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Most coaching searches don’t end up the way fans envisioned them. The reality is that there are only a few coaches that are splash hires and those are usually ingrained in their current jobs. There are the guys that have short term success at lessor programs that are the hot guys. They rarely work out. Then there are the big names that use the search as leverage.
Coaches all understand the win or else mentality at the top schools. That won’t keep the best coaches from going to LSU. If they are scared of those expectations then they will never get one of the top jobs.
Tenn is not a good comparison. They are not in a talent rich state like Louisiana that produces a ton of great players with no in state competition for them. Back in the day they even got their share of Louisiana guys. Tenn has to fight it out with all the big boys for out of state 4 and 5 stars. CFB has changed since the glory days of Nebraska and Tennessee. A handful of teams dominated televised games back then. Now all games are on tv.
This is one of the top jobs in the country. Why would he care about his reputation? I
I was looking for something dire but didn’t find it in the article
LSU has eight five star recruits over the last three years. Six of them are either out for the season, ineligible, or not with the team. The other two are true freshman. One of those is a starter and the other has been injured all year…ouch
Neither of those guys are known for recruiting and only have one season between them as HC. LSU was willing to throw a bunch of money at Brady to stay but he wanted to get back to the pros. Woodward (AD) is known for his ability to hire coaches. I would be surprised if he doesn't land a good one.
The AD at the time sucked. Miles was fired four games into the season and he still botched the search. Orgeron wasn't the first choice but the idea was he is a great recruiter and pay big for assistants. What wasn't known was just how bad O is at hiring assistants. He whiffed on Canada as the OC his first year. To his credit he found Joe Brady but he was just supposed to be the passing game coordinator. Then he whiffed on Pelini. Now he has an inexperienced OC and DC and it shows. There is no where to go from here. If you keep him do you keep the OC and DC and hope they get better after having experience this year? I can't see a situation where a top coordinator will want to come to LSU knowing O is on a very short leash.
He is a true sophomore not going to the NFL for another year
Like most cities there are good areas and bad areas in Baton Rouge. Any LSU coach will live in a good part of town. LSU is a higher profile job than Ole Miss. A&M can keep Jimbo his winning percentage at A&M is worse than Orgeron at LSU. This was supposed to be the year that A&M showed that they had become a perennial power and they are terrible. Barely beat Colorado, got beat down by Arkansas, and lost to MS state. He has been there long enough for his team to be progressing and they are regressing.
They won the last two games because of 4th down plays where the qb was scrambling around and made incredible plays. That kind of luck will eventually run out.
It’s not just the SEC. There looks like a gap between Bama, UGA, and the rest of the country and those two teams are not juggernauts either. LSU has not played well but it’s not like the AU game was a blow out. The opposite is true. It looks like 50/50 chance in each game except Bama and UL Monroe. Other teams are struggling as much or more and not a peep. Has anyone watched A&M play this year?
I don’t believe in using statistics so early in a CFB season because the competition between teams is so vastly different. 20% of the games that UGA’s defense has played has been against them so might result in the opponent having a lower ranked offense. An extreme example would be that you hold a team to 50 total yards in the first game of the year. The opponent gains 400 yards the next game but is still 120th in the nation in offense and you say well their defense isn’t really that good because their opponent is only the 120th ranked offense.
They have talent all over the field except o-line. Louisiana hasn’t produced a lot of top tier offensive lineman and they haven’t been able to get top out of state guys. A Harvard transfer has started at center for the last two years and they have guys that were recruited as guards playing tackle.
Recruiting rankings aren’t perfect but they are good enough to gauge the talent on each team. Look at the recruiting rankings of the NC winners and you will see that they are really high in recruiting rankings.
The strategy in hiring Orgeron is he is a great recruiter and they would pay for really good assistant coaches. It worked when he had Aranda who was already on staff when he was hired and he hit a home run with Brady. What LSU didn’t know was how bad he is at hiring assistants. Canada and Pelini were disasters. Brady was an unknown that was fools gold but remember he wasn’t hired as the OC. This year he hired an OC and DC who have never called plays hoping to have lightning strike twice (or should I say three times). How do hire guys that have never called plays at a place like LSU with all the resources? They may turn out to be great play callers down the road but LSU doesn’t have the luxury of losing games while they hone their craft.
I don’t think it’s a good comparison. Chizik was 8-5, 14-0, 8-5, 3-9. Orgeron’s record at LSU is 6-2, 9-4, 10-3, 15-0, 5-5, 3-2. Chizik only had one successful season and didn’t recruit at nearly as a high a level as O. Things are not trending in the right direction for Orgeron but it’s not a good comp. The 3-9 year for Chizik is historically bad.
The only number that matter is the final score. LSU played a three man rush with the intention of playing bend don’t break and it worked. MSU racked up a bunch of dink and dunk yards but had trouble once the field shortened. It’s was a game plan that wasn’t pretty but effective.
York is probably the best kicker in the country. He is 4-4 this year with 2 over 50 yards. He is 12 of 14 over 50 yards in his career. He made a 57 yarder to beat Florida so he is also clutch. I wouldn’t give Carlson the edge.
I was surprised how much pre-season hype A&M was getting. They had to replace almost the whole O-line and QB and somehow they weren’t expected to take a step back. They had a good defense returning but offense wins in today’s football.
When someone is so hyped before ever playing people can get disappointed when he is playing good but not setting the world on fire. Others will keep thinking he is all world without the results to back it up. He is very talented but needs more game experience.
Did you realize that Minnesota beat Colorado 30-0 last week? Colorado is a bad team that had the lead until late in the game against A&M. Either A&M is overrated or it’s a first game anomaly.
Nobody looks unbeatable at this point. OU struggled to beat Tulane and Nebraska, Ohio State and Clemson have losses. Georgia won a close one over a Clemson team that appears to be a good to average.
LSU has won 8 out of the 10 games since A&M joined the SEC. Were they the underdog that many times?
Teams with more returning starters, little to no turnover in coaching staffs, and no key opt outs fared better. A&M had 4 sr starters on the o-line, a qb that started a million games, and no coaching turnover. Wonder why they had their best year since joining the SEC? Your premise that everyone had to handle COVID has nothing to do with normal football challenges. It had to do with how well a team handled a once in a lifetime non football issue. Some teams lost players for games due to COVID. It was the luck of the draw in a lot of cases. Why do you think it is a reflection of what to expect this season.
7-5 really? They are top 6 in composite talent rankings. Last year was the perfect storm of negative circumstances for them but it’s much different going into this season. I’m still surprised how many people predict what will happen to teams this year based on the results of what happened to teams last year as if COVID didn’t have any impact.
The current cross over games have kept some rivalries and created others but It has created an annual imbalance. I hope they can figure out a way to level the plying field.