Have been through the good and bad and oh what a joyous day it was when Kirby took over and this from a Dawg fan back from coach Dooley era.

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Hey Trudawg we all know you’re a Bama fan so why don’t you give it a rest, and by the way how many rings is Julio working on.
Can’t really blame you guys for all the smack talking but just remember nothing last forever and believe me your day is coming.
Hey how'd Tennessee come out in recruiting today guys.
Maybe he’s having second thoughts all together and may want to play somewhere else but I’m thankful that he even chose UGA. Whatever he decides to do I wish him and his family nothing but the best and it was a pleasure as having him for a Dawg.
All I can say is the best of luck wherever you land young man and it was a joy having you be a part of DawgNation
Laugh it up but just as I told UF fans nothing lasts forever so enjoy it for now.
Good luck coach Tucker you’ll be missed and God speed and what a DGD you were.
That was a hard fought game and it's nothing to hang your head about. If we get in we get in and if we don't oh well....back to work for next season. For you retards that keep chiming in about UGA had they're shot, where were these same yahoo's last year when ole ST. Nick backed his way into the playoffs without winning his conference so just be careful about throwing stones and it's not the only time he's done it so ease up on Kirby.
I keep telling people that you’re selling UGA short thinking that we’re just gonna lay down...this is a totally different coached team a Kirby coached team. “GO DAWGS”!!!!
I feel the same way but I’d wish him nothing but the best and root for the Terrapins if he were to get the job. What a “DGD” and he’d would surely be missed; whelp the best of luck coach
I second that sir and I’m not kidding......he really did a heck of a job this year.
I just know they're a lot better than what they showed that Saturday in Death Valley.
What a way to believe in your team guy's. Me personally thinks that these guys are getting better and may shock a lot of doubters including some dawg fans. Don't go selling these guys short yet; just saying....they held a pretty efficient Cats team under a 100 yrd and their pass defense isn't to shabby either.
I knew it was a reason you were an average QB while at FSU because you do the same thing as an anylist manage like you did everyone of the games you were in nothing spectacular just like your opinions.
All that smack being laid down and for what to get another beat down by yours truly. This takes me back to the hiring of Stoops when he made the comment that the only team he'd really have to worry about was UF. Sooo how's that working out for ya coach. "How Bout Em Dawgs!"
Whelp I guess I'll be hitting that ole dusty trail. "How Bout Em Dawgs!"
Snell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enough bickering guys the game’s over and until next year.
Whelp last year they didn’t have all their players and now it’s we made too many errors; come on guys you got whipped and that about sums it up. Enough with all the excuses please we’re tired of hearing them and until next year.
A good hard fought game between two rivals that had the same intentions on their minds “winning”
The same thing after the Auburn and Bama game (BamaTime)
What a heck of an OC he was when he was at UGA....get well soon coach BOBO!!!
Man this doesn’t look good with all the other stuff going on. They’ll be lucky to make it to kickoff with a full roster.
Enough fun with you already; good luck on the season.
BamaTime always threatened when a team shows an inclination of improvement to challenge oh St. Nick. Been keeping up wit that recruiting lately; boy that Kirby’s something and by the way thanks.