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Recent Comments
Let’s review Bad team Inexperienced coach Terrible athletics director Incompetent Chancellor A lot of negative stuff going on around the campus and University Anyone who is in the stadium is probably lost, looking for Taylor grocery. Bad ath
I would be disappointed if the bowl ban were called off. That might be seen as a positive for bjork and buy him more time. He needs to go. I will gladly skip a bowl or two if it would help kick his can out of Oxford. The damage bjork has done to the entire University of Mississippi can not be overstated.
I am not defending Luke. He is not ready for this job. Might be some day, but probably Needed some time as HC at a smaller program. That being said, he was probably the only one who would take the job. No other established coach wants anything to do with Vitter and especially bjork. Things are not going to get any better until bjork is gone.
Baton Rouge is the only place we have had a whiskey bottle thrown at us. And the only place in the conference we won’t go back to. I understand that’s probably not representative of all l s u fans. I mean, they can’t all be inbred.......can they?
Given all the issues there have been in the athletics department the last few years, with ticket sales and donations down., how does bjork have a job. It seems the bar for acceptable job performance is pretty low in Oxford.
another embarrassment on national t v a half empty stadium in the second quarter t v announcers making fun of the defense, fans leaving, and of course the stupid mascot this is the state of ole miss football nice going ross.....
I don’t know if the rules permit..... But the officials should stop it in the third quarter
Can ole miss stop Alabama? no They couldn’t stop S I U They probably can’t stop anyone
No worries. Ole miss can’t tackle anybody
S I U rolled through ole miss more successfully than Texas Tech........what does that say about Tech Seems to be a lot of bad football out there
Embarrassing for ole miss to be sure, but I have seen disgusting behavior in just about every S E C stadium or tailgate and don’t get me started about Baton Rouge........the only S E C stadium I won’t go back to
Somewhere, Saban and the O C are watching ole miss film on defense..... and giggling
Pretty weak scuffle... Reminds me of the landminnows
and the game was still close at the half...but you are right, yhey have bailed out at the half for years......and new we have that new north end zone section all closed in......and empty
It was the students who were pushing this land shark idiocy.....and they didn’t Even show up.....student section almost empty We are a laughingstock.
Young men make mistakes. Hopefully he learns from it. Props to a new coach who is willing to bench the star of the team.
You hear about so many negative things. These are good people doing good things.
Well, this should be interesting. When the season starts they will have to talk about it on the show. Is she going to leave the set? Is she just going to sit there and stay quiet. She can’t really comment with any credibility, as she admits she doesn’t watch the games. And espn wonders why ratings are down.
Agree completely. Bjork and his henchmen are still there. Given everything that has gone on, how can this guy possibly still have a job in Oxford? And now, we can’t even sell out our own tickets to see the National Champions. Embarrassing. It seem a lot of folks have had enough.
I am reminded of the last time we played one of these opening neutral site games. Florida State in Orlando. FSU was without their starting quarterback, we got out to a big lead.. We were rocking and rolling in the seats, feeling great.......and the what little defense we had Collapsed in the second half and FSU won going away. Rebs are catching a lot of breaks.... how will we blow it this time?
They say high scoring games are entertaining. With our offense and defense.....we should have a ball.
It seems he was cleared to participate in football practice. Covering punts is part of football practtice Players get hurt. Sad, but part of the game. My best wishes to the young man.
They are good seats......if you know of anyone interested. But like they say......plenty of good seats available.
I didn’t jump skip. I have kept my tickets and make my donations every year, I do that because sooner or later bjork will get run out of Oxford and I will be happy to return. The damage ross bjork has done to ole miss athletics can not be overstated.
Not planning on it if I can move my tickets. Might you be interested?