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Earlier and push it to Friday of the same week. Give teams more time after semis and avoid nfl games.
Except the tackle directed the pass not his throw. Stetson's left his hand and was rolling up before he moved forward that was why the review took so long. They had to make sure.
Local guys are Homer's. That is the idea. Herbie missed a few calls. He would compliment a defender in not interfering and the replay would clearly show PI. The ACC crew was not calling PI unless it was so obvious, i.e. Bama tackling receiver to prevent a td. Other than that they didn't call it at all. Weird, but they let them play. They called a couple of those weird intentional grounding calls that we have seen this year when the qb launches it downfield. Used to be the qb and receiver were not on same page now it is grounding and probably should be. Lots of hands to the face but very little if no holding calls. Great game.
Nope. He was already there when this new junk started
I don't think Saban is going anywhere soon. If the team starts declining or underperformed he might retire, but as long as he still loves doing it and can At a high level. He may go 5 or more years.
Same. Just lucky more people don't get hurt. Beats the old concrete turf but it is a problem. Not the reason the game ended like it did. He is not saying that anyway.
I think he is referring to many of the already out there way too early polls that put Bama at 1. Lots of talent coming back and best qb for sure.
And, LSUs recent title came due to essentially 1 player. Took the whole team but it depended on that generational qb. UGA has talent all over the place same as Bama. The hard part is the entitlement bug. After winning it all, people tend to ease up a little. Saban talks about it every time because it is real. Human nature.
I hope every Georgia player is thinking about this the whole game.
This is not about their NFL careers. But yes they did.
Comparisons like this are useless. The game is so, so different today.
This is just lazy: Cincinnati’s pass defense ranks 2nd nationally with 169.2 yards per game allowed, and the Bearcats proved it by being the only team to hold Young under 240 yards this season. He threw for 181 yards and 3 touchdowns in Bama’s 27-6 Cotton Bowl win. A game plan that consisted of RPOs, and the O was almost always R. Cincinnati could either, stop the run or the pass, they chose to try to stop the pass and so Bama ran the ball. That stat is useless in this comparison.
The objective is to get Alabama in 3rd-and-long situations. And this: Young has completed 70.2% of his passes on third down, and when it’s 3rd-and-9 or less to go – a difficult play for just about any quarterback at any level — that number jumps to 80%. He typed the first sentence after the 2nd one? I guess 3rd and long is more than 9 yards?
"Young only averaged 7 yards per attempt in the 6 Metchie-less quarters.", this is kind of misleading. The game plan with a lead in SECCG, and in the Cotton Bowl made passing less of a requirement. I am sure if needed he will throw it 50 times. I don't think it will be needed. The real game will be Georgia's offense vs. Alabama's defense. Limit Georgia's third down conversions again will be the victory. 1 non offensive TD will be the difference in the game.
Says a lot about him, that after Kirby loused up the qb choice before him and he still wants to play there. I guess he figured he would play because Kirby can't seem to start the right qb.
He says that but, it is in his head now and every day. Saban lives rent free in his head.
"In a close game, the team with the better coach usually wins" Paul Bear Bryant.
Saban says to tell them he11s coming and I am coming with it!
They have done it for a game and a half, and the half was not in a plan. I am sure they will get some balls to Brooks. Williams will demand attention and they frees up those guys in man to man for sure. The tight ends have to catch some balls. But, and there is always a big but the OL has to protect, along with rb etc. Blitz is coming because UGA does not want a repeat of the SECCG, with no sacks. Even under pressure Bryce hurt them.
You can't replace Metchie, but they will. Plenty of guys to do that. Bolden, Brooks Latu can all have a part. Just need 100 yds or more from them and good hands on 3rd down.
You have been to all the games in which UGA has played for a championship you mean. They have o ly 1 national championship game, 1980 and that was not really a championship game like this or bcs. But I get your meaning good luck Monday night!