I love the 'Cocks!

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The Curse of Orgeron meets Muschump - a battle of the bottom dwellers. Who will lose?
-3 I knew it. Cocky and the hoop skirt with everyone who loves the 'Cocks in the cabooses tail-gating pregame with masks on and not because we are ashamed this time. Some of us still like coach Boom. Go 'Cocks! Ram it down their throats!
All the people with masks who love the 'Cocks in the cabooses will have lots of energy. Enough energy to push us through, just like we did last year against jawja! Don't hate. Appreciate.
You aren't being too hard. Keep fighting the good fight. I'm enjoying reading your posts and I'm laughing along with you at these low IQ fools.
There's no way Tennessee beats us at Williams-Bryce. We'll have Cocky and his hoolahoop skirt. Pregame we'll be in the cabooses with masks on and not because we are ashamed.(at least some of us)Some of us still love Coach Boom, and we all love the 'Cocks. So no, we will not lose.
There is no point in having a Constitution if you are going to suspend it when you feel like it. I've read your thoughts enough to know you already know that. What restrictions aren't relegated to the Federal government are left to the States and Peoples. I know you understand that too. Recently, the Scotus said home O's can marry. Before Japanese internment, there was suspension of Habeus Corpus by Lincoln and will likely happen again Constitutional or not. There was also the nationalization of steel mills Constitutional or not. The decisions by judges aren't always Constitutional nor do they always materially matter even when they are. The only recourse is armed insurrection. I don't have the time to research it for you, but there is at least 1 judicial decision that states you can't suspend the Constitution in an emergency as evidenced by the common sense statement in my 1st paragraph. I respect your intelligence and will let you and the judges argue it out. In the mean time, it makes elementary sense that masks do nothing other than placate the ignorant. This alone is proof that their mandates are unconstitutional as they are not backed by science and only politics. It's illegal on multiple fronts. On the bright side, I've heard that riots cure Covid.
Rangerspur is an idiot. He's too dumb to listen to facts because he's too dumb to read them or understand them. ugadawg is a moron. He also said the churches and the businesses would lose their suits against the government as well. He also said Hillary would win. He thought Georgia was going to win. Literally everything he says turns out false. You can't make it up. These kids will win a lawsuit, just like the rest. You can't suspend the Constitution in an emergency. It's settled law. These kids had their civil rights violated and they should cash in. They will if they just file it. ranger, uga and coloradeaux are literally too dumb to understand facts about covid, they just follow what they are told by really dumb people, so they too are really dumb. Just give them a few weeks when the MSM changes it's marching orders for the upteenth time and they will change their tune again. Rinse and repeat. In the mean time just continue making fun of them so we can all keep laughing.
No true South Carolina fan can be mad at Darius. We all know with Coach Boom, it's only a matter of time. We have made it back down to our historical baseline in the bottom of the SEC East. We are where we belong so helping other teams is natural. If anyone complains, "let her cry". Don't give in when they ask you to "hold my hand". "I only wanna be with you" applies only when coach is giving a minimal effort.
I'll say. They always get our lines wrong for both of you. Those games we beat you both weren't upsets.
You're incompetent and hypocritical. Keep reading my comments to know what you'll be saying in 5 years.
1. I predicted Spurrier was leaving. 2. I predicted we would fall back down to our historical spot after he left. You cried and cried. You cursed me. You called me names. Now you are saying EXACTLY what i said years ago. An intelligent person would feel dumb. If you were a decent person, you would be embarrassed and apologetic. Somehow I imagine you will be just as arrogant and ignorant as you were back then. I always win. Haven't you figured that out yet?
4 most critical position battles for 2020: 1. Coach 2. Coach 3. Coach 4. Coach
We are also the last ESEC team to beat Georgia. So undefeated in the SEC east is where you would be without us.
We don't look cool to recruits when you beg.
I hear ya. It was fun while it lasted. I fear we are headed back to equilibrium in the SEC east.
As we fall back down to our historical baseline and tennessee re-ascends to the top, it's best to dream of those days gone by when we actually believed we might ascend the SEC east.
Agreed. The targeting rule is ruining football. Our uncharacteristic rise in the SEC east while tennessee was down has reversed. While they and we go back to our historical baselines, it's not as fun for us. ...and targeting.
I can't believe Mushchump got all the calls and we still didn't win. Even i didn't realize how bad he really is. The Georgia game may come back to haunt us if we can't get rid of him.
Last weeks winners of the "kicked in the face by a Zebra" award play each other this week in the next round. Who will win the award and who will win the game? Surely they won't be the same. Muschump's respite from deserved criticism will end this week if he loses for the first time ever to tennessee. The players who gifted him another year here by way of the Georgia game should see their stockings stuffed if Muschump knows who buttered his bread.
We all knew we would lose one we shouldn't. I hope this is the one. We were never going to win a National Championship this year. Every legitimate Georgia fan knows that. 40 years is not enough. We need more time.
The transfer portal is making coaches cater to children's whims. I applaud Muschamp if this is an example of him putting his foot down. That being said, if it's a situation where this transfer is a canary in a coal mine, we are about to see a lot of cross-eyed and tongue-wagged rants.
Muschump is scared and rightly so. He has been relegated to attempting to prove he cares by making statements to the media. One has to feel sorry for a man who is fighting nature as we slide back down to our equilibrium.
I feel like I was one of the ones who got duped into believing that the 'Cocks time had arrived and we would be a national powerhouse. Now that reality has come crashing down around us and we one by one are realizing our time is over and may not return in our lifetimes, it really is hitting us hard.