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You must be bored, Tiger fan. No protests against Mizzou racism on campus this week?
So Fisher is a D bag cuz he wants to hire a great defensiv3e coordinator? Got it. You sound like some butthurt Seminole to me. Yea we took your coach. Get over it.
Sumlin and Co. will not be around to see it.
Myles Garrett punching bags....
Great assessment and I agree on the 8 wins being our likely fate, at best. The big question is, will Sumlin still be the coach if we only win 8 games? I say yes. 2017 is the real do or die year for Sumlin.
Never is a pretty long time. Sounds like a sad lil Horn. For the men, Aggies won the SEC in basketball last year, will likely win in baseball this year, and with time, I am sure they will win the toughest division in CFB and make the playoff. I can smell your fear. Now go change your underwear.
After listening to a few Herman interviews, I am not sure he is the guy. Good coach but somewhat unproven as yet and he is a hothead. If Sumlin lays another egg, I would rather see the Aggies go after Dan Mullen or there I said it, Les Miles and keep Chavis.
Doubt he wants to go to the 5-7 dumpster fire in Austin but hey, nobody said these recruits use logic.
Meh. Just send Katy Perry to Aggieland. She looks like she can play ball.
Chimp Brown has an agenda and its easy to see. Make A & M look as bad as possible so that maybe the midget at Texas can flip a couple of recruits. Yawn. Sumlin is about to make a splash hire at OC just like he did at DC. Lets talk then, Chip.
Sumlin will block a transfer to Texas. Enjoy sitting out,midget.
A& M stuck in eternal mediocrity? You need to clean the sand out of your vagina and STFU. Aggies not stand for mediocrity. That is the point of the article, dumbsheet.
Be careful what you wish for. That said, we'll take Oregon off your hands.
Slocum was so miserable he stayed for three decades. Stallings was so unhappy he served on the Board of Regents. And you can channel Bear Bryant? What an idiot. This guy is a writer for SDS???? lol
Wrong Allen. Kyler Allen will be on this list soon.
Please use the sarcasm font.
I agree it was a great first game display by Chavis' D which looks legit. Offense looked bad but they will get it on track. Media need to stop with the Playoff implications of this one game tho (Stewart Mandell).....after last year, I won't be drinking the Aggie koolaid unless we are undefeated after the Bama game......if that happens, bring me a keg of it.
Kitties lose this year. Aggies got your defensive guru and he is coming for blood.
Kyler gonna rock it like Johnny 2.0 before the season over. Watch and see.
Agree. The only game we looked good in was the SC game and that was primarily due their inexplicable inability to play man defense. The rest of the season was a train wreck due to Snyder and Spavital. Chavis is here now and we will give Spav one more year to get better (I think he can) or he will be gone. The donors are watching and Sumlin is on the clock if he can't deliver at least 9 wins this year.
Chavis doing work! Give him a couple of years and A & M will have a top ten defense to go with their top ten offense.
Boy this Levine guy is a real Einstein.....Texas A & M won the head to head with Texas 14-6 with recruits that had offers from both schools. That is Texas domination????? Terribly researched and poorly written. A & M runs the state and would have had Malik too if the Chavis hire had occurred 3 weeks earlier. Texas got only 3 guys the Aggies would like to have today....the Aggies got a whole team Strong would take in a heartbeat.
That is a good point but I think we saw from the bowl game that Sumlin will use much more of a running game next year which will slow things down and give the defense time to rest. I think he will move more to a hybrid concept like Auburn. Don't misunderstand tho...he will still pass more than most teams and use tempo. A lot of the pressure LSU put on Chavis to save their bacon will be gone with a Sumlin offense cranking out points.
If you believe Chip you will believe anybody.....
Ol Miss is an Aggie home game. Aggies will win this. You are undervaluing one of the best college coaches alive today.