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Last time I checked pretty much everyone on here is defending their team. All I’m asking is for the definition of “one and done”. It is obviously meant as a derogatory term. So in your mind 2020 will define the program? LSU has dealt with more juniors leaving than Bama recently. I would argue that one of Saban’s biggest strengths is convincing juniors to stay. Bama has had more turnover of staff but LSU has had its fair share of staff turnover also.
Other teams fans love to use the term "one and done" as if LSU were some program without any past success that will disappear to never be heard from again. What is your definition of "one and done"? Does that mean they won't win the NC next year? Does it mean they will never win another NC? Does it mean they will never make it back to the playoffs? Winning back to back rarely happens regardless of how many players and coaches come back following a NC. They are recruiting at a top 5 level so as long as that continues they aren't falling off the map. Replicating last year is obviously not realistic. This was possibly the best offense in CFB history and one of the best seasons in history.
They were a top 10 team last year before Brady. I'm not sure what your definition of middle of the pack is.
A friend of mine was at the game in the section next to the band. At one point OBJ tried to climb the band leader's ladder and was stopped by police. My friend said OBJ was pretty drunk. I would be surprised if handing out cash was planned. It looks like it was spur of the moment showing off for the cameras. I guess he wasn't the center of attention and needed to find a way get attention like he was doing all night.
ALL of the top teams pay players. I love fans who point fingers and pretend their teams aren’t doing the same thing. Why do you think nothing came of the Will Wade situation? Maybe it’s because the whole house of cards with all the blue blood basketball teams was going to fall down if they went after him. College FB and BB is a dirty business just enjoy and don’t ask how the sausage is made.
The Funes case wasn’t some rogue booster rewarding players. It was about a guy that was embezzling money and using former players families and others not associated with LSU in a laundering scheme. He was using them to enrich himself not the other way around.
LSU had 9 wins in 2015 and would have had 10 if the McNeese St game had not been cancelled due to weather.
FPI had Bama ahead of LSU before the SEC Championship. Not sure how the formula works but a 12-0 team vs. a 10-2 team that you beat on their home field doesn’t compute.
They asked a question and Queen responded how he felt. If everyone is going to say how great the other team is then why ask questions. I’m pretty sure OU isn’t crying themselves to sleep over his comments.
It is a great class especially considering it was a down year for Louisiana talent. The losses yesterday were positions that they could afford to lose. The ranking consider the number of recruits and they still have six spots to fill so they might move up by February.
LSU's class was full and it's been no secret that they want to cull out a few players to make room for better prospects. Orgeron said publicly a few weeks ago that he wants the best 25 not the first 25. They have already "lost" a couple of the lower rated guys in the class in the last couple of weeks. I have no idea if the players mentioned in the article are guys they wouldn't mind losing or if they would welcome them flipping.
Of course there will be a drop off but the future is bright. Some Bama fans act like they are above it all. Wait until your once in a lifetime junior class leaves after this year. Somehow Saban has been able to keep players from leaving after three years but that has changed over the last few years and it is starting to show on the field. The gap is closing and they some Bama fans either don’t see it or refuse to believe it. LSU is recruiting at an elite level nationally and quarterbacks are actually interested in playing there so I don’t see them being mediocre.
Orgeron's Ole Miss days were a disaster but he openly talks about the mistakes he made and has changed. He did great as an interim coach at USC and LSU. Keep in mind these teams fired their coaches during the season so the teams weren't in great shape when he took them over. Pretty much every coach who takes over for a fired coach has bumps in the road their first season as they put in their system and recruit their own players, etc. That applied to Saban's first season at Bama. It looks like Orgeron's trend is going up. This years Bama team is dominated by their junior class most of which are going to turn pro. They are losing a once in a generation QB and WR group. I wouldn't be so confident that they will seamlessly transition next year.
It's very difficult to compare college teams because of the difference in competition. OSU is the only B1g team that recruits at an elite level which results in a huge talent gap between OSU and the other B1G teams. There are several teams in the SEC with talent that is as good as or close to OSU. The recruiting rankings and players sent to the pros are a pretty good indicator of the talent level. The little engine that could teams make for good stories but it's the Jimmy's and Joes not the X's and O's.
More like losing Chase and Jefferson. The "next man up" stuff sounds good but QB and WR need a lot of reps to be on the same page. I doubt that Fromm has great chemistry with the back ups. Fromm is a competitor and probably deep down believes they can get it done but I'm not sure that is reality.
