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Another idiot LSU fan....you guys need Sandusky or Briles, it fits your teams lifestyle.
Ok state has no winning tradition and is run by a corporate raider and chokes on big games. UH beat them badly twice and that's when they were in conference-usa
Ok state is a crap school with no winning tradition.
Okl state is a terrible choice. It should probably go to the AAC
Who the heck wants Okl State... Houston would be a better option
Aggies robbed Houston once, that isn't happening again...They can take their money and their arrogance elsewhere. They need a coach like Jerry Sandusky which fits their mindset.
It's all the racial tension that's causing the problems..lots of white kids transferring out.
Missouri has a lot of racial problems and a lot of the white kids are leaving in droves. Is that what Mark Reicht wants to go to? I think not...
Tom Herman is not interested and will stay at Houston..........Houston Chronicle 10/22/15
Jerry Sandusky for US C coach,.......fits the university's mindset
Not as much as you have believing in a loser school like South Carolina...you need Jerry Sandusky...that USC's mindset
Not hardly...you guys need somebody like Jerry Sandusky..that would fit your administrations mindset.
Why look....don't rob somebody else's coach. Your Greed and arrogance will not work well for you.
Keep your grubby hands off of Herman....he just got to Houston and is trying to turn that program around in the first year. Have you no compassion except for greed. Go rob somebody else.