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Just watch... You say that about the mayor, but I would not be surprised if Kentucky's governor forces our team to quarantine for two weeks whenever we return from an away game.
One of these "cupcake" teams that have been assigned to the powerhouses is not like the other. Kentucky could very well finish the year as the number 2 or 3 seed in the East. At the same time, they could very well finish as the number 4 or 5 team. Regardless, they are much closer to challenging for a division title than Mizzou, Vandy, Ole Miss and Arkansas.
I agree. I was doing my best to justify those divisions. However, how is that any different than what we've got going on, now. LSU and Alabama in the west will be going for gold every year. Who in the east can say that? Georgia is good at getting to the SEC championship and losing. Florida, I think, is still being overhyped by the media. I could be wrong, though. If we get to play this year, we'll know for certain.
Before bringing in UCF, I would perhaps look at Cincinnati or Memphis. Maybe even Miami since their fairly new to the ACC.
For the sake of basketball, the SEC needs to add Louisville. It brings in Kentucky's biggest rival, and presents a twice a year matchup that rivals Duke/UNC in the ACC. It makes sense for football as well, because Louisville has had its share of success lately, and is usually one of the better teams in the ACC. I'd also bring in Clemson. They're an SEC team in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Bringing them over would be a natural transition. Now, bringing in these two teams allows for Kentucky and South Carolina to share the conference with their natural rivals. Alabama/Auburn Georgia/Florida Tennessee/Vandy? Kentucky/Louisville South Carolina/Clemson Mississippi State/Ole Miss This leaves LSU, Mizzou, Texas A&M, and Arkansas without their natural rivals? Who would they match up with? Mizzou, obviously, pairs with Kansas. Texas A&M, while they make a big todo about playing Arkansas every year - thanks to Jerry Jones and the old SWC- are more at odds with Texas. And, you could make the argument that LSU and Arkansas are rivals thanks to the Boot. Who then, should be sent packing? Which rivalry would be more important to the SEC? Texas A&M and Mizzou are the newcomers and their natural rivals are outside of the conference. LSU and Arkansas, they're not going anywhere. If it were my choice, I'd say goodbye to Missouri. They don't bring much to the table in basketball or football, even though adding Kansas to the conference lineup does look enticing basketball wise. A&M has fared a bit better in both of those sports as of late. So, I suppose that means I'd invite Texas to join the SEC and round out the 16-team conference. How on earth would you divide this up? You’d go against the grain. Everybody wants to create an East/West division. Instead, how about we go North/South. SEC North: Clemson, Kentucky, Louisville, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt SEC South: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Texas, Texas A&M This may seem a bit skewed with the higher-powered teams in the South, but you must remember in football, Clemson is a threat to win the national championship every year. Kentucky, Louisville, and Tennessee are on the rise. In basketball, Kentucky is a threat to win a national championship yearly. Louisville is slowly climbing back to prominence and Tennessee, under Rick Barnes, is usually a very good team that can beat anybody in the country. The weakest link in the North is Vanderbilt, and while many dismiss Vandy and think that they should be tossed to the independents, they’ve got one of the best baseball programs in the country. South Carolina looks weak now, but they’re on top of the conference in women’s basketball, and I don’t think anybody is going to be touching them anytime soon. In my opinion, this is the best layout for the SEC. I’ve said for years that Louisville should’ve been added before Mizzou and Clemson is already an SEC football team with an SEC caliber coach. It's very doubtful it would ever happen, though. Too many egos.
How many years in a row has Kentucky beaten Mizzou? Three? Four?
These sort of remind me of the Create-a-Team logos from NBA Live 2000.
Don't forget, Kentucky also has Chris Rodriquez back with Smoke and Rose. We have a three-headed monster in the backfield along with some fairly talented redshirt freshmen that'll be chomping at the bit to get some snaps. Beware the Hydra?
While I despise Tennessee just as much as the next guy, I cannot remember the last time they were Pre-Season Top 25.
I'm just going to repeat what everybody else is saying.. Where is Notre Dame and Michigan? Especially Michigan!
Pete Maravich, hands down. Why is this even being discussed?
Auburn should be on this list no lower than the 2-spot. TAMU should have never even been considered. I'd throw Tennessee or Georgia on there before TAMU.
Louisville in the Orange Bowl?!?!?
Stay ahead of Kentucky? You do realize that UK has a 5 game winning streak over Mizzou. Right?
I don't understand the Kentucky GIF...
Will someone with head coaching experience go to Vandy? Look at Kentucky. Whenever we need a coach, we have two options: an up and coming coordinator, or a down and out/retired head coach with too much time on their hands. I'm pretty sure a retired head coach will not be looking at Vandy any time soon.
Before hiring Rick Pitino at Kentucky, CM Newton was having a hard time finding anyone to take over a program that was suffering under probation. If Pitino turned him down, he had planned on coaching the team, himself, and hiring Kyle Macy as his assistant for one year and handing the reigns over to him the next.
Ol' dude has a reputation for being satirical. That, or just a depressed Louisville fan. No one can really tell.
I keep clicking on these articles hoping to see Kentucky get mentioned. I mean, if Mizzou can get a guy like Kelly Bryant, why can't UK pick up some of these "elite" transfers?