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Mr. Cobb, Welcome to the committee. The most important voting allowed for Group of Five teams. Sorry. Regards, Bill
Hugh Freeze has probably already turned the job down. No need for him to leave a nice setup for this dumpster fire. He’ll have better options.
Clemson will own tOSU again and it won’t be close. Ho-hum.
Honestly I’d rather see A&M in the semifinal to switch it up and be more of a test. Beating The Obnoxious State University in the semifinals every year is getting boring.
And the Tigers will spank their scarlet butts again.
The current setup will find a way to keep the have-nots of the G5 out at or 16 so Ithink a revamp of the committee is what’s needed. You’re right, look at basketball. #69 complains.
I’d love to see eight in and a first-round game between Cincinnati and Clemson. Bring it on. Kirk’s right. If the Tigers can’t beat them, they don’t deserve to win it all.
I think even a few SEC homers are now embarrassed by the playoff committee. I’d love to see eight in. Let Cincinnati play Clemson or an SEC team in round one. Or maybe that’s what the big boys with the big money in the back rooms are afraid of. And if they let eight in, they’d just rank Cincy ninth in the final ranking and say, sorry, SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T BELONG.
The only big name with big enough stones to take that job due to the 800-pound gorilla in Tuscaloosa is Urban. Otherwise it’s an up-and-comer or someone totally off the radar like a Luke Fickell. Freeze wants to be the top dog in his state and he’s actually made Liberty the best program in Virginia at the moment. He’s in no hurry. Liberty’s paying him nicely for a G5.
No decent G5 coach like Freeze or Fickell is going to a program that their schools would beat by 40 points. Vandy is like Kansas. P5 in name only. Relegation like Euro soccer is overdue. Get rid of these worthless slackers.
Yeah, bad hire, forgettable asterisk season. Reboot in the bayou next year without Bo.
Yeah there was more fake crowd noise for offsides calls than touchdowns last night in Happy Valley too. Like all sports it’s a forgettable circular file asterisk season.
This is getting so old I may ban Saturday DownSouth from my google feed.