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You must have not watched the 2019 season. That was one of the greatest if not the greatest team ever. It’s beyond dumb to say they won the NC because the other schools were down. That team was filled with high end NFL talent.
He meant Monken is more likely to get a head coaching opportunity than Sark getting fired. It was actually a compliment to Monken.
Most people who vote in pre season polls base it off of last year’s results and don’t do deep dives into each team. You often see teams that lose most of their production get ranked close to or higher than last years finish.
‘the energy behind it was different” when he watched USC on TV. I’m not sure what he is talking about. Their average attendance last year was 56,000. Maybe he is talking about different meaning worse.
I think I have reached a low point now that I’m responding to Negan but this is one of his shortest posts ever. No ten paragraph all caps rambling but the same non sense. I’m pretty sure that you have met with the kid and he told you he has a strange vibe with Kelly. Quit making stuff up.
This is “what’s been going on” on steroids. People who wouldn’t get involved before because it was shady/illegal will now have no issues giving money.
Pittman has done a great job but it will be difficult to repeat last year. Like last year, they only have a talent advantage in 3 to 4 games. So they will have to outplay a few teams with comparable talent and overachieve in about 4 to 5 games where they have a talent deficit. Years like last year happen when everything comes together but they will need an upgrade in talent to consistently win in the west.
I’m not sure if I agree that NIL gives more teams a chance. Teams like A&M, Texas, and USC may suddenly rise to top but it will be at the expense of other current contenders. A&M just signed the best class in history. That’s a consolidation of talent not a dispersion of talent.
Congress destroys everything they touch. The federal government getting involved is a problem not a solution.
It is against the rules to use monetary means to entice players to sign with your school. NIL can be given once they are on the team but not before. Why are A&M fans so defensive? You gamed the system and won. There is no logical reason for A&M to have the best recruiting class EVER. No stellar record of sending players to the NFL, no playoff appearance, no SEC championship, and not even winning the SEC west. So what is the selling point? The male cheerleaders? They have been pretty good but haven’t seriously contended for anything and all of a sudden everyone wants to play there???
Actually he was beginning to build a similar program at LSU before he got the NFL itch.
They all think they can go pro regardless of statistics. The head BB coach at Nichols once said that every single player on his team thought they could go pro and this is a school that doesn’t have a single NBA player.
They all know what is going on behind the scenes. They have contact with recruits, families, HS coaches, disgruntled people in other programs, etc.
The people who are putting up the money typically have money to burn. They might just look at it as the cost of doing business. They could also create stipulations where the payments stretch over 4 years or there is a clawback if they transfer, etc. There are countless ways to structure deals that may limit their losses. Where the backlash might happen is using players in advertisements and the players get in trouble and embarrass their business.
That’s true but now boosters that were reluctant to take the risk of being publicly embarrassed if caught no longer have to worry about it. They can also use them in advertising and write it off in their businesses. Welcome to the Wild West.
It’s really early in the recruiting process and NIL has changed everything. Is ND throwing now throwing money at recruits? I don’t know but I do know that the overall recruiting landscape has changed overnight.
If he can recruit anywhere close to his three predecessors then he will have much better talent than he ever had at ND. LSU has had talent good enough to win multiple national championships and ND hasn’t had any rosters that could legitimately come close to winning one. Saying he had 12th ranked talent at ND sounds good but there is an enormous talent gap between the top 5 and 12 which has been proven in the playoff games. Don’t just look at recruiting rankings look at the number of players they place in the NFL.
They don’t care about the kids getting an education but the opportunity is there for someone who wants it. Paying players is a tricky subject because for the most part college football makes money but most college sports lose money. If you pay CFB players are you going to be forced to pay all college athletes? Here come the lawsuits. Do you set a limit or is it pure profit sharing? If there is a limit, what do schools that are in the red do? If it’s profit sharing then the sport is dead because there is no draft to level the field. The players are getting a chance to hone their skills and prove their worth to the NFL while living a nice lifestyle and having top notch coaching, medical care, and training facilities. Playing CFB is not torture it is something the vast majority of them love to do. They get to play in massive stadiums and in front of huge tv audiences. It’s a thrill very few people will ever experience. Only a small percentage ever play in the NFL so this is the high point of their lives. Contrast that with minor league baseball where the very top players get nice signing bonuses and the rest get small signing bonuses. They play in small markets in front of small crowds with no tv or notoriety. The lifestyle and facilities are vastly inferior to college facilities. Most never make it to the big leagues and get little out of it. So what is the option? Do you start a minor league that the NFL funds which will limit the number of opportunities and force most into worse situations than CFB? If you pay CFB players how do you keep it equitable? I don’t see any easy solution and fear that the sport is going down a path that will kill it.
Haha I remember that article from a couple of weeks ago.
The reality is fans watch CFB mostly because of their affiliation with the school. Nobody would watch minor league football. If a minor league system were implemented the players would find out quickly that they would have to live a lifestyle that is much worse than a college football player’s lifestyle and have little value until they make it to the NFL. No more over the top housing, training facilities, and no education to fall back on.
Only about 25 of the D1 school’s athletic departments even turn a profit. The top schools make a huge profit but it is another case of the haves and have nots. Are you going to tell schools that are losing money that they need to share the football revenue with the players? If you start sharing the revenue then the gap will continue to widen and some schools will have to shut down sports including football.
Did Peyton dislike LSU players? With all of the talent they have in the NFL the Saints rarely had any of them. Now that Peyton is gone they pick up two. He apparently loves Ohio State players. It’s probably not intentional but it is a strange coincidence.
Rivalries are usually formed by geography. It has to do with alumni/fans living in the same area together. I live in BR and don’t know a single Arkansas grad or fan. The Ark “rivalry” was contrived by the SEC when they joined the conference. For some reason Ark fans think it is a big rivalry. The reason LSU is not another teams biggest rival is there are no in state schools or schools that are close. A&M is the most logical rival based on geography and fan bases living together.
If I had five minutes to spare I could watch his whole season.
Usually the fans that let their feelings be known are the disgruntled fans which is usually a small but vocal part of the fan base. I could see where Bama fans might be a little tough due to the very high expectations, but it is conditional no matter where you play. The coaching staffs vary so it’s possible that the Bama staff was tough on him and the Texas staff is more lenient.
I seem to remember him originally committing to USC then flipping to Texas and going back to USC. I’m not sure if I have the story right but I do remember it being a weird situation.
Jimbo has been a really good recruiter but not this level. The truth is A&M hasn’t won anything of note. The 9-1 season didn’t get anyone excited except A&M fans. No SEC championship game, no playoff game, and nobody really cares about New Years six games. Yes you have great facilities but so do all of the top teams. Great academics have never helped in recruiting and in many cases have hurt. I don’t understand why A&M fans are so sensitive about it. They figured about the system and have more money than most to spend on it.
Roughly 1/4 of the 5 stars went to one school last year. The number of teams that have a realistic chance or winning a NC was already small and it is shrinking.
‘We won because he have the wealthiest alumni” now that is going to bring in fan interest.
What is so crazy about NIL is NFL players in general aren’t killing it in NIL deals. How many national commercials do you see these guys in? Sure there are a handful of top guys but it is very limited and NFL players are much better known than CFB players. It took a super bowl win for Stanford to get a national commercial and I doubt that local deals were very lucrative. NIL is not remotely working working in the spirit of the rule. The players in general were not missing out on much based on their true NIL value. Paying unproven recruits who currently have no NIL value is crazy. They are now cashing in on pay for play not NIL and it is going to kill the sport.