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Agreed. I had no idea Michigan was considered a top ten team. I don’t think they could beat anyone in the top 15. We will see next week I guess.
Herman should have been more concerned with his own player trying to take a cheapshot.
Too young, too many injuries to worry about playoff right now. But, it’s always good to beatdown Florida.
The bigger question is will Georgia use its power run game? The debacle at LSU can be directly contributed to a abandoning a run game that was averaging 8 yards per carry for some unknown reason. Did Chaney learn from his mistake?
You can’t hold Fromm responsible for all the dropped balls in that game. Fields came in and made a couple of handoffs but that is all he can do right now. LSU could not stop Georgia’s run game yesterday, but inexplicably Chaney abandoned the run early in the game. This loss belongs to Chaney. We made a mediocre team look good yesterday because of inept play calling.
Out of context? Should be doing better? Have you even watched any games this year? We are 6-0 and have physically dominated every team we have played to the point of playing mostly second, third, and fourth stringers from the middle of the third quarter on. How much "better" can we look?
Fields is good and is a nice change if pace to keep defenses on their heels, but he is nowhere near the qb Fromm is. Fromm had another outstanding game last night that further solidified his starting position.
Two mediocre teams. This helps the east snd will benefit Georgia by the end of the season.
Let’s not kid ourselves. Georgia physically dominated Tennessee all day in a game that was never close. Frankly, I was glad to see our o line and d line finally assert themselves yesterday. Compare rushing yards if you have any doubt, Georgia had 250 to Tennessee’s 66. A game plan that controlled the clock for over 37 minutes was the only reason Georgia didn’t run up the score.
Total nonsense. TN brought a blitz and Swift had to pick up the lb. Nauta missed his block. But don’t confuse one play for the entire game. UGA controlled both lines yesterday running and passing the ball at will and held the ball fifteen minutes longer than TN did. That is dominating the line. LSU doesn’t have the offense to keep up with Georgia. Are we Bama quality yet, nope. Nobody is going to beat them this year. But I don’t see anyone challenging Georgia until thay game.
Connor, did you even watch this game? Georgia imposed it’s will from the opening kickoff until the final knee taken in a physically dominating manner on both sides of the ball.
“It was that kind of day for Georgia, sloppy, just off, but good enough.” What game were you watching? Georgia physically dominated Tennessee in every aspect of the game they won by 4 touchdowns. Tennessee had 66 yards rushing and Georgia’s offense again produced 400+ balanced yards on offense. Two dropped passes and it could have been two additional td’s for Georgia’s offense. Most striking to me, Georgia’s time of possession was a full 15 minutes more than Tennessee, an entire quarter! If that isn’t a physically dominant beat down I don’t know what is.
Stop the run against Mizzou? How many td’s did Lock throw yesterday? What was his passer rating? Georgia’s defense had one job yesterday, and it wasn’t stopping the run. And who is the guy that didn’t vote Alabama #1?!?
It wasn’t exactly unimpressive either. Mizzou is best offense we will see until Alabama. Offense is clicking though, running and passing. I’m not sure we will see a defense that can stop it until Bama. Georgia is young, played a little sloppy at times and had some stupid penalties to clean up, but two sec road wins in the bag is nothing to complain about. Good game Mizzou, always a classy opponent, good luck rest of year I think you will have a nice bowl game at the end of season. Lock will be playing on Sunday’s for a while!
Sacks don't matter. Where does Georgia rank on allowing plays of 20+? Where do they rank in points allowed? Avg yards per catch allowed? How many times has Georgia blitzed? Give me something to compare that sacks stat with.
Ironic it was Auburn’s defense that blew the game. The flagrant pass interference at the end was just sloppy and unnecessary because the DB actually had good coverage. Kudos Tigers! See you soon.
A one dimensional Ole Miss is the kind of team Alabama feasts upon. Couple that with an Ole Miss team that lacks any kind of defense and I picture Alabama running the ball and eating up clock all day long. Bama 42 Ole Miss 6
There never was a controversy at Georgia. Fromm was, is, and will be the starter this season. Fields will get more playing time as he learns the playbook and will be used from time to time to keep defenses on their heels.
The Aggies were wronged all night. That shove not being called was unbelievable. I'm going to go ahead and let out a Whoop! Great game Aggies!
That was far from the only bad call that jobbed A&M last night. Clemson got exposed last night barely winning against the 4th best team in the SEC West.
"“South Carolina was in this game a year ago with a beat-up offensive line,” Taylor said. “Now they’re going to have to come to play defensively, but I think they do it.”" What game did he watch last year?
Agreed. Last year's game was not close. Georgia is much better on offense this year and not too far off on defense this year. SC lost its biggest offensive weapon at TE. I think it is an interesting game for a half and then Georgia pulls away. UGA 42-17.
Not really sure who Deebo Sanders is, but if I was SC I would worry about all the speed on the Georgia side of the ball. If Georgia has to cover one guy, big deal. Sc doesn't have the defense to stop Georgia's offense.
All the talk is about South Carolina's offense. Nobody is asking how South Carolina plans on stopping Georgia's offense? Frankly, I don't think they will be able to keep up. Georgia won easily last year and looks to be even better this year so I don't see how South Carolina somehow became a better team than Georgia and has much of a shot in this game. Georgia 42-17.
Unlike Alabama, we don't just claim titles we never won either.
Georgia dominated South Carolina last year and the Bulldogs look to be even better this year. What possibly makes you think this year will be a different game?
I think Wisconsin is the wrong team to compare UGA's schedule with. Alabama's schedule from last year would be a better comparison. Alabama had a far easier schedule than Wisconsin last year and still made it to the playoff because the committee knew they were the better team. I think Georgia would receive the same benefit of the doubt. Win the SECCG and it doesn't matter.
That's the hot pick for an upset. I just don't see it. UGA has a better team in every phase of the game and is much deeper at every position. What am I missing that makes this year any different than last year?