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The bigger the playoff field the more difficult it is to pick the final few teams. In a typical season there would have been probably at least 10 teams with legit claims for the last few slots in a 12 team field. This is going to be chaos. There is very little that separates the 10-20 ranked teams.
He is wired different than anybody else. When he won the first NC of his career at LSU he was immediately talking about next year and where they needed to improve. He didn’t seem to even take a minute to bask in the glory. Tunnel vision focus that hasn’t changed over the years.
CFB is as much about recruiting as anything else and he one of the best recruiters. He had them on an upward trajectory until last year when they had a mass exodus to the NFL and COVID issues.
He didn’t have anything negative to say about LSU. He said he wanted to be a starter. I don’t get why he would want to go to Bama. There isn’t any chance of him starting over Young for several years. He has less chance of starting there than LSU.
Have you heard that there was a pandemic last year that turned everything on its head. Bama did the best at handling it but it’s hard to compare last year to normal years.
Interesting that he puts him in for speed and then says he doesn’t have elite speed. I guess there are no receivers in the SEC with elite speed.
A potential downfall of CFB is the concentration of power in a handful of teams in the same region of the country which happens to be one of the least populated portions of the country.
They seem to be putting a ton of emphasis on teams that did well last year. COVID effected teams to much different degrees. Teams that returned experienced players, had less opt outs, etc faired much better. It had the effect of leveling the playing field. This isn’t going to be the case this year.
Roster management? That would be poor roster management when there are already two open spots in last years class. Are there that many really good players in the transfer portal?
He has improved the talent at A&M but he has only had one good year. That was with a senior dominated team in the strangest year ever. So I’m going to remain skeptical and yes that makes me feel better.
The team was regressing while he was still there but you can keep telling yourself it wasn’t if that makes you feel better. He might turn A&M into a perennial contender but I just think it’s a stretch to act as if it is a sure thing considering his tenure at FSU.
Jimbo left FSU in shambles but now he is a lock to keep the Aggies in the hunt annually? It might happen but not based on his past.
Pro day stats were 41’ vertical, 11’ broad jump, and 4.38 forty. He dominated in 2019 much like D. Smith in 2020. He is 6’0” and 208 lbs. I guess what separates him from D. Smith is his weight. Smith is 1 inch taller but 34 lbs lighter.
I always hate to see that happen when potential generational wealth is on the line. The loss from a past production stand point likely won’t be too big but this is all about potential. I think he would be looked at much different if he had a 4 star rating.
It seems like GA offensive scheme has been really run heavy which is a bit old school. Is that because of the QB?
What we found out from the FBI recordings is that paying players is rampant in CBB. If LSU is the only team making ‘dam strong offers” why wouldn’t they have by far the most talent? They have good but not great talent so imagine what the blue bloods are offering. Places like Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke care much more about basketball than LSU so there is a lot more booster money. The NCAA has to bury this because it will open up a can of worms that could potentially destroy the sport.
Judging from some of the academic schools on the list he looks like a smart kid.
You never know what goes on behind closed doors. I guess these days I shouldn’t be surprised by anything but his public reputation was really good and I know someone that has known him personally for years and she had nothing but glowing things to say about him. Sex or the pursuit of it can make some men lose their minds.
It usually takes a while for even the most talented receivers to become productive. Jamar Chase didn’t have much production in his freshman year and exploded the next year. Boutte came in as a five star last year and it took until the last few games for him to produce big. It may take longer than you think for things to click.
People close to what happened at LSU are keeping quite. A radio host in BR who apparently knows the inside scoop wouldn’t say anything other than if it was his son he would have taken him out of LSU. It appears there is more to the story than being homesick.
I don’t know what to think I know people who know him personally and he is regarded as being an extremely nice guy. He is the same guy in private that you see in public. Really surprising acquisitions if true.
I can’t imagine top 15 recruits will be very happy sitting on the bench.
Just bury your head in the sand and act like everyone else is doing it but Bama. Did you see what happened in CBB when they started peeling back the onion? When it was obvious it was being done by everyone including the blue bloods (Duke etc.) the story went away. The NCAA does not investigate until someone seriously slips up and it hits the media but everyone is paying.
How is this going to work out with so many players in the transfer portal and most teams not having room to add anyone else. There might be a lot of players left out in the cold.
I would expect Smart’s recruiting to fall off the cliff because he brought in two transfer quarterbacks last year to fill a gapping hole. How does that logic sound?
It’s a new world now with the transfer portal. Remember a transfer by the name of Joe Burrow? I do!
So according to your logic LSU got him because they are dirty and Bama is clean. Interesting take being Bama was still pursuing him.
I think only the teams that are consistently in the top five in recruiting have a realistic shot at the NC. This isn’t good for the sport. Even a team like OU who are a constant in the playoffs haven’t been competitive in the playoffs. People are going to tune out if this trend continues.