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It usually takes a while for even the most talented receivers to become productive. Jamar Chase didn’t have much production in his freshman year and exploded the next year. Boutte came in as a five star last year and it took until the last few games for him to produce big. It may take longer than you think for things to click.
People close to what happened at LSU are keeping quite. A radio host in BR who apparently knows the inside scoop wouldn’t say anything other than if it was his son he would have taken him out of LSU. It appears there is more to the story than being homesick.
I don’t know what to think I know people who know him personally and he is regarded as being an extremely nice guy. He is the same guy in private that you see in public. Really surprising acquisitions if true.
I can’t imagine top 15 recruits will be very happy sitting on the bench.
Just bury your head in the sand and act like everyone else is doing it but Bama. Did you see what happened in CBB when they started peeling back the onion? When it was obvious it was being done by everyone including the blue bloods (Duke etc.) the story went away. The NCAA does not investigate until someone seriously slips up and it hits the media but everyone is paying.
How is this going to work out with so many players in the transfer portal and most teams not having room to add anyone else. There might be a lot of players left out in the cold.
I would expect Smart’s recruiting to fall off the cliff because he brought in two transfer quarterbacks last year to fill a gapping hole. How does that logic sound?
It’s a new world now with the transfer portal. Remember a transfer by the name of Joe Burrow? I do!
So according to your logic LSU got him because they are dirty and Bama is clean. Interesting take being Bama was still pursuing him.
I think only the teams that are consistently in the top five in recruiting have a realistic shot at the NC. This isn’t good for the sport. Even a team like OU who are a constant in the playoffs haven’t been competitive in the playoffs. People are going to tune out if this trend continues.
No way O is fired other than off field issues. He is consistently in the top 5 in recruiting and was on an upward trajectory until last year when everything that could go wrong did. He makes coaching changes when needed unlike Miles. Besides LSU doesn’t have the money for a buyout.
That’s an off the radar offer. I’m sure he will be rated now that he got this offer.
I don’t know what happened in the locker room but don’t pretend that O was out there campaigning for Trump. He was happy that Trump supported bringing CFB back and made an appearance on FOX concerning this. Did this piss the team off? I don’t know. BTW the entire offensive line could have left after this year and are all coming back plus Ali Gaye who was eligible to leave is coming back. Only people close to the situation know what happened with Arik Gilbert but he is an 18-19 year old kid that was a long way from home and isolated due to COVID. Could have been a lot things that went into his decision but don’t act like you know his situation and are sure it was because of O and Trump. Don’t forget these are kids. They may look older because they are much more physically advanced than their peers but they are still 18-22 year olds on a mental level.
We need to see it during a normal year not a cluster you know what of a season. A&M is recruiting at a high enough level to compete for championships but the SEC west is brutal.
Big 12 has OU vs Texas, Big Ten has Ohio State against maybe Penn State, ACC has Clemson against air, PAC 12 has Oregon vs USC. That’s about the only interesting match ups. The sec has great match ups almost every week.
LSU had a record number of players drafted including the number one pick in Burrow. Four of them made the NFL all rookie team and that doesn’t include Burrow and Helaire who were playing at a high level before getting hurt. Add in sure fire future first rounders in Chase and Stingley plus Marahall who will probably go in the first two rounds and I would say there was tons of talent all over the field. I’m not diminishing what Brady did he had a lot of talent to work with. He is a great offensive mind but he likes the pros I would be shocked if he wanted to take on a college job.
Jones and Young are there strictly on potential and an assumption that the coaches will develop them. Jones has barely been allowed to throw the ball but he is ahead of Brennan who threw for over 300 yards a game before he got hurt.
Brennan was lighting it up before he was injured. He is not mobile but has a great arm. They were losing because of a historically bad defense.
Too early in the recruiting cycle to really hurt. They have two of the top five safeties in this years class.
