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I imagine they are making this decision themselves one way or another.
That was actually at the refs for missing a blatant hold that gave way to a big play.
They had back to back 10 win seasons 3 times so ... they are obviously an elite program.
Looked like it mattered to Minnesota. Teams should want to win every game they play. If they don't they probably should just not field a team anymore.
Judging by the comments here it is most likely the safety of the officials that their ratings are not made public. How many of you would want your job assessment to be made public. I am sure many of you are exemplary employees just as I am sure there are many of you that probably are not the best employee at your job.
You guys are close. He said he didnt want to go to an interview. He got there and it was a room full of people for an interview. He was a little pi$$ed at that and they didnt give him the job right then and there so he said thanks but no thanks. You can find all this with a little digging.
The team really had it too easy all season long and when it was needed they couldn't muster the required grit.
That is correct. Every Alabama running back was averaging over 5 ypc. Alabama stopped running the ball. Made a lot of unforced errors and imploded as never before under Saban. When it still mattered Clemson could not run, Alabama could not pressure the QB abd he picked them apart. Every highlight shot espn did showed holding by Clemson line. They didnt call holding on either line all night so it was pretty balanced officiating. A couple of PI calls were missed but not really any game changers.
Dont forget he is a quitter. He will sit out any bowl game to "prepare" for the draft. Mizzou will be left with no QB in the end. Or I could be wrong.
Greedy, cute name. There is no I in team but there is a ME.
Yeah I dont know what that was. Probably taking orders from the SEC in Birmingham.
I think there was some holding on both lines. Didnt call it all night on either team
Kirby threw the game on orders from Birmingham. I am just beating LSU to the punch.
I imagine you are right but it will not be a cakewalk. Georgia will fight hard.
I typically pull for AU. I do so out of self interest though, it is always a better iron bowl when AU is good and has a good season. but after the iron bowl, then not so much. I am sure there are many AU fans pulling for UGA this weekend. They may not advertise it but there are many.
I don't think anyone will call themselves dawg for a day, but I am sure plenty are pulling for UGA vs. Bama.
LOL. They have how many NFL teams out there? too many. They just don't really care too much about college football in the PAC 12. Individually some teams have rabid fans, but as a conference it doesn't have the same oomph as the SEC. Just my opinion.
Too bad the sportswriters don't play the game. I don't think you will find a player on either team thinking this is a done deal.
Won't matter if you don't score much.
I think he left of the part about, "they could lose and still make the playoff". That Saban would not want to hear.
Won't matter if you don't score much.
That is the best reason. Thanks for saying so.
UCF without Milton would just give them an excuse if and when they lose especially in your fantasy bowl game vs. Alabama.
I hope Northwestern plays the game of their life and just lays waste to the Buckeyes.