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The game has changed since those ball control days. Saban saw it coming and has changed with it. Bama still has an elite wr group.
Not sure where you get an LSU 2018 record of 8-4. They were 8-4 in 2016, 9-4 in 2017, and 10-3 in 2018, and 15-0 in 2019. That’s called an upward trend.
The game has changed and Saban has changed with it. Great defense and ball control offense doesn't win championships anymore. Mac Jones better be more than a game manager.
I’m not sure about the best evaluator of talent. Based on what? His time at Alabama where you don’t need to find diamonds in the rough. Those teams were stacked with four and five stars that everybody was trying to get.
So I guess Tua was playing with average talent surrounding him??? Haha
Georgia is ranked 12th right now they have 1 five star 4 four stars an 1 three star so yes the size of the class matters. If the second half of Tenn class is identical to the current commits the class will probably be around 15th.
I read number 7 class and thought they were doing great and then I saw 8 three stars and one unrated and realized they are ranked this high because of the size of the class.
It’s amazing how the game has changed RB used to dominate the first round and now it is not it is one of the least important positions.
What’s crazy is the SEC had the most picks even if you take out Bama and LSU
It’s a good rule change. A few years ago in the LSU - Troy game the clock expired before half. The refs watched the replay and put one second back on the clock. The teams were brought back from the locker room and Troy was allowed to kick a FG. The real problem is the stoppage of play allowed them to bring on the FG unit and set up before the snap. Without the stoppage they could not have run another play and certainly couldn’t have brought on the FG unit.j
It will be interesting to see if a "game manager" quarterback can win a NC these days. I don't think running the ball and playing great defense wins a NC anymore.
He was probably trying to say something other than Bama to make the article more interesting and it worked.
The last part of the article leaves the SEC champ out of the playoff. I don’t think would have happened.
It's interesting how because of Joe Brady the passing game coordinator is getting so much attention. I can't name other teams passing game coordinators and don't remember who had that position before Brady.
Too many factors played into it with the system being one of them. Burrow like most quarterbacks these days had never operated from under center which he was asked to do in 2018. The 2019 system had a lot of the Saints concepts so I wouldn’t discount it as a gimmick system where he piled up numbers on short passes with a lot of YAC. He operated in a system this year that translates favorably to the pros. Tua had different offensive coordinators each year but they all ran similar spread concepts which he has run all his life unlike Burrow who in 2018 was not in a spread offense.
There are only a handful of teams that everyone respects and are very likely to be really good every year. Every team can’t schedule these same teams every year. If all of the top teams are supposed to schedule at least one of these the numbers don’t allow it.
Last time I checked pretty much everyone on here is defending their team. All I’m asking is for the definition of “one and done”. It is obviously meant as a derogatory term. So in your mind 2020 will define the program? LSU has dealt with more juniors leaving than Bama recently. I would argue that one of Saban’s biggest strengths is convincing juniors to stay. Bama has had more turnover of staff but LSU has had its fair share of staff turnover also.
Other teams fans love to use the term "one and done" as if LSU were some program without any past success that will disappear to never be heard from again. What is your definition of "one and done"? Does that mean they won't win the NC next year? Does it mean they will never win another NC? Does it mean they will never make it back to the playoffs? Winning back to back rarely happens regardless of how many players and coaches come back following a NC. They are recruiting at a top 5 level so as long as that continues they aren't falling off the map. Replicating last year is obviously not realistic. This was possibly the best offense in CFB history and one of the best seasons in history.
They were a top 10 team last year before Brady. I'm not sure what your definition of middle of the pack is.
A friend of mine was at the game in the section next to the band. At one point OBJ tried to climb the band leader's ladder and was stopped by police. My friend said OBJ was pretty drunk. I would be surprised if handing out cash was planned. It looks like it was spur of the moment showing off for the cameras. I guess he wasn't the center of attention and needed to find a way get attention like he was doing all night.
ALL of the top teams pay players. I love fans who point fingers and pretend their teams aren’t doing the same thing. Why do you think nothing came of the Will Wade situation? Maybe it’s because the whole house of cards with all the blue blood basketball teams was going to fall down if they went after him. College FB and BB is a dirty business just enjoy and don’t ask how the sausage is made.
The Funes case wasn’t some rogue booster rewarding players. It was about a guy that was embezzling money and using former players families and others not associated with LSU in a laundering scheme. He was using them to enrich himself not the other way around.
LSU had 9 wins in 2015 and would have had 10 if the McNeese St game had not been cancelled due to weather.
FPI had Bama ahead of LSU before the SEC Championship. Not sure how the formula works but a 12-0 team vs. a 10-2 team that you beat on their home field doesn’t compute.
They asked a question and Queen responded how he felt. If everyone is going to say how great the other team is then why ask questions. I’m pretty sure OU isn’t crying themselves to sleep over his comments.
It is a great class especially considering it was a down year for Louisiana talent. The losses yesterday were positions that they could afford to lose. The ranking consider the number of recruits and they still have six spots to fill so they might move up by February.
LSU's class was full and it's been no secret that they want to cull out a few players to make room for better prospects. Orgeron said publicly a few weeks ago that he wants the best 25 not the first 25. They have already "lost" a couple of the lower rated guys in the class in the last couple of weeks. I have no idea if the players mentioned in the article are guys they wouldn't mind losing or if they would welcome them flipping.
Of course there will be a drop off but the future is bright. Some Bama fans act like they are above it all. Wait until your once in a lifetime junior class leaves after this year. Somehow Saban has been able to keep players from leaving after three years but that has changed over the last few years and it is starting to show on the field. The gap is closing and they some Bama fans either don’t see it or refuse to believe it. LSU is recruiting at an elite level nationally and quarterbacks are actually interested in playing there so I don’t see them being mediocre.