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Well it was fun while it lasted.Tennessee and Florida are getting rid of their coaches.It's over for us next year, we better take advantage this year or it's not happening.
Nothing like rubbing a loss in your face to show your class.Good work coach.
We could have kept Williams if we could have gotten rid of Muschamp.
Ever notice how all the memes are the same style and humor as kevin duffy every time?
Thankyou butch jones for exposing the media's fake news complex.I had no idea how deep it goes nor how excessive it is.
Me thinks paul protesteth too much.Sounds like fake news is hitting a nerve lulz.
It doesn't take Nostradamus to predict we won't make it to Atlanta this year.
Our injuries are mounting and we are led by a flopping child who gambles with half his throws.
The gambling and the flopping will catch up to us.
We should have never been in that situation.We should have lost to a cupcake and in those situations we usually do.I can't help but wonder what this child will say when we inevitably lose in those situations he puts us in.Solidified leadership?If that's the best leader we have, it's going to be another bad year.
There was no contact. To say that there was "a little shove" is a lie.From one Cock fan to another, you are embarrassing us. Please stop.
Our mascot wears a dress.Our statue has a pinky finger dangling.Our QB is knocked over by a gust of wind.We are playing like our team is full of soccer players.Our program is headed in the wrong direction.
Our QB is still a kid both literally and figuratively, and our mascot is wearing a dress with his pinky finger dangling.It's gonna be another long season.
The ankle bone is connected to the leg bone.
Our QB is a still a kid and it showed in more ways than one last night.
Maybe he is trans.Don't fine me if I used the wrong pronoun please.
If we lose, maybe we can sneak out into the dark and no one will see.
He's wearing a dress and has his pinky out.Can we get a change for next year?
Good luck tomorrow.I hope the only streak left intact is in your tighty-whiteys.
I wasn't going to say that about you.Thanks for your honesty.
SDS's transparent attempt to get clicks or push a narrative is costing them credibility.