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Uh, this is happening with or without legality. Betting on sports has been around as long as sports have existed. No law is going to make any difference. You can blame thw woke police for players in college earning money from their likeness. They say it is not fair that the colleges make all this money but the players only get education, room, board, medical care in return. Of course not all colleges make that much money. So how can it ever be fair? I just ignore it and enjoy the games. Too much other crap to worry about.
I believe he means pays less if you bet them and they win, i.e. worse for the bettor, better for the team to advance.
He can't hold them or develop them. That is the problem. But we will see. Maybe he can get the best one to go to Ohio state.
They were not going to get a splashy hire. Just too much turmoil and adversity facing them right now. This guy just needs toblead them out of the woods and back on the road to success. If he does that, this was a great hire.
You need 3 or 4 5 stars every year to compete for championships. The analysis shows that the teams winning have usually at least 4 former 5 star recruits. Now not all 5 stars work out. They have to be developed etc., but the raw talent has to be there
May need to adjust your expectations.
If they give him a chance, maybe. If they give him 3 years with NCAA penalties, and then fire him, probably not.
Fans are crazy. The loonies come out and hate, the optimists say OK good, now we can move ahead, the dreamers are thinking national championship. The reality is somewhere in the middle. NCAA sanctions will hurt, there is no getting away from that, but if they give him time and resources he can do some good things. The problem is too many people (the money guys) don't like to give the time.
A coach doesn't have power 5 head coach experience until he does. That argument should never be brought up. Probably a good move. We'll see. If the NCAA hammers them, it will take some time. Maybe he will get some.
Every team will be different in 2021 as they are every year. Click bait article again. Only time and playing the games will show how different.
A coach doesn't have power 5 experience until he does. Just can't say that is who they are interested in getting
It was only a few days ago the battle cry was "there is still aot of talent in Knoxville and the right coach can win immediately" to this dumpster fire. New AD is a good start. Now get a coach to right the ship. Aim high, PR couldn't get any worse if you whiff on some candidates now.
Saban had a lot of praise for Butch. I think time is all that was needed. Everybody wants the next Saban. It just doesn't work that way. Perfect mesh of ad and coach when Saban came to tuscaloosa.
I think I drove by Penn state when Sandusky was there am I tainted now as well?
How does fat phil avoid the firing? Isn't he just as responsible for those under him as Pruitt?
I think his point is that getting a top tier coach is probably unrealistic at this time. Patience and a caretaker to get the program back on its feet moving in the right direction should be the goal. Most fans of most schools think they are better than they are until proven otherwise.
Letting Fulmer "retire" and firing Pruitt is going to be the downfall. Pruitt's lawyer will have a field day. His opening statement was already a broadside hit. Fulmer is just as responsible as Pruitt unless they can somehow prove Pruitt was in on it and actively kept it from Fulmer which I doubt, and that is if any of it is true to begin with. Just don't know what we don't know.
Problem is, who? Clock is running and right before signing day is probably not the time to do it. You need a caretaker for now to get through this mess, then find the right person to lead for years.
I feel sorry for him. He was ruined by that staff and who knows if he can recover.
Didn't like Steele is the most probable reason as he is running from him here. But who kmows.
Excellent points. The fact is the program just needs to be carefully guided in the right direction and the ext coach needs to be an experienced guy that knows how to do it right. Saban is a detail guy. He has a grasp of all the details and a way to handle all that. It is a very hard thing to do and you have to trust you coaches but also verify they are not screwing the pooch qith regard to rules. Bama gets secondary stuff occasionally as a player or coach screw up. They are human. But overall they don't right as do most schools. U of T will be back. It just takes time and the right guy at the right time. Bama went through this coaching carousel and it sucked. But, even the worst coaches all had at least 1 10 win season. Amongst the horrible ones and all the turmoil scandal and rule breaking.
Tua is failing? Speaking of only 1 year of tape. He has half a season in the NFL on a team that is rebuilding. Probably need more of a sample size to say failing. Draft is about needs usually. Players go when they are needed by the teams.
Currently, Tennessee football claims six official national championships: 1938, 1940, 1950, 1951, 1967 and 1998. Some argue 1967 is not a good example as they had 2 losses that season. This is not elite. I don't know what definition is used for elite. I guess people know it when they see it? Used to be "10 win seasons" but this seems to have changed. At this rate, the gap from 67 to 98 is going to be exceeded. Took 31 years last time. They are at 23 right now. With sanctions it will be at least 5 years more to be competitive again. There just aren't any "elite" coaches out there available to a program like this. They need an experienced person, who can get them out of the woods.