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Happily, Coach O will continue to live on in your brain rent free enjoying life, his buyout and having coached the 2019 team - the best team ever during the modern era. Meanwhile, you . . .
Wait!!! This is really Negan posting on an LSU site. “Bayou Negan” - really.
Thank you Coach O for the 2019 season and a National Championship. That team will be long remembered as one of the greatest to ever take the field.
Um, Jack Washburn??? The guy put some people in front of Davis Price on the ground with regularity.
Move somewhere else. Your presence depresses the average IQ in Louisiana. Pick Alabama and your relocation could raise the average IQ there.
It must be miserable to be you Buffoon. Take heart, you are still in running for the Troll Bowl Championship.
Well, Kentucky fans sure enjoyed that gsme. But, a surprising, big win for the Aggies.
That was a planned setup to make Fartbomb look smart. But, if you listened closely you could hear him mumble “Roll Tide”, “Roll Tide”, “Roll Tide” over and over like he always does.
I sure don’t like admitting that you have nailed it. Still praying for a turnaround win for the Tigers. We are familiar with miracles happening on your turf. Maybe one more left.
Well, if you are keeping up with the chatter from the incessant chatter from the Chicken Little’s and assorted trolls, Fisher has already secretly signed at LSU and will hurry out of College Station before Saturday. Fisher also has deals in place to bring Fleck, Herman, Ara Parseghusn and Jack Del Rio along with him. All of their respective wives have been seen in Baton Rouge looking at homes. And, I can confidently relate this because we have the largest array of football cognoscenti in the entire world posting about who LSU leads LSU’s must get list.
For years I lived in walking distance of LSU where I graduated and Tiger Stadium. I can count on one hand the number of Tiger games I haven’t seen, home or away. I grew up on the Louisiana coast about as close to the Gulf as Coach Orgeron did, Cajun as can be and I still bleed Purple and Gold. I totally agree that a mid-year firing of the head coach serves no useful purpose because we really do not have anyone to replace him with that could fix this mess. We have a number of problems the biggest of which we could argue forever about. And, at the time I thought hiring Orgeron was then our best option (other than that Herman would have failed earlier and the work involved in re-establishing the program could have started earlier albeit without a National Championship). But, the sooner the problem is addressed the sooner we will have an opportunity to right the ship. I know the list of people we should hire based on reading the postings on Tiger football boards. Virtually all of them would have put the the Tigers in the same position that Orgeron has. Even hiring Saban was less than a popular choice at the time. I’m hoping for the best and also glad I’m not Scott Woodward. Fortunately, I know he isn’t wasting any time on getting this right. Forever LSU.
Dear Bayou Bufoon, Apology? I think your problem is that you are so likeable.
This, from the only human less relevant than Fartbomb.
Saban was a lot older than you thought he was when he passed away 10 years ago. You have been looking at a hologram invented for the Crooked A’s in a Huntsville lab for a long time. You can tell that by the hologram’s poor hair dye job and large bald spot on top. Is there no science in Alabama. P.S. F.Y.
Has anyone else noticed how often writers on this site use “hilarious” to describe whatever Kiffen says or does especially when it concerns Nick Saban? The word has its roots in the Greek word “hilaros” or”haloris” and historically meant something like “causing great merriment”. The modern word usage as “causing convulsive laughter” dates from the 1920’s about the time when Saban was born and way before my birthdate. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing, about that sourpuss Saban that causes convulsive laughter. Kiffen knows that as well. So, stop. Just stop.
Just looking for steady improvement, especially the Oline and Safery, game after game, and fewer injuries. Starting to look a whole lot better.
Bayou Buffoon is a certified Five Star Troll.
I think the “curse” is Bayou Buffoon Buf.a.r.t.. If you just moved to Alabama you’d raise the average IQ in both states. Or, maybe your trailer is already on blocks in Tuscaloosa. Troll.
“Keep doing really good things here.” Really? So far, considering the money spent to date not much bang for the buck.
About half of the LSU cognoscenti broadcasting from their mama’s basement pushed Frost when Miles was deservedly canned. The other half pushed Tom Herman except those who wanted Larry Fedora or that Fleck guy. The lesson there is that Tiger Droppings ought to ban under 15-year olds from posting as well as anyone who doesn’t have or want a real job and checks this mail frequently for free money.
Finley isn’t the answer to Auburn’s problem. He is smart. He can heave the ball a long way notwithstanding that there may be no receiver anywhere near it. But, he is immature and pouts a lot. The handwriting was on the wall for him at LSU. You can hope he evolves physically and emotionally. But you better hope and pray that Nix puts things together, can play behind an effective O line so you can once again beat the Crooked A’s. And, “We Comin’.”
Says the Gump Uber-Troll broadcasting from his parent’s basement while simultaneously polishing his six-inch Genuine Aluminum Crooked-A belt buckle, leaving school in the second grade and that his sister is out of town for two more weeks. Poor guy just got another citation for having waaaay too many Crooked A decals on the rear window of his truck and being depressed because the truck, which hasn’t started in over two years, is sitting on blocks in his parent’s yard and he has spent all of his last stimulus check and is totally sick of eating fried Spam sammiches. Derek says “See you in November Retard”.
Just thinking too much about having to play LSU. Even when they win both teams limp away. That is how Auburn beats Bama every now and then.
Corral will be good but he will also only one among many in the SEC. Throwing into the best defensive backfields in the country. My prediction is that we will still see more of Plumlee than most teams will want to. Hard, really hard to catch and tackle.
Don’t sleep on that Andre Carter Coached D-line at LSU. Sack Kings.