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That is now the world we live in. Or in which we live if you are a stickler.
I can't remember where I heard this but, is this what we want college football to be? The portal and NIL has changed everything and there are no rules. The NCAA has no control. Anybody that wants to can reach out to these players and offer them anything and nobody knows. The coaches don't have to. Can't enforce anything. Either take advantage or fall behind. I am talking to you Clemson.
Saban would have won this NC but for injuries to basically the only 2 playmakers on the offense beyond the QB. Healthy WR's and that game was a repeat of the SEC Championship. That being said, Smart is right there with Saban at the top of the heap, no doubt. I like Kirby.
Shula was just the anti price guy. They didn't have people lining up for the job at the time with sanctions etc. He did fine considering he was never cut out to be a head coach. Pretty good recruiter, ok coach.
We will never know because he never coached a game. Price was an embarrassing hire for sure but only due to his off field behavior. Nothing to do with his ability.
We will never know because he never coached a game. Price was an embarrassing hire for sure but only due to his off field behavior. Nothing to do with his ability.
Shula did alright. He just really want head coach material. Won 10 games one season. He was the anti price. That is all that matters.
I imagine he had some bad apples on that team that he needed to shed. Boosters probably liked some of them or they were on their NIL payroll. Now they are PO'd. Crazy place.
Boosters with money, just not enough to own an NFL franchise. So they act like they own the football team at a public university. They will ruin this team with these actions. May have already done so.
I think Saban means the players get their own deals, the university is not setting up NIL deals for them, which what people are accusing a and m of doing.
The most accurate thing he does in the video is make an L sign for loser. He just forgets to put it on his forehead.
Earlier and push it to Friday of the same week. Give teams more time after semis and avoid nfl games.
Except the tackle directed the pass not his throw. Stetson's left his hand and was rolling up before he moved forward that was why the review took so long. They had to make sure.
Local guys are Homer's. That is the idea. Herbie missed a few calls. He would compliment a defender in not interfering and the replay would clearly show PI. The ACC crew was not calling PI unless it was so obvious, i.e. Bama tackling receiver to prevent a td. Other than that they didn't call it at all. Weird, but they let them play. They called a couple of those weird intentional grounding calls that we have seen this year when the qb launches it downfield. Used to be the qb and receiver were not on same page now it is grounding and probably should be. Lots of hands to the face but very little if no holding calls. Great game.
Nope. He was already there when this new junk started
I don't think Saban is going anywhere soon. If the team starts declining or underperformed he might retire, but as long as he still loves doing it and can At a high level. He may go 5 or more years.
Same. Just lucky more people don't get hurt. Beats the old concrete turf but it is a problem. Not the reason the game ended like it did. He is not saying that anyway.
I think he is referring to many of the already out there way too early polls that put Bama at 1. Lots of talent coming back and best qb for sure.
And, LSUs recent title came due to essentially 1 player. Took the whole team but it depended on that generational qb. UGA has talent all over the place same as Bama. The hard part is the entitlement bug. After winning it all, people tend to ease up a little. Saban talks about it every time because it is real. Human nature.
I hope every Georgia player is thinking about this the whole game.