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To state the obvious, successfully hiring a head coach who has the ability to win national championships is very difficult. The problem is exacerbated when firing the wrong pick is subject to a hugh Fisher-type buyout. I really wish that it were possible for teams to find the right coach with a performance based buyout. That is impossible in today’s football world where the same agent represents all of the available “best choices”. I was more or less pleased with the Kelly hire at LSU because there was way too much chatter about Lincoln Riley and Sunbelt Billy. But, after this year’s astonishing worst-ever defense showing no meaningful improvement, I’m not sure that Kelly is capable of fixing or willing to fix the problem that festered all year. It is entirely within possibility that we will be facing an Aggie-type firing and coaching search ourselves or at least a search for a defensive coordinator and defensive backfield and line coachs who have the experience and ability to evaluate and rebuild a once-vaunted and feared defense.
Dang Fan92. Auburn did something that many teams, including my LSU, couldn’t do and lost it on an unexplainable coverage breakdown? What you should regret is your team making roster room for Koy Moore who looked up and saw the oncoming rush, panicked and muffed the punt that he (and not Hugh Freeze or any other Auburn coach or player) was supposed to catch and hold onto. If Moore had done what he was supposed to do, you’d be way past the top of the football world today. I think Auburn played an amazing game and can only wish LSU had your defense.
Missouri was really quite a surprise this year. I didn’t see that coming.
Well, accurately prognosticating isn’t easy but, if there was such a thing as a prognosticator playoff, this guy would never sniff it. However, if there was a sports reporter B.S. playoff this guy would be my second choice vote just behind O’Gara.
Which of the other Heisman candidates didn’t miss a few passes. Jaden and his receivers were phenominal. No other quarterback/receiver group in the country can do what they did in this game - or throughout the season. Just phenominal.
Pumping up Auburn in hopes that the Criminal Tide might sneak into the playoffs is wishful thinking. Auburn just isn’t good now but will be in the future. They now have a good coach.
I generally agree with your comments and agree that Kelly isn’t at Napier level yet but with dumb, no really dumb, comments like that he isn’t winning friends or influencing people. It didn’t take a genius on the Bama staff to figure out that Milroe could run right over that patchwork defensive backfield and that the Zebras would help Bama a lot last night. So, throwing Daniels under the bus wasn’t either the smartest or the right thing to do. Kelly could stand a little expert coaching on how to make appropriate post-game comments. There was plenty of blame to go around starting with himself. Jalen was simply the wrong target.
Ron, your meds must be Chinese fakes. See your psychiatrist Monday for a new prescription and don’t get it filled at WalMart.
Coach Kelly should put his brain in gear before he opened his mouth with that “He wasn’t great” comment. It wasn’t Daniels job to hold a pocket, catch balls instead of dropping them or stay in position until the snap or contain Milroe. After last year I had to warm up to Daniels and I have - big time. Jaden will be remembered in the annals of Tiger football for a long, long time. Kelly? Who knows. His string is getting shorter and he better be getting his team and coaching staff ready to beat the Gators and win out.
I think Dabo has figured out that Clemson won’t be able to compete in the future with the big players on the NIL battlefield and is looking for a landing spot where he could. Right now there are a lot of money obstacles to aTm getting rid of Fishy but feigning interest in that job might just provide the impetus to back up the Brinks truck. However, I also think that his real goal is to get the Bama boosters to push Saban into early retirement sooner, rather than later, which they would do to avoid losing Dabo to aTm. That, combined with the likelihood that the Bama fans will now falsely disavow any interest in Sweeney will make for interesting times. Bama boosters, being mindful of the history of coach-hiring fiascos post-Bryant and pre-Saban, will be panicking if the news about Dabo to aTm continues to gain traction especially when Ole Miss runs up the score on the Aggies and absolutely be on fire if LSU leaves Tuscaloosa a winner which they will do if the Vegas NIL program for Zebras favors the Tigers and not the Tide. You’ll see.
StL Gator, it is interesting that no one else is talking about the importance of halftime adjustments in determining the outcome of a game that will be defining for both LSU and Bama. Does Rees know more about Kelly or vice versa. The answer to that question is . . . (to be continued).
