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It’s a stretch to say that play cost them the game. LSU would have had first and ten on the 50 without the call. Arkansas defense was pretty worn down before the call so I’m not sure that you can assume LSU would not have scored considering they would have gone for it on fourth down if needed for the rest of the drive.
There are always “controversial” calls in a game. Some effect the game more than others. The targeting call added 15 yards to the drive which is hardly a game changer. The holding call on LSU after completing a pass inside the 20 killed a scoring drive, etc. It depends on which team you are pulling for on how you look at the calls. This is COVID year so the games aren’t really legit both teams were missing key players so relax and take this year for what it is.
I was glad they decided to play this season but thought from the beginning it would be an asterisk season. So much depends on opt-outs and who is out from game to game due to COVID. When key players miss games like Lawrence at Clemson it puts the legitimacy of the season in question. It has turned into who can dodge COVID the best.
In hindsight it’s not shocking that MSU shredded LSU’s pass defense. There are seven cb on the roster all of them either freshmen or sophomores except one sr that came to the team in late summer from McNeese as an emergency player because a sr starter (Vincent) opted out due to COVID. Stingley who is the best player on the team was out due to illness and Ward who was injured only dressed out because Stingley couldn’t play. Ward ended up playing and the emergency cb Evans played when Flott was injured during the game. Two out of the three pre COVID starters were out to start the game and at one point in the game the all three were out. They were playing 4, 5, and 6 deep on the pre-COVID depth chart at the same time with the sixth being someone who wouldn’t have been on the team without the opt out..not a recipe for success against that offense.
Depth was a big problem. Once Stingley was out the dominoes began to fall. Flott moved from corner to slot where he hadn’t practiced. Ward wasn’t even going to dress out due to injury but dressed out and played when he found out that Stingley couldn’t play. Evans a recent transfer from McNeese had to come in when Flott was injured and immediately got burned for a td. Having Cary Vincent opt out has hurt the cb depth. The young guys haven’t had much time to get acclimated yet.
He has been retired for 15 years so these recruits were about 2-3 years old during the last year of his career. They know him more for being an NFL announcer which probably won’t translate into landing recruits.
Freshmen typically struggle. The system helped but he is special. If I had a lottery ticket that I couldn’t cash in for 8 months I wouldn’t leave it in my car or in my house I would put it in a safe deposit box. He chose to use the equivalent of a safe deposit box.
I’m not a liberal and I would love to see a normal season but that’s not happening so whoever wins will not be considered a legit champ in most people’s eyes regardless of their political views.
Does anyone really care about this season? It’s a lost year even if it somehow gets played. No Big ten, no PAC 10, players sitting out, reduced fans in stands, and probable players being Covid ineligible for games.
Four of the top six are from Louisiana smith, stingley, chase, etienne.
That’s spot on. There are no more head hunters keeping players from exploiting the middle of the field. Also the fast pace of the modern offense means more plays in a game.
I wouldn’t put Miami in the blue blood category. They have only had 15 ten win seasons in their history. They were irrelevant until the early 80’s and had about a twenty year run with some great teams but have been mediocre since 2004 with only one 10 win season over the last 15 years.
It’s true that new cases go up as testing goes up but hospitalizations are going up which is the the most important indicator.
Linehan is the passing game coordinator not the OC. Can you even name other teams passing game coordinators? It’s a pretty strong hire for that position.
I’m pretty sure the dumbass perception comes from his accent. That’s how people speak from the area he grew up. Don’t let an accent fool you there are plenty of highly intelligent people with the same accent. One of his strengths is he is willing to embrace cutting edge methods and technology contrary to the perception.
The game has changed since those ball control days. Saban saw it coming and has changed with it. Bama still has an elite wr group.
Not sure where you get an LSU 2018 record of 8-4. They were 8-4 in 2016, 9-4 in 2017, and 10-3 in 2018, and 15-0 in 2019. That’s called an upward trend.
The game has changed and Saban has changed with it. Great defense and ball control offense doesn't win championships anymore. Mac Jones better be more than a game manager.
I’m not sure about the best evaluator of talent. Based on what? His time at Alabama where you don’t need to find diamonds in the rough. Those teams were stacked with four and five stars that everybody was trying to get.
So I guess Tua was playing with average talent surrounding him??? Haha
Georgia is ranked 12th right now they have 1 five star 4 four stars an 1 three star so yes the size of the class matters. If the second half of Tenn class is identical to the current commits the class will probably be around 15th.
I read number 7 class and thought they were doing great and then I saw 8 three stars and one unrated and realized they are ranked this high because of the size of the class.
It’s amazing how the game has changed RB used to dominate the first round and now it is not it is one of the least important positions.
What’s crazy is the SEC had the most picks even if you take out Bama and LSU
It’s a good rule change. A few years ago in the LSU - Troy game the clock expired before half. The refs watched the replay and put one second back on the clock. The teams were brought back from the locker room and Troy was allowed to kick a FG. The real problem is the stoppage of play allowed them to bring on the FG unit and set up before the snap. Without the stoppage they could not have run another play and certainly couldn’t have brought on the FG unit.j
It will be interesting to see if a "game manager" quarterback can win a NC these days. I don't think running the ball and playing great defense wins a NC anymore.
He was probably trying to say something other than Bama to make the article more interesting and it worked.
The last part of the article leaves the SEC champ out of the playoff. I don’t think would have happened.