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Does beating ole miss qualify as an S E C win? In name only I guess Thanks ross
It seems you nailed it......hopefully bjork is next to go
I agree with your thoughts.....but Luke, or someone if his stature, will be there until bjork is out Any “big time” coach in demand, with options is not coming to Oxford and deal with bjork and Vitter...... Until bjork is out, what we have now is the new normal
Unless he takes bjork with him, it won’t matter The damage bjork has done to ole miss athletics can not be overstated
Any strategy to improve ole miss athletics that does not begin with firing ross bjork is worthless.
Don’t, feel bad. Our whole program is trash. Thanks ross
All around nice event in Oxford I wonder how they got this past our left wing A D This has just got to be killin’ bjork
Dumb and dumber are desperate for something positive. They will brag about any bone the ncaa throws them.
Season ticket renewals go out early in the new year. If they have any sense, they will bounce him before that. The key phrase being “have any sense”
So bjork fails again Nice going ross And enough with this “flagship” silliness. Declining enrollment Declining donations Declining ticket sales and athletics donations Embarrassing political situations on campus Embarrassing athletics losses. Flagship my A- -
Might be a good game. Sadly, there won’t be many there to see it. Thanks ross.
Well I guess so You are playing the bjorkers. You should be ashamed if you don’t leave with a W
yes ole miss fans will get through this both of them.............
So much wasted talent. MSU should save their tears for some of their own issues.
Bring all the fans you can. There will be plenty of room to stretch out. Have a nice trip and enjoy your W.
Tenn has a quality coach Tenn has a quality A D Tenn has a quality admission Ole Miss doesn’t Good luck to the young man and congrats on a wise decision.
Hopefully this writer was paid well to watch this mess. All the empty seats shows that most are sick of bjork , Vitter, and the candy ass administration. Congrats to those who had the wisdom to stay home.
Well at least not very many people watched it. Thanks ross. And kudos to Vitter for his help in destroying the program.
With bjork and Vitter working everyday to alienate as many fans and donors as possible, this is no surprise. And a good percentage of those at the game were auburn folks. Don’t feel sad for the conference. The S E C is just fine. This is an ole miss administration problem.
I wonder what bama, Texas, Michigan, or Oklahoma is wearing Oh, that’s right. They are major programs
Changing the uniform every week just confirms that the program is second tier. The iconic powers...Penn St. Notre Dame. Texas. Oklahoma. Michigan. Ohio State Southern Cal Don’t change uniforms and colors every week Someone please correct me if I am wrong
Does ole miss have any fans? I thought bjork and Vitter ran them all off
Don’t despair. When Saturday is over, Auburn will have a W Ole Miss will have bjork
Andy Kennedy loses his job... Ross bjork keeps his That says it all about the sad state of ole miss athletics
So the kid is pretending........ Bjork has been pretending to be an AD for several years.....
WM stadium is the ross bjork of college stadiums Embarrassingly bad and having no place in college athletics
Ole miss......can’t play well, might as well play dirty Thanks ross