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Recent Comments
There was no contact. To say that there was "a little shove" is a lie.From one Cock fan to another, you are embarrassing us. Please stop.
Our mascot wears a dress.Our statue has a pinky finger dangling.Our QB is knocked over by a gust of wind.We are playing like our team is full of soccer players.Our program is headed in the wrong direction.
Our QB is still a kid both literally and figuratively, and our mascot is wearing a dress with his pinky finger dangling.It's gonna be another long season.
The ankle bone is connected to the leg bone.
Our QB is a still a kid and it showed in more ways than one last night.
Maybe he is trans.Don't fine me if I used the wrong pronoun please.
If we lose, maybe we can sneak out into the dark and no one will see.
He's wearing a dress and has his pinky out.Can we get a change for next year?
Good luck tomorrow.I hope the only streak left intact is in your tighty-whiteys.
I wasn't going to say that about you.Thanks for your honesty.
SDS's transparent attempt to get clicks or push a narrative is costing them credibility.
Go read a history book.We are a dead last to middling program in the East....until we aren't.Spurrier's gone.
If only there was a way to turn spell check off so your real intellect could shine through.
What did you think he was going to say?Notice he qualified his statement.By that qualification, every team's best player is in contention.After week 2, I guess that's fair.
It's you that needs to get a grip.We weren't down. We were exactly where we almost always are.We had some really good years with Spurrier and all of a sudden we think we are perennial favorites.Our historical place is middle to lower of the pack.
Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.You must be a kid.Until we beat one of the Big Three, do not get excited.
Unfortunately he is right.Until we beat the first of the Big Three, do not get excited.
Biggest liars in the SEC:1. Freeze 2. Saban 3. OrgeronYou defaulted up to #2Know your place.
That much huh?I'll let you in on a little secret.People expect comments that literally don't repeat the headline.You want an audience, sell some tickets first.
I am confused.Are you saying it's ok for Orgeron to continue his lying reputation because someone else lied too?
The best impressions are the ones telling lies and eating alligator on a stick.
I expected more from our defensive-minded coach.Maybe he is losing his touch.