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Last time I checked Florida and Bama had the 2 best records. The way it is now is fine. It is the best way to mostly prevent a rematch of a regular season game. And Florida will be back next year, this time with a QB. It does not need fixing and you sound like a fool. Who was going to face Alabama? They beat the so called best teams from the west. Oh Florida did also. SMH
Max number of times? Really, so Tennessee will now be on for the 5th time and Florida has been on CBS less times then that. Yeah, no. And yes you can travel at night. Here is what you dumbass LSU fans fail to realize, LSU not Florida was trying to duck the game. The game should have been played in Gainesville, not Baton Rogue. So as a condition to giving up a major revenue generating home game, Florida refused to play at night. As evidenced by how LSU players and some fans have run their mouths, playing a game early cuts down on booze consumption and minimizes fights, amongst drunken idiots. Can not wait for this game to get here. Florida is going to surprise the nation this week.
ADB When was the last time Georgia won a National Title? Since your daddy Steve Spurrier arrived to coach Florida back in 1990 Florida proceeded to win every game in the 1990s except 1997. Won the 1996 NC and then proceeded to continue to dominate UGA until Muschump arrived when Georgia won 3 straight games. Before Muschump Florida won the 2006 NC and mopped the floor with Georgia and then in 2008( the year you called Florida Inferior) they flattened Georgia 49-10 and beat undefeated number 1 Alabama in the SEC title game before, beating number 1 ranked Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl with heisman trophy winner Sam Bradford at QB. During that span, from 1990 til now would you please point out the inferior Florida teams that won, except 2014 because that is the only inferior team that beat Georgia. Care to point out others?
And anybody that watched the Florida Tennessee game knows that Wilson was lock down. Tabor was beaten once on a play in which he fell down. Tennessee was beating Floridas nickel and LBs but hey everyone thinks they are a know it all. And pretty sure Mizzou and Kentucky had some pretty solid passing stats before getting dumped by Florida. They will shut down UGA. Have fun watching Florida play in Atlanta again Tennessee fans. Good luck against the Cocktail weinies this week.
Embarassing loss to the Gators??? You must be a special kind of stupid. Because Florida struggled with their backup QB playing or their starter who had not played in a month and coming back from a knee injury. Yeah you obviously have no clue what the F--- you are talking about. I hope you are embarassed when the beat the tar out of you. Your dumbass AD pissed off a sleeping giant and it is not going to end well for you. Good luck. You are going to get whopped by Texas A&M Alabama Florida and Arkansas. Enjoy your losing.
Boo Whoo. 9 starters out. Who cares. Tennessee lost 2 games and beat Florida while Florida had their Backup QB out there. Florida lost to Tennessee on terrible coaching and poor execution, a mistake they will not make again. Good luck the rest of the way and may the best team get to Atlanta.
LSUSMC Coward? Hummm... You obviously have no idea how this works. It was the SEC as well as Florida and LSWho that made the decision to postpone the game. When Greg Sankey grows a pair of nuts, his office will determine what option will be taken to play this game. It was postponed because families and loved ones come before a football game. Florida has 52 players on their roster with family within the affected areas. No way should that game have been played and no way was Florida like LSWho going to willingly give up a home game. This game will be played on December 3rd and LSWho will get the beating they deserve. And LSWho seems to be the team ducking. Their president says they should play the game December 3rd in Atlanta. Trying to duck playing in the swamp. December 3rd the Kitties will get their beating
You LSU morons are ridiculous. This game will be played and should not have been played when scheduled. Sorry families and love ones come before a stupid football game. And now LSU is trying to duck playing this game. There are 4 clear cut ways to play this game, the 2 most viable are playing the South Alabama-LSU game as well as Florida-Presbyterian on December 10th and playing Florida-LSWho on November 19th or option 2 is to move the SEC championship game back a week as they did in 2001 for the same reasons. One of those 2 options will most likely play out. The 3rd option is to move the scheduling around for 5 games involving a few teams. It can be done but would be the absolute last option. And LSUs president coming out and saying play the game in the Georgia Dome, says hey we know we are going to get a beating so we want to avoid playing in the swamp. STFU AND GET READY FOR YOUR BEAT DOWN
It is the SEC Not Florida who made the call. If you are uninformed STFU. The game will be played November 19th. Then Florida can give LSWho the same beating they gave Ole Siss.
