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The LSU player had an opportunity to be better…..to win with dignity… Instead, she chose to be just as classless as the player she was taunting……
Alabama thrilled with this hire…
An entertainment event whose primary goal seems to be to end the event… Interesting marketing strategy…
Not a state fan……I don’t know the man… But I feel a deep sense of loss today…. My thoughts are with the family and State community…
I used to stay up late on Saturday nights to watch and root for Washington State ……for no other reason than Leach was the coach… And over the years I have spent a lot of time on YouTube watching his interviews and press conferences I’m an ole miss guy, but I was so pleased when he came to state… I so hope this ends well….
I think he leaves… As an Ole Miss fan I appreciate what he has done to improve the program, making it entertaining, interesting, and fun again. However, I never forget that any coach does not care about a team or school as much as a fan does…. Coaches are mercenaries…..and that’s o k…… I wish him well….
I am a long time ole miss season ticket holder and donor.. I came very close to quitting them three years ago....it's not that they were losing, heck I am used to that it was because the program was BORING....uninteresting Kiffin has brought some energy and entertainment to the program....some of his antics might not always be wise, but the program is not boring anymore I hope he stays in oxford, but if he leaves I wish him well Auburn won't be boring anymore
I am reminded of tubberville…. Wouldn’t talk about auburn…and then left the Friday morning after the egg bowl….
He openly admits…with that logo…to an association with ms state… Well…..that’s embarrassing…….
I have no idea what Kiffin might do… But the coaching fraternity is small, and they all know each other and talk.. The politics and meddling boosters of the Auburn job are well known… Does Kiffin want to give up being King of the Castle….master of his domain…in Oxford so he can baby sit the Auburn fan base? An noted, I have no idea what he might do, but his personality and priorities and the environment at Auburn do not seem like a good match…
Redneck in a bow tie…….or am inbred lsu fan..? I think I prefer the bow tie…
Kiffin has dramatically improved the program, and I support him..most of the time... but....kick the ball, take the points
I’m an ole miss guy…..but no need for this … Win with some class and dignity…
I don’t disagree with that. However, Bianco consistently has winning season and tournament appearances. Two things Davis has not done, it’s time for him to go.
So Bianco takes heat for not going all the way to the WS, even after consistently making the tournament and finishing well over .500. Davis is not nearly as successful, and yet he is endorsed by Carter? Maybe this is why so few care about ole miss basketball..
It would have been much more classy to just say……”southern Cal is a better fit” For their sake, I hope it is…..
So how …..how long have you been banging your sister… You name that first inbred kid Smokey?
I am willing to cut Tenn some slack. Their fan base is the result of decades and decades of inbreeding. And when people come down from the mountains only occasionally to the big city……they are bound to get a little rowdy.
Tenn sucks…….long suspected, and they have now confirmed it themselves…. I am no proud not to be associated with those inbreds….
I can now add Knoxville to my list of stadiums we will never visit again…. Fortunately, it’s a short list. Proud of yourself Tenn?
The really good news is that Tenn is just getting destroyed by media from all over the country…. The chancellor should cancel and forfeit the next home game. Maybe those thugs will learn a lesson…
Please stop the spin…. The “backstory “……if there is one…is irrelevant Nothing justifies that thuggish behavior. You would be more credible if you just condemned the behavior……and stopped reign there.
I think these all these bowl games are fine……..the players get to take a trip and get some gifts from the sponsors… The parents and fans get to take a trip and see their team one more time…. More games on t v fir those at home during the holidays…. Helps in recruiting And like an extra spring practice Is there anything bad about the above?
Congratulations to kiffin for leading his team in what I think is responsible behavior Sadly, I am very disappointed that he chose to go on that program,,
Freaks out two fan bases with one short sentence… Well done, young man….well done
Someone suggested 16…..another 8 With 16 ..I guess it would be the champs of every conference and some at large spots The teams would have to be seeded…. Does anyone really want to see Alabama or Ohio State against the champs of the mid America conference? Even with 8…..there could be some real mismatches in the first round
I turn on espn at kick off or first pitch……. Off immediately at the end of the event…. Not interested in what they think about….well, anything
32 teams…..that would have to include the champions of the Sun Belt Conference and Conference USA….. The 32 teams would have to be seeded…. Does anyone really want to see Bama or Ohio State against UTSA?