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"....but the 2017 unit will be without Derek Barnett, Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Cam Sutton."I will send an autographed picture of an orange gator to the first person who can tell kid olson the deception in that sentence.
Alabama-Tennessee was one of the games that had to be grandfathered to get the member schools to accept the re-alignment.That's not exactly SEC "encyclopedic knowledge"
Stopped reading at "The Volunteers surely wouldn’t mind dropping ‘Bama in favor of Mizzou."Author obviously knows nothing about SEC.
$ doesn't lie.Tennessee fans are more fanatic, more numerous and have more money.The players are treated much better at Tennessee than Alabama.You can argue with everyone except the accountants.
William McFadden does not have enough experience to be commenting on the SEC if he took the time to put down in words the extremely ignorant suggestion that Tennessee would ever give up their cross-division with Alabama.
Kevin Duffey and Andre Olson (SDS resident UF ringers) are still mad at the record set by and the attention given to Tennessee over the Battle at Bristol.I would let it go before more catch on.
“nobody will run the football on Tennessee”I'm in a wait and see approach with Shoop's proclamations.
Players are bigger Rock Stars in Knoxville.It all emanates from that fact.
"The only real surprise...."Those in the know, understand that football is bigger in Tennessee than Alabama.
On behalf of the SEC, I would like to apologize to THE WORLD.
"victimless crime" ?"10 of 10 people ...would do it" ?You are the perfect example of why 'Ole Miss MUST get the death penalty.
'Ole Miss is so corrupt, even their Manning is tainted.If the NCAA doesn't give them the death penalty, the NCAA will never be able to regain their credibility.
Tabor is an SEC embarrassment.Jauan Jennings is the prototype SEC receiver.
Ole' Miss is a dumpster fire and an official SEC embarrassment.
I would like to know more about defensive lineman Paul Bain.
This is the type of behavior that you will expect from Nick Saban coached players.If Nick can single-handedly remove criminal football players from jail, this is nothing.Old news, move along.
Wow.Alabama needs their own page.That is embarrassing.
If Crist does not ask Sarkisian how his boogers taste by the end of SEC media days, Crist should not come back to SDS.We need real journalism.
In the picture, Marvin needs to lay off the crack.Anyway, we are going to win the battle of the cellar dwellers in November!
Halfway through the season still looking for a QB.Burning a red-shirt to see.3 wins last season, 2 wins so far this season.These are the hallmarks of a team meeting their historical baseline.
In March BLPB said a bowl game was a given.LOL
• Kentucky is the only SEC team to not register on the top 25 radar (preseason or postseason) during the 27 years examined.
As South Carolina slides back down to their low historical baseline, the November matchup with fellow cellar dweller Missouri looms large.It will determine at what depth in the basement they are.
South Carolina's problem has nothing to do with a punter.#firemuschump