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Everybody saying it was a catch might be right. It still should have been reviewed. And if they had come back and stood by the call on the field then so be it. But it was worth another look. A lot more than the one they did review later on Georgia’s long pass play.
I think it depends on what else happens this weekend. If Texas wins I honestly think they'll get in over Bama. So Bama needs Washington or FSU to lose in addition to beating UGA. And even then I could see the committee putting Oregon in over Bama. Wouldn't necessarily agree with it but I could still see it happening. If Bama wins, and Washington, FSU, Texas, and Michigan all win, then I think the SEC goes unrepresented. I think the committee will go with the "head-to-head" argument over the "better wins/better losses" argument. Especially with Bama needing a miracle over Auburn, which is frankly pathetic.
He rode old Crab Legs to a national title and has lived on that ever since. He was never an elite coach. TAMU got swindled.
My prediction is a final score around 41-17, but the last 7 is in garbage time. I think UGA has put this thing to bed by half-way through the third quarter and both Vandagriff and Stockton see some playing time.
The dude says he "fully expects" UGA to roll by 3 TDs, says UF has a chance if UGA screws up, then picks Florida. I think someone needs to rethink what the phrase "fully expects" means...
Right, because losing had nothing to do with those two goose eggs in the 3rd and 4th quarters.
It’s absurd. The O-Line isn’t blocking well on runs and that’s not Bobo’s fault. And how about giving Bobo credit for the tunnel screen at the perfect time?
I honestly never understood why this was a big deal to anyone. Whatever helps someone motivate themselves should be fine. If the team played better when they thought people doubted them then use that.
Yeah, what folks aren’t recognizing is OSU played almost perfectly, and we made tons of mistakes, and we still won the game. When UGA plays near-perfect games we dominate. Oregon, USC, Tennessee, etc.
Like many others my prediction is a UGA win. If the best version of Georgia shows up they could win big. If the best version of LSU shows up it could be close and LSU could pull it out. My feeling is that I’m at least 85% confident in the UGA win. I’m around 50% confident it won’t be particularly close. But, surprises can happen. LSU could play absolutely bonkers good, or UGA could have turnovers and penalties, etc. Which is exactly why they play the games!
OSU gets in over Bama. Fewer losses and a better loss than either of Bama’s. Yes Bama lost close, but they also lost to weaker opponents. Personally I *do* think Bama is better than OSU, but I don’t see the committee going there.
This is finally going to be the week where UGA's defense outscores the opponent's offense and Joe is just going to be so annoyed.
I keep telling folks, he holds the stolen base record for his high school. Stealing bases is about a lot more than speed, and you see it right there in how quickly he changes direction. You have to go from 0 to sprint while *turning* your body 90 degrees, in a heart-beat, and not every fast guy can do it.
It's been the same prediction for UGA in like 5 of the games this season. I guess he'll figure he'll be right at some point.
Yes, he's saying that, but he doesn't believe it. Trolls are the most miserable people on the planet, and their goal is to make everyone else just as miserable as they are. It's honestly sad.
He was clearly engaged high with the other lineman. He has his hands on that lineman and that’s all that’s necessary to be engaged with them. It was an illegal block, and should have been a penalty.
I agree, but I think these "bold" predictions things are always just an effort to get us fans arguing in the comments. I mean, look at the UGA prediction. It's not like it's easy to score on defense but this is the second time he's predicted UGA's defense will outscore the opposing offense. It's pretty lazy really.
I think your score is around 13 points off for UGA-Kent St. Should be around 56-0.
Ahh. I read the schedule wrong that I was looking at. My bad!
LSU has not yet traveled to Mizzou either. There’s no conspiracy here, it’s just the weird formula they’ve been using to determine cross-divisional matchups.
While I think we’ve looked the best so far, there’s a lot of football left to play. And the talent level at Alabama and OSU is just as high as UGA. Those teams could turn it on and look just as unstoppable over the coming weeks. I will say that I think there’s a good chance we get 2 shutouts in the next four games, and I think maybe give up 20 total points. And we’re scoring more than last year so I’m going to predict 170-17 over the next 4 weeks. That would bring the season total to 300-27.
tl;dr: I'm not concerned with the lack of sacks against Nix. I've always got the impression that the goal of the pass rush against a mobile QB is to force them to throw to beat you. Especially with a notorious interception machine like Bo Nix. He's more dangerous when he's scrambling so it's important to not over-extend yourself trying to sack him. If the sack is there, take it, but don't pursue it if you're just going to give him an escape route. He's squirrely enough to shake that off and pick up first downs with his feet.
A lot of players do. It's not unusual. Every year there are a bunch of teams with commits that are only juniors. Alabama has three commits for 2024 right now, and they might be 17, but they aren't that much older than this kid.
That wouldn’t solve all the problems though because you’re also trying to showcase to recruits how you do home games. You want them to see your own facilities for a *home* game. Getting a special allowance to take recruits hundreds of miles to somebody else’s stadium just isn’t going to do what you want to do for those recruits.
I really think the only thing that can bring NIL collectives under control is that states could pass legislation to cap the amount of money collectives can give out. Though it isn’t clear if that would survive a lawsuit. The way it’s going it looks like the schools with the largest booster money pool are going to be the new aristocracy. And it’s lazy to blame the former recruiting dominance by Bama and others on under-the-table payments. If that were the sole reason, then those schools with richer boosters would already have had the recruiting advantage. The truth is that it was a combination of that money with the high profile of playing for Bama and Saban. But now the payments can be almost limitless. And realize this: I could see a situation arise where a booster gets so desperate for a player that they pay them legitimate NFL-type money to come to a school. Which is legit INSANE. So ultimately, it might be something that these boosters and collectives have to decide on their own to do, to pull it back and create some rules.
Tennessee is probably going to finish 4th in the East with losses to UGA, Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, and LSU. Plus a loss to Pitt and you’re looking at a 6-6 record.
You guys had the #40 passing offense last season and we had #51. The idea that you guys were killing it in the passing game is absurd. Also, UGA was 4th in team passing efficiency and you guys were 6th. Very comparable, but UGA was better. Lastly, UGA was 11th in passing yards per completion, while Tennessee was 20th. It’s almost like you’re clueless.
Split the difference: 2 permanent rivalries and 7 rotating games. The only two teams I care about playing every year are Florida and Auburn. If we aren't doing that then I say do away with all rivalries and have 9 rotating games every year.