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You just got probation in 2020 and Mullen got a show cause
Saban is coming off like Claude Rains in Casablance I'm shocked that gambling is going om Your winnnings sir Thank you very much now everybody out
Houston has also had 8 losing seasons since the turn of the century..and most of those winning seasons have been the 8-5 and 7-6 variety...
If you are going back over 50 years then you prove his point
One natty in 42 years and still talking...I thought OSU was bad
Once again basic facts about MSU wrong...first it was top ten draft picks and now its qbs in top 3 rounds....DAK WAS 4TH ROUND...
If UGA only loss is in the SEC title game then they are in. No question
Cowbell U drops out after a blowout win. Yes. It was Tennessee state but still
Ok slow your roll,Playa...You just struggled with Nebraska 2 weeks
Just think if he had stayed in Starkville then he'd have had a job for life making about 5 million a year and going 8-4 every year
If you hate the targeting rule then ok but launching yourself up top on a qb is textbook call. The minute he launched himself that was it.
If a guy launching himself up to a QBs head isn't targeting then what is. If you hate the rule then so be it but launching up top will be called every time
Don't know about 8-2 but definitely better team than 6-4
Bad call? He launched and went to head. The very definition of targeting