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While I disagree with your characterization of the situation with the player, I surely agree with your description of bjork Finally, common ground.
Greg hardy is pretty much a thug.....but it is amusing that a state fan is calling someone else trash.......ms state recruited, signed, and celebrated their own thug who beat up a girl What goes around, does indeed, come around
Maybe he is competing with bjork as the sleaziest guy in the conferences.
Much easier to recruit from his previous schools Quality young men with choices are not coming to Oxford
It occurs to me that if the writer does not like the length of games.....here’s a hint don’t go or watch.... The writer must think he is really important if that extra 20 minutes really matters in his life We invest a lot in tickets and donations......we would like to get our moneys worth. We certainly aren’t getting many wins for our money
Ok. I am positive he will move on. He will get a belly full of bjork real quick.
I guess he realizes that Rodriguez will move on next year.
These two guys will not be in Oxford in two years. When they have a opportunity to go to a better program......which is just about any program.....they are long gone.
Go look at the game by game stats.....not a lot of good numbers against s e c defenses......except Carolina
He won’t do well. He has no running game, and will be working with a rebuilt O line.... Going to be another long year in Oxford
Congrats to him. I bet it’s nice to get back to a major program.
That program is such a disaster that unless they can raise Knute Rockne and Vince Lombardi, they will continue to be the joke of the S E C
Not really.....when he realizes how toxic bjorks department is, he will leave. He is gone by this time next year.
O M probably had no choice but to over look the alleged scandal. It seems to be tough to get quality people to come to Oxford..... They were forced to hire Luke, after a coaching search that cost millions. No one would take the job Had to settle on second or third choice for D C. One guy preferred to be a position coach them to be a D C in Oxford Two existing staff members wanted out of oxforf so bad they took a job at the small program at liberty Weeks went by looking for an O C, and then they had to settle on a flawed candidate. What do all these issues have in common? Bjork. The damage bjork has done to ole miss athletics cannot be overstated
So there are now two coordinators with more experience and success as head coaches than Luke.........how long before they begin to believe or realize they can do a better job than Luke? The potential for dissension on the staff, or undermining the head coach is huge. This could vet well be a PR hire, throwing a bone to a frustrated fan base.......hoping to sell some tickets. However, as a previous poster noted, they won’t be around long. After a year with bjork, they will take any other available job. My bet is that we are discussing the next O.C. time next year.
Jumping from a sinking ship..,...this is how bad these guys want out Nice going Ross
Not just football recruiting...State has had a better year in just about everything. The university is growing and improving, recruiting better students academically. They don’t Have some negative press story every other week. They have a Chancellor and A D who know what they are doing And they understand they are a Mississippi University, not a resort town for rich kids from Texas. Ole miss likes to call themselves the “flagship”. What a flipping joke.
There are so many more problems in Oxford than a porous defense. After he realizes what it is like to work in the bjork regime, he will bail out. No way he lasts more than a year or two. So many better job options out there. Any plan to restore ole miss football that does not begin with firing bjork is worthless.
Of course your stats and analysis are right on......but please see above........bjork is toxic, no proven, quality coach.....who has options is coming to Oxford as long as bjork is there........ As long as bjork is there, well, we might as well get used to Luke and those type stats.....
Luke is locked in as long bjork is there....no one else will work with bjork... For those who want to get rid of Luke, you will have to boot bjork first
Fleeing incompetence is not unwise (Sorry, iPhone challenged tonight)
Fleeing adversity is not a positive trait. Fleeing in competence is not. Ole miss football is run by Luke and Bjork. Any questions? I am surprised anyone stayed.
A just for show move.....as long as bjork and his henchmen are in Oxford no experienced, quality coach is going there.....mcgriff is not a top tier coach, so fine, fire him but he will be replaced by a second tier coach, because the top guys won’t go there... You want to improve the program and attract top coaches? Fire bjork.
the rebs are self banning as to bowls...until they clean house, significant bowls are a fantasy.....bjork has to go
reb 4 ever has it right.....the guy writing this drivel would make goebbels proud......the whole program is embarrassing .....so much blame to go around.....but it begins with bjork....until he is gone, it is not going to get better
all about the money...espn tosssed a lot of money at O M and state to reschedule i guess the conference gets a cut as well