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I really thought Georgia would use Washington in the pass hame more so there must be something we don’t see. I would not be surprised to see Washington moved into an OL position with his size and athleticism.
Bama has the refs. That’s all they need.
Worse refs ever seen. Georgia is getting screwed over and over and over and that is only thing keeping Bama in this game.
Run the ball. Run the clock. Play defense. The fact is Cincy just wasn’t good enough. A school like Cincinnati has to earn style points to be considered seriously. Alabama doesn’t care. A win is a win. Nobody will ever remember the final score.
Questionable but could have gone either way. It misses the point. Horrible coaching caused Tennessee to lose the game. Was fun to watch and kudos to UT players for a great effort. That being said, they could have won in regular time with a field goal but threw two bombs rather than move 7 yards into field goal position?!?!? Going for it on 4th down when a field goal gives you a chance to stay in game?!?!? I hear a lot of displeasure from Vol fans over Huepel. This loss certainly won’t help him.
I hope so because Georgia has too many offensive weapons for Michigan to cover. I don’t see Georgia shooting themselves in the foot on offense the way they did against Bama. They aren’t going to be as undisciplined and take this game for granted.
Anderson and Davis are both worthy of being in the top four. Last I looked Davis played every game too. Then, I turn on the tv and there is some defensive player from Michigan nobody has ever heard of. The Heisman trophy has become a watered down joke of an award.
Typical Bama game. The Bama oline has been holding all game and never get penalized. The sec really wants two teams in the playoff.
Florida Gators hardest hit. LSU hires a top tier coach days after Florida hires some guy named Billy from a small school somewhere in Louisiana. One has to wonder if Florida even reached out to a guy with a resume like Kelly's.
Who? This is the new football coach at Florida, right?
Stetson tops Fran in every statistical category other than Fran threw almost twice as many interceptions. Based on the results I’d say Smart’s decisions are really good.
Probably top 5 of sentences that should never be written - “ What in the world happened to Indiana football?”
Looks like that secondary is a lot better than you thought. All of Tennessee’s passing yards came on short dink passes the Georgia defense was willing to give you. That was a complete beat down of the Tennessee offensive scheme.
Tennessee is definitely on the right track. Welcome back. What I saw was a Georgia defense and coaching staff adjust to the offense they were playing in today’s game. Yeah, Tennessee accumulated yards but not when it counted. Georgia was more than happy to trade short passes to prevent any big plays downfield and then assert its muscle in the red zone. That’s the thing about Kirby, he doesn’t care how it looks on paper, he cares about the final score.
"they haven’t faced an offense of Tennessee’s quality this season" I'd argue Arkansas, Florida, and Auburn are every bit as good as Tennessee's offense and Kentucky most certainly is. Georgia's offense is probably even better and going up against one of the worst defenses in the country I really don't see this being that close of a game. Perhaps a close game for a couple of quarters but then Georgia's offense just wears down Tennessee's defense in second half. Georgia 35-14 with Kirby going man ball running the ball all game.
Anyone who thinks Georgia’s offense is lackluster just isn’t paying attention. It can score and move the ball at will. Weapons all over the field. But when the game is won, vanilla and running the clock is the design. The other thing that has amused me the last couple of games is Kentucky and Florida going on long, time consuming drives while needing four scores to get back in the game. Kirby won’t show it but he is laughing inside. Another great win this weekend.
I see Neyland is still a hillbilly dumpster fire. Keep it classy Vols.
I don’t blame him for scoring. The game was over in the second quarter and he was just getting his offense reps as evidenced by no sense of urgency in the fourth quarter. Think about it, down four scores and Kentucky goes on an 11 minute drive to score a meaningless td? Georgia’s defense was just too dominant. A UK team averaging 215 ypg on the ground rushed for 51 today. No answers for Georgia’s offense. Kentucky will have a good rest of the season. Kirby smiling right now.
I watched like an early spring game. With all the starters opting out it was nice to see the back ups get a big win. Several times I had not even heard of guys making plays on the field. Cincinnati looks like a nice team but these games are somewhat unfair for the group of 5 teams. Win against a power program’s second team and you get no credit, but lose and you gain no respect because nobody believed you would win in the first place. Good luck to the Bearcats next year. Georgia’s future looks bright.
Before getting ahead of yourselves remember you played a banged up Georgia team missing 7 key players on defense alone and allowed a sub par offense to score 28 on you. Enjoy this year.
Why is this a big deal? This is no different from Saban catching the flu. If he even has symptoms he’ll be back to work in a few days and coaching remotely is no different than coaching from a box above. This will have zero impact on Saturday’s game.
I want to see Mathis succeed, but with Daniels already splitting first string snaps and Newman’s quick departure it’s clear Daniels was already going to be starting at qb this year. Hopefully he gets some playing time this year.
Great question. I would think the ncaa would have to say everyone retains eligibility or no one does. Fault really falls at the feet of the conferences who have canceled. Those that don’t should not be penalized.
I have a feeling Justin Fields has some regrets over leaving UGA right about now.
Adios, college football. The union idea is just plain stupid. They are either students or employees, they can’t be both. Let’s see how well these guys like a union when they get a tax bill for their compensation. Tuition, room and board, books and tutors, coaching, access to workout centers, travel, and healthcare coverage will put player’s from some schools well over $100k per year. They can’t afford a union.
A force majeure would only apply if all games were cancelled by a university. They don’t get to pick and choose, otherwise it isn’t a force majeure. The big10 will still have to payout games they forfeit.
Universities can’t afford to not have fans in the stands much less cancel their seasons. These teams that are canceling their games should show a forfeit for every game canceled and not be considered for a national championship. This will be the official end of college football if these dumb decisions continue.
He left off the decimal. The current death rate hovers somewhere in the .6% range by most conservative estimates. Most notably as cases rise due to more testing, weekly deaths have fallen 84% since the April high and deaths are almost exclusively the old and those who are already sick. 45% of recorded deaths have been in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This virus is more similar to a bad flu season.