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Inexcusable. But if we’re going to lose a player it won’t hurt at the receiver position where we are loaded. Next guy up.
Defense looked good, but it should shine in the spring game where the offense was as vanilla as can be. A lot of talent on the offense and a qb with full control of the playbook should be exciting to watch.
The double dribble was a huge missed call and really cost Auburn the game, but at the same time you can't foul a guy shooting a three pointer at the end of the game. What was that dude thinking?
Solid decision. Lanning is a talented and deserving of the promotion. It’s a great move to keep him in Athens.
Not at all, I could care less about an overrated Big 10 school. I understand that Kentucky has no depth so you are obviously confused. Losing a second string qb is no big deal. He has already been replaced. You still can't understand my original comment. Maybe you can go to Louisville and ask someone to read it to you.
Kentucky fan calling someone else a toothless hillbilly is rich. I get that it must get tiring to be beat down by Georgia every year. Georgia was in a rebuilding year this year and we still beat the crap out of you. Talking smack to fans of a superior team is not a good look for you!
Losing a second string qb is not the issue. The issue is allowing players to break commitments with no consequences. If Kentucky had anyone worth recruiting you should understand they are now being recruited by other teams. Welcome to the new college football.
The death of college football. Now that breaking commitments has no consequences there exists free agency. Look for other schools to be recruiting the best player on your team to fill needs for next year’s roster. Schools need to write stronger contracts and make players sign non competes. Paying players is the inevitable next step and we will get nfl light with 4-5 teams dominating college football every year.
David is right. The death of college football is at the doorstep.
The entire Gran story revolves around one Kentucky radio guy speculating with no named source that Gran was offered the OC position at Georgia. A story disputed by Georgia and multiple news reports from places like the AJC and The Athletic. Coley has been co-offensive coordinator for a year now, why would Georgia go outside to fill a position that was already filled? My guess is the source of the false story is Jimmie Sexton in an effort to negotiate a better deal for his client Gran.
No reporter can verify Gran was offered OC and Georgia flatly denies it. It’s a fake story. Coley was already OC. My guess is Jimmie Sexton started the rumor as a negotiating tactic. It’s his mo.
Considering the lack of talent he had at Miami he did very well.
Interesting comment. Care to share what you disagree with? Georgia fans have assumed Coley would continue at offensive coordinator since we ridded ourselves of Chaney. Why do you think he was elevated to the position last year?Tucker is a huge loss but we don’t know who will replace him. What is your dispute?
Enough with reporting the widely debunked story that Georgia made an offer to Gran. There is no proof to substantiate that rumor. Coley was and remains the offensive coordinator. It is too early to call Georgia on the losing end. Getting rid of Chaney was certainly an improvement. Losing Mel Tucker hurts, but we still don't know who will replace him.
I don’t think you are as stupid as you sound. Think about what your comment says. You realize Tennessee got the co-offensive coordinator that Georgia did not want to keep, right? Perhaps Cheney can fetch you a cup of coffee.
He was co-offensive coordinator. Try reading the article.
Nobody saw that coming since he was ALREADY the offensive coordinator. Jimmie Sexton hardest hit.
This story has been thoroughly debunked by multiple reporters now. Georgia discussed a position coach with Gran. Jimmie Sexton has turned this into a money grab for Gran at Kentucky. The funniest line in the entire story is Smart offering "total control" of the offense as if that sounds like Kirby. This was a fake story. My hunch is Coley already has the position and Smart is waiting on DC to be determined before he announces coaching changes.
Precisely. My hunch is Coley already has the job since he was already co-coordinator and Smart is waiting to decide on a defensive coordinator to announce any changes.
Oh, basketball. I guess it's ok to talk smack over women's gymnastics scores too? I think you are on the wrong website.
Georgia had interest in Gran for a assistant position, not coordinator and reports are all over this morning that the talks never reached an offer. Gran is not going to move for a demotion. Again, understand who Gran's agent is and how he works. Furthermore, I don't even know who the "we" is you are talking about nor the "you guys" are. My guess is you are a disgruntled Tennessee fan tired of the dumpster fire your program has become who has suddenly realized you ended up with a guy at offensive coordinator who you couldn't stand when he was in that position before.
SDS amazes me. This is a false story. Georgia did not offer the job to Gran. There was media speculation that he could be considered, but that was it. This is a Jimmie Sexton ploy to get Gran more money at Kentucky.
Turns out you are right, a rule change from last year no longer allows schools to block a player from transferring to certain schools