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This is a problem. Pruitt has clashed with AD's before. I don't see how he could like this AD trying to do his job.
Fields wants to play for a team that will be relevant while he is in college.
This would be a great hire for Tennessee. The only question is can he and Fulmer co-exist.
Oklahoma will take this very seriously. I'm sure he will have to sit during the coin toss and miss the first offensive series.
Auburn did not have the offense nor the defense of Georgia this year. Georgia’s offense will be the difference.
OU may get 30 points. My guess is we will get at least 40. Georgia 45 OU 31 is the kind of game I see.
Should be a good game. OU looks like Missouri's offense on steroids. OU will score and our defense will make some stops.The difference in this game will be whether OU's defense can stop our offense. I think it will be a long day for OU in that regards. Keeping Mayfield off the field will be the best defense. I see this as a high scoring affair, something like Georgia 45 OU 31.
I wouldn't be surprised if OU suspended him from participating in the first play of the game.
If Phil is smart he will make Hoke the coach for next year and start the hiring process fresh. Hiring a new coach, especially with what is left to offer the job to, will set Tennessee back 7-8 years. How do you recruit when a player knows you are the 10th choice as a coach? Phil's first order of business is to get the fan base back to reality.
Gimme a break. 28-7. Kerryon was healthy enough to play the whole game, it would not have mattered if he was totally healthy. You got beat down Saturday in the game that mattered.You are right though, Oklahoma is better offensively than Auburn. Their defense is nowhere near Auburn's however. OU's biggest issue will be keeping their defense off the field long enough to allow their offense to keep up.
The storyline is OU's offense against Georgia's defense. The difference in the game will be Georgia's offense against OU's defense.
I have many friends that are OU fans and they hate the matchup. They all admit Georgia's defense is the best they will play and the OU offense is not "unstoppable". They expect to score but admit that OU's defense will not be able to stop Georgia's offense. This isn't going to be some Big 12 shootout. I think it is reasonable to assume Georgia got the easiest bid. Seriously, who would want to play Clemson right now?
The talk is all about OU’s offense against Georgia’s defense. The difference in this game will be Georgia’s offense against OU’s defense.
Should be a great game. Their offense against our defense will be the story. Our offense against their defense will be the difference. Uga 45 OU 24.
Funny. Be thankful you get to even play A game in the playoff this year.
Miles would be a good hire. He could at least put out the fire and make Tennessee somewhat respectable for a few years until they can find a real long term coach. At this point Tennessee is 7-8 years away from being relevant again.As we are seeing no coach wants to deal with an unrealistic fan base as Tennessee has. Better hope Les doesn’t become the next coach to decline.
That’s precisely my point. Assume we lost Chubb or Michel or both. Michel was the injured and missed the second half last night and it didn’t matter. Georgia has the luxury of three backs behind those two who would start at almost every other college in the country. Chubb and Michel share carries with 3 other guys. One player does not make a team is my point. Had fsu not lost their qb, I don’t think it would have mattered.Kerryon is one tough dude, by the way. I was surprised he played last night but Georgia had to account for him. Good luck in your bowl, I hope he is back to full health and you dominate whoever you play.
One guy doesn’t make the team. Georgia is perfect example to counter your argument. We lost a first round draft pick at qb and played a freshman all year. But he is surrounded by other playmakers and a solid defense and suported by great coaching. Where are those other parts of the team on fsu? At best fsu would perhaps be 2 games better than they are this year if they had not lost their qb. The fact is they just are not that good.I say that not to take away from Bama. Head to head, I don’t think anyone believes Ohio State would beat Alabama and I think the committee will also see it that way.
It doesn’t matter. There is Clemson and Georgia and everyone else at this point. Bama, Ohio State, or USC, what’s the difference?
Mike Leach will guarantee Tennessee to be a solid 8-4 team every year. There is a reason he is number 9 on their list right now.
Mike Leach will guarantee Tennessee to be a solid 8-4 team every year. There is a reason he is number 9 on their list right now.
This will be so funny if Tennessee ends up with Leach. Please let it happen. Although it will be even funnier if he becomes the 7th coach to turn the school down in this dumpster fire of a coaching search.
Wow. If I was Currie I would have quit. This entire fiasco lays at the feet of the rabid and unrealistic Tennessee fan base. Currie is not the reason 6 coaches have turned down offers so far.
Not really, but thanks for the shallow comment without any of your own analysis to back up your statement.I actually forgot Cutcliff also turned them down. He would have been the best fit.
At this point no decent coach is going to expose himself to the insanity of the Tennessee fan mob. I don't know what the mob is expecting, but its choices are not going to get any better going forward. You were never going to get a tier one coach to come to Tennessee.Schiano would have been a good hire, but Doeren may have been just as good. Both would have been better hires than Brohm or Gundy or certainly Gruden.Hire Hoke, accept that no matter who you bring in now you will be a 7-5 team for at least the next 4-5 years and come up with a plan to get an up and comer coach to come to Knoxville. Or at this point, Tennesse may be better off trying to hire Butch again.
Thank-you!!! I was afraid we were just being teased when I heard this could happen.
The irony is surely lost on Tennessee fans. And they wonder why nobody wants to coach there.
Wait, what happened to Brohm? This has gotten out of hand. Nobody wants to come coach somewhere with such a rabid and unrealistic fan base. Hilarious there are some Tennessee fans blaming Currie. He had your best hope hired and you ruined it.Hire Butch Jones.
I guess 7th time is a charm. At this point I know many Tennessee fans must be asking themselves why did they fire Butch?Its not a bad hire actually considering the circumstances. Will the fan base be accepting of 7-5 or 8-4 records for a few years until the hiring process can be done in a better manner? Somehow I doubt it.