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Yall sound like hayers who are yourselves selfish. These players made the school alot of . Bowl games are exhibition games unless they are playoffs gms. Any player who is a high round pick shouldn't risk their future earnings by playing in a meaningless game. They did their jobs already. It's next man up they had plenty of practices to get the next man ready. This is a business and I'm so glad they don't give a f$$k what yall hating a$$ fans think.
Yall were happy as long it was run n run. The sht dont fly no more. No State should fly and part of the Confederate losers. Fk you closet racists pos on this site
Gundy should be fired for going 2-13 vs OU. Then his rules were geared towards black players says enough of how he is in private. He makes gd money off mostly black players. They all do when more than 70% of your players are black. And when yall say all lives matter to combat black lives matter it shows you really dont think this is an issue.
You mean the players who've made Dabo 93 mill? Dabo is trash and if he wasn't winning the weak ACC every yr he'd be called out about it
These fake Christian conservatives will accept what Dabo said and believe the bs. He's just trying to save his image. How can all lives matter if black lives don't?. How can football matter more than a black life when the best players are black? There's a big race issue in college football and it's time for some of these folks to be called out.
Yeah his shirt is trash when in these times of us blacks trying to get a point across. Nothing matters if black lives don't.
Not true at all. A few kids have died from it here in Atlanta. Alot of 20+ yr olds have died also. The virus has mutated 3 times already.virus has killed blacks at a higher rate too since most of these teams have mostly black players this virus is bot a joke.
It will end when the treatment of blacks end. The sad part is seeing comments that seems like some of yall are tired of the protests well think how tired blacks are of not having a fair shot in this the us
Good to see all these closet racists get exposed. Just like the girl said about Fromm who i backed for 3yrs its about how you are when you're not in front of a camera. It shows how they feel about the black players who make them look gd and rich
They are ready to put people at risk bc of money. Cancel all sports until they get it under control
2 if those linemen are practicing so our oline is just fine
Uga won't lose another game until maybe the playoffs. Im not worried about Aub or A&M
Smith spoke the truth. Mediocre Mullen has never won anything as a head what he got a team to no1 but right aftwr that they lost 3 of 4 games lol. Fla is the 3rd best in the East and prob will finish there again. He cant beat Saban or yeah Smith told the truth.
Dude Rice is a ilb he's always lined up inside.if you saw him rush from the putside it was on a stunt lol.dang i miss SEC Country
What have yall won?in the last decade Fla is trash.Kirby has already had a better career than mediocre Mullen.also UGA owns Fla 52-43
Fool those 4 arrests are all minor ain't like our guys are shooting anyone and the coaches cover it up like Fla has been known to do.UGA owns Fla
They may be good but that schedule has to be the hardest in the Sec. Better team with more losses
Everything about Mullen is mediocre. His hc career has been mediocre.kirby owns him on the field,recruiting and is in his head all the time.3rd best in the East says mediocre. And the fact that Fla is scared to play a team as a true road team outside if Fla makes his statement just to you dumbass Fla fans who think football started in 89 the truth is UGA owns Fla. Y'all had a good run but tour program is mediocre're nor even the best team in the state. Mia will beat yall as usual in Aug and they are killing yall in recruiting. Ucf would beat the Gaytors yall chose to play USF instead.there are 3 big time programs in the SEC right now and Fla aint one of them.those teams are Alabama,Ga,and LSU. So don't put too much in beating Mich in a exhibition game when their best players sat out or was hurt.i can't wait to play Fla again this year bc we'll prob blow yall out again
He's not the best qb in college. UGA made that lil b!tch cry on the field
We soon be the top Dawgs but not until We beat Bama
If it ain't broke dont fix it.the divisions work.just put Aub in the East and Mizzou in the west.
That's a dumbass statement by Paul and anyone else who thinks the staff turnover cost them the game.the coaches were so bad that they went 14-0 til that game lol.they reaching bad.just give Clemson some credit and Tua isn't as good against pressure as we have seen.
I don't know why folks keep thinking the west is better than the East.we did go 9-5 against the west last year.oh and Fla sucks a$$.go Dawgs
This will not help in getting better non conference games.if anything it will hurt UGA if it's moved into Sept. All big-time non conference games are played in the 1st five weeks