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I don't buy the "this was a rebuilding year". Alabama sat #1 in the AP poll from the beginning of the season until the loss to TAMU, and never lower than 4th after that. People felt Bama wasn't as strong as previous teams, that's true, but to say you weren't even supposed to be in the NCG is a bit of a stretch.
I don't like the idea of having to beat a Saban team twice in a matter of 6 weeks to win a Natty. IF UGA wins the SECCG (and I'm still not convinced that's happening), they would likely have to put Bama at #4 and then have a rematch in the next game, the CFP semi-final.
*waves hand in front of various ADs* This is not the HC you're looking for.
So, SDS really believes that if a 2-loss Bama makes the playoffs, that the CFP Committee will make the semi-final a rematch of the SECCG played just 3 weeks prior? That makes zero sense. They would manipulate the standings so that, if they played again, it would be the CFP finals. And while life isn't fair, the SDS scenario means that while Bama only has to beat UGA once to get to the Natty, but UGA has to beat Bama twice.
I was just about to say this. When OU and Texas join, we may very well be in pods, and how the "divisions" play out, may mean that this East/West distinction will be non-existent.