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What a tool this writer is. He said, and I quote..."For fans and writers that don’t follow the Gamecocks as closely as I do..." well, I have news for you sir, you don't follow them as close as your overinflated ego allows yourself to think. Additionally you have NO IDEA what you're talking about. EVERYONE that matters, you know, football people, has Alshon in the top 2-3 receivers in the country. A receiver is as only as good as his qb, football 101. Garcia doesn't have it going at the moment. When Garcia is playing like he can, Alshon plays well. You're a low level hack journalists who should be covering chess tournaments. BTW Alshon didn't catch that deflected pass against Vandy, that was Ace Sanders.
Name one person that's not a homer that picked UGA to win the east.
Oh yeah? If you just happen too slow Lattimore, Alshon Jeffrey is out there and you have no one that can cover him.
Yeah, you keep wishing that. UGA doesn't matchup with South Carolina at all. Sheesh, what an unrealistic homer.
It's what Spurrier has done overall during his coaching career in the SEC...dummy.
If they stay focused, it could be a magical season.
He can beat the Crimson Turd with Garcia.
4 star, but a stud none the less. Watched him play football and basketball in person.
LMAO...great article.
The East goes through Williams-Brice this year.
Dear writer of this article, Regarding point #3 where you said this is Garcia's fifth year in the offense, wrong. This will be Garcia's SECOND year in this offense. Last year it was changed to the read option to better utilize Lattimore. Do your research. Regards, Someone who knows what's going on. PS: The comment about Garcia being hungover before the Chick-fil-A Bowl is wrong. It was a report by another hack reporter and was proven incorrect.
Oh...and Saban's a mental midget, literally. And what did Clowney say about your mental midget?
Tideroller you troll. He wasn't detained in a bar. He was in 5 Points...OUTSIDE and he matched the description of someone the cops were looking for. They talked to him and sent him on his way in under a minute.