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Actually Emory University is top academics: However so heard of a guy on UF’s roster named Emory who Urban was kinda high on as well
Actually penalties and QB decisions are easily corrected by good coaching
Miami fan base has become really low class last several years, this turnover and now touchdown chain ok whatever. Now they chant 305- glad they lost the game.
Fans of the big 3 Florida schools don’t jump for joy at conference championships. These 3 have won so many nattys it isn’t even funny. Has Mizzou ever won a natty in any sport?
Georgia fanbase is one of the only school that jumps for joy at winning conference championships. if that is all Mullen can accomplish over the next several years he won’t be the coach. Expectations are quite different at the two programs
Meyer and Spurrier were at the game- they are Mullen’s biggest fans . Coaching won’t be an issue- Mullen is among the best nowadays but recruiting could be improved
Correct the 1980’s is a long time ago- probably many who post on this site weren’t even born.
Difference is we win games and the Vols lose games lol
Before you start talking trash try winning a national championship. SEC East champs is your big achievement.