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He’s not wrong. Mullen’s hiring practices are as underwhelming as his recruiting.
In pure football terms this doesn’t seem to be a loss for them. 0-9 Last year? And 3-9 the year before?
Grantham’s defenses pad their stats against inferior teams and lays eggs against good/elite teams. That’s not from 2020. That has always been the case since he got to Florida. That’s good enough for some teams, but it’s not for Florida. Like other people have said, yes, everyone struggled on defense in 2020, but we struggled more than teams with less talent. Again, I will be cheering for this defense to become elite, but you can’t gloss over the very real problems his defenses have had.
I thought Grantham needed to be gone, but since it didn’t happen, I can only hope that at least bringing in new position coaches results in a turnaround. We have been hearing good things so far about the talent we have, how Coach Crime is getting the players to play man to man instead of zone, how the spring should help the defense clean up its act and I hope it’s all true. I hope we have a nasty defense that sacks and forces fumbles and clamps down. If that’s the case, I won’t care that Grantham wasn’t fired. I don’t want Grantham to fail just to prove that we were right wanting him gone. I want him to succeed so we can get back to Atlanta.
I think it’s very likely that our ranking at the end of the season regarding the RB room will be much higher.
This is what Stricklin said: “Also, the SEC Network will have a dedicated window to showcase Gators Football, similar to what televised spring games have provided in the past.” He’s being careful here to not say that there will be a televised game, but he’s also offering something comparable? Not sure exactly what that means. I think they might not want to officially call it s Spring game in case they have to cancel it because of an outbreak, but I’m guessing at least a scrimmage will be available.
I’m not sure what that should tell me... I mean, it’s good that he was the recruiting coordinator, but USF doesn’t scream “big time recruits”...
I mean, they didn’t make this or any of the other transfers up. We’ve had several players enter the transfer portal recently.
He shouldn’t. He’s been here long enough for us to know that this is not that he’s had bad luck. He’s not head coach material for a big program.
Lol, that’s exactly what I thought before I read the article.
Yeah, maybe he’s tired of recruiting because he’s not particularly good at it. That said, I wouldn’t like for him to leave. I would want him to allow himself to adapt and make the changes necessary to win championships. He has a lot of the tools, but he needs better recruiters in his staff and a better defensive staff. Fix that and he could be great.
A lot of people in Gainesville didn’t want Grantham and have never really wanted him because even when his defenses are “technically” well ranked, they have been incapable of containing or slowing down very good and elite teams.
How many elite teams have we beaten with Todd Grantham as defensive coordinator? His defenses fare alright against mediocre offenses. As soon as someone can score, our defenses collapse. And this is not just this year. Do you jot remember all the 3rd downs we gave up to Jake Fromm last year??? I’m not going to say we are never going to win a championship with Todd Grantham, but I find it very unlikely in this day and age of high flying offenses.
Last time we went to Texas we lost. Houston should’ve kept his mouth shut. Want to talk? Talk AFTER you beat them.
Let me say that I definitely agree with what you’re saying about how he adjusted and everything. However, I don’t know if you noticed that our defense was always lost in terms of how to set up before the play? People are constantly out of place, they don’t know where they’re supposed to be or what their assignment is. In the 11th game of the season, that’s coaching. That’s BAD coaching. And the thing with this defense is that it gives the offense the smallest of margins. If the offense doesn’t play flawless, we lose. Again, I think you’re right that in this particular game they did what we needed them to do (or the bare minimum of what we needed them to do), but we need a defense that’s better than that, that’s more capable than that. For three years 3 and long has been a source of anguish for most of us. Instead of thinking: “yeah, 3rd and 19, there’s no way they’ll convert that” we are usually holding our collective breath because we know that 3rd and 19 might easily be converted by the opposing offense, whoever it may be. We need a better coach for that. And we need a head coach who can see that and is able to see past the personal relationship.
I wasn’t all that pumped about this matchup BEFORE we laid an egg against LSU, I’m almost apathetic to it now. I will still watch out of loyalty but I have almost no faith this will be anything other than a drubbing. It’s really bad to feel this way because we actually have an offense now. In 2016, we went to the SECCG because everybody was simply worse. This year, we actually have a good offense and our lack of defense is simply going to waste all this effort.
Honestly, that’s a pretty good comment. I don’t care if he’s trolling us.
“ Never one to avoid scoring points, we do see Dan Mullen and the Gators piling up a few here.” How did Dan Mullen get this reputation? Dan Mullen routinely takes his foot off the gas in games that are in hand. We could’ve scored a lot more against Vandy, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and we didn’t because Mullen started going vanilla.
The score really isn’t indicative. It was 31-7 when Dan Mullen decided he was done with the game and never called another drive that mattered and put in his reserves.
Neither Lawrence nor Fields will catch them with one more game. Lawrence was out two weeks and Fields will play a lot fewer games. Jones and Trask only have one more game that matters before the Heisman: each other.
This comment is very confusing ideologically speaking.
This is what I think. I don’t think he’s going to the NFL without winning at least a National Championship as head coach. I would like to think he wants to win multiple, but you never know. Once he wins one he might think he needs a different challenge, like when he left Miss State for Florida.
Mullen is not going to keep a passing offense. If you’ve watched our games lately you have seen he’s obsessed with trying to get a running game going even though we don’t have one. He wants to go back to “his” offense.
So, I know this isn’t really the point, but did that kid actually “body slam” the ref? Seems to me like he pushed him or tackled him.
Wow, sounds like you’ve read Blackmon very sparingly. Blackmon always does a good job of breaking down the team’s faults as well as what it’s doing well.
Wow, the crazies are out in full force here. It’s hilarious that they place blame on Fauci when Fauci has been routinely ignored by Trump and his allies. It’s definitely sad that these people live in a reality of “alternative facts” because they’re not only hurting themselves, they’re making this country unlivable.
This is hardly trolling, but they might take it that way. Anyways, we shouldn’t be talking about other teams at all. That’s when bad things happen.
This past weekend they said on ESPN that Florida is tied for first or second in the SEC in terms of Heisman Trophy Winners, which pleasantly surprised me.