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Max is a good backup but I don’t know if they can win the west with him. The other danger is his willingness to hang in the pocket until the last second which has caused him to take some big hits. If he gets hurt they are in serious trouble. If they don’t pull it off this year the incredible 2021 recruiting class will only have one more shot at it before the core of the class likely heads to the NFL.
The PAC 12 has a lot of ranked teams but like the SEC in most years they will eventually cannibalize each other.
It’s widely known that Saban says a’ight instead of all right in press conferences particularly when he is pissed off. You are probably the only person on this site that doesn’t know this.
Jimbo can’t afford to lose this one. AU is in rebuilding mode with a new coach and Fisher has as good of a roster as he will ever have. If he loses this one he would need to run table the rest of the year. It’s hard for me to believe that somehow A&M won’t get it going with all that talent.
Because it was a close game with Mizzou doesn’t mean they are not a cupcake. They lost by 49 to Bama who aren’t exactly tearing it up this year. Bama treated them like the cupcake they are and Mizzou didn’t. So you are saying MTS are a middle of the pack group of 5. That is called a cupcake for any decent SEC team. They were 8-5 last year and only 4-4 in their garbage conference but keep telling yourself they are not a cupcake. They wouldn’t beat 30% of the power 5. They are ranked 103 in the Athletics top 133. Only one power 5 program is ranked lower than them.
It’s hard to say how good Mizzou is this year. They played two cupcakes and K State who also played two cupcakes. K State was ranked based off of last years results. It’s too early to make judgements.
Before the season a lot of people were arguing that Rogers was one of if not the best. Turns out that his production in the past had a lot to do with the system and nothing special that he had done like most of thought. Kentucky fans argued that Leary should be higher but as it turns out it will take time to thrive on a new team. Has Jefferson done anything THIS YEAR to be #3? Rattler and Weigman have played better but I guess it’s like the preseason polls where Bama has done nothing on the field this year to be ranked as high as they are.
I hate that there is no margin for error in CFB. Teams that schedule cupcakes to open the season are rewarded. The LSU team that you will see at mid season will likely be much different than the one that played the FSU game. The Perkins experiment at MLB didn’t work out, Diggs who is the best RB didn’t play, Smith was suspended, Heard will likely end up at right tackle, and there was an entirely new DB backfield trying to figure things out. This isn’t the NFL with pre season games.
They have set a standard that is not realistic to maintain but last years team was a step down from previous years and early returns are even worse this year. If this keeps up they may also lose the intimidation factor. For the foreseeable future they will have good teams with chance of being great due to the talent level but the days of penciling them into the playoffs every year appear to be over. Saban is 72 and working in an incredibly demanding job. I don’t care who you are your energy levels continue to decline as you get older particularly after 70.
I agree. Everyone ages even Saban. This is an all consuming job and he is 72 yrs old. How long is he going to want to continue doing this especially with needing to re-recruit your roster every year because of the transfer portal.
They need to step it up in a big way to win the next two games or even one of the next two games but teams can make big leaps early in the season.
It’s too early in the year to assume A&M can’t pull it together. There is a ton of talent on that team. Too much is made of early season losses when teams are still trying to figure it out.
Why do people constantly talk about how good a team was last year as if it is an indication of how good they are this year? K state isn’t some recruiting powerhouse that reloads every year. The rankings this early in the year are based on expectations and last years result not necessarily results on the field.
The Heisman has been renamed the Bama MVP/Lincoln Reilly QB award. They have won 6 out of the last 8. The award is a joke now.
Putting too much stock in first games of the year is flawed and acting like all defenses in the SEC and all defenses in the PAC 12 are equal is non sense. But I still hear people talk about “doing this against an SEC defense” even if it’s Vandy.
Bringing up results from two years ago doesn’t make sense. It’s like saying Colorado is the same doormat they were two years ago.
There are a lot of over reaction early in the season both good and bad.
Not using the transfer portal is a real issue. Some teams use it sparingly but to not use it at all is suicide. Getting a proven wr in the portal could have been big for them this year. One of the things that makes Saban the GOAT is he adapts and takes advantage of new rules and trends even if he fundamentally disagrees with them.
The days of ground pound football are over if you want to win a natty. So the qb has become more important than ever. Bama has had a really good run of good to great quarterbacks. It was inevitable that Bama, like everyone else, would eventually end up with a season or two without a really good qb.
You have to give Fisher credit for the team he built that won the NC. Winston was part of it but not the only reason. There were 7 players taken in the NFL draft from Winston’s first team and 11 (including Winston) from his second year. That doesn’t count Ramsey who was an incredible DB that was drafted the next year. Those were very talented teams that Fisher recruited. Winston was good but not a generational talent like Cam Newton who put a team with only a few future NFL players on his back. Fisher had 10 or more wins in 6 out of 8 years at FSU and a 9 win season. Winston only played 2 of those years but don’t let facts get in the way of a simplified explanation.
The most fun as a fan is when you win as an underdog. A 2 loss season for Bama fans is a disaster but a great season for almost every other fan base. What win would prompt Bama fans to rush the field? Instinctively we all want our teams to have a track record like Bama’s but it’s the equivalent of having so much money that you can buy anything you want and after a while nothing you buy seems special.
A 10-3 victory over Clemson early in 2021 isn’t some earth shattering blowout that breaks a program. No team “broke” Clemson but if you were to go with that premise then it would have been the 2019 LSU game. Clemson had a total of 4 losses in five seasons prior to the 2019 Championship game. They have lost 9 games in a little over 3 years since that loss. Clemson was not built on top 5 recruiting. They hit it big with some really good quarterbacks and defensive lineman but thats not a sustainable formula to compete annually for a NC. On top of that Dabo has refused to participate in the transfer portal. Once the run on quarterbacks ended so did Clemson’s dominance.
Tulane without Pratt is an average team at best. The talk of Ole Miss being second in the SEC has more to do with everyone else struggling. It is way too early in the season to make judgements on the SEC pecking order.
It’s college football these games happen every year. As long as you win it is forgotten about by mid season. That’s why scheduling tough teams doesn’t make sense in the 4 team playoff era where the reality is that it doesn’t matter who you play just don’t have more than one loss…just ask TCU. A close win against a bad team is looked upon as being better than a loss to a really good team.
TN has played two cupcakes and didn’t play particularly well in one of the games. Let’s wait until they play teams with a pulse before assuming they are the second best or best team in the SEC.
I said before the season that it is rare for things to click with a transfer qb until his second season or later in the first season it ever happens. He may turn out to be great but Kentucky fans may need to be patient. I don’t think other teams would be lining up to trade their qbs for Leary based on what we have seen so far.
Their receivers are huge as in 6’7”, 6’6”, and 6’4”. There aren’t many tall corners. They did a good job of isolating a 6’4” wr on a 5’11” cb. They are going to be a matchup nightmare. I don’t know of any teams that will have enough tall cornerbacks to match up with what looks like a basketball team.
Death, taxes and a TN fan commenting about last years LSU game on every LSU article. Some TN fans act like they won the natty last year because they beat LSU and Bama. Give it a rest you sucked for more than a decade. TN got blown out by USC last year. The game doesn’t define the programs any more than the LSU TN game.
I don’t hear a lot of people talking about it but it is a drastic change.