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Yes, it would be nice for Stetson to have better numbers while under pressure, but let’s not forget that he’s made some great plays with his legs while under pressure, so it’s not all doom and gloom in those times.
a lot of folks continue to jump on Bennett but the guy has some pretty good stats backing up his play this year. Great QBR, great efficiency numbers, has looked good on a lot of passes, can run with it when he needs to. UGA is also currently 9th in points per game, and 3rd in yards per play. I just don't see why folks assume he won't be able to get the job done. Is JT a better passer? Probably yes. But that isn't all there is to it. All in my humble opinion of course.
Tennessee has indeed averaged 35.7 points against power 5 opponents. They've also averaged giving up 35.4 points to those opponents. Meanwhile UGA is averaging 36.25 against their power 5 opponents but is only averaging giving up 6.5 points. I mean really none of the stats paint a good picture for Tennessee here.
Let's not forget that he could also lose even more recruits than he already has. This has been a disaster of a season for Mullen, and if he wasn't so much of a jerk a lot of the time I might even feel a little bad for him.
Rising food prices are creating a real squeeze for restaurants. That and the fact that a lot of service industry folks are fed up with rude customers and finding other work. It's really tough out there right now for a lot of places.