There isn’t top level talent in Tennessee. The 2021 class has 3 players in the top 200 with the best player ranked 59th and the next player is 98th. That’s not good enough talent to build a SEC championship contender around. So they have to get elite players from other states. Having said that the 247 Sports team talent composition has Tennessee at 15. That might be good enough to compete for titles in some other conferences but it puts them 7th in the SEC.
I’m not sure why they wouldn’t say Young unless they are only considering players that had significant playing time this year.
Can’t blame Brennan for those games they put up a ton of points. He wasn’t the reason they couldn’t punch it in from the one against Missouri for the win.
The 2019 Bama team wasn’t much different than this years team. They blew everyone out prior to the LSU game. LSU controlled the game and it was played at Bama. The reason the 2019 Bama team isn’t looked at the same way as 2020 is because they lost to LSU then Tua was out which contributed to the loss to Auburn. The 2020 schedule ended up being weak and I don’t care about adding Kentucky and Missouri. LSU opened the season at Texas in probably the biggest home game for Texas in a decade. Keep in mind they play OU in Dallas every year. Somehow some people think playing UK and Missou is tougher than Texas and three rent a wins. The 2020 Bama team didn’t have to play any game as remotely tough as LSU at Bama. The only team on the 2020 Bama schedule that was better than 2019 is A&M and most were significantly worse. Florida was probably about the same. Two of the three close games that LSU played were early in the season except Bama and they had a great team. 2020 Bama had a close game against a not great Florida team in the SEC Championship but that gets glossed over. I don’t know who would win because they are pretty evenly matched but LSU has the better resume.
I don’t think Stingley was covering him every play but Smith had a couple of big plays against Stingley which accounted for probably 120 yards. One of the plays was a bit of a fluke when Stingley was looking to the sideline to get the signal and the ball was snapped. The other was the big play on the last drive. I still can’t believe they were in that coverage at that point of the game. It would be a senior vs a true freshman matchup so advantage Smith. This whole which team is better can’t be proven and each teams fan base is convinced their team is better.
The game has certainly changed. If we look at in the context of how it was played in the past we might have a different option. Back when defense won championships there were teams that had defenses that were just as dominate as the 2019 and 2020 Bama offenses.
There is fatigue over the same teams getting there year after year but this year just didn’t feel the same. I love college football but I was much less interested due COVID and I would bet there are a lot of people just like me. Watching games being played in empty stadiums takes some of the fun out of it on top of all the other things that affected games. There is a large swath of the country who had teams that played very little football. It’s hard to get them to get excited about the playoffs. OSU played 6 regular season games and looked pretty average so it was hard to get too excited about the matchup. Having this season was better than nothing but it was a shell of the sport we are used to.
I would think it would be a lot like the game last year. If they played ten times the games would probably all be close and they would probably be fairly even. Last years Bama team was loaded with Tua, Ruggs, Jeudy, Waddle, Smith, and Harris. We tend to forget how good they were going into the LSU game because they lost that game. I don’t know how much better, if any, this years Bama team is versus last years team prior to Tua getting hurt. I think last years Bama team would dominate the 2020 Bama schedule much like this years team did.
My bad I wasn’t aware this was your page. I wasn’t saying Bama doesn’t have a great team but you have been living on another planet if you don’t think COVID severely damaged the season. It was a strange year and Bama handled it the best and were the best team this year but it’s tough to compare them to other Bama teams or any other team for that matter. Would that offense have been flawless with 100k screaming fans affecting communication? Would the fans have given the opposing teams more energy? Would other teams been more competitive with pre-season practice, no opt outs, playing full schedules, etc. Would Bama had been even better with pre-season practice and no distractions? We will never know but it is easier to compare apples to apples for teams that played in previous years.
Bama can’t be considered the best ever due to COVID. They were by far the best at handling COVID. No opt outs and not a single player got infected. The competition was severely diminished this year and the games were played in empty stadiums. Even OSU was missing several players due to COVID.