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He clearly said, "Thankfully for Alabama, MSU made just as many mistakes and didn't take advantage of the mishaps." Actually read the article before you make asinine assumptions.
Yea I can't believe it either. You would have to be a dumba$$ to put them at no.2 after that decent at best performance that FSU played against a clemson team that barely won against them treehuggers in the plains.
Sounds like a bunch of bologna to me.... Auburn has all these quality recruiting classes but all we keep hearing is we have young players....
Yeah, you sound like a true Bama fan downing your team in a moments notice. Lsu's defense is in the same boat as Bama's defense. Their defensive line and Eric Reid are the best thing they have on the team. Besides them all they have is are unproven linebackers and cornerbacks.
Most definetly gonna be watching my boy Peyton Manning do work over tebow throwing curve balls to the fans!
First of all your an idiot! Notre Dame doesnt play in a conference! Secondly, how can someone hate on a kid when they let Jordan " Kick a Marine in the Face" jefferson back on their team then try to question someone else's leadership just because they don't choose your school!?
Its actually called spice and its highly illegal in louisiana mississippi and alabama. And auburn player mike dyer was suspended for it too.
You obviously know nothing about BAMA. But one can't expect much from an lsu fan.
Was outside of the stadium enjoying the tailgating walking and talking when out of nowhere cowbell in my face and getting called a F@#KER GOTTA LOVE SEC SATURDAYS!!!
No doubt about it on the block in the backs that happened because I jumpin up and down when he got the pick but when I saw the blocks in the back I was ready to the remote at the tv but what Tyrann did was a very cheap thuggish thing to do and I really think they shouldve sit him out for atleast a series on defense
Its retarded when they will throw out an Arkansas player for making a hit on a defenseless player but the F@#KING Honey B!tch can clothesline Kirkpatrick and only get a slap on the wrist but its whatever LSU still played a hell of a game and to have to go into OT against THE TIDE means something! RTR
First off, LSU beat a lackluster Oregon team and if WV had a enough man power to strong arm an SEC team then it wouldve beat lsu but they didnt other than that LSU has played no one and im not praising BAMAs schedule either bc the only ranked teams worth mentioning are a lackluster PSU team which has won every game except the BAMA game. Secondly, if your little ball of hate wouldnt have failed his drug test for smoking "spice" then he would still be on alot of lists. Another thing you mentioned is that Maze is his only weapon but look again and you will see that we also have Darius Hanks, Brad Smelley, DeAndrew White, and Marcus Williams. But truth be told how good is Jarret Lee bc he hasnt played against a true Defense wait and see and if you think just bc LSU's defense is fast thats it is gonna be enough to bring down TRENT then you are surely mistaken because the MAN is pure muscle and speed and it will take more than speed to bring him down! RTR
The Wade conflict and The Cam Newton conspiracy are two completely different things! Why would you even bring that up in this article?
JAGS are a pretty good team with only two losses in three years. USA has an awesome campus too
Trap game? Really? They beat ya'll fair and square. I look for florida and Georgia to slug it out for the East bc without lattimore ya'll arent really a team .
The Auburn one would be a TRAMP STAMP ha the florida and kentucky ones go hard!
If and When the expansion happens Auburn will be the only team to move to the east were it will be 7 on 7
LaMicheal James and Trent Richardson are two VERY different running backs. LaMicheal is scary fast when he wants to be but Trent is fast and SCARY STRONG. And Im pretty sure Ol'Mad Hatter hasnt won but one National while Saban has won two at two different schools (LSU,BAMA)
Its called respect. And if I remember right isnt florida building one of Timmy Tebow.
Yea its true LSU stomped the Vols but if they are the no.1 team in the NCAA then they better tighten up that rush defense bc we are talking about a pass heavy tennesse team that ran all over that defense and not hating on the Vols but if they can run on LSU defense then BAMA will destroy them bc TRENT '' BEAST MODE" RICHARDSON will run that little honey badge and anybody else over on the way to the SEC Championship then to the NATIONAL!!! RTR