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UGA didn't lose to LSU after Gurley went out. I also wouldn't say not having Gurley caused the loss against Vandy because those two targeting penalties were a huge issue.
Mason has a good arm and decent accuracy. I think we throw less but not that much less. With our stable of running backs we should be running the ball a lot unless teams are loading up against the run.
So now he can underachieve at Louisville as well. Makes sense.Seriously though, wish him luck and hopes he gets his head right.
That's funny....how has UT done against the Dawgs lately?
I really see Pruitt and Rocker locking down Carter as well as Allen-Williams and Green! I relly think bringing Pruitt on board changed the game for the Dawgs! I can see us swaying Adams maybe as well if we were to really go after him.
If UGA and SC wins out and Mizzou loses two more games (very likely as they play Tennessee, Ole Miss and A & M and all three could beat them) wouldn't Georgia own the tiebreaker over SC?
It is a minor violation but Bama is handling it correctly. Suspend those involved and wait for the NCAA. People will cry that they are cheating (because of their ignorance and hate) but given the details of the incident this was a minor infraction.
I know we might be buying Murphy a little high but does anyone agree that people are buying Mettenberger too high as well? He didn't have great games against Auburn or TCU. He completed 50% of his passes versus a very pedestrian TCU defense. He threw a pick at Auburn. Most of his stats came against UAB and Kent State. 8 of his 10 TDs were against them. They are going deep but there strength is the run game, not Mettenberger. I think his emotions really get to him in this game.