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When Arch’s time comes to see the playing field in college he will quickly understand that he is no longer in a Newman Greenies uniform playing minor league opposition. I hope he survives. LSU has a stacked quarterback room and simply didn’t need the distraction of all that drama following Arch around. Why anyone cares what Les East thinks about who LSU should recruit is beyond me. Why a really good quarterback like Eli Holstein would be leaving Louisiana says more about the quarterbacks we already have and one that we just do not need.
The Sooner pitching was awesome. That ought to keep the Aggies humble for at least a couple of days. Good game Sooners.
No, the more the Aggies talk about it the deeper the hole they are digging gets. When Saban talked about buying players everyone understood what he was talking about for a lot of reasons. And, all this phony indignation by Fisher and the Aggie admin just reminded everyone about the adage about protesting too much. I can just imagine how much fun non-Aggies would be having if they really pushed the SEC on this and the digging into Aggie recruiting began in earnest.
“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social enviroment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions." -Albert Einstein, Essay to Leo Baeck, 1953. All this will be sorted out in the fall on the playing field. Looking forward to seeing the SEC reassert it’s national dominance in a new era where injuries, NIL, opt-outs and over-rated teams and players are the wild cards yet to be played. Good luck to all of you . . . Except when you play LSU.
Listening to the predictions of “expert” talking heads diss other teams is about all Mizzou fans can do for encouragement. I’d recommend that the Missouri fake-Tigers apply to the Sunbelt Conference where you might hope to win a couple of games each year. One Vanderbilt in the SEC is enough.
We will all know whether LSU’s defense has or hasn’t improved when the season’s play starts. One thing for sure, the commitment and attitude will be better.
You are correct. Quitting on your college team has consequences in the pros.
He would not have to actually enter the portal, he just needs to say he is thinking about it. All those Bama boosters would immediately stop polishing their respective 6” genuine aluminum crooked A belt buckle and run for the Brinks truck. What would really be fun is if Saban dropped a hint that he is considering what he might make if he entered the coaching portal. The Aggies would find several Brinks trucks and the Fish would find himself talking to Sumlin about job search tactics. Bama boosters would soil their pants with a real crimson tide.
To access as much money as floats around in Texas, Alabama would have to Merge with Georgia, form a single state and get Kirby to quit coaching and UGA to terminate its football program. Not happening.
It would be difficult to imagine that he would not retire on a high note if his team managed to win another Championship. If he stays 1 - 10 years and fails to win another then retiring as “the GOAT**” would be hard to handle.
Just wait until the Aggie Collective gets to talk to Young about what they could do that would be better than the Portal or sitting out a year.
If all you have is Max Johnson I understand your concern.
Would it be more likely that Nick has already been informed that Tuscaloosa isn’t a big enough stage for a Manning so he could conveniently say that Manning didn’t have the chest to sit behind Holstein?
In my mind there were at least a couple of possibilities. Holstein might not have been sure that he could move ahead of Max Johnson (I think zero likelihood that he was pleased with the challenge presented by the LSU quarterback room) or the Aggie booster group was one-upped by angry Bama boosters. Will he ever see the field at Bama? Don’t think so but I wish him well anywhere goes. The lesson for Fisher is that Nick is still his Daddy.
Saban is unhappy because, in retrospect, he didn’t take the Texas job where booster money can equal that anywhere else including Georgia where Kirby is on the ascent and in other in places where there is Bama level booster support. Fisher knows what he is talking about when he said what he did about looking into Saban’s past. Bama and Saban may well have seen their last championship.
Correct. Saban will, however go ballistic again next year when the 8-4 (again) Aggies offer his top two quarterbacks better NIL deals and he has to take a pay cut to replace them.
Exactly, the player your team needs may simply be employed to play football. Attending class and getting a degree would be an optional “bonus”.
The aren’t screaming until the posts are in ALL CAPS with a lot of exclamation points !!!!
NIL is not really fixable. The cat is out of the bag and there will be the same booster work-arounds. Do you remember the year that one SEC school won a Natty having signed a star quarterback and lots of money offers from other SEC schools came to light. The NCAA just determined that the player didn’t know that someone in his family was running an auction and money changed hands unbeknownst to the player? Academics, well, only if someone at the school is willing to tattle and instantly become permanently unemployable. It will be like telling your plumber “But, but you used to charge $30 for doing that . . .
The Media’s favorite “Wonder Coach” who was hyped up every year while he was at Oklahoma not winning National Championships will still be “Wonder Coach” at USC not winning National Championships. People like Spencer always need something to pontificate about.
Nick was just having a very bad day. First, he was badly outbid then suspending initial counters and roster limits torpedoed Bama’s greyshirt “program”. Hey, but he was right about “parity”. It is just arriving quicker than he thought it would.
“ We didn’t buy one player. Aight? But I don’t know if we’re going to be able to sustain that in the future, because more and more people are doing it. It’s tough.” ______ Surely there was nothing wrong with any team’s boosters making “charitable” contributions to some religious institution that would then funnel the money as instructed. That isn’t buying players is it?
Bama can learn from a past LSU experience playing in Texas. It would be smart to bring some portable air conditioning equipment as the visiting team locker room is actually a sauna.
Thst ridiculous “Golden Boot” trophy is a huge disincentive to playing well. The person(s) that designed it had to be Texas ATM graduates.
That is closer to reality than most efforts to figure this scheduling stuff out. But, in the end what happens is (1) what Bama wants because Sankey will see to that and (2) what the TV number crunchers finally figure out. The latter will be complicated as NIL and the foolish transfer portal rules will change all historical dynamics that number crunchers now factor in.