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If UGA only loss is in the SEC title game then they are in. No question
Cowbell U drops out after a blowout win. Yes. It was Tennessee state but still
Ok slow your roll,Playa...You just struggled with Nebraska 2 weeks
Just think if he had stayed in Starkville then he'd have had a job for life making about 5 million a year and going 8-4 every year
If you hate the targeting rule then ok but launching yourself up top on a qb is textbook call. The minute he launched himself that was it.
If a guy launching himself up to a QBs head isn't targeting then what is. If you hate the rule then so be it but launching up top will be called every time
Don't know about 8-2 but definitely better team than 6-4
Bad call? He launched and went to head. The very definition of targeting