There are a lot of reasons to be confident about UGA's defense but counting on any defender to handle CEH one on one in open space is not one of them.
I get the sarcasm. Getting Franks would be very unpopular at LSU. He backed out of his commitment late in the process leaving LSU hanging. Most fans are glad he didn’t come to LSU after watching his erratic play and antics. Brennan is unproven but he was a four star recruit that has been in the system for three years and has a big arm.
LSU has been working on new lucrative contract for Joe Brady. It’s highly unlikely he is leaving.
I didn't mean that the defenses are equal but there are reasons why there is such a large disparity. LSU scores really fast which gives the other teams a lot more possessions. This affects the number of points given up. Its simple math.
The defense gave up 24 points not 38 that is a fact not an excuse. It was not a great defensive game for LSU but if I had not watched the game I would read that Vandy scored 38 and thought Vandy had no trouble moving the ball. They moved it in spurts but did not have consistent success. Considering they had 15 possessions it is not as bad as some would like you to think. The reason I responded is this game is always brought up when someone wants to make a point how bad LSU's defense is.
A lot of the points that LSU has given up has been after they have built big leads. It seems like they lose focus. UGA has a ball control offense which limits the number of opponents possessions. It's not apples to apples.
This is his third year and averages about 43 yards. Solid punter that played minor league baseball and is about 28 years old (seriously). Not likely to choke.
Vandy's offense scored 24 points not 38. There was a pick six off LSU's back up QB and a fumbled QB/RB exchange in the end zone that Vandy recovered for a TD. LSU was scoring in less than 2 minutes every drive which resulted in Vandy getting a lot of possessions. Vandy had 7 three and outs and two five play drives one of which ended with an int. That's nine drives that they did virtually nothing. It wasn't like they were moving the ball at will. Just reading the score doesn't tell the story.
I didn’t realize the lack of production from the last two classes. They are going to lose a bunch of players to the draft and it doesn’t look like the pipeline is as full as it used to be. Clemson, UGA, LSU, and even A&M are recruiting at a high level. Bama isn’t getting almost every single player they want anymore. The #1 TE was thought to be a Bama lock but recently committed to LSU, when is the last time that happened. Saban said before the LSU game that something was off it didn’t seem like his team was confident. Bama isn’t going away but their invincibility is gone. Their recent losses aren’t flukes like the Manziel A&M an Ole Miss loses. Having more teams in the mix is good for the sport.
UGA is thought of lesser because you lost to USC. I’m not sure that “defense wins championships” holds true anymore. The game has changed and the rules favor offense now. Truly great offenses can be slowed down but not shut down in today’s football no matter how good the defense is. Even Saban saw this a few years ago and changed his philosophy.
Texas was the second game of the year a lot has changed since then. You obviously watched the Vandy game with crimson glasses. Out of 8 first half possessions there were 4 three and outs and a 5 play drive. Those 5 drives netted a total of 25 yards. The first drive of the game was 75 yards of which 41 came because the second string lineman shot the wrong gap. The other two drives netted 97 yards. Vandy OL didn’t pushed them around. LSU offense was scoring on every possession in less than two minutes so Vandy got 8 possessions and LSU defense had no time to rest. Bama will likely score a lot of points but not necessarily because LSU defense sucks but because Bama offense is really good. It’s the same situation for LSU offense vs Bama defense.
This is a different era in cfb when your offense operates at warp speed the defense doesn’t have time to rest and the other team gets more possessions. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect a lockdown defense and spread offense on the same team. A team like Wisconsin has a ball control offense so their defense is rated high even though I don’t think they are a great defense.
Burrows QB rating while being pressured is through the roof. He navigates the pocket like a pro and knows exactly where to go with the ball. He is not a system qb LSU runs a lot of the saints offense. He didn’t look great at the beginning of last year because the offensive scheme was not good and he had only been with the team since that spring.
The dynasty isn’t nearly over but there are cracks in the foundation, What’s changing is the recruiting strength of Georgia, LSU, and Clemson who are all in the Bama recruiting footprint so Bama is not getting every single player they want. Bama is finally seeing attrition from juniors going to the NFL. Saban has been great at getting players to stay for their senior year but it looks like the tide is turning on that front...pardon the pun.
Vegas only cares about even money coming in on both sides it doesn’t mean they think bama will or will not win. More money will always come in on bama without the point spread due to reputation.