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All the talk is about South Carolina's offense. Nobody is asking how South Carolina plans on stopping Georgia's offense? Frankly, I don't think they will be able to keep up. Georgia won easily last year and looks to be even better this year so I don't see how South Carolina somehow became a better team than Georgia and has much of a shot in this game. Georgia 42-17.
Unlike Alabama, we don't just claim titles we never won either.
Georgia dominated South Carolina last year and the Bulldogs look to be even better this year. What possibly makes you think this year will be a different game?
I think Wisconsin is the wrong team to compare UGA's schedule with. Alabama's schedule from last year would be a better comparison. Alabama had a far easier schedule than Wisconsin last year and still made it to the playoff because the committee knew they were the better team. I think Georgia would receive the same benefit of the doubt. Win the SECCG and it doesn't matter.
That's the hot pick for an upset. I just don't see it. UGA has a better team in every phase of the game and is much deeper at every position. What am I missing that makes this year any different than last year?
That might be the best defense we play all year.
I think South Carolina will be a good team this year and is probably the second best team in the east by a comfortable margin. However, to say Georgia "only won 24-10 in Athens" is a silly statement regarding a game that was never in question and that Georgia dominated in every statistical category. Let's not try to make it sound like South Carolina challenged Georgia last year.
Who is Michael Smith and why is this relevant to Saturday Down South? I don't know if Smith was as offensive to ESPN's viewers as Hill was but I am not surprised ESPN made changes. Its how businesses work.
The article wasn't really clear as to why these espn guys would suggest a player boycott the tournament. The only thing it mentions is "bargaining power", but bargaining for what? What college basketball player wants to miss out on the one thing they work so hard for all year?
Wait, they are getting "actual compensation". Their compensation is tuition, tutoring, living arrangements, unlimited amounts of healthy food, healthcare, and all the other perks they receive. My guess is the value is somewhere around $100k per year. Not bad work if you can get it, Cotton.
Florida then proceeded to lose to a Louisville team that lost games against Syracuse and Connecticut.
Unless Fromm gets injured I am expecting Fields to redshirt.
What do you get when you breed a ground hog and an TEXAS A & M football player? Six more weeks of bad football.
I assume the officiating crew got the game ball. I would have rather lost on the field to a better team than have a game taken away. Unfortunate way to have a season end.
UCF needs to get it in their heads that they did not win the national championship or even came close every sec school could have gone 12-0 if they played UCF's crap scheldule
Riley had to kick the field goal. His offense was being dominated in the second half by the Georgia defense. What would these idiots be saying if he went for it and was stopped?
The irony of having a parade at the make believe kingdom is clearly lost on these folks. I am not sure what the point is, were they even ranked in the top 10. Nice season, nice win in the Peach Bowl. Don’t embarrass yourselves.
War Eagle is cool. Much better than Plainsmen or Tigers. I do get a chuckle though everytime Auburn’s band plays Georgia’s fight song!
i think he might transfer to Washington because thats where he is from and jake browning the starting QB is leaving for the NFL and the Pac 12 is a good conference for him.
Haha. All the issues with the law? We had a redshirted receiver get a dui. Another player had a marijuana possession charge two months ago and missed 4 games. I would hardly say that is undisciplined.
I don’t see this keeping him out of the playoff games. Fortunately, he passed the drug test immediately afterwards and I am sure he will be tested again. I don’t know what level the alleged failed test was tested for, but the fact that he passed the school administeted test is good. Looks like he has an appeal scheduled but that is after playoffs. I do think he should go ahead and turn pro on January 9.
This is a problem. Pruitt has clashed with AD's before. I don't see how he could like this AD trying to do his job.
Fields wants to play for a team that will be relevant while he is in college.
This would be a great hire for Tennessee. The only question is can he and Fulmer co-exist.
Oklahoma will take this very seriously. I'm sure he will have to sit during the coin toss and miss the first offensive series.
Auburn did not have the offense nor the defense of Georgia this year. Georgia’s offense will be the difference.
OU may get 30 points. My guess is we will get at least 40. Georgia 45 OU 31 is the kind of game I see.
Should be a good game. OU looks like Missouri's offense on steroids. OU will score and our defense will make some stops. The difference in this game will be whether OU's defense can stop our offense. I think it will be a long day for OU in that regards. Keeping Mayfield off the field will be the best defense. I see this as a high scoring affair, something like Georgia 45 OU 31.
I wouldn't be surprised if OU suspended him from participating in the first play of the game.