Blame Florida??? Really??? Giving LSU home field advantage while in contention for a division title. Shame on you SDS for saying something so stupid. I do think they could have maybe found a neutral site but the best option is buying out their opponents and let them play each other that way. Then they make money, the SEC has a real game of the week and everybody wins. LSU could work out a deal with the SEC to refund the ticket holders or knock it off of next years package. This game will 100% be played and will be done so on November 19th.
The game will be moved to November 19th. Florida and LSU will buyout their opponents on that day. Those 2 teams can play that day against each other. They make money and still get a game in. Win Win for everyone and that game probably decides the East. Make Tennessee sweat til the last minute. I see them losing their next 2 games @ A&M and Bama.
There is nothing wrong with a four RB attack. The problem is this O Line which is just that offensive. Also the last 2 games the defenses crowded the box making it more diffucult to run the ball. Floridas problem is they do not stretch the field enough to keep defenses spread out. The Gators threw 2 passes of 20 or more yards against Vandy, really? And when they threw deep on Tennessee they moved the ball at will. The offensive line must start executing better. The system is fine, the execution is not. And I would actually rather see Perine, he is the more explosive and complete back. Better O Line play will bring a better running game, just ask Georgia about the Matt Jones Kelvin Taylor show.
Dumb opinion? This is spot on. The coaching staff laid this game at the feet of Tennessee. Instead of going for the jugular after Dobbs INT to open the 3rd quarter, and throwing deep, a completed pass would have buried the Vols, they ran the ball 3x and it resulted in a 3 and out. Tennessee scored on the next five possessions. The Offensive line was offensive. The defense was abused. The coaching was awful in the second half. Threw the ball 3x in the first 22 minutes of the second half. Give me a break. Terrible coaching job in the second half. And we still control our fate seeing as Tennessee has to play at Texas A&M and host Alabama. Florida just needs to learn from this and win out.
And clearly you have never been there Moron. Florida is the 2nd hardest school to get into in the SEC. They do not allow trailor trash into the school or hillbillies with beards so long their chewing tobacco spitup is stuck in the beards. Tennessee is by far the worst stadium to go to a game at, especially because of the idiotic fans, such as you.
So what does Floridas opponents records from last season have to do with anything? Tennessee played and lost to Oklahoma before playing Florida last season, while Florida had played New Mexico State and East Carolina and Kentucky before beating Tennessee last season. Florida knows how to finish games, Butch Jones does not. And Florida has more weapons on offense now then last year. And our defense is better this year then last. Until Dobbs shows he can throw more then 10 yards Florida will load the box and stuff the run. Good luck with that. And special teams edge???? Humm.... I think Pinero is a better kicker then Medley and Callaway is way better returner if he plays. Florida 35 Tennnessee 17.
So in reference to the Semen Holes vs Rebels game, Ole Miss looked dominant in the first half because the Semen Holes were not comfortable yet with Franciois at QB. That game was 28-13 at half time and if you blinked in the second half the Semen Holes had the lead 29-28. The turnovers were a part of it but what did Ole Miss in was their horrible secondary and the fact that the Semen Holes scored on all 7 second half possessions. There was a stretch in the game that the Semen Holes scored 33 straight points to take the lead. That school up north won because they made serious adjustments at halftime and Ole Miss did absolutely nothing and got throughly out coached and out played in the second half.
Stop your whining. Worry about your team and not something that happened over 30 years ago. Go Hokies!
He was a better baseball player then he was football player. But hey would not expect someone not from Florida to know that. Yes he was not cut out to be a QB in the NFL, but hey he is only a 2x national champion 2x SEC champion and a Heisman thropy winner. So yes, maybe people show him a little love.
