enjoy recruiting. Anyone who has worked at a job they don't like knows what a grind it becomes. Now imagine doing that job under a microscope and being constantly compared to rivals you lose to. DM could hire some staff known for recruiting but as the HC you are the closer. Trying to get that 5 star to sign by sending subordinates when Kirby and Saban are flying in via helicopter isn't going to cut it.
Those two picks: 1. One was thrown when the game was still competitive 2. SB was not under pressure when he threw both 3. He threw them on 1st downs 4. The receiver was not close enough to even make a play; they were not 50/50 balls. I'm not sure what's more important for a QB than taking care of the football.
Kirby has 4 games in Nov to get JT ready for the SEC conference game. SB continues his history of perplexingly bad INTs Those turnovers are getting real old and cancel out whatever good SB brings to the table.