Unassailable logic. Eyeballs on TV sets will drive the advertising revenue and that, combined with the money that will pour into the SEC if the dogs make, and win the playoffs will inform the Zebras and so on. The LSU/Bama game will no doubt be hard fought on both sides (the Saban thing is personal with us) and in doubt until time runs out. But . . . despite significant injuries on both sides of the ball, if Daniels has a great game, the eyeballs may turn in a different direction allowing the Tigers to sneak into the playoffs ahead of one of the two fake BIG 1 teams (think the 2024 version of TCU).
This game could easily turn on which team scores touchdowns and extra points in the Red Zone and doesn’t have to settle for field goals. That, and the Tigers have to play not only elephants but the Zebras as well.
We eat Boudin. Corn Dogs are the preferred breakfast, lunch and dinner in Georgia (unless the food truck has run out of them). P.S. Try boudin. You’ll like it better than your corndogs. P.S. The only time that there are corndogs in Louisiana is when the food trucks with Georgia or Alabama tags comes to a county fair or to Mardi Gras.
We eat Boudin. Corn Dogs are the preferred breakfast, lunch and dinner in Georgia (unless the food truck has run out of them). P.S. Try boudin. You’ll like it better than your corndogs. P.S. The only time that there are corndogs in Louisiana is when the food trucks with Georgia or Alabama tags comes to a county fair or to Mardi Gras.
Update: I just noted that an observant fan posting on another site noticed that during the first half of the game Nick was sweating heavily while continually pulling his headset off and that friction and sweat washed away the Grecian formula hair dye he has used regularly for a number of years. Kudos to the person who first figured that out.
Heupel has been buffalo-size for a long time so, that’s nothing new. I’m more concerned about what the heck is going on with Saban’s hair. Does he have some kind if disease or, maybe just a really bad haircut? My brother thinks he was pulling it out on the sidelines during the first half.
Well, others might appropriately believe that there were numerous non-calls when the Bama D-Backs pushed the Vol receivers to the ground as the ball arrived that should have been pass interference. Bama definitely benefitted from the temporarily blind zebras.
Well ALgator, that is certainly something that several of us have also been pondering for a while. I think it may have something to do with Fishy’s agent getting paid while also representing every other coach that might be on a short replacement list. Sort of like “checked” in chess or maybe “gotcha”. Watch and see. aTm will soon bite the bullet (they do have the money) and will be so desperate to hire whom they perceive to be the hottest name on football (college or pro) they gladly offer up the same no-performance contract to the next one they will have to fire.
Football game advertisers covet tv eyeballs. Networks covet advertisers. If they want/need eyeballs, there will definitely be an SEC team in the playoffs. What we do know is that the Huskies and the Trojans traded punch for punch until time ran out and then the Huskies won. None of us know if either is really good and won’t know until they play enough significant teams out of conference. We do know that USCw and its pre-anointed quarterback were the benefit of a lot of misleading hype. Both, well we saw that.
Max is a backup quarterback who has stepped into a starting role behind an O line that is about as effective as LSU’s weak defensive backfield. But, but there is also Joe Milton in the game. Max may struggle but will pull it out for the Aggies in a close one. We’ll still have Fishy to laugh about for at least another season - or two.
Tiger vs Tiger has always been nail-biting unpredictable for years. And yeah, LSU is often unexpectedly capable of losing to any other team and certainly showed that two weeks ago while giving away a winnable game to Ole Miss. But, I’m believing in Pete Jenkins’ ability to light a bonfire under our underperforming defense. So, take that Takeo!
Let’s hope so. The Bama defense looked pretty good and unless something major changes, the Tiger defensive backs will make Milrow look like a Heisman candidate. We will have to score big time against Bama and play our best away game to take the West again.
You also probably saw some of the worst officiating you’ve ever seen - all with no consequences. I’d love to be able to make that crew take a lie detector test.
Max still holds the ball too long. I hope he is still doing that when the Aggies play LSU.
Well, that bit of concern for LSU coming from a fan of the team that barely pulled out a win in a game against an unranked, underestimated and rebuilding Auburn team is really heartwarming. Thank you for your concern for LSU.
I wouldn’t bet on this LSU coaching staff coming up with anything approximating a game plan because they haven’t shown they can do that yet. But your team will have to score at least 70 points to win. For the past several years our Tigers have convinced the fan base that few in the defensive backfield enjoy tackling. Our DB’s are undersized and we’re overrated.