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I live in South Florida. My sonic would tell me to f off and never come back. Just sayin'.
FPI is just a guess and like all predictions it will never be perfect. The past is a good predictor of the future but they still have to play the games. Every play is a mini game. Win enough of those plays and you win the game. It is quite simple. These experts, and I use the term lightly, want you to think they know more than you. The odds guys want to control where the money is bet to get the margins they need to continue to make money. Rocket science it is not. Still comes down to who scores the most, no matter what else happens.
Paul is working on feeding the team some truth pills to make sure they start playing like they want to go. His main job is to say whatever it will take to get noticed, clicked on, quoted etc. Hot takes are all the rage.
I think it is moot right now as according to Kirby, he is still very much not able to do everything he needs to to play and is on a pitch count.
The ole miss flagrant fake was caught on camera and even the announcers called it out. There needs to be a change. I think the series rule is probably best, change of possession. Saw it in college Station as well. When the offense started getting rhythm a guy would get a cramp. Go out for a play and be right back in. Happens way too much.
Just taking his cue from all the mainstream "journalists" out there. Why print the truth when you can make up something better. Who is going to know or find out?
This may be the best thing to happen to Bama. They needed to know what losing feels like. They were soundly beaten and deserved to lose the game. Took a and m a couple of games to work out their issues but I think they have figured it out. Takes time when you lose so many players to injury. Last time Bama lost this early in season they won 26 straight games went to 2 championship games and won 1 of those. Let's see if they can do it again.
That is what you say when your starter is awful. Florida fans say it a lot too.
I think thye started to panic and then got desperate which leads to more mistakes and inability to execute. Brought on of course by a stifling defense.
No offense to LSU, but UGA defense will not allow that kind of play. At least based on what they have done so far this year.
I think it will be a matter of how did the different groups play. If they are sloppy, or maybe getting too many penalties he may leave the starters in a lot longer even in a big scoring difference. But you make a good point as he does call them off in these games sometimes with no need to embarrass the other team. After Jimbo's off season comment he might not? Who knows?
He is a leader and surrounds himself with people to do the coaching, and he sells himself short on that aspect as well.
The dreaded tweet of support. Now you know he is on his way out.
Why did he not fly back with the team? One mistake follewed by a poor decision. Not sure what they are waiting for. He will probably quit at the end of season anyway.
Isn't it spelled Courvoisier? Asking for my friend Jaq Danyels.
He will never admit it. The Bama game was an aberration in that the Bama Defense played it worst game in several seasons, yet they still won. I think the Gators we saw in Kentucky are closer to the reality of that team. No discipline and a coach that can't seem to plan properly.
He may be sincere in his apology to Erdahl though, it came off as very rude and she had a follow up question. I think part of it was the interview was so close to game time. Who knows?
I don't see UGA defense allowing Nix to run around for 10 seconds behind the line of scrimmage. Doesn't matter what field they are on, that D is real. Ut hey, what do I know? That is why they play the games.
I think his tongue is placed completely in his cheek here with that other stuff. He, like a lot of people, listened to the hype and thought after Bama D kind of laid an egg at Florida, that was the teams identity. Turns out they had a bad game. It happens. This weekend certainly showed that when they play correctly they are quite good.
Maybe he won a bet? He coached like he had money on Kentucky.
Can't whisper in that loud atmosphere. Doesn't work. He was not outclassed. Just check his offensive stats. Very offensive.
Bama had the worst defensive performance in several seasons vs. UF and still managed to win. Poor tackling, too many PI penalties. Just awful.
Alabama won that game with an awful defensive performance, clearly less than they are capable of we have now seen. The best teams win even when they don't play up to their potential. Kentucky won because they did play up to and maybe exceeded what they thought they could do. 8 or 9 tries from 1st and goal says it all. Great game from UK.
He was whispering to his qb. Maybe he should raise his voice to be heard in that road environment.
Coaching has everything to do with all of your points. Well coached teams don't make all those mistakes, over and over. His miss state teams were usually very penalized as well. He brought that with him.
Which is coaching, which means out coached. Gain 500 yards and not score is still a loss. Gain 600 yards and not score is still a loss. The score is all that matters at 0 on the clock. His answer was childish. Just admit it and move on.