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Puttin my reputation as an amateur linesman on the line once again TAM 41 UTSA 0 Don't know what branch of the military UTSA is...didn't know they had a football team TN 28 UAB 7 Pruitt copies what works...starts his best WR at QB VAN 19 USC 15 NCAA record 6 safeties in one game. Wrongway Robertson scores the icer to seal defeat for USC Miss St - Ark- think I'd rather pick which coach would win a quilting bee than actually pick this one. Aub 24 Miss 13 - scoreless quarters until the last 2 min of each half. Special teams score all the points GA 20 Fla 20 - In the first tie game since....the last one. SDS website is saved. All they have to do after this is cut/copy/paste comment sections until next season without having to write the articles. As always, wager responsibly...and take it to bank!
KY should have punted on third down more...coulda made the difference.
GA would have been Smarter starting a wide receiver at QB...everybody knows it throws opponents off.
He is benched after the 3Q, so he pitched past the 5th inning which is enough to get the win...even though his pitch count is well below 100.
Took bye week, now back to pickin! GA 45.5 SC 3 - in a game marred by 13 targeting penalties GA gets awarded .5 pts for not targeting in the 4Q. MSU 14 Tenn 13 - Tenn leads 13-0 in 4Q but MSU recovers 3 onside kicks for the late win. ALA 42 TAM 20 - Tua benched again leaves stadium and... Vandy 24 UNLV 21 - Tua leads the best 4Q comeback in Vandy history becoming the second player to get 2 W's in the same day. Mizz 77 Ole Miss 69 - after a scoreless first quarter the Over Boys are happy with their wagers. ARK 6 KY 3 - In a battle of the foot KY goes 1 for 7 on FGs with the only make from Duffy's dropkick 67-yarder. LSU 35 FLA 28 - LSU reverts back to their old offensive ways but set NCAA record with 7 pick6's as Trask does his best Franks impersonation. As always, wager responsibly and take it to the bank!
Picks: A&M 46 Ark 13--Ark shows up in Arlington Va by mistake NI 21 Van 13--NI has more fans in attendance to will team thru Aub 38 State 13--because Aub said so Bama 66 Miss 3--Tua has atrocious half and is benched again at halftime. KY 0 SC 0 --game is played between the 40's last fan leaving stadium asks the coaches to turn off the lights.
Dirty...Sorry Mr. South, GA doesn't have to worry about rankings. Must win the one game(SECC)...they won't get "voted in" otherwise...not good TV like other top ten programs.
The win doesn't mean anything for Ga. They have to win SEC CG for the playoff. Its about keeping ND out.
Way to go GA...totally secured ND a spot in the playoff...national narrative "one close loss at GA". Cover the spread much smh
Kentucky makes every QB look like Vince Ferragamo..Helsinki will pass for 500yrds next week and get drafted by the Vikings...They really need to play against Flippy Franks every week to feel good about anything...but they killed him instead. Calvin Hill was a good player.
People, people, people...Its obvious the suspension must be given to the videographer. There is no place for definitive video of actions taking place on the field in the SEC. Give him/her a one game sentence to watch a game broadcast by SECN or view The Longest Yard on continual loop..the good one with Jerry Reed and Sally Field.