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There was no mention of Arik Gilbert. I would think a guy with his talent would deserve a few words.
Did he use his one time portal exemption already? Will he have to sit out a year?
According to Pro Football Focus (PFF) he had the best true-freshman season in 2019 since PFF's inception. In 2019 he had the best non-quarterback score for PFF's wins above average (WAA) which measures how valuable an individual player's performance was over a given time frame. Most mock drafts project him as a top 5 pick. How is this a homer opinion?
It’s really hard to say because the transfer portal is relatively new. There are tons of guys from smaller schools in the NFL. It may be possible to pick up that type of player especially with NIL but the majority will likely be guys to fill up back up roles or holes in the lineup. Shanahan transferred from Harvard and started at center and Evans transferred from Nichols and filled in after the cornerbacks were depleted. They were pretty mediocre but filled a need.
Young people aren’t as interested in sports as prior generations and ticket prices have priced a lot of the most passionate fans out of the market. The dynamic in a college football stadium has changed as more of the tickets have converted from individuals to businesses.
They have been trending downward and now this years recruiting class isn’t very good. He better start embracing the transfer portal or he is going to fall way behind. Hiring the right coordinators is critical and he has gone the promotion from within route. That hasn’t been a very successful strategy at most places especially if they don’t have much experience calling plays.
Not to mention a game that wasn’t competitive. Also people have severe Bama fatigue. The game is dominated by a few teams and expanding the playoff isn’t going to change viewership for the championship game. There have been virtually no competitive semi final games so the same teams will make the championship game and the viewership will be the same no matter how many teams the playoff is expanded to. Until there is more true parity at the top ratings will continue to dwindle.
LSU set a record for the number of players drafted that year and that doesn’t count players like Stingley and Chase who were not draft eligible so it’s a little simplistic to say it was all because of Burrow. Orgeron was a journeyman coach that failed spectacularly at his one head coaching opportunity at Ole Miss. He was an older coach that finally reached the mountaintop and lost control of everything personally and professionally after that. I don’t see Smart going down that path.
Pretty amazing especially considering the state hasn’t produced many high level high school quarterbacks.
Part of the problem this year is To’o To’o. The knock on him while at Tennesse was that he wasn’t good in coverage. It doesn’t look like a change of teams/coaching has helped that aspect of his game.
In the case of Hornsby I’m assuming he didn’t want to ride the bench for another couple of years behind Jefferson. It is happening everywhere with quarterbacks.
How does a 12-team playoff work? If all the teams play in the first round then the numbers don't work. Do 4 teams get 1st round byes? This opens up a whole other can of worms.
This is pretty surprising but you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. I can’t believe anyone is telling him he will be a high draft pick.
Georgia’s strength is defense and they were shredded by Bama. The offense hasn’t had to get into a shoot out until the Bama game and I’m not sure they are built for that type of game. When your strengths aren’t working i.e. defense and running game it’s hard to put it all on Bennett’s shoulders.
Chase sat out the 2020 season it’s understandable why he struggled in the pre season.
You need strong recruiting and an elite qb. Clemson has had really good but not great recruiting but has had elite quarterbacks until this year when they took a step back. If Georgia wins it will be the first NC team in probably the last decade without an elite qb.
I don’t see how LSU can win this one. The bowl roster just came out and they are down 18 players from the A&M game and they were already severely depleted for that game. If nussmeir doesn’t play qb, they are down to their second string walk-on, not their second string qb, their second string walk on. Or they might start a wr at qb. They are missing their 4 top corners, 2 starting lb, two best dl, starting rb (down to 2 healthy rb) just to name few absences. Kansas State’s roster is almost fully intact.
You think the SEC is Bama with a dusting of LSU. That dusting has produced 2 NC since 2007 and a NC final game in 2011. Since the 4 team playoff began in 2015, the SEC has had 3 different teams play in the NC game (Bama, LSU, UGA). The rest of the country has had a total of 3 teams (OSU, Clemson, Oregon). Every conference except the PAC 12 has one dominate team. The difference is that the gap between that team and the others is much smaller in the sec. The number of players in the NFL shows the talent disparity between the SEC and other conferences. It doesn’t mean just because you play in the SEC that you have a great team and just need to show up but overall the depth of the conference is the best. I’m an SEC fan but I hate when an out of conference team plays a bottom tier SEC team and the announcers say “they are doing this against an SEC defense” as if they have a great defense by virtue of being in the conference so I can see where the hyperbole can get out of whack, but it is hard to argue against it being the best conference…which other conference is better?
The Michigan game doesn’t look like it will be a shoot out so UGA may not need dynamic qb and wr play. UM averages 228 yds per game passing as compared to Bama at 347 yds per game. Bama exposed UGA weaknesses in a way that UM probably can’t. They will need a better passing game in the NC if they make it but may be fine in the UM game.
I’ve watched the Brain Kelly video a couple times and didn’t hear the fake accent but the narrative is that he was talking like water boy (Adam Sandler).
Wouldn’t that mean he would have to sit out a year because he has already used his one time exemption? Oh well, if he gets beat out by one of the young guys it might be his only chance to play but this is Georgia so you never know who will be the starter next year including someone off the radar.
He will be preparing for the draft at this time next year. No way he stays in college four years.
Brennan entered the portal before Johnson so Brennan shouldn’t have been part of the equation. Kelly didn’t contact Brennan about coming back until this past Monday so there is no reason to believe that Johnson knew he was coming back.
I haven’t been living under a rock. Brennan and Johnson were in the portal at the same time. I’m pretty sure that Johnson had already decided he was going to A&M by the time Brennan said he was coming back.
Johnson going to A&M is a little puzzling. He left a school where he would have been competing with a guy he beat out last year who probably has a higher upside and an incoming 5 star to go to a school with a guy that would have started last year and has a higher upside and an incoming 5 star. Sounds like a lateral move in terms of starting.
How many times are people going to keep the narrative up that it was about paying the players. He wasn't embezzling money for the purpose of giving it to players. He was embezzling money to enrich himself. He needed people to help launder the money and used Rohan Davey (former player)relatives and the father of an offensive lineman who was playing at the time to help with the scheme. If he didn't need them to help launder the money he would have kept it all himself.
Gilbert transferred to UGA where Bowers turned out to be an arguably better version of him. Gilbert is supposed to play WR it will be interesting how that turns out.
A game manager qb and dominate defense is reminiscent of old Bama teams. That changed after Saban’s defenses got lit up a couple of times in the CFP. You need a dynamic offense that can win a shootout these days it’s too hard to shut down everyone especially in the CFP.
The buyout is astronomical so no matter what happens short of him getting fired for cause they are in a long term marriage. It’s one thing to pass around the hat for a $12 million buyout but it would be about $75 million after after the second year. They are all in on this one.