Why? So he can play with a perennial loser? Yeah he wants to win championships. Florida will be doing that. Maryland will be lucky to go bowling. SMH
As a Florida Grad I would say holding any team under 200 yards is a good day. And yes I believe Auburn deserves a ton of credit for how they kept DeShaun Watson and Clemson in check. Fantastic effort to Auburn. As for the Georgia defense holding UNC to 17 points, that is good but this is a UNC with a new starting QB versus Last season, so the grade is incomplete because of the QB being brand new. And also UNC was an average defense last season so Georgia having success against them is good but do not jump ahead of yourself. You have not faced a top 10 defense yet( Mizzou in 2 weeks.)
A Tennessee fan wirh some class. Very nicely done vols4life. Yes he should do his job without all the non sense. Good Call
Hey ut_vols 84 Get hit in the mouth by Jalen Hurd??? Hummmm..... You obviously know nothing about SEC football. Leonard Fournette and Derrick Henry could not run over Tabor, I am pretty sure Jalen"over rated" Hurd will not run him over ither. Hey enjoy your pre season "Hype". I hope you cone into the Florida game unbeaten, however good luck getting by Appy State and Va.Tech. Might be 1-2 going into Florida game. 11 straight losses, so bring your tissues and be ready for loss number 12
To the victor goes the spoils. We have heard this same song and dance about Tennessee for years. They could not close out the Gators the last time they played in Knoxville even though Floridas offense was abyssmal. Tennessee needs to worry about Va.Tech and Appy State before they start worrying about big brother coming home to beat on them.
The order of finish is right where it should be. LSU gave up 275 passing yards to Treon Harris. That in my book puts them outside the top 5. With that said LSU will be better then last season but they are not Alabama and Florida caliber. Remember it took Derrick Henry 42 rushes to score 1 TD against a gased Florida Defense in the SEC championship game. They held Henry to 187 on 45 rushes that was more than a yard per carry less then his average. Again that Defense was on the field for 45 minutes that game. Give Florida an offense and that defense is even better. Georgia was a strong defense last season and will be again with Mel Tucker running the show and Kirby Smart having a hand in the pot as well. 1. Bama 2.Florida 3.Georgia 4. LSU 5.Vandy/Texas A&M Yes watch A&M this season, they will be much better this season. And Vandy is a lot like Florida, give them an offense and they will dominate. Tennessee has not stopped anybody of significance and will not this year ither. Always over rated.
Lol. SDS You are starting to show your stupidity. Florida will be better this year then last. Better offensive line more depth. You predicted 6-6 last year, how did that turn out. And last years second half of the season was played out with a WR starting at QB. And what is the combined score the last 2 years against Georgia with Treon Harris the starter for both. Yeah Georgia is not beating Florida with a freshman playing QB and Florida actually having a QB. Arkansas beating Florida? Yeah who is playing QB for the Hogs? You are a joke and lose all credibilty with me. And Florida lost by 7 points on the road at LSU with Treon Harris starting at QB. How quickly people forget that Florida was 6-0 with Grier at QB. Del Rio would have been the starter over Grier last season had the NCAA granted him a waiver. Sleep on Florida, it is OK, they thrieve in the underdog roll. See you in Atlanta, Sucker.
Well Said. Your the most intelligent Vols fan I have ever encountered.
SDS seems to forget Florida was 6-0 with Grier at QB. He had less experience in the offense then Del Rio does. QB play will be just fine. Keep sleeping on the Gators, they like the roll of underdogs.
And who finished first ahead of them in the EAST? And how many in a row have they lost to that team? Try beating Florida first, then worry about whether they get a sugar bowl bid or cotton bowl bid. They have to dethorne the Champs before they can move to the next level. I like everyone sleeping on Florida who will have a stout defense and much better QB play versus the last 6 games a year ago. Tennessee has to prove it on the field not the preverbial bull hockey coming from stupid writers and anylists who only base their projections on the fact that Tennessee won their last 6 games and Florida lost their last 3( with a WR playing QB). Florida has beaten Tennessee 11 years in a row and will not lay down and play dead against them. They will be better then the last 2 years and not need a 4th quarter comeback for the 3rd year in a row. Tennessee will fold under the pressure like they always do. See you Hound dogs in Knoxville( and bring your tissue boxes).