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Hard to say who is over or under rated this early in the season. LSU’s scheme was not great when they had OBJ and Landry. I would argue that the offense under performed considering the talent. This new offensive scheme is similar to the Saints and is vastly different than 2013.
Texas lost more production than any team in country from last years team. Not sure why they are rated so high.
They recruit talented guys but even if they are as talented as Moses it is the equivalent of the freshman Moses vs the junior Moses. Big difference.
I’m sure UGA has risen to the top of the recruiting rankings and beating out schools that pay by being squeaky clean. They all cheat including UGA that’s how the game is played.
The article leaves out key details which are that the player was already a member of the team, half of the money was kicked back to Funes, and he did the same thing with a former players family years after he was through playing. It wasn’t about paying the player. Why did he pay such a huge sum to only one active player’s family who was an offensive lineman? Why was half of it paid back to Funes? Why didn’t he spread it out among multiple players? The answer is that it was Funes way of laundering the money it just happens that he used a players father to assist in the fraud.
This isn’t about paying the player it’s an embezzlement scheme where Funes “hired” Alexander’s father paid him $180K and then the father gave half of it back to Funes. It was about enriching Funes not rewarding an offensive lineman that was already on the team. Funes also did the same thing with Rohan Davies family years after he had finished playing for LSU.
UCF scored on a pick six and a field goal after a muffed punt. To imply that their offense was effective after gaining only 250 yards on mostly second, third, and not even on the depth chart defensive players is a joke. LSU was down to five total defensive linemen and three corners of which one was a WR. I can't imagine what the true playoff teams would have done against that depleted defense.
So I'm supposed to believe that these guys were die hard LSU fans that beat a guy to death because of the game. He got married hours before the incident which means he got married on LSU/Bama game day and possibly during the game. Doesn't sound like a passionate LSU fan to me.
Has OU every been successful at getting someone to flip? If they have then they obviously paid him to flip. If they haven't then they are clean.
Because Foley refused to consider anything other than Saturday.
When a hurricane is approaching you prepare for the worse and hope for the best. Foley planned for the best and hoped for the best. He bet on the hurricane changing course and was adamant that the game would be played on Saturday in Gainesville. He refused to consider any other alternatives. So now Florida expects LSU to pay the price for Foley's poor decision.