I love the 'Cocks!

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We all knew we would lose one we shouldn't. I hope this is the one. We were never going to win a National Championship this year. Every legitimate Georgia fan knows that. 40 years is not enough. We need more time.
The transfer portal is making coaches cater to children's whims. I applaud Muschamp if this is an example of him putting his foot down. That being said, if it's a situation where this transfer is a canary in a coal mine, we are about to see a lot of cross-eyed and tongue-wagged rants.
Muschump is scared and rightly so. He has been relegated to attempting to prove he cares by making statements to the media. One has to feel sorry for a man who is fighting nature as we slide back down to our equilibrium.
I feel like I was one of the ones who got duped into believing that the 'Cocks time had arrived and we would be a national powerhouse. Now that reality has come crashing down around us and we one by one are realizing our time is over and may not return in our lifetimes, it really is hitting us hard.
I feel like it used to be trendy to like the 'Cocks. We are on our way back down, but I really love my 'Cocks.
What did I tell you? I told you not to play Helsinki vs Alabama. It's no wonder he did poorly. When are you people going to listen? Muschump has got to go. Now it's vogue to say so. We have slipped. Now it's vogue to say so. If you want next year's news, I'll issue it before end of season. You all are welcome.
It's bitter sweet. Just as I predicted, Muschump is not for real and we are sliding back into our spot. I love to say I told you so, but these two insanely sage calls don't feel so good. Shout out to BLPB.
I don't know what state your program is in but ours is on the verge of a predicted collapse into the bottom of the SEC east. We need this win more than you, trust me. If we win, that means no one on your campus next year will have ever tasted 'Cock victory. That claim could shield us from accusations that we are the worst team in the SEC east. 4 in a row? Our coach needs this win as badly as we do. Expect some tricks, it will go a long way in determining whether he is chump or champ this year. A QB using 2 different teams to beat you is not something you can have on your resume with "Boom" at the top. Boom needs this win more than you.
If we lose to Missouri, Muschump will need to blame someone else.
I've said it a long time. People are now starting to come around. Coach Muschump has got to go. Get on the train quickly before we bottom out in the bottom of the SEC east. I'll meet you before one of the games in one of the cabooses. I love the 'Cocks.
Helsinki is definitely a plus. Mr. Muschump on the other hand, "But we have to continue what we’re doing;...." He is clueless. Our historical spot in the SEC east is at the bottom right? So we are always fighting gravity plus the other teams. We have to have someone special. We can't afford another gimmick coach whose gimmicks defenses see through including the old tried and true blame-the-refs one.
Gurley is one of the few who has the wisdom to see and the courage to speak up. You should be appreciative we had someone of that quality on our team once and who is still willing to try to help. Maybe you could focus on the part where Muschump invited all of our recruits and their families to witness a show. Instead, his 3 trick show failed which flopped the game and Tua set records. We don't have a coach as much as we have a clown leading a 3-ring circus. He even blamed the refs before halftime. Step right up and get your tickets.
"Looking back at the Dowdle possession” Naw child. You invited recruits and their families totaling over 400 by some reports.You were going to put on a show and risk it all including our QB's phsyche. Don't take it back now.
"we’re not where we thought we’d be. " Who's we? You are exactly where WE knew you would be 5 years ago. Is Muschump blind? Is he delusional? Forgot history?
I told you so. Muschump has to go. You can't invite 400 people to witness this obvious beatdown. It shows that you don't know what you are doing. You are just hoping for a miracle. Muschump belongs the coach of a NCAA 2019 video game, not our Universities football team. It's embarrassing. We are in the middle of our current fall back down to our historical spot in the bottom of the SEC east and he is throwing parties and inviting witnesses. Someone wake up.
I told you we would lose. I don't know why you doubted me. Wish someone would have had the guts to ask him about the recruits who witnessed this.
That Harris run is going to show back up in the future. So many lucky recruits got to see it live because of Muschump's forethought.
Would expect as much from a Georgia fan. The ball belongs on the 2 foot line. We were lucky it wasn't reviewed. Muschump is embarrassing our whole State in front of 400 recruits and family.
I appreciate coach Muschump inviting all of our recruits to witness this. Tua set school records. Will is a nice guy.
We got shoved off. We got jumped over and we bounced off. What are extra pts?
Muschump was excited to bring as many recruits and their families as possible to witness this history in person - over 400. He is truly a visionary.
That Najee Harris run should be included in any documentary on our slide back down to our historical baseline in the bottom of the SEC east.
"Flurry of missed calls" I'm the biggest 'Cock fan this site has and Farner is an amateur. We held on the fake. His knee was down on the run and the ball was at the TWO FOOT line. We are lucky they didn't review it. Did not see Alabama's hold, but judging Farner, it didn't happen. We here in South Carolina will EARN our wins.
Looked like his knee was down on the TD. Was it so obvious no replay needed?