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The only thing worse than the status quo would be giving Roger Goodel the job.
Um, occasionally winning in the Big 12 is not the same as winning in the SEC.
“Greg Sankey goes from the greatest administrator in college football to the biggest sleaze in college football.” ———————————————— Mr. Sankey exists to advance Alabama’s interests. Just making sure that Tx, OK, LSU and A&M wind up in the same division, pod or whatever and Alabama doesn’t. There will still be a lot of wildcards on the road to a championship including injuries, opt-outs, NIL, upsets, etc., but Alabama will play a different level of competition than LSU and A&M.
Please impose a word limitation in a single post. Please, please, please.
I agree with you a lot. Being disagreeable is a disease that affects Gator fans. On the merits this amalgamation doesn’t make a lot of sense - yet. It may just be a precursor to something else in terms of realignment that is yet to come. The TV money does a lot of talkin’ and the SEC teams are always listening. Soccer style two-tier conferences where the under achievers are relegated to a second tier might produce more competitive games between teams that prove they can win. The Gators can look forward to tier two.
Bama regularly processes players into the transfer portal. The portal was designed with that in mind.
Well, here is an upvote from someone who hopes that your team improves enough to provide a bit of competition for the SEC East title at some point. Blue blood? Um. . .
Not exactly, They will run an effective spread offense but without having Ensminger overrule them with a lot of toss-dive left. The first few plays on offense against UCLA will tell you a lot about the season. The real wildcard for LSU isn’t whether we camps and will run an effective spread but whether we have a running back that can do anything but rush into the rear end of his right guard and get tackled. You have to have an effective running game as well.
And one that Mullet has never reached and won’t,ever reach.
Is there a coach in the SEC, or anywhere else in big time football who doesn’t have to get the quarterback thing right?
Remember that this guy is the one who was at LSU with Saban. The only thing you need to know about why Saban gets away with roster finagling while your coach doesn’t is that. Same for recruiting. The best thing to come out of the castration of the NCAA is, in my opinion, that Saban may not have the inside protection he once had. With that as a given, Saban may want to ride out of Tuscaloosa with his status intact. If that happens it will herald the Dark Ages in Tuscaloosa and throughout Bama fandom. Then for the foreseeable future we will see a long series of coach search flops (think Mike Shula, etc.) and a lot of wailing and gnashing of tooth (most Bama fans are several teeth short of a mouthful). P. S. Tom Herman will surely turn your program around and he will still be available. He will be your coach in waiting at some Texas high school. Just wave the big bucks at him.
The players on teams playing the Longhorns will all be issued jerseys with a “Horns Down” patch sewn on them. After a play, all of the players on the opposing team will be able to hold all five fingers up vertically and point to the patch. In addition, LSU will have reps at all Texas home and away games selling t-shirts emblazoned with the “Horns Down” logo which has now been trade-marked by LSU but freely usable by all fans of any football team not named “Texas”. Lastly, at this moment , the Goodyear blimp is being repainted courtesy of your friends at thecTuger Athletic Foundation with a very large and bright “Horns Down” logo while grass with a bright green color is secretly being over-sown in the middle of the Texas field in the “Horns Down” logo that, in about 45 days will pop up and express the worldwide “Horns Down” sentiment in all its Roundup-proof glory. Wooooo Pigs (until you play LSU).
Pulleeze . . . Kickoff can’t come soon enough. And, ugh, tomorrow’s article will undoubtably be “Which coach didn’t win that you thought should have won?” No Coach is really the “Coach of the Year” that hasn’t won the National Championship. Doesn’t matter who the media “darling” of the moment is or how much improvement we’ve seem. And, it won’t be Fisher. His season will end Niv. 27 at LSU.
Plum Lee is freaky athletic and quite capable of giving any SEC team fits. He certainly did that against LSU.
The Heisman award is the most over-hyped media driven award that exists in football. It would be more interesting if the “winner” had to give it back if he didn’t make all-pro by the end of his fifth season. So, pick your favorite quarterback and hope this isn’t the year the media feels like it is time to select someone who isn’t a quarterback.
C’mon guys. Everyone knows that to write about FSU you have to make stuff up.
Just a little “Tiger” mixup. Remember 2019 when Bama suffered three fatal Tiber bites - Clemson, LSU and Auburn. Tigers hunt together.
Playing in the SEC East sure won’t hurt. P.S. Beat Clemson first. . . .
You can add “attending class/grades” to the list as well. A really troubled young man with a lot to get control over. I hope he does. If the Bulldog O-line shows up he won’t have to block.
Well, player development does seem important. Rankings are often a major consideration and most turn out to be able to play at a high level. But, there are always high ranked players who for one reason or another flame out and hugely disappoint. Then there are the guys that fly under the radar who tear it up. The difference often seems to be maturity, player development and no significant injuries. During the Miles era at LSU there seemed to be a lot of underutilized players who were lineup afterthoughts or never made an All-SEC team who quickly saw a lot of playing time in the NFL. Player development there.
Actually, the Bulldog schedule is optimum for that to happen. Clemson and Florida are the only two break a sweat games on it. Lose to Florida and an amazing scheduling opportunity evaporates. Florida gets to play Bama and LSU. The stars are aligned for Kirby.
Well, here is my downvote to add to yours. This is just filling up sparse until football is being played in the fall.
Bigsby is playing for a new coach and that will change how he is or isn’t utilized. Big difference over last year. I think Bigsby has a real chance to turn some heads.
The chemistry between Boutte and either Brennan or Johnson is off the charts. He is the real deal.
We can talk about your assumptions about LSU when the season is over.
If anyone aspires to be the successor to a long line of top rank quarterbacks at Alabama, “unfair expectations” will be no excuse. It is likely that the next three in line would be starting elsewhere.
Do not get ahead of the game. When your team plays Miss State they will still be able to afford a couple of referees. No need to buy a whole team.
Both a little different but about equal. Raisin Canes just won the best fries in the annual 225 Magazine’s annual “Best of (whatever)’” award. Zaxby’s not too far behind. That’s based on eating in Baton Rouge locations. There could be local twists to the recipes.