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Conference games only? A lot of these small schools count on those big checks from the power 5 teams to keep their programs alive If it comes to that, I hope they find a way to help those small programs....
Ole Miss will never be a top program again.....they just won’t Small state, small fan base , and limited budget.....plus in a division with major college powerhouses But Kiffin will at least make them interesting and entertaining.....which is more than they have been for awhile.... Ole miss fans are used to losing.......but bad and boring is the worst... They will still lose....but it will be fun again...and that’s probably enough
“embarrassing ” is being generous..... If they are looking to play a conference USA team, there is one just down the road in Hattiesburg They have these high priced recruits coming in.......if they are going to make big bucks, they should play a big time schedule
86 94 17 What part of that don’t you understand? .....and now these skilled, impressive young men, who could play anywhere are going to ole miss without a bag of cash in the deal? Really? Please, please tell me you are not that naive......
It seems that pesky reality has triggered you I can not change history or reality, however, I can wish you the best in dealing with it...
The big money maybe, but the cash begins to flow on national signing day..... Or perhaps you slept through the probation of 86, the probation of 94, the probation of 17?
This young man is highly rated.....a very impressive offer list.... And he’s going to ole miss? Really? There has to be some cash involved.
The people will still have a chance to speak.... These so called conservatives can be challenged by true conservative.....hopefully the people don’t forget this betrayal
There is no argument......when I looked up the tweet, my reaction was....”that’s it? They are threatening to boycott over that” No wan he gets tossed over that.....if he does, after his lawyers get done with k state, he won’t need that degree anyway Of those people want to lose their scholarships over this.....well, maybe they are hiring down at the car wash
11 is too high for Mississippi....they battle the Razorbacks for 13
The children have taken over the universities I just hope I can get my money back
MSU 20....I attempted to respond to your latest comments.....I can assure you there was no name calling or racist in my post. I can only assume it was taken down because I dared to question the motivation and wisdom of the legislature. Apparently that is not allowed here on state run media
I don’t need a corrupt politician to speak for me. Nor, does anyone else. Just to be clear, are you against all people speaking out, or just those who don’t agree with you? You were clear that you did not want the pro flag citizens to speak publicly...even called them names......very adult of you ..... But you did not condemn the right of the pro change crowd to speaking publicly........didn’t even call them names... So you are against citizens voting on issues.....or even speaking publicly on issues.... Voter suppression and censorship all at the same time......I did not realize the Communist party had a branch in Starkvegas.....
The big programs will survive that.....but the smaller schools losing ticket revenue, donations, and concessions are in trouble
Ms 20 concerned that people have the opportunity to speak and give their opinions Wow
I would have more respect for m s u 20 if he just admitted his crowd is scared to death of a vote be the people, and prefers the legislature shove this down the throat of the people.... 20 seems to have an issue with the truth.....sad
Name calling.....the initial refuge of the intellectually challenged..... Must be that l s u education
Not a fan of the the white, but I like both shades of blue.... It’s important to look good whole you are losing.......and losing.....and losing......and losing.....and los...........
Actually I was referring to Hinson in oxford....but these thoughts are applicable to Hill as well.. I agree with you on his future.....or lack of
You figured me out.......I said cotton flag instead of nylon.... I must be a RACIST By the way.....quality flags are made of cotton.....the cheap nylon flags are more prominent in baton rouge
I am reminded of when they dumped “red river shoot out” in Dallas because of a potential link to gun violence..... They really said that..... Last year in Dallas there were over 200 gun murders.....
Well....that will pretty much cure all social ills..... I often wonder if these people give any thought.....any thought at all.....to how silly they sound....?
This young man is black......we have been told the state flag makes it in impossible to recruit in Mississippi..... He won’t be in oxford long.....he will get a look at that piece of cotton on some flagpole.....realize he is in danger of being attacked by it......and be on the first bus back to Canada
If he stays long enough to get a degree, he is locked into years of active duty....lots of guys leave all the service academies before they have to make that final commitment
Interesting......several black young men have been whining about the Mississippi state flag....some transferring, or threatening to transfer... Yet, in the last few days several black young men have committed to playing in Oxford. What’s going on with that? Either there is a lot of cash involved, or these new players realize that a piece of cotton hanging on a pole is really not a big deal.