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The answer is, No, Sark can't land the same players at south carolina as elsewhere
How is it that Alabama can manage this virus and LSU and others couldn't? The other story from earlier about the cops harassing the LSU player and an Alabama freshman tells a lot. They were at a party. These players need to learn they can't live life as normal right now and still get to play. I am sure Saban has had a talk with this freshman about what he was doing when he was home. The players had some pretty strict rules to follow during the bye weekend. The game is a loss and there is no reason to play it at this point. That is what Orgeron wanted anyway. Didn't he say earlier this year that most of his players had already had Covid? I think this was just dodging the game most likely.
They should just accept the fact that it will never be a top football school and certainly not an attractive job as head coach.
You can't spin it. Kirby screwed it up and has again this year. Georgia is just South Carolina with better facilities. At lease UGA had a NC in 1980. Gamecocks can remember back to 1969 ACC championship.
He was just trying to give the ref Covid. He probably saw the writing on the wall by halftime and was thinking of what he was going to do with all his buyout money.
Luke will go to Michigan if he leaves. Nobody wants the UT job.
It is obvious UGA does not have an option at qb or we would have seen it.
I think the comment by Finebaum relates to the fact that after his pack the stadium comments the whole program tested positive for the virus. Not a good look. As for Saturday, sure the coach should advocate for his players but not by rushing the field having to beld back by an assistant and yelling and pointing at the opposing teams players. Watch the video. It is pretty clear.
Do you remember Pearl Harbor. UGA last natty is closer that than today. Over 40 years.
I dont particularly care for him. But, he goes with the flow of the game and seems to try to be unbiased and tout the team that has the momentum etc. I get frustrated when he doesn't seem to know what is actually happening on the field.
Nobody had a Spring Gus and yet some teams are actually playing well? could it be coaching?
Auburn should be 1 - 3 at this point except for a horrendous call last week. Nix is awful. Just in over his head i think.
Kirby is Richt without the niceness. He just seems angry.
Except for the out of bounds kick, they looked like it was intentional. I have no reason why.
It will come down to protecting the QB. UGA's D is legit and will be in the backfield a lot if you don't have a good plan.
I think if they had someone we would have seen him. I don't think they have an alternative at this point.
Hey it was off center but plenty long enough! Finally.
"The long TD by Waddle, he clearly pulled the GA DB down. That one was missed." All he did was keep the guy from holding him, again, and the guy fell down. When Gary Danielson didn't cry foul you know it was a good play. He always calls out the bad calls.
They obviously saw something on tape and was kicking this way on purpose. I have no idea why, it never seemed to work out well.
He is too small. He gets a lot of passes batted down. I don't think they have an alternative or we would have seen it already.
Intriguing. I think the biggest part of it is the control. The NFL did not let him do it the way he wanted, so it didn't work. When suits are making the decisions, and in many cases suits that have never coached or played a down, you get bad decisions. NFL shows that every week.
They painted themselves into a corner when the official blew it dead before anyone recovered it. The only call after that was going to be a bs call.
It was a mistake for sure but there is no conspiracy. No ody had ever seen somebody clock the ball backwards. The official was obviously confused and blew it dead. Not much can be done about it now.
Should not have blown it dead. It was a backwards pass and as such was a live ball. Refs were very wrong and had no recourse after the awful decision to blow it dead. No chance to recover it since they were blowing the whistle everyone just stopped.
The sports books make a living off of people betting with their hearts and not their minds. They ban the good ones when they figure out who they are.
I think that matters more when the stadiums are full. With 15000 to 17000 people or however many it is, there is no advantage or disadvantage. It is almost closer to a scrimmage with some noise pumped in. But we will see.