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Ah, for all of you out there hoping for the best in 2021, football is still played on the field and not in the minds of the SDS experts or in computer simulations. Other than the Crimson Tide always being ready to play, nothing is certain in the SEC. Injuries, grade problems, motivation, extraneous B.S. and coaching changes every week. If you are paying any attention to what the LSU coaching staff is saying, LSU will be back - but notwithstanding that we are still practicing against players on the same team. After 2020 this year seems to be shaping up into something exciting. I say “Bring it on and enjoy”.
Nope, they live and play in the Toilet Bowl. All-Americans at that . . .
Actually, the real problem isn’t his big head. The last time I watched Game Day he had trouble buttoning his coat. It looked like someone trying to wear his little brother’s hand-me-downs.
If it will help you to sleep better about Hog recruiting you can ask your coach. He was there and might know. Just my opinion.
Actually, the FBI is too busy listening to law abiding citizens who own guns, go to church and hate life and business destroying lockdowns. The know that the tentacles of that can of worms reaches all the way across the country.
Well said. Most people believe the Coach is a Democrat. He is close to the current Democrat governor. But you put your finger on the bigger issue. These are troubling times.
Dear President Gump, I happen to be a Tiger fan who now lives in Birmingham. Until this morning the only Bama fans that I’ve met have been good sports and congenital people. But, I was surprised by your post and extremely happy that Coach Orgeron is living rent free in your head. By the way, did you notice I did not say “brain” for lack of sufficient evidence. P.S. Should you have any thoughtful commentary about either Mr. Feinbaum, or the actual subject matter of his commentary, give it a try. Several of your co-fans did, quite graciously, so please don’t let your gump IQ hold you back. Cordially, Ellis
“Earlier this week, the AP reports Emmert proposed the NCAA retain a law firm to look into the inequities of men’s and women’s collegiate sports. The Board of Governors approved that decision.” ————————— The NCAA is all about money. Rumps in the stadium and eyeballs on TV are the only metrics that matter. Fans attend or watch the sports they are interested in. The rest, not so much. I knew Emmett when he was in Baton Rouge. His wife is tougher and smarter than he is. If the NCAA powers that be think that women’s sports needs more transgendered men to up the Woke corporate advertising revenue, Emmett will be on board, in my opinion.
Oh, the baggage is there. He will arrive first; the baggage will be delivered the next day. Seriously, I hope he gets a chance to turn it around. Preferably, not in the SEC
Farner just didn’t have anything to write about today. If you think that was Nick “bristling” or even a rant, you should hear what he says when his wife says “Good morning, Nick”. He is a Chach.
No. J State isn’t in the SEC. Mr. Farner just didn’t have anything to write about. Skip his other article about the NCAA women’s weight room.
Having a Manning at LSU will take a lot of forgiving and forgetting on both sides. But, no one hates the Crooked A’s more than LSU . . . except . . . Ole Miss.
Oh oh! Doesn’t Kirby remember that not too long ago Mushchump had been anointed as the “Coach In Waiting” at the University of Texas? Kirby better have someone watching his back. P.S. Has Coach Ritch been whispering in Muschchump’s ear?
Because Coach O said that Johnson was getting the first team snaps in practice, it will be Brennan’s job for sure. LSU fans always want the backup.
A coaching staff can recruit for recruiting class rankings or it can recruit for need. Recruiting for rankings can produce a star-studded class but it will leave unfilled “needs” that can and will be exploited by modern offenses. And, despite all of the click-bait prognostications, football is played on the field and the outcome any game will be affected by coaching decisions, injuries, weather, referees and penalties, player attitude and the impact of “handlers” on whether players with NFL potential exert or coast. That’s why watching college football has always been so entertaining. Bring ‘em on!!!
Actually, this was fun to watch knowing the history between the schools. If both make it far enough in the brackets we might get to see a rematch.
Said the Dan Mullen fan. . . Who is going to be coaching at Florida next year? Just wondering.
Paying that big buyout, the laughable “suspensions”, Alleva not following through with his recommended firing and the admin not taking his recommendation seriously may all point to a bigger story still out there.
Something like “People who live in glass houses . , . “
Nope. It is both an LSU issue, a Les Miles issue and an Alleva issue. Alleva should not have taken “no” for an answer when the says he wanted to fire Miles. Alleva was in complete charge of the athletic department AND was so highly thought of by the administration that he was made a Vice Chancellor of the university. He could have gone public then or resigned in protest. Read the full report and try to figure out how you would have handled the complex and frequently changing Title 9 morass while simultaneously babysitting the sexual interactions going on your campus. And, yes, as the father of two daughters and an employer of many more females I take sexual harassment very seriously. Finding truth in the “She said; he said” world of “Me too” isn’t nearly as simple as some make it out to be. If I, who has no connection to the goings on at LSU, had heard rumors seven or eight years ago about Miles hitting on young girls and hanging around girl’s apartments, any sports or other reporter now proclaiming surprise or describing a “Miles I didn’t know” is either, mentally slow, lying or just wasn’t paying attention. And, for all the bystanders reveling in this bit of serious bad news for LSU your school may not be far behind. Rumors may be just that but if another that I heard involving a SEC really big fish being videoed multiple times traveling to games on the team plane with a female not his wife, this sad story isn’t over yet. The video is in the hands of people who are definitely not fans of the coach or his team.
Just beat the Crooked A’s and everyone over there will be quiet - at least for a few days. Geaux Other Tigers except when playing LSU.
Fortunately football is played on the field and not in the collective heads of the AP voters. It would be interesting to see if Steele (or anyone else) can predict how the final pole turns out. Spoiler alert - you”d have to include Norte Dame and Oklahoma “just because”. They don’t necessarily deserve it. P.S. Alabama, Florida, Georgia and LSU should get bonus points because they run the gauntlet in the SEC.
Yep. Just how he thought up that shoe throwing finale in the year is behind me. He really is the best offensive mind in the SEC. just offends everyone. We owe him for single-handily endung LSU’s 2020 season on a high note.
Don’t worry. Everyone is still laughing at your reply. Surprising that the powers that be didn’t learn anything the first time he was there. At least they don’t seem to be interested in a contract extension and an eventual painful buyout. He’s gone.
Actually, both were very, very good college receivers and, assuming that the pick met a teams real need either would be an excellent pick. That said, the NFL is quite a step up notwithstanding that the SEC sits unchallenged on top of college football. We’ll see won’t we?
Hate to say it but if I was making the pick I’d go with the guy who did not quit on his team.