Roll Tide!

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However I just saw a better video with the rest of the uniform in it and it looks better when it’s all together for sure. But still I prefer the white helmets, strong auburn vibes from these TBs
LOL I’m sorry but these are atrocious :’)))
Ridiculous. Georgia would smack Notre Dame and Cincinnati in the top 10 is a crime
“He was accurate on some throws” ... he’s been at this school for what feels like 8 years. Pruitt needs to give another guy a chance under center
What a shame. We should be celebrating and talking about the amazing season LSU had and this win but instead its overshadowed by this nonsense because OBJ had to come in and selfishly make everything about him. Sad.
This is a great hire! SEC West is gonna be wild. I’m already looking forward to the 2020 Egg Bowl
yeah, the Fields transfer stings for sure and it's not the type of situation Georgia fans are gonna forget about too quick haha but it's likely that Evans is coming with baggage that was going to disrupt the team. I know I'd prefer a "We" guy than a "Me" guy and he definitely seems like a "Me" guy. He might be an incredibly talented kid, but hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!
this kid seems like he might end up being a distraction =/ I hope he straightens out and things turn out well for him, but Georgia might be dodging a bullet here.
I actually think it’s a good thing that it seems like more and more players are choosing to return to their schools and graduate! You never know what will happen at the next level and an NFL career can end in the blink of an eye - it’s good for these kids to have degrees to fall back on!
that letter was weird as hell but I’m glad he’ll be back!!
Truth! It just means more!!!! <3 love our conference and our guys!
Agree wholeheartedly. They already gave him the benefit of the doubt once when they didn’t have to (and probably shouldn’t have) and he’s shown blatant disregard for that and clearly isn’t planning to change his ways, so he definitely does NOT deserve a third chance!!
I am disgusted. While it's sad that this kid's life is clearly on a tragic path, why was his license not suspended/revoked immediately after he caused the wreck that killed Rod and Paula?! There has been enough senseless loss of innocent life already - he shouldn't be able to cause any more.
It is such a shame that these players have to deal with such hate. Of course we’re disappointed that we lost and that’s okay but these are kids!!! The bottom line is that it is a TEAM game and if you want to win, everyone has to play well enough to make sure it doesn’t come down to kick. Keep your chin up!!
Stfu Paul. Give LSU their due, we got beat by a great football team and an awesome QB. Was our defense young? Yes. But it doesn’t take away the game LSU played, their team and Coach O deserve the credit!!!
I mostly agree with the top 5, but I swap LSU and Ohio State. They’re both playing great football but LSU has a way better resume. It’s gonna be an interesting few weeks!! 2 of the top 4 teams will lose to 2 of the others!
The rap associate is some fool called like Takeshi69 or something. They did a song together recently I guess and he’s being prosecuted for sex crimes involving underage girls
Auburn played themselves a little bit, Stidham didn’t decide about entering the draft before Bryant made his decision. This dude left Clemson because he didn’t have the starting job - why would he have picked a school that still had the starter potentially returning?? Unfortunately for auburn Stidham ended up choosing to enter the draft which leaves them in a weird place but I think Bryant would have chosen auburn if he knew he’d be the starter.
Such a shame to see a player go out like that. Hope he recovers!
how awful. all schools go through growing pains and success is cyclical. no child should have to see that :(
Bottom line is, no one should have to experience this. Regardless of who you support or don't support, everyone is there to enjoy a great SEC football game and should be able to do so. Some booing or trash talk is fine and can even be fun but it should never cross the line to being fearful for your own safety. I'm sure this isn't representative of the whole Georgia fan base, and every team has fans that can act this way - we all need to do a better job representing the best conference in the country :) Roll SEC!!