I love the 'Cocks!

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We have been able to hide the fact most of our fans, players, coaches, programs etc... are very stupid even though this site has been up for over 14 years. All that hard work was wiped out as soon as our coach opened her mouth. Now everyone knows.
More time reading and educating oneself, less time posting and asking dumb questions would be of benefit to you.
If only 18+ million people weren't focusing on the fact our coach is a woke tard.
Yeah Spurrier is just like Saban in that people want to cover up all the ill that they conceived. He destroyed our program with his arrogant and selfish behavior. Fools on this site will never learn.
Well, I disagree with you. I think he is fabulous.
We can lose every coach except coach and we will be fine. Our coach is good.
1. Frank Beamer is his dad. 2. When caught cheating, he only had to pay $25,000 3. He has a great smile. There. That's 3 reasons right there.
What's wrong with our coach? Well, i disagree with you. I think he fabulous.
All that matters is we get to keep coach. We cannot afford to lose him.
There are many similarities between this and our coach's quitting. Our coach quit mid season though.
Doesn't matter as long as we get to keep coach.
This would be a phenomenal get for our Coach. Keep up the good work!
I don't understand why we are losing players. We have the best coach we can get.
It's very true for us. We need to hang on to this coach. He is very good.
As soon as they learn the high school goofy kid coach who seems fun will not translate into wins, they will be gone. Some have enough character that when they realize our coach got caught cheating, they too will be gone. The rebuild is for real.
Once our recruits see that our coach isn't really a coach but just that silly high school buddy that isn't serious and isn't going anywhere, it will be over. Once they realize he has been caught cheating, we aren't going to keep many recruits over 3*s We will have to 3* our way to the east.
You didn't know our coach is a cheater? Got caught while at Georgia.
Remember when he had to apologize to college football while a coach at Georgia? Heh, me too.
Poor Kentucy Undefeated in football and some actually started to believe. Reality brought them back to earth and now basketball? Ouch!