I love the 'Cocks!

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"No Volunteer fan could forget Gaulden’s “performance” from that game as the former Vol intercepted Tua Tagovailoa ..." "A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Michael Wayne Bratton..." I smell an imposter.
He's smart enough not to come to Columbia, so might be a good pickup.
I'm glad we took a bye week before this extremely important game. This game could decide who stays in the bottom of the SEC.
There is enough that coach doesn't know to fill this whole site. Other things coach doesn't know: 1.How to motivate Bryson after losing 5 straight to Kentucky. 2.How to recruit 3.How to sit another coach's son. 4.How to keep South Carolina in the bottom of the SEC east and his job at the same time. 5.How to get us a much cooler mascot. A crow in a hoop skirt isn't cutting it.
Muschump will keep us no higher than the middle of the SEC east on average. His recruiting will dictate this. I am one of the only honest fans you will find on this site. On this site, while Bentley was in high school, I literally said that he should not come here. Now everyone is acting like they are sage after the last few weeks. I also said coach is wrong for South Carolina. Real USC fans know what is going on.
As we slide further into the Muschamp era, recruiting will take it's toll. We are currently in our second year of reverting to our standard mean record of non-bowl berth seasons. As we begin to get more comfortable in more familiar surroundings in the bottom of the SEC east, we will need more out of our 3-star caliber players. We need them like Kinlaw.
You can't sit the Coach's son. You can't take back the salary. You can't take back the ticket price hikes. You can't get rid of the Musc. The stench is all over us. We will have to ride this out a few years.
If we could keep him and his dad and get rid of another player and his dad...
We need to ride this new QB as far as he will take us. Chump is gonna keep it in the middle of the road.
I think I would be more concerned with Bryson and his will to play. It has to be crushed out of him going 0for against kentucky. I am not sure if we can recruit to the level needed. We are 0-5 against kentucky. Spurrier crushed us and it may take a few coaches.
Obviously I'm not that smart or as smart as you, but the obvious is obvious ain't it? Bentley and Muschamp were identified on record before arrival on campus. What you got?
Yes. This factor is obviously a concern for those expressing displeasure. What may be lesser known is that they raised ticket prices.
Ever since Bentley was in high school, I have repeatedly said this was a mistake. I am glad the rest of America has finally caught up with my impeccable South Carolina insight. For the record, it is also well known by my many readers that I have identified our coach as a mistake. Soon America will catch up.
Muchump is done. He can't recruit and he can't coach. Bryson said the only reason he came back was to beat Kentucky and he NEVER did. That's on Muschump.
Nah brah! Bryson stayed to beat ya'll and he never did. It's over. Ya'll are done next year!
One of our best and he's already kicked to the curb. This does not bode well for our game against Kentucky tomorrow.
That's a shame. We need all the help we can get. This game could be close and it would be close here in Columbia, but alas it's not. I think the same year the 'Cats end their nation-leading losing streak to Florida they extend their streak against us to 5. Muschump will continue to lose games and we will continue to pay higher prices for tickets to fund the paychecks of our players' families.
You can make all the movies you want. It ain't gonna matter. The 'Cocks are going to pound the pooch.
Upset? the one who should win will win. South Carolina will not allow an upset and will win this game. I love how Georgia fans think their team is good. The 'Cocks are going to pound that pooch.
I don't know if our Coach Muschump should be scheduling such hard OOC games. He may not have what it takes to overcome the skill of these teams.
I'm talking about 'Ole Bobby. Who you talking about?
Players with eligibility left leaving the program is never a good sign. When you consider this one is being hushed up, it doesn't look good. He was a 3star too. We can't afford to lose anymore of those.
I remember this kid. 2star out of Texas, a top 1900 kid. This isn't helping.