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This Georgia team reminds me of the one two years ago. Plods along playing ho hum conservative football and then dominates second halves as depth wears opposing teams out.
Good grief, are we still talking about this? It was a clean hit (even Harrison said it was) and whether he stayed in or not nobody can say it would have mattered. By the end of the game Ohio was gassed.
Why is Colorado a story on the Saturday Down South website?
Missed two field goals and some costly penalties. Georgia showed how dominant its defense is yesterday and it has as well of a balanced offense as anyone in the country and the playbook has barely been opened. Georgia is going to get everyone’s best and it continues to pass the test. I think one thing a lot of people miss is the number of key players injured and the depth that Georgia has to overcome injuries and how that depth wears down teams throughout games.
Yes, Texas did what they needed to do, I was just making point that Alabama hurt themselves. Texas isn’t back yet, though it seems to be headed in the right direction. It’s defense isn’t going to carry it against balanced offenses and without a running game good defenses will exploit it. Two solid teams last night with similar deficiencies.
Bama has a one dimensional offense and Texas exploited it. Penalties and an interception were the difference. Unfortunately, now we all have to hear insufferable Texas fans proclaim to everyone they are back again.
Bama beat Bama last night. Costly penalties and an unfortunately timed pick six did them in. Secondary looked confused most of game too. Just uncharacteristic look for the Tide. Not sure on qb situation there but Bama looked one dimensional yesterday. Texas focused on stopping the run and that’s all they needed to do. Bounce back see you in the Atl.
The irony of a team that ran out of gas after three quarters calling the team that beat them in almost every statistical category including the score “fat and lazy” is rich!
I’m not sure anyone cares. That being said, I really don’t even remember him playing at Oklahoma. As a Georgia fan all I remember was him coming in to beat Georgia in an sec championship game. He also won a national championship against Clemson. I can’t recall him playing in a memorable game at Oklahoma.
Georgia’s receiving room will be packed and talented and the way Monken likes to distribute the ball transferring may be a good choice for AD if he is focused solely on the next level. Good luck.
Burton left last year and you have to wonder how much regret he has. I like AD but it will just be next man up on a team that may win another.
You might want to check the stat line after you look at the score on who was the better qb in that game. Before anyone says Ohio missed a field goal, don't forget Georgia missed two field goals. The fact is this was a great game that went back and forth but Georgia proved to be the better team. The game is four quarters, but Ohio was clearly worn out in the fourth and Georgia took advantage to win the game.
Georgia was just bigger, faster, stronger, better coached and more physical than TCU. Pretty straightforward. That 3-3-5 defense was simply inadequate for a team with so many offensive options.
Tennessee does not have the offensive line Ohio State has which is why Georgia manhandled the Vols. Plus, OSU’s qb is far better, should have won the heisman. The fact is Georgia shut it’s own offense down against Tennessee once the game was out of hand. Running the clock is the name of the game. Tennessee had a nice year, but don’t pretend they were at the level of any of the four playoff teams. And regarding your theory below that Tennessee decided to lose to Georgia in order to make the playoff might be the most ridiculous take I have ever read in the history of the internet.
“It is a little surprising that Hooker was not invited to New York as one of the top 4 finalists.” “Hooker finished 5th in the final voting for the Heisman Trophy.” Last I checked 5 comes after 4.
I think Ohio is the best matchup for Georgia. TCU has a much better offense.
I think they come in as 2 and 3 to prevent that and the revenue dollars of a Michigan v Ohio rematch would be off the charts. The committee also has to penalize TCU some way and I think that is dropping them to number 4. All the discussion about two loss teams is media fodder detached from reality.
Georgia Michigan Ohio State TCU 2 loss teams have been eliminated, there isn’t a debate. TCU should drop a spot for OT loss but are still a top 4 team. TV rating$ will be insane for a Michigan-Ohio rematch in semifinal.
I think the committee will drop TCU to 4 for the loss today and Ohio will move into the 3 spot. Think of the tv ratings too for a Michigan-Ohio rematch.
whoever, it doesn’t matter. I think they drop tcu to 4 for loss and set up Mich-Osu semi, it would be awesome for tv. Two loss teams have been eliminated.
Way to fight till the end Tigers. Good luck in your bowl. How bout them Dawgs! Nice to see the playbook opened up a little. It was also nice to see a lot of guys get meaningful reps tonight. Bring on the frogs!
There is no arguing, the field is already set. I think TCU has to drop a spot so Ohio will probably jump to 3. All 2 loss teams have been eliminated.
Georgia, Michigan, and TCU are in no matter what and the only other team left with one loss is Ohio. The field is set. USC losing was best case scenario for the playoff committee. There is no controversy to deal with. Do I think Ohio is better than Bama or even Tennessee? Absolutely not, but one loss is better than two. South Carolina was the playoff wrecking ball this year knocking out Tennessee and Clemson. Who saw that coming?