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Will someone with head coaching experience go to Vandy? Look at Kentucky. Whenever we need a coach, we have two options: an up and coming coordinator, or a down and out/retired head coach with too much time on their hands. I'm pretty sure a retired head coach will not be looking at Vandy any time soon.
Before hiring Rick Pitino at Kentucky, CM Newton was having a hard time finding anyone to take over a program that was suffering under probation. If Pitino turned him down, he had planned on coaching the team, himself, and hiring Kyle Macy as his assistant for one year and handing the reigns over to him the next.
Ol' dude has a reputation for being satirical. That, or just a depressed Louisville fan. No one can really tell.
I keep clicking on these articles hoping to see Kentucky get mentioned. I mean, if Mizzou can get a guy like Kelly Bryant, why can't UK pick up some of these "elite" transfers?