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I watched like an early spring game. With all the starters opting out it was nice to see the back ups get a big win. Several times I had not even heard of guys making plays on the field. Cincinnati looks like a nice team but these games are somewhat unfair for the group of 5 teams. Win against a power program’s second team and you get no credit, but lose and you gain no respect because nobody believed you would win in the first place. Good luck to the Bearcats next year. Georgia’s future looks bright.
Before getting ahead of yourselves remember you played a banged up Georgia team missing 7 key players on defense alone and allowed a sub par offense to score 28 on you. Enjoy this year.
Why is this a big deal? This is no different from Saban catching the flu. If he even has symptoms he’ll be back to work in a few days and coaching remotely is no different than coaching from a box above. This will have zero impact on Saturday’s game.
I want to see Mathis succeed, but with Daniels already splitting first string snaps and Newman’s quick departure it’s clear Daniels was already going to be starting at qb this year. Hopefully he gets some playing time this year.
Great question. I would think the ncaa would have to say everyone retains eligibility or no one does. Fault really falls at the feet of the conferences who have canceled. Those that don’t should not be penalized.
I have a feeling Justin Fields has some regrets over leaving UGA right about now.
Adios, college football. The union idea is just plain stupid. They are either students or employees, they can’t be both. Let’s see how well these guys like a union when they get a tax bill for their compensation. Tuition, room and board, books and tutors, coaching, access to workout centers, travel, and healthcare coverage will put player’s from some schools well over $100k per year. They can’t afford a union.
A force majeure would only apply if all games were cancelled by a university. They don’t get to pick and choose, otherwise it isn’t a force majeure. The big10 will still have to payout games they forfeit.
Universities can’t afford to not have fans in the stands much less cancel their seasons. These teams that are canceling their games should show a forfeit for every game canceled and not be considered for a national championship. This will be the official end of college football if these dumb decisions continue.
He left off the decimal. The current death rate hovers somewhere in the .6% range by most conservative estimates. Most notably as cases rise due to more testing, weekly deaths have fallen 84% since the April high and deaths are almost exclusively the old and those who are already sick. 45% of recorded deaths have been in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This virus is more similar to a bad flu season.
Why no fans? At this point cv is not an issue. If people can go to the grocery store, the beach, or riot then people can go to football games. College football will take a devastating blow it may never recover from if teams don’t let fans attend.
“ Tennessee is an all time top ten program with facilities second to none” Top ten in what manner? But seriously, facilities second to none? Have you ever been in their dump of a football stadium?
Travel baseball practice has already started for my sons and tournaments are scheduled to play throughout the summer. I think this is a great way for many college players to have the same opportunity.
I guess I get being homesick but to leave a national title contender to go to a trashcan fire doesn’t seem like a great decision.
I don’t feel so bad about seccg now. LSU is the real deal. Congrats on national championship!
Fields lost the competition with Fromm and he quit. Shows a lack of character in my book. Georgia’s offensive issue are most related to Coley. Tom Brady wouldn’t achieve squat with Coley at the reigns.
I’m not certain he was ever committed to Georgia. I couldn’t find him on the last commit list I saw a couple of weeks ago.
Did Saban really say that?!? What is he talking about? The entire point of football is to outwit the other team. Why would it matter if a punter was lined up at receiver? It sounds like Saban is embarrassed that he was out coached by...Gus.
Fortunately LSU doesn’t have a defense. Losing Pickens for a half won’t hurt. If Swift is out then it’s a whole different game.
Should have been offsetting penalty. Didn’t hurt anything in dominating win. Glad to see Pickens with some attitude. He will need it next week.
What about the “no call”? It was just physical football. The defensive back engaged the receiver at the line of scrimmage and lost.
Coley needs to find another ride back to Athens. Play calling has been horrible all year. Hate to see Georgia waste talent like this. Hopefully Kirby drops him at end of year.
It really wasn’t as close as the s ore might indicate. Auburn got a gift on a horrible pass interference call by refs to extend their series that resulted in their first td. But Georgia dominated on both sides of the ball all day. The game was never in doubt.
A lot of football games left to play, but don’t forget Georgia also has a win against a top 10 team.
Why do you feel the need to insert race into this? Fields came to Georgia, competed for the job, lost, quit, and moved on. I just saw an interview with Fields where he admitted his tenure at Georgia was humbling. He is a great athlete, but there is no comparison to Fromm as a quarterback and that’s ok and has nothing to do with race.
So help me. What I just read is some students arrived at the biggest game ever in Athens after everyone else was seated and were triggered because they had to sit near some Notre Dame fans. Life is going to be hard for this group.
Texas barely beats an uninterested Georgia team missing half its starters in a meaningless game and they think they are relevant again. Dude, we already beatdown a top ten team this year. You were smacked by the only decent team you played, at home no less, and almost lost to OSU last night! I get that you are probably drunk but we are laughing at you.