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Ross Bjork commenting on someone’s compliance? really?It would be hilarious if it were not so sadThe damage our resident carpetbagger AD has done to ole miss Athletics can not be overstated
Seems pretty rich for a coach without many accomplishments.More than many much more successful Power 5 coaches.Of course, given the sad situation in Oxford, and having to work for bjork, who Is the biggest clown in intercollegiate athletics, anyone would demand big bucks To go there.
Another failure for bjork. He blew theAnother failure for bjork. A poor choice in football, and an equally poor choice In hoops.Luke is a Rebel and a decent guy, no disrespect for him, but he is not ready for the SEC West. Hoops guy is a lifelong mid major guy.By the way, bjork hired a search firm in both these cases. Paid them big bucks. Bjork didn’t Much return on those investments.The damage bjork is doing to ole miss athletics can not be overstated.
As long as our resident carpetbagger AD is in place, it does not matter who coaches football Or hoops. As the losses mount, all will realize That the damage bjork has done cannot be overstated.
Going to be tough to get an accomplished coach in Oxford. Just like they could not Attract a “name” football coach. The word is out about what a phony, liar bjork is.A lot of better jobs out there.
A results oriented business. Nice guy, but he just didn’t get it done.The really bad news is that ole miss’ liar emeritus Ross bjork will be involved in hiring a new Coach. Nothing good will come from that.
Please keep in mind that this is coming from ole miss’ liar emeritus Ross BjorkI don’t know what happened, but I do know I wouldn’t believe anything from bjork
Surely Freeze had to go, and in time he will get another opportunity.But the real issues in Oxford remain. A corrupt AD and an incompetent administration. I have been a season ticket holder and donor for many years. I quit them. I will no longer subsidize Bjork and his henchmen.It seems I am not alone. They are offering all sorts of incentives to buy or renew season tickets. I can accept losing. I am used to that. The lying, fraud, and incompetence of bjork is what I won’t support.Look for a lot of empty seats in Oxford this year.
Does bjork survive?I am a season ticket holder and donor. I will have a difficult time writing that check next year If he is still in Oxford.
hopefully bjork's last day in oxford
Hard to blame the guy for leaving the disaster that is Ole miss athletics.Nice going Ross.
Once again bjork shows how incompetent and corrupt he is. The hiring of a “search firm” Seems like a joke now. Kickback.??? .
I should apologize to Pete Boone. I used to bash him when he was A D in Oxford. Thought He was a terrible A D. Next to this moron bjork, he is does not look so bad now.
Coach Strong has an edge because bjork is determined to hire a black coach.Bjork is all about bjork and he wants that on his resume. The A D that hired ole miss first Black head coach.Personally I want the best guy available, regardless of color.Luke May still get the job by default. The situation in Oxford is not real attractive right now. Finding a guy to take the job might be stuff.
There are better jobs than Oxford open. Coaches that are in demand will have better option. Luke probably the best we can do. That will disappoint many fans and boosters, but we are not nearly as attractive as we like to think we are. Yes, we can offer big bucks... so can everyone else.
I am hopeful that Oxford runs bjork out of town as well.
If they don’t run bjork out of town, Ole Miss is not really serious about draining the swamp.
Handle this before Freeze? That would have required bjork to be competent and honest, he is not very good at those things. now covering up? He is your guy.
Ah Bunkera drunk redneck who posts obscenities on a message board. Now he is an O M fan we all can be proud of.
When the hammer falls after the egg bowl, hopefully bjork will be bounced immediately.
Bunker must be related to bjork. I can understand family defending him.There is no other reason he could be doing it.
Department. Why bjork still has a job is one of the great mysteries of the universe.
You are right that the injury has nothing to do with the administration. He is right that there are huge problems in the athletic
From the beginning bjork tried to spin all this as being from the Nutt era. To apologize to Nutt Would be conceding that bjork has lied from the start. Does anyone know why bjork still has A job in Oxford.
Somehow through scandals in multiple sports, the ncaa investigation, and the Embarassing performance of the football program, bjork escapes scrutiny.?
after the pete boone regime did away with the Col, we went several years without an on field mascot, and the world did not end. that was better than the stupid bear and the equally stupid landshark. we are better off with nothingpersonally, i have enough Col gear to last forever. will never buy anything else
Fake news is a hilldawg spokesman saying hilldawg was going to win