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I don’t care where the kid plays.....they come, they go.... Line up the next one.... I do wonder though.......if he can’t handle a tweet that is in poor taste.....how will he ever handle the pressures of the real world?
Of course you don’t need hookers.... Those “golden girls” are glad to spread it around..
Video and quotes are forever.... And what goes around, may indeed, come around....
Yes, he struggled/failed in Oxford.....it was his first head coaching job, and there were things to learn. It did not help that the A D....the infamous Pete Boone.....stabbed him in the back every chance he got......Ed was hired by the chancellor, against Boone’s wishes.......and Boone made it as tough as he could on Ed......he’s at a major university now with excellent leadership.....Oxford is not a major program and their is no competent leadership......I hope Ed wins it all....
Too late to fight for the program.........the “leaders” in Oxford have destroyed it..... A lot of fans dressed as empty seats today....
The state of ole miss football .......announcing the uniform is the highlight of the weekend..... A program in shambles
I wish they had fired him long ago,,,,,,,but he’s out and That’s all that matters.,,,, Guess I will renew my tickets after all......
Prior to this blowout, they had lost 5 of 7.....fading at the end of the season Perhaps the N I T would have been a more appropriate
Just a matter of time Bjork is as corrupt as they come
It’s an event in the spring where the ole miss propaganda minister.,,.who masquerades as an AD...,tries to convince ole miss fans that everything is just great in Oxford
They may be grooming him.....but I think he leaves on his own.....with another year passing from his personal issues...and with some success on Oxford, he will have some offers.....there are a lot of better jobs than Oxford.... I think one and done....
Isn’t this the guy who said his team would always respect the national anthem. To say he is a phony is being generous. If bjork had any integrity....and we all know he doesn’t,,,he would suspend this clown for the next game
Bjork athletics....maybe the players could knell and pick up the trash... Look for bjork to be on finebaum tomorrow defending the fans What is it going to take to run this guy out of oxford?
He will be discussing two new coordinators this time next year.
He takes the fan base for granted....and there are a lot of kool aid drinkers.......but you would think he woukd have noticed those empty seats....last year season ticket sales and corresponding donations were down 16%. Probably worse this year... Bjork is arrogant and incompetent. The damage he has done to ole miss athletics can not be overstated.
What the story does not make clear is how is the 55k attendance figured......is it actual attendance or tickets sold There were a lot of empty seats at most games this year,,,,, Egg Bowl......buy one, get one free? Really? That’s how much bjork has trashed the program
If you think I am the only one dissatisfied with bjork, you are not paying attention..... put down the kool aid
Bjork has long been corrupt and incompetent. Now he is just an embarrassment. Ross, just shut up and resign.
7-4 means they win the power 5 game and three conference games..... Not likely
Ross bjork......questioning someone’s credibility. Really? The most corrupt and incompetent a d in the conference,maybe the country questioning someone’s credibility. For the love of all that is good...ross just shut up and resign.
He may not be liked or respected by o m fans.....but he is right on. I do not blame Luke.....no one else would take the job because of bjork......the damage bjork has done to ole miss athletics can not be overstated
Rod and Mac will have choices next winter......they will not want anything to do with bjork and will leave. Things will not get better until Bjork is run out of Oxford
none of his lukes fault none of this is bounds fault it is on you bjork shut up and resign
Would ole miss have beaten bama without the ineligible players? Ross Sure, it’s a paper move, but bjork and the football program cheated. They have to be penalized by someone.... It’s clear the ole miss administration is not going to do it.
Have a drink of that red and blue kool aid.....you will feel better.
What kind of kool aid are you drinking today? The two new coaches will be gone as soon as they get a better offer.....which is just about anywhere....one year and out......the “highly rated” recruiting class is fifth out of seven on the west and as soon as Ealy bails, it will be even lower....the “best fans in the country “ seem to have found other things to do on sat.....either that or they are showing up disguised as empty seats......season ticket sales and corresponding donations were down 16% last year.....any bets on what the renewal rate will be this year? Respectfully, sir.....if you don’t see the issues, you are part of the problem And ross bjork still has a job. There is not going to be any long term progress in ole miss athletics until Bjork is out. The damage ross bjork has done to ole miss athletics cannot be overstated